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I was nobody back home. But becoming a witch is my chance to be someone.
—Luz's desire to become a witch, A Lying Witch and a Warden

Luz Noceda is the main protagonist of The Owl House. She is an eager, teenage Latina human[2] who accidentally stumbled upon a portal to the Boiling Isles in the Demon Realm, a dimension where magical creatures are real, and humans are despised and treated as lesser beings. She is the only known human currently residing in the Isles.

In order to prove herself as a witch, Luz begins learning magic under Eda's guidance, despite not having magical abilities of her own.[3]

Luz is the first student to study under every track of the Hexside School of Magic and Demonics, and the first human to be enrolled in Hexside.



Luz is a fourteen-year-old Dominican-American[4] girl with tan skin, purplish-brown/brownish-purple short hair that is usually styled in a pixie cut, and hazel eyes.

When swapped with Eda, she resembles most of Eda's appearance and characteristics but with no wrinkles or fangs and brown eyes.


Her clothing consists of a pair of ebony earrings, a short-sleeved half-white and half-indigo hoodie with cat ears attached to the hood, high-waisted jean shorts, dark grey capris leggings, and a pair of white loafers. When she is in nightwear, her pajamas consist of a grey sleeveless top, purple shorts with an orange moon and star, and white-and-indigo socks.

When at Hexside, her school uniform has a green and purple stripe on her arms and blue and red on her legs.


Luz is kind-hearted, outgoing, eccentric, geeky girl. She is eager to find her place in the world and be accepted for who she feels she truly is. She is seen as an outcast on Earth due to making herself seem strange and difficult to engage with by her peers, school staff and her own mother, leading to her having no friends besides imaginary ones or reptilians.

Luz is determined to be who she wants to be regardless of the opposition she receives, even if said opposition has legitimate backing. She is proven to be remarkably headstrong, and her excessive determination and refusal to show conformity lead to her social life and school performance stagnating. This is translated to the Boiling Isles by way of disobeying Eda and getting into trouble.

Despite this, Luz is intelligent and surprisingly introspective when she allows herself the room to breathe, seen in quieter scenes, such as when showing Amity Blight how she can perform spells by drawing associated glyphs on paper. Despite being typically cheerful and good-natured, Luz knows when to draw the line, as shown after King insulted and discarded her ideas in the episode Sense and Insensitivity. Luz has also been shown to utter small phrases in Spanish when experiencing certain bouts of emotion. She is clever, creative and a quick thinker, capable of coming up with solutions to problems on the fly, but if she has too much on her mind she can be oblivious to things like Amity's crush on her.[5]

However, she is not entirely self-assured as she actually has underlying self-esteem issues mostly regarding school, calling herself a screw-up and suggesting she belongs in the trash. Luz does not tolerate when others take advantage of their positions in life, regularly standing up for herself, those who cannot do so themselves or inspiring them to as seen against the likes of Amity and Boscha. After Eda is captured and essentially sentenced to execution, Luz enters a state of despair-induced aggression capable of not only appearing to boost her magic, but even striking fear into veteran members of the Emperor's Coven such as Eda's sister Lilith Clawthorne and earning the admiration of Emperor Belos himself.


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Arriving at the Boiling Isles

Luz in the Boiling Isles for the first time.

After causing several problems at her school because of her book report, which involves live snakes, her mother Camila decides to send Luz to a Reality Check Summer Camp to straighten out her wild imaginative personality. While waiting disappointedly for the bus to go to the camp, she chases a little owl who picks up her favorite book that she threw to the trash before, and ends up in an old rundown house, where she finds a portal and is teleported to the magical world of the Boiling Isles in the Demon Realm.

When she gets there she meets Eda, known as the Owl Lady, as well as for constantly evading the law, who in order to escape from the guards takes her to the Owl House, where she meets Hooty and King. After escaping from the Warden Wrath by wanting to retrieve King's "crown of power", and realizing how unsatisfying her life in the camp would be, she decides to stay at the Owl House and learn magic with Eda, to which Eda agrees.


Eda Clawthorne

Luz receiving Eda's praise.

Eda is Luz's mentor. She admires and looks up to Eda and hopes to be a great witch like her one day. Due to both having eccentric personalities, she relates to Eda when she says weirdos like them have to stick together. Luz is extremely eager to learn from her, but whereas Luz wants to get her witch's staff right away, Eda believes in earning one's staff, often tasking her with work duties or giving her small lessons at a time. Going at Eda's pace can leave Luz antsy and she is willing to do whatever it takes to learn magic, such as tempting Eda with a light-up pen. She does not hold Eda's flaws against her and instead tries to help her resolve them. To her, Eda is not just a teacher, but almost a surrogate mother of sorts. Luz does not always share Eda's interests, as she was disgusted by the thought of digging through a trash worm, and sometimes questioned Eda's lessons leading to her rebelling against her, though in the end, she realizes how important her lessons truly are when one of those lessons saves her life. In "Hooty's Moving Hassle", Luz is shown to be afraid of Eda's judgment and tries to stick to her rules so as not to be horribly punished.

In "Agony of a Witch", Luz goes to great and dangerous lengths to cure Eda of her curse when she discovers that her elixir is starting to fail. When she is captured by Lilith, Eda comes to her rescue and furiously attacks Lilith both for kidnapping Luz and upon finding out it was her who had placed the curse on her in the first place. When Lilith threatens Luz's life, Eda is forced to use all of her remaining magic to save her, at the cost of succumbing to her curse, possibly forever, despite Luz's pleas for her not to. After Lilith drags Eda away, Luz attacks Lilith but is easily overcome; when King asks after Eda on her return to the Owl House, Luz falls to her knees and breaks down into tears; she also discovers the cloak that Eda had knitted for her using witch's wool, that she'd previously claimed she needed for protection against the Emperor's Coven guards.

In "Young Blood, Old Souls", Luz and King break into the Conformatorium and fight their way through to Eda's cell where Luz manages to get through to her. When Eda tries to send her away, Luz insists that they're a family and have to stick together; Eda tells her to go back to the human world where she'd be safe and Luz leaps into a hug and tells Eda she loves her, a sentiment Eda readily reciprocates. When Eda is raised to the stage for her petrification, Luz isn't ready to let her go and Eda is forced to push her off, leaving her in floods of tears once she's gone. At the end of the episode, when Eda is returned to normal, Luz is elated and offers to help Eda learn magic her way after her ordeal left her bereft of her powers


Luz and King celebrating her first spell.

Luz and King are close buddies. The moment Luz saw King, she adored his cute appearance and antics, sometimes snuggling and petting King like a cute dog, though King would slowly warm up to it. Because of this, Luz sometimes has trouble taking him seriously, but when they both have to fend for themselves in "The Intruder", she gained a new appreciation for King when he opened up about feeling like a nobody, just like her. Luz is protective of King, being quick to call out Amity for insulting him during the events of "Covention". King also acts as a confidant of sorts to Luz as she will voice her concerns to him whenever she is too nervous to tell Eda something. Luz will occasionally ask for King's advice, despite it not always being that great. In "Sense and Insensitivity", Luz reveals that she thinks of King as her best friend.

Willow Park

Luz helping Willow.

Luz immediately became sympathetic to Willow upon her first encounter. Unlike Amity (at least early on), Luz is always very supportive of her endeavors as a witch in training and finds her gifts fantastic. Due to Luz being an extrovert, she is able to bring Willow out of her shell and have her accept her latent plant magic abilities.

Luz and Willow have an incredibly close friendship, almost sisterly, and always jump to one another's defense when they need to. When lecturing Gus, Willow refers to Luz as "our best friend". Regardless, Luz does occasionally make snap decisions in efforts to try and help Willow, even when she does ask her to, such as in "Understanding Willow" when she leaves her childhood picture of her and Amity out on display so she could come up with a scheme to make them friends again and in "Wing It Like Witches" when she challenges Boscha to a Grudgeby match in Willow's name after she persistently tormented her, despite Willow having never played and pushes her and Gus too hard in preparation. However, on both occasions, Willow acknowledges and appreciates that Luz's intentions were good and bears no ill will towards her for her efforts.

Luz cherishes Willow as a friend and is always quick to remind her of her best attributes whenever she doubts herself, such as in "Hooty's Moving Hassle" when she encourages her to save them and Gus from falling from a cliff by saying that, after Eda, Willow is the strongest witch she knows. Luz is also always willing to jump into the fray is Willow's well-being is at risk, such as going into her mind to repair her memory in "Understanding Willow" and offering to take Willow's torment from Boscha unto herself to spare her from any more, putting even her own life at risk. Once Willow's memory is restored in the former episode, Luz welcomes her back with an eager hug, stating that "[she'd] hug her so hard, she'd never forget [Luz] again".

Gus Porter

Luz and Gus preparing to have fun.

Luz finds Gus amusing, mostly because he treats her especially because she is human. Luz is the one who gives Gus his nickname and she is more than happy to teach him about human customs such as the high-five. She treats him like a little brother and, much like with Willow, looks out for his well being. In "Something Ventured, Someone Framed", Luz begins to admire Gus' rather advanced illusion magic and compliments him on his abilities. She also shows sympathy towards him when he says he didn't want to feel left out. He also doesn't seem to mind the fact that Luz thinks that Willow is more powerful, as he states that he "knows what he's about". In Wing It Like Witches, both he and Luz stand up for Willow, and after Luz pushes them too hard, he doesn't hold any ill feelings, and forgives her.

Amity Blight

Luz and Amity preparing to duel.

Luz first encountered Amity when she posed as Willow's abomination, stealing Amity's "top student" title out from under her. Suspicious of Luz, Amity attempts to expose Luz to the point of convincing Principal Bump to dissect her. Since then, the two are almost always at odds due to Amity's snobbish - and rather standoffish - behavior, despite Luz's attempts to make amends. Like many witches, Amity has a low opinion of humans, believing they are incapable of performing magic, until Luz shows her an alternative method of spell-casting. It is shown in "Lost in Language" that Luz doesn't mean any ill-will towards Amity, and tries to make peace with her many times. Amity seems to acknowledge her attitudes towards Luz beforehand, and at least promises to think on them after Luz apologizes for reading her diary and lets her borrow her fifth Azura book. It is shown in "Adventures in the Elements" that Luz and Amity have become closer, with Amity putting in the effort to be friendlier. By the end of the same episode, Luz wants them to create their own club called the Azura Book Club, however, Amity wants it to be a secret club between the two.

In "The First Day", Amity has found a fondness for Luz as she was the first to welcome Luz on her first day of attending Hexside. She even gave Luz a high-five showing she's opened up to Luz. As well as when Luz poked her head through a locker door, she is seen questioning that everything is the same even though they both attend the school. In "Understanding Willow", Luz brings Amity into Willow's mind to fix the damage Amity had caused to her memories. Despite her reluctance, Luz manages to get Amity to open up about her happier memories with Willow and learns that Amity's cutting ties with Willow were down to her parents telling her she couldn't be friends with who they considered weak. A few instances of Luz's optimism while in Willow's mind make Amity blush.

Luz and Amity about to fight Grom.

Luz and Amity's relationship is explored deeply in "Enchanting Grom Fright" when Amity is selected to be Grom Queen and Luz offers to take her place so she wouldn't have to fight her worst fear. On the night, Amity compliments Luz on her bizarre attire and thanks to her for doing this for her. When Luz is scared away by Grom, who chases after her, Amity follows them to a cliff edge and stands between them when Grom reads her mind and transforms into her greatest fear; an indistinct person (whom Luz doesn't realize to be herself) tearing her Gromposal note in half. After Luz reads half of the note, she offers to go with Amity herself and they defeat Grom with a magic-infused dance. After they are both rewarded the Grom Tiara, Luz asks Amity who she wanted to ask and Amity blushes and tells her it isn't important, throwing aside the other half of the note which reveals that it was Luz she wanted to ask out, revealing that Amity has a crush on her.

In "Wing It Like Witches", Luz remains oblivious to Amity's feelings, despite her persistent fluster and nervousness whenever she's around or she proposes activities that would probably or definitely entail physical contact. Amity helps raise Luz's spirits over her inability to help Willow by telling her about her history as the captain of the Grudgeby team before Boscha. When Luz puts herself at Boscha's mercy to spare Willow further pain and torment, Amity is horrified and immediately hurries to fetch Willow and Gus for help. Amity stands by Luz and Willow in the Grudgeby match against Boscha and her cronies and injures her leg; Luz offers to carry her and Amity gets flustered again, more so when Luz actually does pick her up.

In "Escaping Expulsion", Luz comes back to Hexside after the petrification ceremony, and Amity gives her something called a "Fairy Pie". Luz is a little disturbed by it, as it had live fairies in it, but she still thanks Amity and takes it. After Odalia and Alador get Willow, Luz and Gus expelled, Amity admits that she was a coward for not saying anything. After Amity rescues her from the Abomiton and calls Luz "my Luz", Luz noticeably blushes, implying that she's starting to reciprocate Amity's feelings. Luz blushes again when they are back-to-back and look at each other, hiding her face in her glyph cards.

In "Through the Looking Glass Ruins", Luz still blushes when in the presence of Amity, though less so than her. After discovering the Echo Mouse, Amity tells Luz, "You always have a way of sneaking into people's hearts," and kisses her on the cheek. Luz is left completely dumbstruck by this as Amity turns away in embarrassment. In "Hunting Palismen", it is mentioned that Amity has been absent from Hexside in order to prevent herself from bumping into Luz following the kiss.

Camila Noceda

Luz with her mother.

Luz is close with her mother, she greatly loves Camila and misses her when in the Demon Realm. She struggles to tell her mother the truth of where she really is and fears her reaction to finally discovering it. When she destroyed the Portal, Luz was saddened that she lost her only way home. She would then record videos about her experiences on the Boiling Isles and send them to Camila, however all would fail to go through as the portal was the only way for her texts to reach the Human Realm.

Lilith Clawthorne

Luz met Lilith in "Covention" but didn't interact much with her; Lilith seemed fascinated by Luz, having not been privy to many humans on the Boiling Isles and thought the idea that a human taught by her fugitive sister besting her strongest protege, Amity, was laughable. In "Once Upon a Swap", Lilith comes to interrogate Luz whilst she's in Eda's body and Luz learns that Eda, like her sister, had once desired to join the Emperor's Coven but chose not to. After being threatened with the coven brand, Luz accidentally casts a spell that blows out the prison wall and escapes.

Luz didn't see Lilith again until "Agony of a Witch" when she attempts to "borrow" the healing hat relic from Emperor Belos' castle, only to be captured by Lilith as part of her plan to draw Eda out of hiding. Lilith seals Luz in a bubble and makes her watch her and Eda fight to wear down Eda's magic. Luz escapes the bubble and tries to stop Eda, so Lilith throws her off the castle bridge, forcing Eda to expend the last of her magic to save her and she transforms into her cursed form. As Lilith orders her taken away, Luz angrily jumps on Lilith, calling her a monster, but is easily overpowered, with Lilith ordering her to go back to her world.

In "Young Blood, Old Souls", Luz is enraged by what Lilith did to her own sister and goes on the warpath against her, even smashing a crystal ball showing a news broadcast she appears in. Later, Luz furiously attacks Lilith with her magic after failing to stop Eda from being taken away for petrification until they fall through the portal to the human world (where Luz's glyphs don't work). Luz remains angry at Lilith, claiming she's the one that deserves Eda's punishment, but has a change of heart after Lilith explains why she cursed Eda in the first place. As a show of good faith, Lilith gives Owlbert and Eda's staff back to Luz, despite being ordered to destroy them. Upon their return to the demon realm, Luz and Lilith work together to free Eda and escape back to the Owl House.

Following this, Luz starts interacting with Lilith more positively, having seemingly forgiven her for everything in the past. In "Escaping Expulsion", she started teaching her alongide Eda how to use glyph magic, and had no problems with bringing her with her to explore King's castle in "Echoes of the Past".

Edric and Emira Blight

Luz first meets the Blight twins in Lost in Language, while Luz is trying to befriend Amity but gets negative backlash. They reassure her that it's not her fault but rather Amity's. After this, Luz takes a liking of them and they become friends. Luz develops a small crush on the twins since she blushes at both of them when Emira calls her "cutie". Furthermore, Luz is eager to impress them since while waiting for them at the library, she tries out several poses that would make her appear "cool". However, after causing some mischief in the library and entering Amity's secret hideout, they tell Luz that they want to find Amity's diary to show it to everyone at school, to which Luz appears unwilling and hesitant to do at first. This quickly resolves into firm unwillingness, when Luz finds Amity's diary and tries to hide it from the twins. The twins seem disappointed in Luz for hiding Amity's diary from them and argue that Amity deserves it. However, Luz insists on not showing Amity's diary since within it are "private thoughts".

Not much is known about Luz and the twins' relationship between "Lost in Language" and "Adventure in the Elements", however in Adventure of the Elements this conflict seems to be resolved.


Luz has had little interaction with Boscha over the series, but what has been seen has been obviously an antagonistic relationship on Boscha's end. In "Once Upon a Swap", she mocks and insults Luz's sign that she made for Eda's stand but Luz doesn't make any move to get back at her for it.

However, Luz does lose her temper at Boscha in "Wing It Like Witches" when she repeatedly torments Willow without fear of repercussion due to her status as Grudgby team captain and challenges her to a match on her behalf. After Luz forfeits to make it up to Willow and Gus for pushing them too hard, Boscha engages in incredibly dangerous practices such as hurling various fire-lit balls at her for target practice.

Emperor Belos

In both "Agony of a Witch" and "Young Blood, Old Souls", Luz realized that Belos is extremely dangerous and up to no good from the moment she saw him for the first time. The two ultimately became archenemies and even face off each other after the former understood that he treated Lilith as a pawn to ensure Eda's capture and execution all along. Overpowered by her nemesis' might, Luz was forced to give the emperor the magic door to Human Realm in exchange of Eda, Lilith, and King's lives. Despite this, she managed to delay Belos' plans with the door by detonating it in his grasp before making haste to save her mentor, Lilith, and King, thus discovering that he's not invincible as everyone thinks.

Odalia Blight

Luz first meets Odalia in "Escaping Expulsion", where she has her, Willow, and Gus expelled from Hexside to keep them from "distracting" Amity, an action that earns Luz's anger. She tries to stand up to her afterwards and later offers to help her with her weapons presentation later that night if she agrees to let them return.

Powers and abilities

Luz casting a spell for the first time.

  • Magic: Luz is studying the art of witchcraft under the tutelage of Eda. Since Luz lacks the same magical anatomy that witches have, she can't perform magic with her bare hands; instead, she casts spells by drawing glyphs found within the spell circles witches tend to use.
    • Light Spell: This is the first spell Luz learned, discovering it on her phone while hiding from Eda in her cursed form. By drawing the glyph, Luz can create small orbs of light, or blinding flashes, depending on the size of the circle. Like fire magic, the spell is also capable of incinerating objects.
    • Ice Spell: Luz found this spell in a snowflake at the Knee while trying to save Eda and the Blight twins from a Slitherbeast. By drawing the glyph, Luz can create an ice pillar capable of catapulting people into the air and blocking attacks. She can also infuse weapons with the ice glyph to repel multiple enemies at once. This spell is the second spell Luz learned, and she used this to enroll at Hexside.
    • Plant Spell: Before her fight with Grometheus, Luz experimented with plant magic. By drawing the glyph, Luz can make plants grow, ranging from flowers to pillars of thorns.
    • Fire Spell: Luz discovered this spell during her Grudgby match with Boscha and her friends. By drawing the glyph, Luz can create a ball of fire and set items aflame. She can use it to melt objects by simply activating the glyph near it without having to attach it to the object itself.
    • Invisibility: In "Echoes of the Past", Luz devised a combination of glyphs to become invisible, inspired by Lilith's history books. However, this spell only lasts as long as she can hold her breath.
  • Glyph Enchantment: By attaching a spell glyph to an object and tapping the glyph or striking with the object, Luz can enchant that object with the spell. She has some control of how long it takes for a spell to trigger giving her time to get out of range of certain spells like flames. In her clash with Emperor Belos, Luz demonstrated the ability to activate glyphs remotely by tapping Eda's staff, which activated three Fire Spell glyphs she'd left on the portal, burning it to prevent Belos from using it.
  • Bilingualism: Luz is shown to speak English and Spanish.
  • Weapon Proficiency: She is shown capable of wielding a toy sword and was able to defeat Adegast's puppets. Later, she demonstrated some skills with a flail while fighting Grometheus. Luz also used Eda's staff to fight Emperor Belos in Young Blood, Old Souls.
  • Witch's Cloak - Luz wears a cloak made from Witch's Wool, a material capable of repelling powerful spells. Eda Clawthorne made Luz the cloak.
  • Drawing/Painting: She is capable of drawing with nearly anything, as seen in the Owl Pellets "Eda's Curse Brush" (she uses random thing to draw), "Paint Scare!"(she was painting a background), and "Art Lessons with Luz"(she makes drawings good enough to fool Hooty).
  • Dancing: While fighting Grom, Luz successfully performed a perfectly choreographed dance routine with Amity, additionally demonstrating a very strong capacity to improvise as this was not something that she had likely rehearsed before.


Behind the Scenes

Name and Basis

Luz is named after Luz Batista, a roommate of Dana Terrace, who also worked on the series. Luz's name is Spanish, Luz's full name translated from Spanish means "light does not give in". Her given name means "light" in Spanish and Portuguese; most likely referencing her mastery of the light magic spell.

Her surname, Noceda, comes from the term "nocedal", which means "field of nut trees" in Spanish.


Luz is voiced by Sarah-Nicole Robles.


Luz debuted in the series premiere, "A Lying Witch and a Warden", and in Owl Pellets, she debuted in "Eda's Cursed Brush".

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Micaela Carla Oddera
Brazil Portugese (Brazil) Rebeca Zadra
Germany German Paulina Rümmelein
Denmark Danish Helene Wolhardt Moe
Spain Spanish Vera Bosch
France French Jazz Marlier
Israel Hebrew Mia Alon (מיה אלון)
Italy Italy Margherita De Risi
Japan Japanese Emiko Takeuchi (竹内恵美子)
South Korea Korean Kim Chae-ha (김채하)
Malaysia Malay Aby Zarina Ahmad Roslan
Poland Polish Anna Wodzyńska
Portugal Portuguese Carla Mendes
Thailand Thai Suchanya Norapatiphat (สุชัญญ์ญา นรปฏิพัทธ์)
Turkey Turkish Yasemin Ertorun



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  • Luz's hoodie has attached cat ears that connect to her hood, meaning she may like cats, just like a witch.
  • Luz is pronounced "loose".
    • Interestingly, some media outlets erroneously misspelled Luz's name as "Luce" prior to the show's premiere.
  • Luz has similar traits to Atsuko "Akko" Kagari from the anime series Little Witch Academia. Both desire to become witches despite having non-magical backgrounds, and like Akko, who is a fan of a witch named Shiny Chariot, Luz is a fan of a witch character named Azura. The Exception being Ursula (Shiny Chariot) is a real person in that anime.
  • Luz may be a tomboy, implied physically by her short hair and some clothing choices.
  • It is noted that in some episodes, Luz's voice changes briefly.
  • Luz's bag has a sticker featuring three hearts, with one half-full. This is a common depiction of a Health or HP Bar featured in numerous video games, most notably The Legend of Zelda and Minecraft. Similar stickers exist in real life. This detail would suggest Luz be at least somewhat of an avid gamer.
  • In the episode, "Sense and Insensitivity", Luz admits that she wants to be a writer, as being a witch is not a career option on Earth. She has also stated that she enjoys book fairs, because that's "where books come to life".
  • Dana Terrace confirmed in a Reddit AMA that Luz is bisexual.[5]
    • This is shown via her interactions with Nevareth and her reaction to Emira calling her a cutie.
  • Luz can flip her eyelids inside out with ease.
  • In the episode "Enchanting Grom Fright", it was mentioned and shown that Luz is lactose intolerant.
  • Luz is shown to be ambidextrous in various episodes such as "The Intruder" and "Adventures in the Elements"; she can draw (and presumably write) with both hands.
  • Dana Terrace and Luz Batista confirmed in a charity Twitch stream that Luz is an Afro-Latina, similar to how her namesake Luz Batista is as well.[6]
  • As was shown in "I Was a Teenage Abomination", Luz can move her ears.
  • When asked during a Tumblr AMA if Luz has ADHD, Dana Terrace stated that she didn't write Luz specifically with ADHD in mind, but based her off of the observations Terrace made of her friends and herself from high school. Later on in an interview with YouTuber Rebecca Rose, Terrace added on that she did think of Luz as neurodivergent when first writing her character and canonized her as having ADHD.


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