I was nobody back home. But becoming a witch is my chance to be someone.

Luz Noceda is the protagonist of The Owl House. She is a self-assured human teenage girl who accidentally stumbled upon a portal to the Boiling Isles, a dimension where magical creatures are real and humans are despised.

In order to disguise herself as a witch at the witches' school, she begins learning magic under Eda's tutelage, despite not having magical abilities of her own.[2] Luz is of Latina descent.[3]


Luz is a Dominican-American[4] fourteen-year-old girl with tan skin, dark titian hair, and hazel-brown eyes. Her clothing consists of a pair of black earrings, a white and purple hoodie with cat ears attached to the hood, short jean-shorts, dark gray leggings, and a pair of white slip-on shoes. Her nightwear consists of a grey sleeveless top, purple shorts with an orange moon and star, and white-and-indigo socks.


Luz is an energetic, eager, fun, and weird girl who is ready to explore and find new possibilities. She is also adventurous and will take things into her own hands.

Luz is an outcast at school, as she does weird and creepy stuff a lot. As such, she has been to the principal's office many times and feels more at home in the Boiling Isles.


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Powers and abilities

Magical Apprentice Teaser The Owl House Disney Channel 0-27 screenshot

Luz casting a spell for the first time.

  • Magic: Luz is studying the art of witchcraft under the tutelage of Eda the Owl Lady. Since Luz doesn't have a sack of magic bile attached to her heart like witches do, she can't perform magic with her bare hands; instead, she casts spells by drawing magic diagrams.
    • Light Magic: By drawing the proper magic symbol, Luz can create small orbs of light.
      • Hologram: using multiple light diagrams she can create animated Holograms (she added one of Eda winking on the banner of her store (in "Once Upon a Swap"). In the same episode, she can easily create a bigger version of a hologram in Eda's body.
    • Enchant Objects: if she draws the diagrams in more resistant materials such as wood, it can create enchanted objects.
      • The diagrams work similar to a circuit where if they are connected with lines, activating one causes a chain effect that activates the others.
  • Sword Proficiency: She is shown capable of wielding a toy sword, and was able to defeat the puppets of the Demon Puppeteer.




Luz and Eda in I Was a Teenage Abomination

Eda is Luz's mentor. She admires and looks up to Eda and hopes to be a great witch like her someday. Due to both having eccentric personalities, she relates to Eda when she says weirdos like them have to stick together. Luz is extremely eager to learn from her, but whereas Luz wants to get her witch's staff right away, Eda believes in earning one's staff, often tasking her with work duties or giving her small lessons at a time. Going at Eda's pace can leave Luz antsy and she is willing do whatever it takes to learn magic, such as tempting Eda with a light-up pen. She does not hold Eda's flaws against her and instead tries to help her resolve them. To her, Eda is not just a teacher, but almost a surrogate mother of sorts. Luz does not always share Eda's interests, as she was disgusted by the thought of digging through a trash worm, and sometimes questioned Eda's lessons leading to her rebelling against her, though in the end she realizes how important her lessons truly are when one of those lessons saves her life. In "Hooty's Moving Hassle", Luz is shown to be afraid of Eda's judgment and tries to stick to her rules so as not to be horribly punished.


The.Owl.House.S01E04.The.Intruder.1080p.WEBRip.AAC.2.0.x264-SRS.mkv 20200131 064630.218

Luz and King in The Intruder

Luz and King are close buddies. The moment Luz saw King, she adored his cute appearance and antics, sometimes snuggling and petting King like a dog and baby, though King would slowly warm up to it. Because of this, Luz sometimes has trouble taking him seriously, but when they both have to fend for themselves in "The Intruder", she gained a new appreciation for King when he opened up about feeling like a nobody, just like her. Luz is protective of King, being quick to call out Amity for insulting him during the events of "Covention". King also acts as a confidant of sorts to Luz as she will voice her concerns to him whenever she is too nervous to tell Eda something. Luz will occasionally ask for King's advice, despite it not always being that great.


The.Owl.House.S01E03.I.Was.a.Teenage.Abomination.1080p.WEBRip.AAC.2.0.x264-SRS.mkv 20200211 174416.663

Luz and Willow in I Was a Teenage Abomination

Luz immediately became sympathetic to Willow upon her first encounter. Unlike Amity, Luz is very supportive of her endeavours as a witch in training and finds her gifts fantastic. Due to Luz being an extrovert, she is able to bring Willow out of her shell and have her accept her her latent plant magic abilities.


S1E06 - We Got A Bucket

Luz and Gus in Hooty's Moving Hassle

Luz finds Gus amusing, mostly because he treats her in a special matter because she is human. Luz is the one who gives Gus his nickname and she is more than happy to teach him about human customs such as the high-five. She treats him like a little brother and, much like with Willow, looks out for his well being. In "Something Ventured, Someone Framed", Luz begins to admire Gus' rather advanced illusion magic and compliments him on his abilities.

Amity Blight


Luz and Amity in Covention

Amity is Luz's main rival. They do not meet face-to-face until Luz poses as Willow's abomination, stealing her "top student" title out from under her. Suspicious, Amity attempts to expose Luz to the point of convincing Principal Bump to dissect her. Since then, the two are almost always at odds due to Amity's snobbish behavior, despite Luz's attempts to make amends. Like many witches, Amity has a low opinion of humans, believing they are incapable of performing magic, until Luz shows her an alternative method of spell casting. It is shown in "Lost in Language", however, that Luz doesn't harbor any ill-will towards Amity and would like to be friends, not rivals, while Amity seems to acknowledge her attitudes towards Luz beforehand and at least promises to think on them after Luz apologizes for reading her diary and lets her borrow her fifth Azura book.

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors
Flag of Thailand Thai Suchanya Norapatiphat (สุชัญญ์ญา นรปฏิพัทธ์)
Flag of Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Micaela Carla Oddera


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  • Her name means "light" in Spanish and Portuguese; likely referencing her mastery of the light magic spell.
  • Luz's hoodie has attached cat ears that connect to her hood meaning she may like cats just like a witch.
  • Luz is named after Luz Batista, a roommate of Dana Terrace, who also worked on the series.
  • Her surname, Noceda, comes from the term "nocedal", which means "field of nut trees".
  • Luz is pronounced Lou-z.
  • Luz has similar traits to Atsuko "Akko" Kagari from the anime series Little Witch Academia. Both desire to become witches despite having non-magical backgrounds, and like Akko, who is a fan of a witch named Shiny Chariot, Luz is a fan of a witch character named Azura. The Exception being Ursula (Shiny Chariot) is a real person in that anime.


Flying staffs. Crazy monsters. You’re a witch.

—"Luz", "A Lying Witch and a Warden"

¡Ay, que lindo!

Translation: Oh, how cute!

—"Luz", "A Lying Witch and a Warden"

This is crazy. If I die here, my mom's gonna kill me!

—"Luz", "A Lying Witch and a Warden"

This is clearly not the PG fantasy world I always dreamed about.

—"Luz", "A Lying Witch and a Warden"

If you teach me to become a witch, I’ll do anything you want.

—"Luz", "A Lying Witch and a Warden"

I hate everything you're saying right now.

—"Luz", "A Lying Witch and a Warden"

I like editing anime clips to music and reading fantasy books with convoluted back-stories.

—"Luz", "A Lying Witch and a Warden"

Becoming a witch is my chance to become someone.


Ooh, hoo, hoo! This quest is questing in all the right ways.

—"Luz", Witches Before Wizards

I’m receiving magic lessons from a powerful witch ferocious demon.

—"Luz", Covention

I won’t let you down, Miss Eda.

—"Luz", Witches Before Wizards

I’m still figuring this world out so I’m going to make up my own mind, ok?

—"Luz", Covention

This is it, old girl! Your first day on the Boiling Isles, as a witch apprentice!

—"Luz", Witches Before Wizards

What kind of chosen one should I be? Should I be full of optimism and goodness, like the good witch Azura? Or a bad girl chosen one with black nail polish and a mysteriously withdrawn attitude? I act like I don't care, but I secretly do.

—"Luz", Witches Before Wizards

I am a Witch's Apprentice. And I’m gonna earn my magic staff the hard way. I believe you, Magic Man. Now feel my wrath!

—"Luz", Witches Before Wizards

So, you have a different way of doing things, a different way of seeing things. That might make you weird, but it also makes you awesome. Don’t you see?

—"Luz", "A Lying Witch and a Warden"

Because us weirdos have to stick together. And nobody should be punished for who they are!

—"Luz", "A Lying Witch and a Warden"

Do not underestimate me, Warden Wrath, for I am Luz, the human, warrior of peace. Now eat this, sucker!

—"Luz", "A Lying Witch and a Warden"

I don’t fit in at home. You don’t fit in here. If I stay, we could not fit in together.

—"Luz", "A Lying Witch and a Warden"

I'm not a witch. But I'm training hard to be one.

—"Luz", Covention

I'll tell you what, Amity. It's one thing to say I can't be a witch, but it's another thing to bully my friends. Just like The Good Witch Azura said when facing down her rival Hecate at the Bog of Immediate Regret, I challenge you to a Witch's Duel!

—"Luz", Covention

¡Oye, no me hables así!

Translation: Hey! don't talk to me like that!

—"Luz", Hooty's Moving Hassle


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