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"Lost in Language" is the seventh episode of the first season of The Owl House, and the seventh episode overall.

It premiered on February 28, 2020.


While checking out the library, Luz's pranks lead to unintended consequences.


Luz, Eda, and King find a baby bat on their doorstep. There is also a note from the Bat Queen, asking Eda to take care of her baby until the following morning. Eda at first refuses, but accepts when the Bat Queen promises to reward her. Luz is up for helping Eda babysit, but Eda sends her to the library to return all of her overdue books.

Luz arrives at the library, and returns the books. Afterwards, she decides to have a look around. During this time, she finds Amity reading to children. Seeing Amity being so kind, Luz takes this opportunity to attempt to befriend her. However, after the kids leave, Amity gives Luz the cold shoulder once again. Luz tries to be friendly, but Amity just tells her to leave her alone, stating that every time Luz is around, she ends up getting Amity in trouble. At the same time, Luz meets Amity's older twin siblings, Emira and Edric, who invite her for some "fun" around the library. Together, the three of them cause a great deal of mischief, until Amity turns them in, and they get kicked out. Emira and Edric invite Luz to break into the library with them during the Wailing Star shower that night, which is rumored to unlock some rare magical event. Luz accepts, seeing this as the perfect way to befriend Amity.

Back at the Owl House, Eda and King are struggling to care for the baby bat, which has been crying nonstop. However, they force themselves to put up with it for the money they will get from the Bat Queen. King cannot take anymore of the baby's crying, and begs Eda to do something. She reluctantly takes the child, and cradles it to sleep in her arms. Luz returns home and sees Eda being motherly when suddenly, the baby multiplies into three baby bats who start to wreak havoc around the house. Not wanting to be involved in the mayhem, Luz heads out again. In order to get them under control, Eda prepares some apple slices, and reads them a bedtime story.

That evening, Luz meets up with Emira and Edric back at the library. They break in as the Wailing Star flies over. It's magic brings the contents of all the books to life. They also discover they can alter the contents of books by scribbling in some doodles. When Edric draws human legs on a duck character from a children's book, the duck that comes to life gains those legs as well. Emira and Edric encourage Luz to do the same with the main character in Otabin the Bookmaker. Luz is hesitant, but Edric then says he‘ll help her. He then grabs her hand, and draws Otabin into a monster before letting go and giving her the book. Luz refuses to look at it, and closes the book before it can come to life. However, she tosses the book on the floor before they all leave the room, which then falls open on the floor.

Afterwards, Emira and Edric break into Amity's secret hideaway hidden behind the Romance section. They want to find her diary so they can post it around the school as payback for being a tattle-tale. Luz no longer sees this as fun, and thinks Emira and Edric are taking this a little too far. Looking around, Luz spots Amity's favourite books, which just happens to be The Good Witch Azura. Among them is Amity's diary. Luz tries to stop Emira and Edric from taking it, and accidentally causes some of the pages to fall out. Amity catches them in the act. Feeling violated and very hurt, she takes back her diary and leaves after calling Luz a bully. Ashamed of her actions, Luz ditches Emira and Edric, and tries to apologize to Amity. As before, Amity refuses to hear her out.

Suddenly, they are caught off guard by Otabin, who is now a giant monster due to the doodle Luz/Edric made. He captures Luz and Amity, and starts to sew them into a book. Working together, Luz and Amity escape from Otabin and return him to normal as morning rises, and the star's magic wears off. Before going their separate ways, Luz lets Amity borrow the fifth Azura book as a way to make amends, and tentatively form a friendship with her. Amity reluctantly accepts.

Luz returns home to find Eda and King asleep with the baby bats, as the Bat Queen comes in to pick up her kids. She gives them a loaded treasure chest, and an Aztec death whistle for their troubles and leaves. Luz then gives Eda an empty-nester book, seeing that she and King were sad to see them leave.


Additional voices

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Libros encantados Enchanted books
Belgium French (Belgium) Jeux de langages Language games
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Falta de comunicação Lack of communication
Taiwan Mandarin 化敵為友 Turning foes into friends
Germany German Amitys Tagebuch Amity's Diary
Denmark Danish Fortabt i bøger Lost in books
Egypt Arabic ضائع في اللغة lost in language
Spain Spanish Perdidos entre libros Lost between books
Finland Finnish Seikkailu kirjastossa Adventure in the library
France French Jeux de Langages Languages Games
Indonesia Indonesian Tersesat Dalam Bahasa Lost in Language
Israel Hebrew אבודים בשפה Lost in language
Japan Japanese 文字の魔力 Magical power of letters
South Korea Korean 도서관 모험 Library Adventure
Malaysia Malay Hilang Dalam Bahasa Lost in Language
Netherlands Dutch Buiten het boekje Outside the booklet
Norway Norwegian Fortapt i bøker Lost in books
Portugal Portuguese Perdida nas Palavras Lost in the Words
Poland Polish Biblioteka Library
Sweden Swedish Förlorad i böckerna Lost in the books
Turkey Turkish Kitaplarda Kaybolmak Getting Lost in the Books


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  • This is the first episode in the series where Owlbert does not appear.
  • The Boiling Isles have The Good Witch Azura series.
  • The scene with the readers looking at crystal balls is clearly a reference to YouTube (how to use flying vehicles, cat videos, and the classic slow internet connections screen).
  • The bespectacled librarian was tending the Cat Coven booth in "Covention".
  • The library has the following books:
    • Encyclopspedia
    • Extinct Birds of the Boiling Isles
    • Snowballs, A History
    • Otabin the Bookmaker
    • Quacks Eats Snacks
    • The Lone Witch & Secret Room
    • Ancient Texts
    • Barely a Duchess
    • Nightlight
    • Pride & Pythius by R. Coburn
    • Coping with Empty Nest Syndrome
  • It also features the following magazines:
    • Regal Couture
    • Witch Wares Weekly
  • It is noted that King and Eda have knowledge on television, while not during the first episode, implying that Luz explained it to them at some point before this episode.
  • Eda says, "Eating babies is so 1693". That was the year the Salem Witch Trials ended.
  • One of the items in the chest the Bat Queen gives Eda is an Aztec death whistle.
  • When Edric pulls the book at the "Romance" bookshelf section, the 7th code was revealed. It translates to "Two".
  • The episode completed production on October 4, 2019.[3]
  • In the Latin Spanish version, this episode is called "Libros encantados" (Enchanted books in Spanish). However, in that language the title that appears in the episode is "El gran aquelarre" (The big coven) being that the Latin Spanish title of "Covention".
  • Eda has a big tab of unpaid fees at the library (likely for overdue and damaged books) and her library card has been revoked as well.
  • Sarah-Nicole Robles has said that this is her personal favorite episode from the show.

Revelations and significant events

  • Amity reads to children at the library for extra credit.
  • This episode reveals and introduces Amity's older twin siblings, Edric and Emira, who like to embarrass her in public.
  • Amity has a personal hideaway in the library. The book where its entrance is, The Lone Witch & Secret Room, is the "knob".
  • Luz is hinted to be bisexual, as she blushes from Edric winking at her and Emira calling her a cutie.



  • Dewey Decimal System - The Demon Decimal System is a reference to the Dewey Decimal System, which is used to categorize books in a library.
  • Necronomicon - One of the banners in the kids section of the library says "Necronomicon", which is the book of dead from H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos.
  • Pride and Prejudice - One of the books in the library is called "Pride & Pythius", which is a parody of Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice.
  • Twilight - One of the books in the library is called "Nightlight", which is a paraody of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight. It even replicates the cover art.
  • Final Fantasy VII - Luz opens a book called "Witch Wares Weekly" that gives her an outfit similar to Cloud Strife, the protagonist of the game Final Fantasy VII and his broadsword, the Buster Sword. In addition, the same book has on the cover a character similar to Sephiroth, the villain of the video game and one of the most popular of the franchise (along with Kefka from Final Fantasy 6).
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - The bat baby reproducing by vomiting up her offspring references the parasprites from Swarm of the Century that reproduce the same way.
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena - The cover of one of the books Luz is reading depicts the character Utena from this popular manga and anime.
  • Salem Witch Trials - Eda mentions that eating babies is "so 1693", which is the year that the witch trials ended.
  • Keyboard Cat - Eye-Eating Prisoner is watching a video of a cat playing piano on a crystal ball in the library. This is a reference to the famous Keyboard Cat meme.


Amity - 002a.jpg

  • When Amity was angry and put a hand on her chest, her black nails disappeared.
  • When the Amity standing on the "6/6" entry of Amity's diary first appears, she is missing her pupils and the brown part of her hair. In the next scene, she appears normal.


  • "And stop being a jerk to your friend" got muted in Southeast Asia broadcast.

Memorable quotes

I almost passed out.
Human, do you see me going to the Owl Shack and bugging you while you... fry up owl?
I'm Emira. And this is Edric. We're Amity's older siblings. We heard how you embarrassed her at the school and at the witch covention last week. No wonder she hates you.
We're her family. It's tough love. She needs to learn to lighten up.
I’ve been trying to figure out what your deal is. Are you a poser, a nerd? I know. You’re a bully, Luz
Maybe you aren’t a bully. I haven’t exactly been the friendliest witch either. I’ll think of that.



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