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I think I just realized something. I don't know why it took me so long to figure out. The only thing I've ever really wanted... was to be understood!
—Luz realizing her deepest wish, "For the Future"

Luz Noceda is the protagonist of The Owl House. She is an eager, teenage Afro-Latina human[2] who accidentally stumbles upon a portal leading to the Boiling Isles. To prove herself as a witch, Luz begins learning magic under Eda's guidance, despite not having any magical abilities of her own.[5]



Luz is a thin, tan-skinned teenage Dominican-American[6] girl with golden-brown eyes and dark brown hair in a slightly outgrown pixie cut.[7] During her fight against Emperor Belos in "King's Tide", Luz suffers an injury that results in a scar through her left eyebrow. Throughout her stay on Earth, her hair begins growing out, giving it a curlier appearance.

In the epilogue of "Watching and Dreaming", she is shown to have slightly shorter hair and a bit of mascara on her eyelashes. She also got her left forearm tattooed with a symbol of Flapjack in his honor, matching with the rest of her friends.


Her clothing consists of a set of small, round black earrings, a short-sleeved half-lavender and half-white shirt with cat ears attached to its hood, high-waisted jean shorts over dark navy-gray capri leggings, and a pair of white loafer sneakers. Since "Reaching Out", she always wears Eda's grudgby letterman jacket with her outfits.

When at Hexside, her school uniform is six different colors, separated by jagged divisions representing the school's tracks. Each of her sleeves has two shades of the same color, with lighter tones near the cuffs: mint on the right, and violet on the left. Her pant legs are similarly divided, but use different hues, with red and magenta on her right leg, and blue and cyan on the left leg. Strangely, her uniform does not show the colors for the potions, construction, and beast-keeping tracks.

Originally, her nightwear during her first night in the Demon Realm consisted of a gray sleeveless top, purple shorts with an orange moon and star on the right leg, and white-and-indigo socks. Starting from "Hunting Palismen", she wears a short-sleeved lilac shirt, dull purple pajama pants with a gold waistband, a blue diamond pattern, and the pale pink head of an unknown creature on the ends. She usually wears her loafers while in this outfit but was seen barefoot while sick with the Common Mold in "Eclipse Lake". In "Thanks to Them", her nightwear consisted of a bluish-gray t-shirt with a lighter horizontal stripe, dark blue pants with gold trim and a star pattern on the left leg, and pink socks.

For the grudgby game against the Banshees in "Wing It Like Witches", Luz wore a gray t-shirt, blue and white shorts, white chest armor with blue shoulder pads and orange trims, white and orange shoes, and purple gloves and kneepads: her chest armor and shoes each have a purple gem embedded in them. She reuses this outfit for the Gland Prix in "Eda's Requiem".

For the Day of Unity, Luz continued using Eda's jacket but switched out her damaged main outfit for a gray shirt under her zipped-up letterman, baggy beige pants, and brown calf-length boots.

After returning to the Human Realm, she wears a completely different outfit after coming out: it includes an oversized red & white t-shirt with a blue 8-bit symbol saying "OK", and a matching cap that has a few pins on it, a green fanny pack on her waist, blue jeans with folded ends and a patch on the right knee, and navy-blue slip-ons. Months later, her outfits alternate: the first comprises a white t-shirt depicting a Rod of Asclepius, the fanny pack, purple sweatpants, and her navy-blue slip-ons. The second consisted of baggy green pants, a purple striped shirt, and red & white sneakers with a star design on each of the sides. For both outfits, she wears a red beanie with Bi pride and eye pins while still wearing Eda's jacket. She later wore an Azura costume for the Gravesfield Halloween Festival during Halloween in the Human Realm that she kept later when returning to the Boiling Isles.

When fused with the Titan's power, her cloak turns into a furry black covering with rings of bone on the outside and purple on the inside, with a glowing glyph combination on her chest. Her hat turns black with a gray tip on top and purple on the inside too. She also gains a pair of horns similar to King and his father. Her eyes turn black with yellow pupils, and her hands and lower legs turn skeleton-like while wearing gray pants.

In the epilogue of "Watching and Dreaming", Luz is slightly taller and dons a new set of clothes. She wears a dark purple overshirt with a snake design and tucked sleeves, a purple and lilac striped shirt, baggy yellow pants ending at the ankles with small patches on them, green socks and purple & white sneakers with a diamond design on each of the sides. She wears Amity's eclipse necklace and now has a second earring on her right ear.


S01E02 - 27

Luz is shown to be optimistic and cheerful whenever she's around her surroundings.

Luz is a kind-hearted, outgoing, eccentric, energetic, and exceedingly geeky girl, who possesses a strong love of fantasy and adventure. She is an extremely optimistic person who always attempts to see the best in others, even in past enemies. She is eager to find her place in the world and be accepted for who she feels she truly is. She is clever, creative, and a quick thinker, capable of coming up with solutions to problems on the fly, but if she has too much on her mind, she can be oblivious to things like, initially, Amity's crush on her. At times, Luz has also been shown to utter small phrases in Spanish when experiencing certain bouts of emotion. She also possesses fondness for certain animals that most would find creepy and disgusting, such as snakes, spiders, and possums.

Luz is determined to be who she wants to be regardless of the opposition she receives. However, her remarkably headstrong personality has also landed her in trouble on several occasions. As noted by Hunter in "Hunting Palismen", Luz tends to rush into dangerous situations without always thinking things through. This is translated in the Boiling Isles by way of occasionally disobeying Eda and getting into trouble. Despite this, Luz is intelligent and surprisingly introspective when she allows herself the room to breathe.

Enchanting Grom Fright - 518

Despite being stubborn and impulsive, Luz is shown to be courageous and fearless who would do anything to risk herself for her loved ones.

Multiple times Luz has shown herself to be exceptionally brave and heroic, risking her life on several occasions to protect others, especially those she loves. She does not tolerate when others take advantage of their positions in life, regularly standing up for herself, and those who cannot do so themselves or inspiring them to as seen against the likes of Boscha at school and Belos' oppressive rule on the Isles. In addition, when provoked enough, Luz is capable of great rage and is quite formidable as an opponent. This was seen during Eda's attempted execution at the Conformatorium, where Luz entered a state of despair-induced aggression capable of not only appearing to empower her magic but even striking fear into veteran members of the Emperor's Coven such as Warden Wrath and Eda's sister Lilith Clawthorne and earning the praise of Emperor Belos himself.

Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door - 793

Due to being ostracized and rejected in Gravesfield for years, Luz's fear and insecurities gets the best of it as she destroys the Tunnel of Love that Hooty made for her and Amity.

However, behind much of her optimism and creativity, Luz possesses deep insecurities due to the years of ostracism she endured in the Human Realm before arriving in the Boiling Isles. Because of her eccentric interests and neurodivergent behavior, she is seen as an outcast on Earth and difficult to engage with by her peers, school staff, and, initially, her mother, leading to her not only suffering an utterly friendless childhood in Gravesfield but also frequent resentment and open ridicule from other children and their parents. This constant rejection from her peers, along with her inability to make friends, has resulted in Luz developing underlying self-esteem issues which will occasionally manifest. This has also left Luz afraid of basic interactions with most other humans, especially those her age, as was demonstrated when she initially assumed Vee's companions from camp to be bullies who would pick on her, before being left dumbfounded when it was revealed that they were her friends. In "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door", it was implied that Luz also was bullied by other kids for her inability to fit in, which possibly served to reinforce her fear of other teens.

In addition, another factor that weighs heavily on Luz's mind is the loss of her father, Manny, whom she still grieves for, even years after his passing. It's also been implied on occasion that much of Luz's creativity, eccentricity, optimism, and love of fantasy, especially her fondness for the Azura franchise, which was the final gift her father gave her, is a means of coping with his loss.

Edge of the World - 079

Luz became increasingly broken and traumatized following her and Hunter's incident inside Belos' mind.

Arguably, Luz's devotion to her loved ones also serves as her greatest weakness, as she is constantly placing their burdens on her shoulders and blaming herself whenever she believes that her actions have hurt them. This was seen when she blamed herself intensely for both Eda's capture by Lilith and later the loss of her magic, despite Eda's reassurances that neither was her fault. This sense of guilt would traumatically increase, however, after discovering the truth about Belos' identity and the role she inadvertently played in his rise to power, finding the Collector, and nearly wiping out all of witch and demon-kind on the Day of Unity. Following this, Luz's optimism was increasingly worn down by the traumas she endured and the constant blame she placed on herself for them, causing her to become a much more hardened and serious person who was determined to end Belos' evil even at the cost of her own life.

Thanks to Them - 3223

Luz's final video diary entry showing her uphold promise of staying in the Human Realm permanently, even if it means severing her life in the Demon Realm.

By the time of "Thanks to Them", after months of being trapped with her friends in the Human Realm, Luz became little more than a shell of her former self, with both her mental and emotional health degrading to worrisome extents, showing multiple signs of depression. By this point, Luz's earlier insecurities and low self-esteem transformed into an intense, unhealthy sense of self-loathing, believing herself to be responsible for all of her friends and family's suffering, to the point of furiously cursing her very existence. Because of this, the traumas she endured, and the repeated failures in returning to the Isles, all of her previous optimism and cheerfulness had faded, leaving her near constantly miserable and sullen, with her mood only lightening up to save face in front of her friends and not burden them with her problems. In addition, Luz also blamed herself for nearly every mistake or hindrance that she and her friends came across, even when they weren't her fault. This eventually spurned her into deciding to permanently remain in the Human Realm once Belos and the Collector were finally defeated, being convinced that being out of her friends' lives is the best way to protect them from her own flaws, despite both her friends' reassurances and the obvious heartbreak such a choice would bring her.

For the Future - 3763

Luz finally regained her spirits back after having a heart-to-heart with her mother.

However, in "For the Future", Luz's personality began to heal following a heart-to-heart talk with her mother, in which Camila apologized to Luz for attempting to change Luz into someone she wasn't and voiced her acceptance for who Luz truly is. This not only helped bring Luz closure, but also helped her realize her heart's deepest desire: to be understood. It was through this revelation that Luz was finally able to animate and bond with her beloved palisman, Stringbean, which proved to be a major catalyst in healing Luz's damaged mental and emotional states.

Following her palisman Stringbean's birth, Luz managed to regain some of her previous spirit, being noticeably more happy, playful and confident in herself once again, which continued to grow following her heartfelt reunion with King and Eda after enduring months of separation from them. In addition, Luz also retained her sense of compassion and empathetic nature, as shown when, despite all the harm the Collector had caused to both the Isles and her loved ones, she sympathized with his yearning for companionship, offering him a chance at redemption and teaching him how to establish genuine friendships with others. This selfless nature was further exemplified when Luz sacrificed herself to protect the Collector from Belos' attack, highlighting how she is willing to lay down her own life to protect others without hesitation, and assuring the Collector they did nothing wrong, not wanting the child to blame himself for failing to redeem Belos.

Watching and Dreaming - 3203

With her Titan-empowered form, Luz finally embraced her previous self once again which allowed her to gain the opportunity to defeat Belos for good.

After meeting and receiving wisdom from the Titan in the In Between Realm, Luz would finally make peace with her previous mistakes and was finally able to let go of her guilt over accidentally helping Belos in the past. Finally freed from these emotions, her previously eccentric and optimistic personality showed through once again, which proved essential in allowing her to master the Titan's powers and defeat Belos for good. However, after the final battle with Belos, Luz demonstrated a darker side when she confronted him for the final time, during which she showed little emotion towards the witch hunter while summoning boiling rain to painfully melt away his body, before allowing Eda, King, and Raine to finish him off for good. This demonstrated that as compassionate and forgiving as Luz can be, her empathy has limits, to the point where she's willing to let enemies that she deems beyond redemption die. While she didn't participate in stomping Belos to death, she did nothing to prevent it, knowing that he didn't deserve any kindness or forgiveness she otherwise shows to others.

Watching and Dreaming - 5718

Luz finally had her chance of staying in the Boiling Isles once again.

In the four years since defeating Belos and restoring peace to the Boiling Isles, Luz continues to maintain her recovered kind-hearted, eccentric, and optimistic personality as she prepares to attend the University of Wild Magic in the Demon Realm, having finally acquired the acceptance and happiness she had always longed for. She has also become much more confident in herself as she continues to pursue her dream of becoming a witch, no longer looking down on herself as she did years prior. Because of this, Luz abandoned all pretense she once held of permanently leaving the Demon Realm, instead now being able to happily travel between realms and regularly visiting her loved ones on the Isles before staying there once again to attend college.


Early life

Thanks to Them - 270 (brightened image)

Pictures of Luz during her childhood.

Luz was born as the only child of Camila and Manny Noceda. As seen through pictures in the Noceda residence and flashbacks, Luz has expressed a creative spark ever since she was little, much to the joy of her parents, with whom she was very close. Unfortunately, when Luz was still young, her father developed an indeterminate ailment which facilitated the Noceda family moving to Gravesfield, Connecticut, due to its closer proximity to a more efficient hospital to treat him. Sadly, Manny later succumbed to the ailment regardless, leaving Luz devastated and with only her mother to be there for her afterward. In mourning, Luz turned to the final gift her father gave her before his passing: the first book of The Good Witch Azura. The story immediately captured Luz's interest, becoming a dedicated fan of the Good Witch Azura series and beginning her passion for fantasy, with it also being implied to have afforded her a form of escapism and coping with her father's death.[3] Since her father's passing, Luz and Camila would pick flowers for each other on the anniversary of his death, then visit her father's grave, and at the end they would spend the whole day together.[8]

Thanks to Them - 1334

A younger Luz showing other children a shedded snake skin she found, much to their disgust.

In addition to her father's death, Luz struggled to adjust to life in Gravesfield throughout her childhood and into her teens, with most of the town's people resenting and ostracizing her for her antics and unusual behavior. From an early age, Luz's eccentricities resulted in her being unable to make any friends, as other children found her weird and repulsive, while also receiving disgust from adult onlookers who would regularly openly criticize her for her behavior. In school, her antics were often disruptive, regularly getting her in trouble with the faculty and landing her in the principal's office on several occasions. During this time, Luz was also bullied by her classmates, who frequently made fun of her for her antics and "cheesy" stunts to impress other students that she developed crushes for. These experiences resulted in Luz becoming fearful of interacting with other teenagers. In addition, she received inconsistent grades in her classes, presumably due to her interests outside school academics.[3] These hardships at school resulted in a slight straining of Luz's relationship with her mother, who became increasingly concerned over Luz's utter lack of friendship and low academic performance. Desperate to reconnect with her mother, Luz orchestrated an elaborate presentation for her book report at school, utilizing the latest edition of the Azura series, in an attempt to ease Camila's worries about her and prove that her interests could be used productively in her studies.

Arriving in the Boiling Isles


Luz in the Boiling Isles for the first time.

After causing several problems at her school because of her book report, which involved live snakes and firecrackers, Camila decides to send Luz to summer camp to straighten out her wild imaginative personality. While waiting disappointed for the bus to go to the camp, she chases a small brown owl who picks up her The Good Witch Azura book that she threw to the trash before, and ends up in an old rundown house, where she finds a portal and is teleported to the magical world of the Boiling Isles in the Demon Realm.[9]


Luz realizing she can be a witch.

When she gets there she meets Eda, known as the Owl Lady, as well as for constantly evading the law, who in order to escape from the guards takes her to the Owl House, where she meets Hooty and King. After escaping from the Warden Wrath by wanting to retrieve King's "crown of power", and realizing how unsatisfying her life in the camp would be, she decides to stay at the Owl House and learn magic with Eda, to which Eda agrees.[9]

S01E02 Witches Before Wizards (143)

Luz disappointed that her magic training is not going as she imagined it would.

During her second day in the Boiling Isles, Luz is excited to learn magic with Eda, but Eda, besides showing little interest in Luz's training, has other methods of teaching her, including selling potions all over Bonesborough. Luz does not fare too well in this endeavor, realizing that Humans are not well liked in the Boiling Isles. When she goes to sell the last potion she ends up in a huge fantasy castle, where she meets a wizard named Adegast, who convinces her to go on a mission in search of the Celestial Staff that can only be wielded by "The Chosen One", and thus free the Islands from an ancient evil; Luz decided to go, and embarked on the adventure along with some companions she met along the way.

S01E02 Witches Before Wizards (324)

Luz seeing the Boiling Isles from a different perspective.

However, it was all a lie from Adegast, who was really a puppeteer, to set a trap for Eda and take revenge for having stolen clients from her in the past. After defeating Adegast, Eda and King take Luz to see the bones of the Isles and show her that the Boiling Isles are beautiful from another perspective.[10]

S01E03 I Was A Teenage Abomination - 7a

Luz meeting Willow.

A few days later, Luz begins to feel frustrated at how slowly Eda was teaching her magic. One day, after Eda takes her to look for human garbage in a stranded slug instead of looking for something to teach her magic, Luz walks to get her mind off things while at the same time wanting to go to a magic school, but in that she meets a young witch, who is practicing for an exam she will have at the school. The witch, named Willow Park, is bothered by another witch named Amity Blight, who taunts her for being unable to get a good Abomination for the exam. After Amity leaves, Willow starts to feel with anger for being unable to make a good Abomination and because of Amity's mocks, and in that she realizes of Luz's presence, who was hiding in some bushes. Willow apologizes for the outburst and at the same time she is excited to see a real human, but she has to go to school, however, Luz proposes to help her pass the exam by pretending to be her Abomination so that she could be in her magic school, Hexside, and Willow happily accepts.

I Was a Teenage Abomination Bump

Luz about to be dissected by Principal Bump.

At school, Luz meets Willow's friend, Gus Porter, who is a human fanatic. Luz helps Willow pass the exam and Professor Hermonculus gives Willow the "top student" star, which was worn by Amity, causing the latter's anger and suspicion. During lunch, Amity sees Willow's "abomination" eating, something they don't do, so she has a fit of rage towards the "abomination" and starts trying to force the truth out, which causes her to be taken to the office of Principal Bump. Amity tells Bump of her suspicions, and he decides to dissect it to verify, but Gus distracts him to avoid it, while Luz and Willow escape. Bump locks down the school's doors to prevent it, but Willow uses a seed Eda gave Luz earlier to create vines in the school and traps the Principal to get Luz out of the school, which surprises Bump. While Willow stops a furious Amity who was after Luz, she escapes back to the Owl House with Eda and King to ask them to go help Willow and Gus, however, these two arrive there and tell her that Bump was amazed by Willow's abilities and changed her from the abomination track to the plant track, which makes Luz happy, but they also tell her that she was banned from Hexside, to Eda's joy. For her part, Luz reconciles with Eda, saying that she was happy that she was her teacher.[11]

Learning the first spell

S01E04 The Intruder (25)

Luz learning about demons from King.

One afternoon while King was teaching her demonology, it began to rain boiling hot rain, causing Eda to arrive earlier, so Luz took the opportunity to ask her to teach her spells. Eda is exhausted because she made a magical force field to protect the Owl House from the rain, so she refuses, but ends up agreeing after Luz tempts her with a shiny pen, since she loves shiny things. Eda lazily begins to give her the lesson, but first explains that a witch must learn how to do magic before receiving her own staff, and proceeds to show Luz how to create a light spell by casting a circle of spells, and Luz wants to do it too. Eda, however, explains to her that magic comes from a sack of magical bile attached to the heart of each witch, and this causes the question of how Luz will be able to do magic without one, and Eda says that witches used to practice magic differently, but she doesn't know how. With that, Eda ends the lesson so she can go back to sleep, but Luz asks her to do the light spell again so she can record it on her phone, and Eda reluctantly accepts, but while doing so, she faints from exhaustion.

Luz and King try to get her to wake up but don't get it, so they drag her back to her trundle bed in her room. King then takes the opportunity to teach her again something about demons, but she ignores him to see how to do the light spell, to King's disappointment, who asks her why she wants to learn to do magic, and Luz tells him that being a nobody in her house, learning to do magic could help her to be somebody. King, realizing that he is not being taken seriously too, decides to help her, but on the condition that he teaches her demonology later. King tells her that Eda drinks an elixir every day, which makes him think that this is where she gets her magic, so Luz and King go to look for one among her things.

S01E04 The Intruder (286)

Luz being stalked by Eda in her cursed form.

They find one, but when Luz goes to drink it, she drops the bottle and it breaks. At that moment, the lights start to fail in the house and they hear Hooty screaming, and when they go to see him they find him wounded by some mysterious creature. King suspects it is the Snaggleback, a demon with a shell that appears during rains, so in order not to leave Eda defenseless, Luz helps him to hunt the creature. When they go to Eda's room looking for the creature, they find that Eda has disappeared, so King goes in search of one of his books to see what to do, but when he returns he finds that Luz is also gone, leaving only a shoe behind.[12]

S01E04 The Intruder (405)

Luz tracing a glyph.

When sees the monster, King chases it into a closet only to discover that the Snaggleback is just a harmless monster, contradicting his books. The real creature arrives and eats Snaggleback and begins to chase King, who fleeing is led by Luz hides in Eda's room so the beast can't find her and is soon joined by King, who informs her the Snaggleback is not the monster. There, King sees a piece of a tag that was missing from the elixir that Luz was going to drink, and upon joining the pieces together they discover that the elixir was to "keep the curse at bay", thus discovering that Eda is in fact the beast, and in turn that it has a curse. King feels ashamed for believing that the elixir was for magic and making Eda turn into a beast for trying to get Luz interested in demons as he has no friends. Luz understands and encourages him to save Eda. King, noticing that Eda's eyes have turned black, remembers that those kinds of demons are sensitive to light, meaning they can use it to their advantage. He asks Luz to cast the light spell, but she doesn't know how to do it, but she then sees something on his phone for a moment, a pattern in the circle Eda made, and when she follows it, she manages to do the spell, thus making her first spell. Luz begins to cast more light spells and King gets Eda's attention to lead her to the spells, and when she does, they blind her with a much larger spell and knock her unconscious with it, giving her the elixir to bring her back to normal while she is unconscious.

S01E04 The Intruder (483)

Luz creating more light glyphs.

Eda wakes up and is back to her normal form, but feeling sick, which makes her vomit at the Snaggleback. Eda scolds King for stealing the elixir, but King shows her that Luz has learned to do magic, leaving Eda surprised. King apologizes for what happened, but Eda tells him that it wasn't all his fault, since she didn't tell any of them about her curse, she tells them that she had it since she was young, and also congratulates Luz for learning to do magic, and Luz tells him that she felt motivated by a great teacher, King. Luz and King then order the Owl House.[12]

Adventures in the Isles

S01E05 Covention (253)

Luz challenging Amity to a witches duel at the Covention.

A day while along with Eda and King at Eda's human trash stand, Willow and Gus go and invite Luz to the annual witches' covention, and she asks Eda to go, but she refuses and goes through the portal to the Human Realm to avoid it, but because Luz sends King with her while he is reading the Good Witch Azura book to her dislike, she reluctantly agrees. At the covention, Luz finds Amity, who has grown hate feelings for her since the Abomination incident, and although Luz tries to apologize for it, Amity tells her that she can't be at the covention because she's not a witch, and when Luz tells her that she is learning magic from a "powerful witch" and a "ferocious demon", Amity mocks the "ferocious demon" that is King and steps on one of his cupcakes, causing Luz's anger, who challenges Amity into a witch duel, in where if Luz wins, Amity would have to admit that humans can be witches, but if she wins, Luz would have to admit that she is not a witch and can no longer pursue her dream of being one, and Amity gladly accepts the challenge. Amity places Luz in an everlasting oath before leaving.

S01E05 Covention (658)

Amity releasing Luz from the everlasting oath.

Eda, not having taught Luz many spells, sets traps to mislead Amity so that Luz wins, although they end up being exposed. However, Eda realizes that Lilith Clawthorne, Amity's mentor who is also Eda's sister, cheated too, humiliating both Lilith and Amity. Luz then tries to apologize to Amity, but Amity demands that Luz admit that she is not a witch; Luz admits that she is not one yet but that she is training and trying hard enough to be one someday, showing Amity her light spell, and although at first she belittles it, she admits that she has never seen anyone cast a spell like that. The two come to an understanding, and Amity releases Luz from the oath.[13]

S01E06 Hooty's Moving Hassle (114)

Luz inviting Willow and Gus to The Owl House for the Moonlight Conjuring.

When Amity and her friends have an Moonlight Conjuring and invite everyone except Willow, Luz, Willow and Gus decide to have one at the Owl House, taking advantage of Eda and King's absence that night. Before leaving, Eda asks Luz to take care of the house, warning her before leaving that if anything happens to the house, she will never trust her again. Luz and her friends begin to cast the spell and, since it is their first time, they decide to do it by giving life to a Beef Bob figure, however, accidentally instead of giving life to the figure they end up giving life to the Owl House, causing it to grow legs and walk on its own. They soon realize that they can control the house thanks to the power of the moon, and decide to take the house on a joyride instead of returning it to its place to show off to Amity. On the way, they meet Boscha, one of Amity's friends, and begin to bother her without Boscha realizing it was them. Their journey however ends up causing the arrival to the house of Animal Control, who capture them; the three are thrown off a cliff but are held up with a branch.

S01E06 Hooty's Moving Hassle (472)

The Owl House being controlled by Luz and her friends.

Willow apologizes for causing them to be caught because of her desire to surpass Amity, and reveals to them that she and Amity used to be best friends as a child until Amity surpassed Willow in magic, and that she wanted to show her that she could be powerful too. Luz encourages her by telling her that she is powerful, and Willow regains her confidence and with her plant powers she sets them free and takes back the house from Animal Control's hands. They return the house to its place, however, Eda catches them since she saw the house while she was at the night market and when she goes to punish Luz, Willow, and Gus admit that they were also responsible. Eda punishes the three by having them clean up the house, but is also surprised that they animated the house, as it requires powerful magic. That same night, Amity together with Boscha end up watching on Penstagram the animated house that was being controlled by Luz, Willow, and Gus, causing the bewilderment of both of them.[14]

Return not-return

Luz hanging out with Emira and Edric.

When Luz goes to the library to deliver some of Eda's books and finds Amity reading to children, she tries again to fix things, but Amity refuses to do so. Luz there meets Amity's older siblings, Edric and Emira Blight, who also have a bad relationship with Amity, and they invite her to have fun, but Amity has them expelled from there. Edric and Emira tell Luz that they will come back at night for the Wailing Star that will happen that night, and they invite her to go with them, and Luz accepts when she sees that befriending them can be the way to befriend Amity. That night, they sneak into the library and discover that the Wailing Star gives life to the books, taking advantage of that to have fun. Later, they go to Amity's secret hiding place to get her diary, without Luz knowing it; when they tell her, she doesn't agree as it is Amity's personal life. Luz ends up finding the diary and tries to avoid the twins from realizing it, but they end up doing so. When Luz tries to stop Edric from taking the diary she accidentally throws some pages, and Amity arrives and catches them. Amity is disappointed in Luz as she thought she was different, but she was just a bully.

S01E07 Lost in Language - 33

Luz and Amity being sewn into a book.

Luz says goodbye to the Blight twins and tries to apologize to Amity, who refuses to listen to her, when suddenly they meet an animated Otabin, the main character of a book, but turned into a monster by Luz and Edric, and Otabin takes Amity away. Luz tries to rescue her but ends up being caught. Amity agrees to work together with Luz to escape, and they succeed. When leaving the library, Amity tells Luz that it "never happened", but before she leaves Luz gives her the fifth book of the Good Witch Azura series, since it also turns out that Amity likes the series. Amity accepts it, and also admits that she hasn't been the friendliest witch to Luz, tentatively patching things up between them and starting a friendship.[15]

S01E08 Once Upon a Swap - Mug Shot - 001

Luz, in Eda's body, being booked.

When working at Human Collectibles, Luz, King, and Eda argue about who has it harder and Eda switches everyone's bodies to see who really has the hardest time, with Luz ending up in Eda's body. She uses magic to create a sign to boost sales; this works, but also leads Coven Guards to finding the stand, resulting in her being arrested. While in custody, Lilith arrives and, unaware of the body swap, thinks "Eda" wants to join the Emperor's Coven like the sisters planned to do in the past and orders a Branding glove be brought out. Luz accidentally blasts a hole in the wall to escape and finds Eda and King in a Kitty Cafe and breaks them out. When they are cornered by the three groups pursuing each of them, she switches the three back to their original bodies, and switches the bodies of the pursuers. The three use the opportunity to escape.

S01E09 Something Ventured, Someone Framed - Hexside 10

Gus sneaking Luz into Hexside.

When Gus feels his position as head of the Human Appreciation Society is threatened by a new student, he lies to Luz, saying that her ban from Hexside has been lifted and that she is welcome back. However, he has her wear a cowl to hide her ears. When she arrives at the meeting room of the Human Appreciation Society, she examines Mattholomule's human artifacts and he leaves the room. Upon learning of the ban, Mattholomule returns to the room and pretends to apologize before calling the Hexside Guards on Luz and they throw her in the Detention Pit. Gus apologizes as Luz is dragged away and soon gets himself and Mattholomule thrown in detention to save her. Gus creates illusions of himself and Luz to distract from the pits tendrils and they escape, damaging the room in the process. However, they run into Eda and Bump, who has agreed to let Luz attend Hexside the following semester, berates Luz for her actions and threatens to recent hire acceptance until Gus takes full responsibility.

S01E10 Escape of the Palisman - 86

Luz flying Owlbert with Willow and Gus before crashing.

When she and Eda are at the playground, she listens to Eda talking about Owlbert and her curse begins to act up. They return to the Owl House, where Eda gets some rest and Luz goes to Hexside to join her friends at an away game. However, they miss the transport, as her friends told her to change as she was wearing the rival school's colors. Luz runs back to the Owl House and gets Owlbert so they can fly to the game. However, Luz becomes too daring as she flies and they crash, injuring Owlbert and he runs off. They find him with the Bat Queen, who refuses to return Owlbert unless Luz completes a series of tasks. While Owlbert forgives her, the Bat Queen refuses to let him go and fights Luz herself. However, Owlbert stops her and shows her telepathically that Luz is a good person and, after the Bat Queen is revealed to be a palisman, Luz promises to be more careful and they are allowed to leave. Back at the Owl House, Luz apologizes to Owlbert and patches him up as Eda returns.

S01E11 Sense and Insensitivity - Ruler's Reach

Luz is shocked to find that King has taken control of their shared work.

After convincing Eda and King to go to a Book Fair with her, Luz and King desire to write a book together. At first they work together, but soon King hijacks their shared work and makes it his own, angering Luz. They get into a fight and Luz leaves. After the success of his book, Ruler's Reach, King is asked to write another book and he recruits Luz to help after his publisher, Piniet, rejects his solo work. Luz agrees and they are trapped in a box and threatened to to be crushed if they fail to complete a manuscript in time. After King apologizes, they work a manuscript and put a light glyph on the last page. After Piniet triggers the glyph, they escape. As they fight Piniet's minions, an expiring author comes forward and gives the publisher her manuscript. Brought to tears by the manuscript, Piniet let's Luz and King go.

Learning more spells and starting at Hexside

S01E12 Adventures in the Elements - 14

Luz upon learning the requirements to get into Amity's class.

As Luz is looking through a brochure for Hexside, she remembers she is supposed to meet Amity to get her book back. When she sees Amity, Edric, and Emira appear as well. After Amity hands over the book, Luz tells her they could start a book club once she starts Hexside. However, Amity reveals that to be in her class, one must know a minimum of two spells or they would be placed in the baby class. In a panic, Luz lies that she knows two spells and runs back to the Owl House to insist Eda teach her more spells. They go to The Knee to train and they run into Amity and her siblings, who are teaching Amity to use a fire spell through the use of a Training Wand.

S01E12 Adventures in the Elements - Luz Spell Circle - 001a

Luz using Amity's training wand.

As she strains with Eda, Luz begins to criticize Eda's teaching methods and, when the Blights leave their camp, she steals the training wand and performs a fire spell. However, Eda catches her and chastises Luz for taking a short cut, saying she knows her methods are unconventional but only because Luz's situation is different then other witches. They fight and Luz unleashes a fire blast that flies off and hits a slitherbeast. The Blights come back just as the slither beast arrives. The twins and Eda restrain it as Amity tries to attack it, but the wand is out of power. The slitherbeast takes Eda and the twins as Amity traps Luz in a cage to keep her from getting hurt.

Adventures in the Elements - Happy Luz

Luz excited to be in the same class as Amity.

As Luz watches the sky, she sees a light glyph in the stars and, upon inspecting a snowflake, discovers the ice glyph. Luz uses the newly found glyph to escape and she tracks down Amity and the slitherbeast's den. The girls work together to free Eda, and the twins and Eda knock the slitherbeast out. Amity congratulates Luz on learning a new spell and agrees to form a secret book club with her before they go home. Upon returning, they find the aftermath of King and Hooty's battle with animated toys.

S01E13 The First Day - 23

Luz speaking to Willow and Gus on her first day.

Despite fumbling her placement audition, Luz gets into Hexside and is nervous as Eda drops her off. Willow and Gus congratulate her for getting in as Amity welcomes her to school. After King—who snuck into school in her backpack—starts to eat out of the trash can, Luz tells him they do not know each other if anyone asks. In Bump's office, Luz gives a schedule of classes she wants to take, but Bump says she is only allowed to study one of the nine tracks and selects potions for her. Luz tries to force herself to like only potions, but she sees Willow sparring with an oracle student and her multi-track interest increases. After she finds a shelf of crystal balls, she tries to use one, only for Bump to catch her. Bump then places her in the detention track, since an inspector is coming and he wants the school to look good.

S01E13 The First Day - 49

An overjoyed Luz being permitted to study every track after defeating The Inspector.

Luz looks out the window and sees Willow and Gus and begs them to get her out, saying she is too good for detention. After the teacher falls asleep, the other detention track students—Jerbo, Viney, and Barcus—show her a secret room they use to secretly learn magic and show her a heavily vandalized portrait of the room's creator. Just then, Willow and Gus come in and the others over hear them saying Luz thinks she is too good for detention and they turn on her. Luz leaves with her friends as The Inspector, really a Basilisk, drains the students and staff of their magic. Luz apologizes to the kids in the detention track and they work together to bring down the basilisk. However, Bump berates them for breaking school rules and he gives in, allowing the students in the detention track to take on two tracks and permitting Luz to study all nine tracks. Afterwards, Bump cleans off the portrait of the room's creator, revealing them to be Eda.

Really Small Problems - 495

Luz confronting King on his actions.

As Luz leaves for school one day, she learns it has closed for the day due to a pixie infestation. She goes to a fair with Eda and King and, after King finds a pair of friendship bracelets, decides to help him win them. However she becomes detracted when Willow and Gus arrive and starts to ignore King. After King buys a potion that shrinks Luz's friends, she starts to wonder where they are, so she and King look for them as the two get tickets for the bracelets. However, as King gets the bracelets, Willow and Gus get Luz's attention and tell her what King did. When King returns, she chastises him for his actions when Tibbles, the person who sold King the potion, shrinks him and Luz and puts the four in his miniature animal exhibit to fight the animals. After learning the only way to reverse the potion is to have Tibbles tap his cheek, Luz and her friends trick him into doing so. After they are turned back to normal and the animals chase Tibbles, King apologizes to everyone and offers the bracelets, which broke in the fighting, as a peace offering, which they accept.

Understanding Willow 37

Luz berating Amity for destroying the memories.

When Luz and Willow are in photo class, they extract memories from each other and Luz becomes curious upon seeing a memory of Willow and Amity, to which Willow dismisses it as the past and asks Luz not to ask about it more before reversing the photo. However, after they leave the room, Amity sees the photo and burns it, inadvertently destroying Willow's other memories as well. In the lunchroom, Luz and Gus notice that Willow is acting strange and return to the photo lab to find Amity trying to salvage the photos. Luz berates her for it as Willow slumps on the girls and says they will be good friends. Luz takes Amity, Willow, and Gus to the Owl House where Eda explains that they have to go into Willow's mind and fix the damage manually. Amity and Luz volunteer and go into Willow's mind. Eda gives them a bell to ring in case they need to get out quickly.

Understanding Willow - A1586

Luz watching Amity apologize to Inner Willow.

The girls begin to fix the memories, but Amity is against going into the memory she tried to destroy. Soon, they notice the memories of Amity they fixed have been destroyed as a monster comes over to them. After failing to get Eda to get them out, the girls try to subdue the monster, only for it to reveal herself as the Inner Willow. Inner Willow then pulls Luz and Amity into the memory where it shows Amity pushing Willow away and Inner Willow tries to destroy Amity, until Amity reveals how her parents had forced her to end the friendship. Luz watches as Amity apologizes and promises to be a better person in the future. Inner Willow accepts the apology and lets them fix the memory. After exiting Willow's mind, Willow questions Luz on how Amity found out about the memory in the first place.

Enchanting Grom Fright

Luz excited about Grom, unaware of its true implications.

As Luz first discovers the plant glyph, she gets a text from her mom as the portal is open and, fearing she will react negatively, she sends an emoji before going off to school. After Luz's friends explain to her what Grom is, she becomes excited and thinks she has a shot at being grom queen to which her friends say is a bad thing. Just as Amity walks by, Bump announces that she is that year's grom queen. Luz congratulates her as everyone else looks at Amity with pity. In the gym, Amity explains that every year a monster that can shapeshift into one's worst fear, Grometheus the Fear Bringer, tries to break out and terrorize the Boiling Isles and Bump holds a dance to lighten the mood. As Amity explains that grom royalty is tasked with stopping Grometheus, and says her fear is embarrassing. Luz suggests Amity ask Bump to choose someone else.

Giant Eda

Luz training for Grom.

At the Owl House Luz speaks with Eda and King, who has been asked to chaperone the event and help Gus announce the event respectively, who say she is not ready to face Grometheus and Luz storms out. She runs into Amity who says Bump will only let her opt out if she can find a replacement, to which Luz agrees to be. Amity enlists her older siblings to help train Luz. However, after seeing Luz's minor fears, Amity asks what Luz truly fears, to which Luz replays disappointing Eda. The twins make a large illusion of Eda when the real Eda comes out and berates Luz for going up against Grometheus when Amity says it is time.

S01E16 Enchanting Grom Fright - Dance Finish

Luz and Amity defeating Grometheus.

At the dance, Amity thanks Luz for taking her place as she is called to face Grometheus. Things go well until Grometheus reads Luz's mind. At first he turns into Eda, but quickly changes into her mother and reacts negatively to the Demon Realm. Luz, in a state of panic, runs out of Hexside as Grometheus and the students follow her. As she is cornered, Amity jumps in front of her and Grometheus takes the form of a shadowy figure and takes a note out of Amity's dress pocket and rips it. Luz reads part of the note and realizes Amity was afraid of getting rejected. Luz then asks Amity to be her date and the two dance and defeat Grometheus together. Luz asks Amity who she wanted to ask, but Amity does not answer as the other students carry the two away on their shoulders. Back at the Owl House, Luz gets a text from her mother and replies that she is having a great time and hopes her mother can meet her new friends. Her mother then replies that she is getting Luz's letters. Luz thinks she is referring to the texts, unaware someone has been writing letters to her mother in her name.

Wing It Like Witches - Game Point

Luz, Willow, and Amity playing against Boscha and her team.

As grudgby season starts up, Boscha begins to bully Willow and she asks Amity to speak with her. When Boscha dumps trash on Willow, Luz challenges Boscha to a grudgby match, surprising everyone. Willow and Gus teach Luz about the game and they start training. However, things go poorly and Willow and Gus decide to call it quits. After Amity talks to Luz, she decides to forfeit and Boscha uses her as target practice. However Gus, Willow, and Amity arrive and the girls decide to team up with Luz as Gus cheers from the sidelines. During the game, Luz discovers the fire glyph. Despite her team gaining more points, Boscha wins after catching the Rusty Smidge. Both teams, with the exception of Boscha, congratulate each other, and Luz helps Amity after she hurts her leg.

Trying to cure Eda and the petrification

Magic hat

Luz holding the Healing Hat in her hands.

While Hooty is fending off the Emperor's Coven, Eda is making Luz a Witch's Cloak when her curse acts up and it takes multiple elixirs to get her back to normal. Eda brushes her fears aside and tells Luz to get going to school. That day, Luz's class goes on a field trip to the Emperor's Castle. As they leave for the castle, Luz learns of the Healing Hat and thinks it can cure Eda. After the tour, Luz stays behind and is surprised when Willow and Gus stay to help her. They sneak into the artifact room but are soon caught by Lilith, who takes Luz hostage and sends her friends to deliver a message to Eda.

Agony of a Witch - 2186

Luz dropping to her knees in devastation as King and Hooty come up to her with concern.

Luz is placed in a force field and is brought up when Eda arrives. Whenever Eda attacks, Lilith uses her as a shield. Luz tries to free herself and succeeds, only for Lilith to threaten to impale her on the sharp rocks below. As Eda's curse finally takes its toll on her body, the Owl Lady tells Luz to care for Hooty and King and thanks Luz for being in her life. As Eda transforms she is apprehended and Luz tries to attack Lilith, but is easily pushed away. Lilith grabs Owlbert and tells Luz to return to her world. Dejected, Luz walks back to the Owl House and informs Hooty and King of what happened.

Young Blood, Old Souls - 616

Eda giving Luz the key.

As King reads Luz The Unauthorized Boiling Isles History, she decides to save Eda despite King trying to talk her out of it. After watching a news report that Eda will be petrified, an irreversible process. Luz says it should be Lilith as King explains the severity of one's crimes in order to get petrified. The two get sent to the Conformatorium where they take on the guards and find where Eda is being kept. King stands watch as she speaks to Eda. Luz uses alight glyph to snap Eda back to her senses, and Eda tells Luz to take the key to the Human Realm in order to keep it away from Belos. The platform Eda is on starts to rise and Lilith enters with King in hand.

Young Blood, Old Souls - 1489

Luz reluctantly handing over the portal to Belos.

Furious, Luz attacks Lilith and the three end up in the Human Realm. Luz tries to attack with a glyph, but it crumbles as it is not exposed to the Titan. Lilith pins her and Luz says Lilith should be petrified, to which the witch agrees. Lilith explains why she cursed Eda and gives Luz Owlbert. They then go back to the Demon Realm after Luz looks back at the Human Realm one last time. As they sneak in, Lilith says she will stay in the Emperor's Coven and act as a double agent. However, Belos finds them and takes Lilith and King to him before throwing them in the line of petrification with Eda. Luz fights Belos and he agrees to let Eda go in exchange for the portal. Luz reluctantly hands it over, but destroys it as she goes to the petrifaction. Luz threatens Kikimora with a fire glyph to stop the petrification and, after Lilith heals Eda, they fly back to the Owl House. She watches as Lilith takes on half of Eda's curse and, when the sisters reveal they have lost their magic, Luz offers to teach them about glyphs. She also records a message for her mother.


Separate Tides - Luz 4

Luz suggesting they go after the selkidomus.

Nine days after the petrification, Lilith has moved into the Owl House and they have taken up odd jobs to supply an income, with their most recent being bounty hunters. One day before handing in a bounty, she leaves a message for her mother, which fails to be sent. At the market, they are given a fraction of the reward money and Luz insists they go after targets with larger bounties, but Eda is against it. Luz listens as Eda tells Lilith how she is against going for larger bounties as it is too much of a risk and they need food Luz can digest. In response, Luz and King go after the largest bounty they can find, the selkidomus. As they set sail, Luz uses her glyph magic to earn the respect of Salty and his crew.

Separate Tides - Luz sailor 108

Eda rubbing selkigris on Luz's face.

When they hear the selkidomus' lair, the reward money is stolen and Luz chases after the culprit, only to learn the thief is Eda and lose the reward money. Soon, the Golden Guard arrives and threatens to kill King, who he took captive, if Luz and Eda do not slay the selkidomus. Luz accepts as Eda tries to talk her out of it. She then reveals she knows Eda is avoiding the riskier ventures because of her and Eda lists the positives that happened to her since Luz came into her life. The selkidomus approaches with its baby and Luz and Eda pretend to slay it to get King back. After the Golden Guard leaves, they tell the selkidomus to flee deeper into the sea and it vomits up selkigris, a valuable substance at the Night Market, much to Luz's disgust and Eda's joy. When the three return to the Owl House, they relearn that Lilith has made a scrying potion to spy on the emperor and they order take out.

Escaping Expulsion - 094

Luz and her friends react in horror to the news of their expulsion.

One day before school, Luz is teaching Eda and Lilith what she knows about glyphs and questions if there are more when Hooty tells her it is time to go. As she enters school, Willow and Gus greet her and Amity presents Luz with a fairy pie. The four are soon called to the principal's office where Bump, with Amity's mother and father, tells the group that Luz, Willow, and Gus are expelled. Luz begs Amity to speak up for them, but she only gives a silent apology as Odalia sneers. After the three are thrown out of school, Luz confronts the Blights and Odalia gives her a business card to talk things out. Willow and Gus reject the idea and the three try multiple times to sneak back into school. As Crow Phones arrive to take Willow and Gus to their angry parents, Amity appears and apologizes for not doing anything. Luz asks her for help, but Amity declines out of fear.

Escaping Expulsion - 453

Amity defending Luz.

Luz then picks up the business card and goes to Blight Manor and makes a deal with Odalia that she and her friends will be readmitted to Hexside if she helps with their business demonstration that night. Luz struggles to make it through the demonstration and during the last demo of the night, the "Abomaton", she asks Odalia to stop, but Odalia responds that the abomaton will only stop once its enemy is destroyed. Soon, Amity arrives and threatens to rip apart the abomaton unless her friends are readmitted. Odalia agrees and the girls play dead. After the crowd reacts positively, Luz leaves with Amity, Willow and Gus. When she returns to the Owl House, Lilith presents her with an ice sculpture of herself being given a gold star by Luz, who then gives a sticker to Lilith before going to her room.

Echoes of the Past - Quartet 6

Luz and the others exploring the island.

As she is experimenting with glyph combinations with Lilith, Luz discovers how to turn herself invisible. Shortly after, King starts talking about his life before losing his powers and talks about falling from a great height. Lilith casts doubt on his story and he brings out Lilith and Eda's staffs and the three of them, along with Hooty, fly to an unknown island. King unlocks the door to the ruins and the group explore where they find a clogged hole in the ceiling. After Lilith and Hooty start to believe King, Luz wanders into a hallway full of skeletal creatures and notices that one of them is missing. Luz rejoins the others and they are attacked by the missing creature. Soon, Eda, who King left a note for, arrives and helps fend off the creature, which cannot leave the ruins. Eda then reveals she found King as a baby, and that he never truly was the king of demons.

Echoes of the Past - Luz and King 29

Luz comforting King.

After Eda produces his broken horn, King reluctantly believes her and runs off in shock. Luz finds him and they talk. After realizing Eda never mentioned him falling, Luz thinks the answer lies in the blocked hole. The group makes their way in and unblocks the hole before going up to find an empty room. However, King somehow unlocks a secret chamber and they enter to find eggshells. King puts on the horn and he realizes this room was where he was born. He remembers hearing a roar before falling asleep and hatching and the skeletal creature taking him to the tower's lower level. After they realize the creature was guarding King, it enters but he stops it and the others reluctantly take it home with them, with King naming him Jean-Luc. Back home, Luz repairs King's horn before he goes to sleep.

Building a portal and dating Amity

Keeping Up A-fear-ances - 353

Luz agreeing to help Gwen.

As Luz researches on building a new portal, she asks Eda about it, but Eda reveals she knows nothing of the portal's origins. They then hear Lilith suddenly scream. They see her curse taking effect and Eda gives her an elixir. Soon, Gwendolyn Clawthorne, the mother of Lilith and Eda, arrives claiming to have found a cure for her curse. However, Eda rejects the supposed cure and sends her mother on her way. After berating Eda for treating her mother like that, Luz talks to Gwen and agrees to help her cure Eda. Gwen explains how she ran into a healer named Master Wortlop and they go to meet him. After giving him the items he requested, he gives Gwen a book that contains the cure for Eda.

Keeping Up A-fear-ances - 701

Luz telling Gwen she has been scammed.

Luz and Gwen set up a series of traps to help Eda. However, Luz soon has her doubts as the cure starts to take effect and asks to see the book, however, Gwen refuses to let her see it. Luz then takes it from her and realizes the book is utter nonsense and decides to go back to the Owl House to get elixir, however, Gwen reveals she had her palisman Hawksley take every bottle. Soon, the two are found and, in a fit of rage, Eda transforms into the Owl Beast. Gwen tries to look for answers, but only finds a prompt to purchase the next volume. Soon, King and Hooty arrive to inform them Lilith has transformed as well. The sisters start to finger and head into town. She and King go after them as Gwen stares on in disbelief. They try to get Morton to give them elixir, but he turns them away as they have no money. However, Gwen, who finally learned that she was being conned, arrives with elixir and the three subdue the sisters and get them back to normal.

Keeping Up A-fear-ances - 1280

Luz learning she is not the first human in the Boiling Isles.

Later that day, as everyone is saying goodbye to Gwen and Lilith, who goes with her to stay and reconnect. Before leaving, Gwen reveals that Luz is the second human she knows off to arrive in the Boiling Isles, and that he left a diary at the library. After Gwen and Lilith leave, she wonders how her mother is reacting now that camp is over, unaware that someone has been taking her place.

Through the Looking Glass Ruins - 231

Amity agreeing to sneak Luz into the forbidden stacks.

When Willow gets hurt after Gus fails to lure away pixies, Luz comforts him. The following day, needing a library card to get into the Bonesborough Library, Luz goes to Gus, who knows what she is after. As they walk to the library, Gus laments about his actions with the pixies and thinks about changing tracks when they see a group of Glandus High students defend a child from a slitherbeast. When they say they are looking for the Looking Glass Ruins, Luz urges Gus to go with them and gives him some glyphs. At the library she tells Amity about the human who came to the Demon Realm before her, Philip Wittebane, and trays she is looking for his diary. Amity says it should be in the forbidden stacks and agrees to take Luz as long as they remain silent as she would get fired otherwise.

Through the Looking Glass Ruins - 520

Luz screaming upon finding the destroyed diary.

As they venture through the forbidden stacks, they hide from Malphas, the master librarian. Amity says they will be fed to the bookworms if they are caught. Luz tells her that on Earth it is another way of saying nerd and promising to show her home to Amity one day. They find the diary, only to learn that a mouse has eaten the pages. Luz shouts in frustration and the girls are discovered by Malphas. He escorts them to the entrance and fires Amity. Luz tries to apologize as Amity leaves. Luz then begs Malphas to give Amity her job back and performs various tasks to make it happen.

Through the Looking Glass Ruins - 909

Amity kissing Luz for the first time.

Luz then goes to Blight Manor to find that Amity has changed her hair color. She reveals she got Amity her job back and describes what she went through as the mouse that ate the diary appears out of her hood. She grabs it and Amity explains it is an echo mouse and demonstrates how it projects what it eats. After watching an entry, Luz changes her attitude on the mouse and says they will be great friends. Amity then kisses Luz on the cheek, surprising both girls. Amity then heads inside as Luz stands still in disbelief.

Hunting Palismen - 289

Luz after failing to be chosen by a palisman.

As Luz wait is for the echo mouse to project another entry, Eda calls her to come to Hexside for the chance to get her owl palisman. However, as Luz cannot think of a goal or understand her heart's desire, she is the only one in her class to not get one. Dejected, she heads back to the Owl House where she sees a red cardinal palisman and hopes he chooses her. However, he does not and she takes him back to school with the other pailsmen who were not paired. She goes into their nest and talks about potential goals for herself when the nest suddenly lifts off the ground. Luz investigates and discovers the Golden Guard has abdicated the palismen. She puts a fire glyph on his back to propel him off and tries to land the ship, but he comes back and they fight over the controls as a hand dragon attacks.

Hunting Palismen - 827

Luz and the Golden Guard calling a truce.

They land in a forest and Luz finds the Golden Guard's staff along with an unconscious Golden Guard out, surprised that he is a teenager, and slaps him awake. They fight until they notice something coming and hide. They see Kikimora with the Golden Guard's mask, informing the group of scouts with her that he is dead, before secretly ordering the dragon that attacked earlier to find and end him. He and Luz slip away into the nearest town where the Golden Guard tries to order scouts to search the area for the missing palismen, However, they do not believe him and he demands Luz give him his staff. She does not and they soon see Kikimora and run. The cardinal palisman finds her soon after and she uses an ice glyph to get away from the Golden Guard. She taunts him to follow her before realizing he needs his staff to perform magic. They see Kikimora coming and hide, and upon discovering she has the palismen, agree to work together after he reveals he and his family lack magic and says how Belos gave him a future.

Hunting Palismen - 1145

Luz being given a palistrom wood.

Luz combines the fire and ice glyphs with Sleeping Nettles to knock out Kikimora, and she hands the Golden Guard his staff back. After they knock out the dragon and defeat Kikimora, Luz goes to the palismen as the Golden Guard attempt to attack, but changes his mind before leaving and reveals his name is Hunter. Back at the Owl House, Luz goes to her room as Eda and King barge in through the window. They toss a blue log in her lap and reveal they raided the Bonesborough Garden Club for palistrom wood so she can carve her own palisman. Luz thanks them but says she is not ready to carve one just yet.

Eda's Requiem - 600

Luz and King speak to Eda before the race.

As the Gland Prix is approaching, Luz and King train for the event as the winner gets interviewed and King wants to send a message to his father. She also helps him as he struggles to tell Eda he wants her to adopt him. During the race, she and King crash after he vomits and they come in fifth. Eda decides to put his message on Penstagram and he delivers his message with Eda being shocked and overjoyed that he wants to legally become her son. Upon hearing this, Eda starts to cry tears of joy as Luz soon joins in.

Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door - 767

Luz and Amity in the Tunnel of Love.

As Luz struggles with balancing building a portal and her crush on Amity, Hooty kidnaps Amity and puts her in the basement of the Owl House. He leaves Luz a note to come to the basement and she finds Amity. Luz apologizes for the incident as Amity asks Luz to forget about the last time Luz was at Blight Manor. Soon the floor gives way and the girls fall down a shaft. They land on a pile of pillows and learn they are in a Tunnel of Love. They are put in a boat and sail through the tunnel. While Luz is afraid Amity would find it cheesy, Amity enjoys it. Luz panics and destroys the ride. devastating Amity. When they get off, Luz apologizes for the incident and Amity brushes off the idea of them being a couple. Soon, Hooty starts sobbing and unintentionally damages the grounds. After King and Eda explain that Hooty helped them, Luz says he was helping her ask Amity out. As King and Eda subdue Hooty, the girls fall into a small pit and the two ask each other out. Later they work on the portal together.

Eclipse Lake - 107

Luz sick with the Common Mold.

When Luz becomes sickened with the Common Mold, her friends help fortify the Owl House. After she tries to eat the Portal Key, Amity takes it. She sends Amity a message with a communication device she gave her, but Amity does not understand. Soon the echo mouse projects an entry about Titan's Blood, an ingredient needed to travel between worlds, at Eclipse Lake. She tries to go, but the others restrain her. Eda, King, and Amity set out to find the blood as Willow, Gus, and Hooty look after her. Later, she sees another entry that reveals Eclipse Lake houses Fool's Blood, a volatile substance resembling Titan's Blood. After Gus and Willow fail to hear her, as they are listening to loud sounds in the kitchen, Luz then messages Amity about the Fool's Blood. At nightfall, Luz gets over her illness and greets the three as they return from their failed venture for blood and she hugs Amity.

They reveal the key had blood in it, but they lost it. However, Amity reveals she cracked the key and got some of the blood on her glove.

Visiting the Human Realm

Yesterday's Lie - 136

Luz in the In-Between Realm.

After Luz and her companions manage to construct a working portal, she ties a rope around herself and tells Eda, King, and Hooty to pull if the portal closes. Luz dives into the door and finds herself in a new realm. She tries to use an ice glyph to access a floating cube, but it fails. She calls her companions names and a cube comes out of the liquid on the ground. Luz looks through it and sees the three from a reflection in a second floor window. After realizing she can use the cubes to communicate through reflections by saying people's names, she says her mothers name and a cube appears.

Yesterday's Lie - 273

Luz meeting her doppelgänger.

She sees her mother dancing in the kitchen and is shocked to see a doppelgänger of herself appear in the doorway. Luz panics and counts to five to calm down when a cube appears. She looks into it and sees the doppelgänger in the mirrored door of her closet. The doppelgänger screams and her mother asks what is wrong, Luz shouts back that she saw spoilers for her favorite anime as the doppelgänger jumps out the window and runs to the Old House.

When the doppelgänger gets caught in a snare trap and reverts to her true form, Luz—through a compact mirror—instructs her how to free herself and the doppelgänger introduces herself as a basilisk name Vee. Luz is happy that her mom is not worried about her, but Vee said she needs Margie to maintain her disguise and she is almost out, only being able to take on a partial disguise. Luz then sees a newspaper talking about one of Eda's visits to the Human Realm and guesses some residue magic might have been left behind.

Yesterday's Lie - 478

Luz and Vee seeing Vee's friends.

Vee goes to the café that the article talked about and the cashier says Marylin, Eda's alias, did something to the pastries after being kicked out for trying to pay with a live raccoon. In the alley behind the café, they find talking rats which Vee runs away from. As they head to the park, Vee runs into her cabin mates from Reality Check Summer Camp. Luz notices the group are playing with Hexes Hold'em cards and the group tells her they got it from the Gravesfield Historical Society. Vee asks the man at the front desk, Jacob, about the cards and he goes to get a pack. As they wait, Vee chastises Luz for leaving her good life and explains her life before taking her place.

Yesterday's Lie - 750

Luz calling upon her mother.

Just then, Vee smells something and she goes to the back room to discover that Jacob is an amateur witch hunter and reverts back to her true form after she gets caught in a trap. Jacob is excited to have finally caught a demon and explains his previous encounters with creatures from the Demon Realm. After he leaves, Luz suggests ideas to get Vee out, but Vee says it is too dangerous, as he knows what her disguise is now and smashes the mirror. After that, Luz decides to contact her mother for help. At first her mom thinks it is a video call and Luz is playing a game, however, after arriving at the historical society, Camila realizes it is real and convinces her to help. After Camila knocks out Jacob and frees Vee.

Yesterday's Lie - 1097

Camila begging Luz to stay with her when she returns.

When they arrive home, Luz appears to them in rain caught in headlights. After Vee goes inside, Camila expresses her fears that she can never speak to Luz in person again as Luz explains that staying in the Demon Realm was the best decision she ever made. Upon hearing this, her mother becomes distraught and thinks she drove Luz away. As Luz apologizes, she is being pulled away and Camila makes her promise to stay in the Human Realm. A dejected Luz reluctantly agrees and she is pulled away. Eda explains that the door began closing, as it then implodes. Luz lies that things went well and her mother wants to meet them.

Post-visit and preparing for the Day of Unity

Follies at the Coven Day Parade - 132

A distraught Luz lying about her use of the portal to her friends.

After telling her mother the truth, she starts making videos to have her see the Demon Realm as she does, however, most of the clips she films fail to prove her point. As she sits in front of school waiting to be picked up as her friends come by and theorize what is behind Belos' mask. Luz says she never got a good look as Amity reveals she has been learning Spanish from a Dominican cookbook Gus gave her. However, when asked about her trip back home, Luz lies that she has not used the portal yet just as Eda and King arrive on Owlbert to pick her up. Seeing them approaching, Luz bids Gus and Willow farewell, before placing her hands on Amity's face and pulling her in for a kiss on the cheek, leaving her girlfriend in blushing shock. Luz then runs off and joins Eda and King as they fly off, but she forgets her phone on the school steps, which Amity takes.

Follies at the Coven Day Parade - 300

Luz reveals her plan to help Kikimora by kidnapping her and Raine, shocking everyone.

The trio fly off to the Night Market, where King reveals that they are waiting for information on Raine Whispers, the head of the Bard Coven who used to be romantically involved with Eda. Luz gushes at the information as the group receives Raine's file. Eda is confused when it says Raine still heads the Bard Coven as they were exposed as a traitor. After seeing Kikimora struggling to get time off to attend a family reunion, Luz desires to recruit her in their plan to get to Raine and Kikimora agrees to help.

Follies at the Coven Day Parade - 775

Luz and Kikimora being aided in their escape by Amity.

Later that day during the Coven Day Parade, they put their plan in action. King and Hooty perform a distraction as Luz "kidnaps" Kikimora and Eda "kidnaps" Raine. Luz takes Kikimora to the docks as Terra Snapdragon, head of the Plant Coven, tracks them saying Kikimora is due for a promotion. They are almost caught when Amity saves them and they reach the docks where Kikimora's hand dragon, Princess, is waiting. However, Kikimora turns on them and attacks. The girls nearly beat her when Terra arrives and stops the fight. Terra takes Kikimora with her as Amity shows Luz her phone and says she knows Luz is lying about the portal. Luz apologizes and tells her everything as they meet back up with the others.

Follies at the Coven Day Parade - 1225

Luz and her friends upon hearing when the Day of Unity will take place.

Luz, Amity, Eda, King, and Hooty watch the parade as it is suddenly announced that Belos will deliver a message. Belos informs the residents of the Boiling Isles that the Day of Unity will occur in exactly one month and shows the crowd his face for the first time. Luz and the others listen in shock and the news.

Elsewhere and Elsewhen - 223

Luz and Lilith searching for time pools.

As Luz is watching entries, she is late for Lilith's party in the living room for her new job as museum curator. After the party, she watches an entry where Philip mentions someone named "the Collector". After learning about time pools from Eda, Luz gets help from Lilith to try and find them. Their search eventually brings them to a beach, where there initially appears to be nothing. However, Luz finds the time pools hidden in the sand and they search for one leading to the Deadwardian Era.

Elsewhere and Elsewhen - 579

Luz and Lilith meeting Philip after traveling back to the Deadwardian Era.

Upon traveling back in time, they don disguises to better blend in with the populace, with Luz utilizing a medieval helmet to hide her ears. Upon arriving at the Bonesborough of the era, Lilith warns Luz to be on alert as they are in the "Savage Ages", when witches and demons supposedly used wild magic to bring chaos and pain to the Isles, before its banishment by Belos. However, upon exploring the town, both are immediately shocked by how polite and helpful the citizens of the era are, as they observe them using wild magic for altruism and bringing beauty to the city, as opposed to the chaotic violence that Belos claimed the era contained. After searching for Philip, they find him being harassed by two demons and help him out. The demons leave and they warn her to be wary around Philip. As Luz helps Philip pick up his work, she offers to help him but he declines until she says she can help him meet the Collector.

Elsewhere and Elsewhen - 617

Luz showing Philip the light glyph.

Philip takes them to a cave where Luz shows him the light glyph, which he has not yet discovered, and Philip draws an intricate glyph pattern that teleports the three to the Head of the Titan. He shows them a door he has trouble opening and as Philip adds to his diary, Lilith pulls Luz aside to tell her she has a bad feeling about Philip. Luz brushes it off as she goes to speak with Philip while Lilith tries to open the door. Luz sees Philip writing about their current exploits and is disturbed when he writes about his companions' deaths. Just then, Lilith opens the door and is pulled inside as Philip says he needed a sacrifice.

Elsewhere and Elsewhen - 949

Luz and Lilith leaving Philip after Lilith punched him.

Luz rushes in to find Lilith in the claws of a Stonesleeper and she frees her. Lilith and Luz try to survive the Stonesleeper as Philip digs up a reflective disk and teleports away. As they hide, Lilith laments about their deaths before their births as Luz remembers something Lilith said on the beach about Stonesleepers having a ticklish spot behind their ears. She uses this information to train it and the two go after Philip. When they catch up with him, Luz demands he tells them how the disk will help with the portal. However, Philip refuses and says it is for something else. After he offers to work together again, Lilith strikes him in the face and they leave. As they go back to the beach, Lilith comforts Luz by saying she will get home one day. After returning to their own time, they inform Eda of their adventure through time, much to Eda's disbelief.

Any Sport in a Storm - 294

Amity and Luz thinking they found a way to the Human Realm.

During the Club Fair, Luz is working a booth for the The Good Witch Azura book club when Boscha comes over and starts taunting Luz with lines from the book. Soon, Amity runs over and reveals that the author of the Good Witch Azura books, Mildred Featherwhyle, is signing books in town. Luz is surprised as she believes Featherwhyle to be human, while Amity says she is a witch. After comparing the author's photos, they notice the picture in Amity's book has pointed ears, while the picture in Luz's book has round ears. Upon seeing this, they believe the author can travel between worlds and they go off to meet her. As they go to the bookstore, they theorize if the author is someone they know. Upon reaching the bookstore, they are disheartened to learn the signing has been canceled. After questioning their next move, they see the author and chase her to a drainage pipe. When they catch her, they are shocked to discover she is Tinella Nosa and learn that Tibbles found a box of the books on the beach one day and has been trying to sell them, however, Amity was the only person buying the books. As they head back, Amity tries to cheer up a dejected Luz and they decide to turn their book club into a writing club. Upon seeing Willow, Gus, Viney, and Skara, the teenagers explain what they were up to and show Amity and Luz a photo they took earlier in the day with Hunter, shocking both girls.

Reaching Out - 012

Luz realizing she cannot make it to her father's grave this year.

When Luz wakes up one morning, she realizes it is the anniversary of her father's death and she is upset that she cannot continue the tradition of placing flowers at his grave, Luz distracts herself by finding new glyph combinations and working on a new portal. Eda and King, seeing that something is wrong, comfort Luz. When Amity arrives and explains how her father would not let her compete in the Bonesborough Brawl, Luz thinks she can use this as an opportunity for an alternative to her tradition. After Amity sends her Abomaton chaperone on an errand, they head for the brawl.

Reaching Out - Luz first win

Luz after her first win at the Bonesborough Brawl.

After enlisting the help of Emira and Edric, the twins give Amity their Concealment Stones, albeit reluctantly on Edric's part. As Luz watches Amity fight, she gets another notification about that day's events and, to distract herself, signs up for the brawl as well. She does well but is eliminated before the finals. As Emira says she needs silence to tend to Amity's injury, Luz walks off and finds the abomaton. She inadvertently sets off an alarm before silencing it. When Amity comes over, she lies about not setting off the alarm and they return to the brawl. As Amity is about to face Warden Wrath in the finals, Amity's father arrives and reveals he was alerted to her ditching tryouts. She stares at Luz in disbelief as her father tries to take her home, but Amity angrily swats his hand away and takes an invisibility glyph from Luz before running off.

Reaching Out - 1456

Luz carrying out her tradition in a new way.

Luz finds Amity at the cliff where she and Amity had defeated Grometheus. She opens up to Amity about it being the anniversary of her father's death, and apologizes for how her frustration has affected her actions. After hearing a scream, the two run back to the arena, where they find a mutated Warden Wrath and they work to stop him. After he is reverted back to normal, Luz and Amity return to the cliff, where they tie flowers to a balloon made of abomination goo and set it loose, watching as it flies into the sunset.

Them's the Breaks, Kid - 1450

Luz falling asleep along with King, echo mouse, and Hooty while listening to Eda's story.

After spending the day searching Philip's diary for potential glyph combinations to create a portal to the Human Realm, Luz becomes dejected after every attempt ends in failure. To cheer her up, Eda tells Luz the story of how she first met Raine. Luz, King, and Hooty all fall asleep afterwards.

Learning truths

Hollow Mind - 220

Eda telling Luz they need solid proof to get people to change their minds on Belos.

As the Day of Unity approaches, Eda takes her and King to have her cloak repaired when Prim, her usual seamstress, refuses them service after joining the Oracle Coven. As Prim closes the door on the three, Luz calls Belos a fraud as onlookers become nervous at her slandering the emperor. Eda calms her down and explains how people have been swayed by Belos for half a century and need real proof to change their mind. Luz then spots Hunter and tails him, only for the two to end up in Belos' mind.

Hollow Mind - 801

Luz trying to convince Hunter that his uncle is evil.

Luz wakes up in a hallway lined with portraits as Hunter berates her for trapping them in the emperor's mind as they see a small child in a wooden mask. Luz goes over to him as a shadowy figure resembling Belos approaches them. Hunter bows before him and they are attacked. The two fall through the wall and land in a dead forest. As Luz tries to convince Hunter of Belos' malicious actions, they see the shadowy figure approach them and Luz and Hunter hide in a memory. They see Belos preaching to a crowd about the coven system when "wild witches" attack. The memory continues, revealing the "attack" to have been explosives set off by a Golden Guard, with Belos ordering him to set off the rest. Next, they see Belos and another Golden Guard induct the first witches into the nine covens, and watch as they react negatively to the sigils and are left to die. They then see Belos speaking to the Collector, revealing their plan to kill the inhabitants of the Boiling Isles with a Draining Spell. They watch as past Hunter rushes in, delivering the portal key before quickly leaving. After this, it is revealed, to both Luz and Hunter's horror, that Belos killed all the previous Golden Guards.

Hollow Mind - 1431

Luz upon learning who Belos truly is.

After exiting the memories, they see the shadowy figure and work with the child to subdue it. However, it is soon revealed that the child is the Inner Belos. Hunter confronts the Inner Belos, only for Belos to sink him into the ground of his mindscape to kill him. When Luz and Belos are alone, he admits to being a witch hunter and reveals his true identity, Philip Wittebane. Luz is silent with disbelief as Belos mockingly explains how she helped him find the key component in his plan to eradicate the witches and demons of the Boiling Isles. He attacks as Eda, through a walkie-talkie Luz had with her when she entered the emperor's mind, says she can get her out. Hunter bursts from the ground to save Luz, and the two are pulled out of the emperor's mind. In a state of panic, Hunter flees while Luz is too shocked to say anything.

Edge of the World - 095

Luz being comforted by Hooty and King.

The following morning, Luz tells the others what she learned of Belos as they listen in disbelief. Hooty and King comfort her as Eda tells them Belos will come after them after knowing Luz was in his mind. Soon, Lilith arrives, having been informed of the current events by Hooty, and Hooty coughs up a letter to King from his potential family containing a key. Upon hearing this, Luz suggests she, King, and Hooty set out to try and get them to help stop the Day of Unity. Eda agrees and the three set out.

Edge of the World - 762

Luz and Hooty meeting Bill to ask for his help.

The three set sail with Salty and reach their destination, the finger of a different titan. She, King, and Hooty head for land. They find a key hole and, upon putting the key on it, the three are teleported to a far away island. The trio is greeted by a demon resembling King who introduces himself as Tarak. Tarak explains how he is part of a group called the Titan Trappers and explains their mission to eradicate the titans to free their god, the Grand Huntsman. Tarak drops Luz and Hooty off to speak with their leader, Bill, as King bonds with the Titan Trappers. As she tries to convince Bill to help them take on Belos, Bill dismisses their request as Belos is too far to be a threat and states the titans are a greater threat. He describes titans in detail and Luz becomes concerned as the description sounds like King. Bill removes the skin of his hand, revealing a humanoid hand underneath. Soon, Hooty, who has been scouting out halls, tells Luz to come with him.

Edge of the World - 1120

Luz running away from the Titan Trappers along with King and Hooty.

Hooty leads her to a room filled with skulls resembling King's and they see a disk just like the one that Philip dug up. Luz then realizes that King is a titan, and that the Titan Trappers worship the Collector, so they hurry off to warn King. However, Bill figures it out as well before they can get to King, and he plans to sacrifice King by disguising it as an initiation ritual. She and Hooty manage to save King at the last minute and inform him he is the last titan. They make their way to where they arrived and teleport back to the finger before destroying it to prevent the Titan Trappers from following them. Luz and Hooty consul King before going back to the ship and sailing home.

Stopping the Draining Spell

O Titan, Where Art Thou - 111

Luz, King, and Hooty find the Owl House looted.

Upon returning to Bonesborough, Luz and the others notice themselves on wanted posters with large bounties and move in secret back to the Owl House. However, when they arrive, they find coven scouts leaving with the last of their belongings. They head inside to find a hidden note telling them to go to The Knee. Upon arriving, they end up in a trap set by Eda and Lilith. The three tell the sisters what they experienced while they were out and reveal that King is the last titan. After noticing King is depressed, Luz suggests raiding the warehouse where their belongings are to find Francois, King's favorite toy.

O Titan, Where Art Thou - 883

Eda trying to convince Luz to leave rather than fight.

Along the way, Eda tries to talk her out of it to no avail. When they arrive, they dress as scouts and Luz searches for the toy, Eda goes off on her own after telling her to find a box labeled "Eda's longest toenails". She manages to find Francois, but overhears Eda begging Raine to get her and King away before the Day of Unity. Luz becomes furious as Eda explains that it is for her own safety. A fight breaks out that draws the attention of the scouts and the two are arrested. As they are in a cell together, Luz berates Eda for wanting to send her and King away as Eda reveals they have no plan or team to stop the Draining Spell and the two are placed in separate carriages. Luz cries out for Eda as she is taken away.

O Titan, Where Art Thou - 1506

Luz getting ready to carve her palisman.

When the carriage stops, Luz jumps out ready for a fight, only to be restrained by Darius Deamonne and freed by Eberwolf. She looks around and sees Eda, King, Lilith, Hooty, Steve, Katya, Derwin, and Amber. Eda explains that everyone present was suspicious of the Day of Unity and have formed a group, the Covens Against the Throne, to stop it. After going to their headquarters in Latissa, Eda presents Luz with a box labeled "Eda's longest toenails" and, upon evening, is surprised to see the palistrom wood in it. Eda hands Luz a knife and they begin carving her palisman.

Clouds on the Horizon - 426

Luz, King, and Eda saying goodbye before going out to stop the Draining Spell.

In the morning, Luz sits in during a meeting with the CATs as they decide the best way to stop the Draining Spell is to use Eda's curse to disrupt the spell by having her sneak into the ceremony masquerading as Raine and be branded with a bard sigil, to which Eda agrees. After the meeting, Eda gives Luz her newly carved palisman, an egg, and Luz explains she wanted her palisman to choose their own form. She questions if Eda is really okay with the plan, to which Eda says not really but she thinks it is the best chance they have at stopping the Draining Spell. As they get ready to head out, Luz and King hug Eda goodbye and she makes Raine promise to watch out for Eda.

Clouds on the Horizon - 822

Luz and Amity sharing their first kiss.

After Katya drops off Luz to free Amity, who has been grounded by her parents, she is surprised to meet up with Willow, Gus, and Hunter. When she almost says Hunter is a grimwalker, he interrupts her. Hunter pulls her aside and explains how he does not want others to know what he is just yet, likening his feelings to Luz not wanting the others to know how she helped Philip to meet the Collector. The five go to Blight Manor and take out the guards. Luz then goes to Amity's room where she hears Amity say she will not let the world end before they go on a real date. When Luz makes herself noticed, the girls embrace and Luz promises to take Amity on a real date after all this is over, to which Amity kisses her. After both girls are startled by the kiss, Luz reveals she brought back up and they, along with the twins, go to the Blight's factory.

Clouds on the Horizon - 2085

Luz steeling herself to take on Belos.

At the factory, the twins and King separate from the main group with Gus disguising himself, Luz, Amity, Willow, and Hunter as Coven Scouts as they look for Amity's parents. However, they are spotted when Kikimora recognizes Hunter's voice. The five are restrained and put in a force field by Amity's mother. After Amity seemingly breaks the force field, Amity's father arrives with King to reveal he freed them and tells his wife about the Draining Spell, only for her to reveal she already knew and did not care what the outcome was going to be, believing that their family will be spared and gain a higher status. A fight breaks out and Luz has Gus switch her and Hunter's appearances. After Kikimora grabs her, thinking she is Hunter, she flies off and Luz readies herself to face Belos.

King's Tide (1155)

Luz tearfully begging Belos to spare her and her friends as her body is being petrified.

Upon being delivered to Belos, Kikimora asks to be his new second-in-command, to which Belos replies that she should find a hole to die in. After Kikimora leaves, Belos reveals he knows Kikimora brought him Luz rather than Hunter. Luz fights Belos in an attempt to stop the Draining Spell, however, he soon subdues her and says he has her best intentions at heart as a fellow human and does not want another soul corrupted by the Demon Realm. As Luz continues to fight, he starts to petrify her as she notices a branding glove and forms a plan.

King's Tide (1214)

Luz branding Belos.

Luz pretends to offer to be Belos' modern day guide as not many people would believe him. After insulting his wardrobe, Belos tosses her to the table where the glove is and, as the petrifaction is almost complete, Belos agrees to Luz's proposal. She insists they shake on it and, using an invisibility glyph to hide the glove, brands Belos with coven sigil and orders him to stop the Draining Spell. However, Belos transforms into a sludge monster and attacks her. Fortunately, Amity, Willow, Gus, and Hunter arrive to help her fight Belos. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, the five are out matched by the monstrous Belos who manages to overpower their attempts to subdue him. During the struggle, one of Belos' attacks manages to inflict a small yet permanent vertical-shaped scar through Luz's left eyebrow, before backing her and her friends into a corner.

King's Tide (2541)

Luz with her friends after arriving at her house.

Before Belos can deliver the final blow, he is stopped by the Collector and she and the others watch in stock as Belos is flattened against the wall. As the Collector approaches them, King appears and convinces him to stop the Draining Spell. After he does so, the Collector insists they play "owl house" and begins to deconstruct the skull. As her friends cross through the portal to the Human Realm, Luz insists she stay behind to help to take care of the Collector, however, King insists she go and, after thanking her for being his big sister, he blasts her and her friends through the portal. Luz runs over to help, but the portal closes. Separated from their loved ones, Luz takes her friend to her house where her mother tearfully embraces her.

Time on Earth

Thanks to Them - 290

Camila hugging Luz, feeling glad that her daughter is home.

Luz and her friends go inside and have soup. After dinner, she gets band-aids from the bathroom and Hunter comes over to her to thank her for not telling the others what he is. After Luz expresses her fears of how the others would react if they found out she made the Draining Spell possible, Hunter says they would react the same as finding out he was made from a possible witch hunter. The two decide to keep their secrets for the time being before joining the others in explaining the current state of the Demon Realm. After she and Vee help get Amity and Willow settled in her room and her mother gets Gus and Hunter settled in the basement. Luz asks her mother why she is not mad. Her mother says she is just happy Luz is home as Luz blames herself for getting her friends stranded on Earth.

Thanks to Them - 569

Amity comforting Luz after a failed attempt to rebuild the portal.

The following morning, Luz and her friends start working on a portal. However, they spend months on the attempt with all tries ending in failure and Luz blames herself. Within these months, Luz comes out as bisexual to her mother and reveals she and Amity are dating, much to her mother's joy. She would help her friends adapt to the Human Realm and show them the joys of her home. Luz also waits patiently for her palisman to hatch, but it does not. She also draws various drawings of Eda and King, missing them deeply, and glyphs in her spare time, only to discard them when they fail to work.

Thanks to Them - 1040

Luz after her outburst in class.

In addition, by late Fall, the school year resumes and Luz resumes classes at Gravesfield High, where she is once again ostracized by the other students and by members of the faculty due to her previous disruptions before the Summer. Nearing Halloween, Luz is in English class, being taught by Mr. Sandoval, who discusses a book with a protagonist whose trials are similar to hers. During the discussion, she uses the protagonist in place of herself when unintentionally letting out her frustrations and says it would be better if "the protagonist" did not exist, much to the confusion of her teacher and classmates. Following class, when she is at her locker, two transfer students come up to her and give her a flyer for the Gravesfield Halloween Festival. That night, having trouble sleeping, she goes to her mother's room and spends the night with her and her palisman, unknowingly waking Amity and dropping the flyer for the Halloween festival.

Thanks to Them - 2305

Luz and Hunter preparing to confront Belos.

The following day, Luz helps Camila out at the veterinarian clinic and puts her egg under a heat lamp, hoping it would help it hatch. Shortly before they head out, Luz touches a glyph and it starts to burn slightly. When Luz and her mother arrive home, Hunter tells her he saw Belos and the pair search the old house to find only a possum. They conclude Belos is not there, but Luz promises Hunter she will keep him safe, saying that he is family now, and they head back to her house. The others are working on their Halloween costumes and Amity suggests she and Luz go as Hecate and Azura respectively. Luz accepts as an Azura movie plays on the television and she focuses on the character of Lucy, who betrays the protagonists, causing Luz to worry about how her friends would react if they found out she helped Belos. That night, Luz records a video diary stating that she intends to stay on the Human Realm after getting her friends back home, deciding to tell them after the festival.

Thanks to Them - 2916

Luz and her friends listening to the legend of the Wittebane brothers.

At the Halloween festival, Luz and her friends enjoy the attractions and, after going on the haunted hayride, are surprised to hear the legend of Philip and Caleb Wittebane. After the ride, Hunter pulls her aside to say he just saw Belos and reveals the others found a rebus that possibly led to Titan's Blood. Hunter has Flapjack get the rebus and the two set out. Luz gets separated from Hunter and, after remembering what happened at the clinic, she takes out a light glyph and is surprised it works, albeit weakened. After realizing she can use glyphs to track the blood, she uses more light glyphs and follows where they burn brightest.

Thanks to Them - 3833

Luz trying to get Hunter to regain control of his body.

After coming to an old graveyard in the middle of a lake, she uses an ice glyph to get to the island and finds Hunter. He asks her to help him find the blood and, after she finds Flapjack hiding behind a headstone, she realizes something is off and turns around to discover that Hunter is possessed by Belos. She fires war shots as her friends, her mother, and Vee arrive. As they spot them, Belos reveals she helped him meet the Collector and attacks. Luz and her friends try to free Hunter, but their attempts are in vain. Belos then grabs Flapjack and attempts to crush him. However, Hunter regains some control and an injured Flapjack flies away. After Hunter throws the blood in the lake, Belos jumps after it and the two lose consciousness. Her mother saves Hunter as Belos leaves his body, smashes the blood on an arch, and goes to the Demon Realm. As the others try to get cell service to call a doctor, Luz reveals that Hunter is a grimwalker.

Thanks to Them - 4555

Luz and her mother going to the Demon Realm.

They watch as Flapjack sacrifices himself for Hunter and, after Hunter comes to, he says he knows about Flapjack's sacrifice. When Amity asks about Luz helping Belos find the Collector, Luz reluctantly reveals that she helped Belos meet the Collector. After she tells them, her friends say they do not hold her accountable and say Belos tricked her. As the portal closes, Luz and everyone, except for Vee, go through it to the Demon Realm. She and her mother walk through the portal hand in hand just as it closes.

Return to the Demon Realm

For the Future - 697

Luz telling her mother she still wants to return to the Human Realm after stopping Belos and the Collector.

Luz emerges in the In Between Realm and sees a figure in the distance. As she tries to focus on them, Amity pulls Luz through the portal just as it closes and says they almost thought she was left behind. Hunter tells them to keep moving. As the others are happy to be back in the Demon Realm, her mother compliments the scenery until she sees the Titan's skull and screams. After everyone tells her the skull is normal and moves on, Camila tries to force herself to like the Boiling Isles as Luz calls her bluff and says she still intends to stay in the Human Realm when all this is over.

For the Future - 990

Amity speaking with Luz, who is bummed out at her palisman not hatching.

After making their way to the Owl House, Luz goes to Eda's room and sits in her nest with her egg. Amity soon walks in with a framed picture of her, Eda, King, and Hooty in matching sweaters and they talk. As Luz says she wants to be a witch and help her friends- but doing one messes with the other, Amity tells her how she first bonded with Ghost by being honest about her intentions and wants. As Amity says they will find Eda and King, Hunter says he saw them flying overhead on a star-shaped platform.

For the Future - 1431

Luz and the others watching the Collector turning Terra into a puppet.

Luz flies with Gus as they follow the star to Bonesborough. When they land, they find the town deserted and narrowly avoid a wave of sparkles. Soon, puppets of the town's residents arrive and start to run around. Soon "Eda" appears in her owl beast form and rampages through town. Before she can catch someone, King and the Collector appear and "defeat" "Eda" with a light spell. However, "Eda" is revealed to be Terra Snapdragon in a costume and, after the head witch angers the Collector, they watch as he turns her into a puppet. After King speaks with the Collector, the pair and the puppets leave as Luz tries to speak with King. After deciding they should go to the Archive House, the group is spotted by Skara, Barcus, and Mattholomule.

For the Future - 2348

Luz trying to convince Boscha to help her and her companions get to the Head.

As the nine walk, Skara and Mattholomule explain what has happened since the Day of Unity. After arriving at Hexside, Luz and the others are shocked by the state the school is in. After learning that Boscha has taken control of the school in the absence of adults, Luz tries to get her to help them reach the Head, but with advice from Boscha's advisor Miki, she rejects them and kicks them out of the gym. As Mattholomule explains the difficulties since Boscha took power, Luz remembers Belos using a teleportation glyph to travel to the Head and they head to the photo lab. After Willows leaves upon Hunter reacting negatively to a photo of him and Flapjack she shows him, Hunter and Gus go after her as Boscha arrives with Sleeping Nettle to knock them out, Miki reveals herself to be Kikimora as Luz and her companions pass out.

For the Future - 3801

Luz finally realizing all she ever wanted was to be understood.

The group awakens within the Detention Pit and Kikimora jumps down in her Abomatron to finish them off. After Camila fumbles with an ice glyph, she and Luz get separated from Amity and Mattholomule. Luz uses an invisibility glyph to escape with her mother and they hide after making it outside. As they hide, Luz laments that she has messed things up too much as her mother says messing up is a part of life and lists all the mistakes she did. After her mother apologizes for not standing up for Luz and seeing her as she is, Luz finally realizes what she really wanted was to be understood. Upon realizing this, her palisman hatches and forms a glowing orb on a staff. However, Kikimora finds them.

For the Future - 4451

Luz with Stringbean.

Luz and her mother meet up with Willow, Gus, and Hunter and the three fight Kikimora as Luz draws the glyph pattern. Soon, Amity arrives with the students of Hexside and they take on Kikimora as Amity, Willow, and Gus help her with the glyph combination. They complete it just in time and make it to the Head. As the others are happy with their success, Luz introduces them to her palisman, Stringbean. As Luz watches Stringbean play with the other palismen, Luz and Amity joke that Eda King, and Hooty might eat her. Unbeknownst to them, the Collector and Belos, possessing Raine, watch them from afar.

Playing with the Collector and stopping Belos

Watching and Dreaming - 576

Trapped in a dream, Luz is shocked at her friends' accusations that she destroyed their lives.

Suddenly, the platform they are on begins to shake. Luz watches as her mother and friends are pulled away, and she passes out. A figure tells her to wake up, and Luz finds herself and Stringbean in the Emperor's Castle's throne room, dressed like the Emperor. She exits the castle and encounters Amity outside, who accuses her of making everything worse. Luz tries to defend herself verbally, but Amity attacks. Luz runs inside and finds herself in a forest with Willow, who accuses Luz of giving her false hope for the future before attacking her. Luz flees and finds herself on a stage with Gus in front of Hexside students who accuse her of destroying their families. She backs off the stage and finds herself on a bridge with Hunter, who expresses his anger that she got a palisman just as he lost his. Amity, Willow, and Gus soon appear and prepare to attack. Terrified, Luz tries to reason with them, but realizes none of it is real when Amity says "witches battle" rather than "witches duel". However, Luz snaps her friends out of it, and they are quickly pulled away, but not before Amity hands her a light glyph. Luz activates it and wakes up.

Watching and Dreaming - 851

Luz reunited with Eda and King.

Upon waking, she sees Eda and King being tormented by puppets, and she wakes them with light glyphs. After freeing them, Luz, Eda, and King happily embrace each other, and she introduces them to Stringbean. However, their reunion is interrupted when the Collector appears and forces them to play games.

Luz talking with The Collector

Luz speaking with the Collector.

As they play games, Luz and her friends fight for their lives and manage to survive. Eventually, the Collector breaks down in tears and reveals that his siblings told him to come to their planet, where he befriended the baby titans. However, his siblings started attacking the titans, and their father accused him of hurting them and imprisoned him. He laments never having a friend who didn't betray him and comments on how close Luz and the others are. They explain that they were not like that at first and show the Collector how they grew close.

Watching and Dreaming - 2070

Luz and her companions explaining to the Collector how kindness and forgiveness can be effective in making friends.

Luz, Eda, and King take the Collector to The Owl House, where they say they all first met as a group. After explaining that they grew close after learning they fit in nowhere else, Luz shows the Collector pictures of her past adventures, and after seeing a picture of grudgby, they take him to Hexside. As Eda reminisces about her history with the game, the Collector tries to befriend a few students but frightens them away. They then take him to The Knee and explain how she learned to connect to the Isles. As they reveal that they befriended enemies through kindness and forgiveness, the Collector hears something, and they see the skull's eye sockets light up, revealing that Belos has taken possession of the Titan.

Watching and Dreaming - 2404

Luz disintegrating after being hit by Belos' attack.

As they reach the castle, they see Belos, now having taken a large monstrous form, emerging from it. When the Collector tries and fails to get Belos to change his ways, Luz defends him but dies in the process. Her death causes Eda and King to gain strength through a fit of rage.

Watching and Dreaming - 2779

Luz speaking with the spirit of the Titan in the In Between Realm.

Luz goes to the In-Between Realm and speaks with King's father. Shocked to be talking to the Titan, Luz listens as he reveals he's been watching King all this time. Luz confesses she was hoping Belos would die at the Collector's hand, and King's father admits he regrets imprisoning the Collector on false accusations. Luz asks if they are as bad as Belos, but King's father says Belos is pretending to be the hero of his own story to fit his agenda. Soon, King's father starts to fade and gives Luz the last of his magic, warning that it's temporary. Luz is reluctant at first, but accepts it. She asks if he has anything to say to King, and he tells her.

Watching and Dreaming - 4188

An enraged Luz removing Belos from the Titan's Heart.

Luz returns to the land of the living with a new human-titan fusion form, and she, Eda, and King take on Belos as the Collector helps her friends in the Archives. Luz, Eda, and King combine their powers to counter the corrosion Belos has placed on the Isles. As they fight, they see the left arm rising. The three make their way to the throne room, and after Eda frees Raine, the four attempt to pry Belos off of the heart. As the others hold him off, an enraged Luz pulls Belos off of the heart, and his corrosion upon the Isles ends.

Watching and Dreaming - 4310

Luz confronting the defeated Belos for the final time.

While her friends emerge from the remains of the deteriorating moss and quietly take relief in their victory, Luz solemnly goes to the debris of the demolished castle's throne room to confront what remains of Belos. Upon arriving, Luz watches as the last small pile of Belos' cursed flesh morphs into his younger appearance as Philip Wittebane from their meeting in the Deadwardian Era, before listening as he feigns remorse for his evil deeds, claiming that he was under the influence a curse that she freed him from. Luz, however, no longer susceptible to his manipulations, sees through the facade and only stares at her former murderer in hateful disgust. While "Philip" continues his attempts to deceive her, Luz uses the last of her Titan powers to silently summon a small pour of boiling rain, which quickly begins melting away Belos' body and revealing his true form, while Luz herself remains untouched thanks to the Titan's magic.

Watching and Dreaming - 4349

Seeing through his facade, Luz painfully subjects Belos to a pour of boiling rain.

With the rain painfully dissolving his body, Belos, in desperation, urges Luz to save him and make peace, but she remains unmoved by his pleas and only looks down on him in contempt. Enraged by her disgust of him, Belos drops the facade before being reduced to a decaying, muddy skeleton, using the last of his strength to furiously crawl over to Luz, all the while pathetically demanding that she spare him and hypocritically ranting that otherwise she'll be just as "bad, conniving, evil and unforgivable" as the witches she loves.

Watching and Dreaming - 4391

Luz looking down on Belos in contempt, as she allows the others to finish him off.

With his body almost completely dissolved by the time he reaches her feet, the fallen tyrant grabs hold of her left leg and makes one final plea for mercy, stating that they, as humans, are better than this. Luz, not even bothering to acknowledge his petty words, remains silent and simply steps back to leave him to his fate. As she impassively looks down on him in contempt, Raine, Eda, and King protected underneath a leaf, arrive on the scene from behind her, with Luz watching on as she lets the trio stomp Belos to death as punishment for his many atrocities upon their world, ending the evil emperor and his threat to the Boiling Isles for good.

Watching and Dreaming - 4503

Luz joyfully laughing with King and Eda over the Titan's bread pun.

With Belos finally defeated, Eda, King, and Raine watch in astonishment as Luz floats into the air and returns to her original form, as the Titan's spirit leaves her body before moving on to the afterlife. This, however, leaves her to fall from the air, but is swiftly caught by Eda and King, who all lie down together on the grass in exhaustion and relief. Upon regaining her senses, Luz whispers into King's ear the message his father asked her to give him: "I loaf you", much to his joy and the three's mutual laughter. With relief, Luz then takes in and expresses to her found the family the realization that despite everything they faced, the ordeal against Belos is now over, and that they managed to stick together as they promised to do. Following this, the three, relaxed and tired from the battle, fall asleep beside one another, as Raine happily watches on nearby.

Watching and Dreaming - 4834

A joyful Camila hugging Luz with Eda and King as she meets them both for the time.

Sometime later, the group returns to the Owl House with Raine, whereupon they are reunited with the Collector, Lilith, Amity, and Camila, with Luz happily embracing and sharing a passionate kiss with her beloved girlfriend, before joyfully hugging her mother in celebration. Luz then watches as King and a nervous Eda finally introduce themselves to Camila, which results in her happily pulling them both and Luz into a warm hug, much to her daughter's happiness. The group then watches as the Collector conjures forth the collected Hooty, before restoring him to normal. Once revived, Hooty and Lilith share an overjoyed embrace with each other, with Luz pulling her mother and Amity into a tearful hug at the sight of it, though seemingly oblivious to their respective discomfort over the house demon's bizarre manner of affection.

Watching and Dreaming - 4982

Luz deciding to forge her own path as a witch for the second time.

As her loved ones continue to associate and reunite, Luz steps outside where she solemnly taps one of her paper glyphs. Unfortunately, nothing happens as she recognizes that with the Titan's spirit having finally moved on there is no longer a magic source to power the glyphs. Though saddened that she can no longer use glyphs to cast magic, Luz remains undeterred in her desire to become a witch, with her letting the paper glyph fly off into the wind as a sign of her acceptance and excitement over the new chapter of her life. As the glyph flies off into the air, Luz is brought her hat by Stringbean, who proceeds to cuddle her cheek before transforming into her staff form, with Luz holding her beloved palisman as she gazes off into the horizon, determined to face her new future.


WAD-Grom Photo

Luz attending Grom with Amity and their friends.

Shortly following her triumph over Belos, the Collector, before their return to the stars, created for Luz a brand new portal door connecting the Owl House to the abandoned house in Gravesfield, allowing Luz and her mother to return to the Human Realm. At some point following this, Camila would purchase the abandoned property, allowing Luz direct access to the portal whenever she wanted. Over the next four years, Luz utilizes this door to travel between realms, allowing her to continue school in the Human Realm while also being able to see her loved ones in the Demon Realm. During these years, Luz takes part in helping repair the damage done to the Isles' infrastructure, though this would come at the cost of being able to celebrate her 15th, 16th, and 17th birthdays.

Watching and Dreaming - 5025

Luz having been accepted into the University of Wild Magic.

At some point following her return to the Human Realm, Luz would gain Vee as a classmate at Gravesfield High. Despite this, high school would remain difficult for Luz, as she presumably continued to face the same challenges she did before. However, the comfort and support she received from her loved ones in the Demon Realm helped her get through them much easier than before.[16] Additionally, Luz would continue her relationship with Amity over the next four years, with them having multiple dates in both the Human and Demon Realms, including attending a Grom dance together alongside their friends.

At some point during her final year of high school, Luz is awarded the Gravesfield Writing Scholarship. Shortly afterward, she and Vee both graduate from Gravesfield High together, with both of them happily embracing each other during their school's graduation ceremony. Following this, Luz enrolls herself and is accepted into the University of Wild Magic in the Demon Realm, of which Eda had become the headmaster of.

Watching and Dreaming - 5623

King showing Luz the restored power of the glyphs.

On the late afternoon of her eighteenth birthday, Luz finishes emptying out her room and packing up her belongings for college when her mother arrives to check up on her. During their conversation, Camila expresses both pride and disbelief that her daughter was soon to attend college, before being surprised when an ecstatic Luz reveals that she had selected all of the university's majors as her own. Later that night, Camila and Vee escort Luz back to the Boilings Isles where she is shocked to find all her friends and loved ones surprising her with a belated quinceañera, in gratitude for her forgoing her previous three birthdays to help rebuild the Isles, with her girlfriend embracing her along with a celebratory kiss on the cheek.

Watching and Dreaming - 5724

Luz thanking Eda and King for being in her life.

After the initial surprise, Luz is amazed to discover that, due to King's growing powers, glyph magic can be utilized again, though different from before. Shortly after, she and everyone else watch a light show in the sky created by the Collector as a birthday present for Luz before continuing on their journey. As they watch the show in wonder and amazement, Luz holds hands with Amity, before emotionally thanking Eda and King for everything they had done for her as the three once more swear their bond as fellow "weirdos", much to Luz's tearful joy. Upon noticing, the light show is almost over and the Collector is soon to leave, Luz leads the others in waving goodbye to the star child as they make their departure, in gratitude for the stunning display.


Camila Noceda

Luz is close with her mother Camila, loving and missing her greatly when in the Demon Realm. She struggles to tell her mother the truth about where she really is and fears her reaction to finally discovering it. After destroying the portal in "Young Blood, Old Souls", Luz becomes saddened over losing her only way home. She would then record videos about her experiences on the Boiling Isles and send them to Camila. However, they all fail to go through, as the portal was the only way for her texts to reach the Human Realm.

Thanks to Them - 010

Luz and Camila hugging each other after finally reuniting in "Thanks to Them".

In "Yesterday's Lie", Luz attempts to make a portal to the Human Realm in order to see Camila again. However, the portal only partially works and sends her to an unknown realm, where she can communicate via reflections. Later, after Vee gets captured by the curator of the Gravesfield Historical Society, Luz contacts Camila for help and explains her time in the Boiling Isles. While Camila at first believes it to be a game, she realizes that Luz was serious upon seeing Vee in a cage. After helping Vee escape, Camila reveals that she's having a hard time trying to keep it together regarding Luz being stuck in the Demon Realm, but also notes how much Luz seems to have matured. However, upon finding out that Luz made the decision to stay in the Demon Realm to begin with, she becomes hurt, believing that Luz hated her home life that much. Before Luz can tell Camila that it wasn't her fault, however, she starts to get pulled back, but not before Camila makes her promise to stay in the Human Realm once the portal is working, to which Luz solemnly agrees.

Watching and Dreaming - 4822

Luz and Camila hugging each other after reuniting in "Watching and Dreaming".

By the time Luz comes back months later, Camila realizes her mistake and begins trying to rectify it—due to Luz's mental health gravely suffering between wanting to keep her promise and her guilt for unintentionally aiding Belos in causing the Day of Unity. However, Luz has come to the decision of staying in the Human Realm for good, on the belief that all of her mistakes only made things worse for her friends. Eventually, Camila confesses her own fair share of mistakes, and tells Luz that the one thing she regrets the most is being so protective that she tried changing her daughter to be someone different, thus making her feeling ashamed of herself. After hearing her mother accept her for who she is at heart, Luz is touched by Camila's words and tears up, finally realizing that her deepest wish is to be understood by everyone. This enables her palisman egg to hatch, and she gains Stringbean as her partner.

Manny Noceda

Noceda Family photo 2

A family photo of Luz with Manny during her childhood.

Prior to his passing, Luz was very close to her late father, Manny. During her birthdays, Manny would always gift Luz with special flowers as a means of symbolizing his love for his daughter. It is implied that, like Camila, Manny was fond and supportive of Luz's eccentricities, with him even teaching her how to use sausage strings as makeshift intestines during her school play audition. Additionally, it was Manny who introduced Luz to her favorite book series, The Good Witch Azura, with the book having been the last gift he gave her before he passed away.

When Manny finally succumbed to his illness sometime following the Nocedas' arrival in Gravesfield, Luz was left devastated by her father's passing and struggled to come to terms with her loss. Even years later, Luz still mourns and misses her father deeply, with the anniversary of his death remaining extremely difficult for her. Additionally, it is implied that part of Luz's eccentric optimism and love of fantasy serve as coping mechanisms to help her process her grief.

Eda Clawthorne

O Titan, Where Art Thou - 302

Luz and Eda in "O Titan, Where Art Thou".

Eda is Luz's mentor. She admires and looks up to Eda, hoping to be a great witch like her one day. Due to both having eccentric personalities, she relates to Eda when she says weirdos like them have to stick together. Luz is extremely eager to learn from her, but whereas Luz wants to get her witch's staff right away, Eda believes in earning one's staff, often tasking her with work duties or giving her small lessons at a time. Going at Eda's pace can leave Luz antsy and she is willing to do whatever it takes to learn magic, such as tempting Eda with a light-up pen. She does not hold Eda's flaws against her and instead tries to help her resolve them. Luz does not always share Eda's interests, as she was disgusted by the thought of digging through a trash worm, and sometimes questioned Eda's lessons, leading to her rebelling against her. Though in the end, she realizes how important her lessons truly are when one of those lessons saves her life. In "Hooty's Moving Hassle", Luz is shown to be afraid of Eda's judgment and tries to stick to her rules so as not to be horribly punished.

In "Agony of a Witch", Luz goes to great and dangerous lengths to cure Eda of her curse when she discovers that her elixir is starting to fail. When she is captured by Lilith, Eda comes to her rescue and furiously attacks Lilith, both for kidnapping Luz and upon finding out it was her who had placed the curse on her in the first place. When Lilith threatens Luz's life, Eda is forced to use all of her remaining magic to save her, at the cost of succumbing to her curse, possibly forever, despite Luz's pleas for her not to. After Lilith drags Eda away, a furious Luz attacks Lilith but is easily overpowered; when King asks after Eda on her return to the Owl House, Luz falls to her knees and breaks down into tears; she also discovers the cloak that Eda had knitted for her using Witch's Wool, something she'd previously claimed she needed for protection against the Emperor's Coven guards.

Young Blood, Old Souls - 628

Luz telling Eda she loves her.

In "Young Blood, Old Souls", Luz and King break into the Conformatorium and fight their way through to Eda's cell where Luz manages to get through to her. When Eda tries to send her away, Luz insists that they're a family and have to stick together; Eda tells her to go back to the human world where she'd be safe, and Luz leaps into a hug, telling Eda she loves her, a sentiment Eda readily reciprocates. When Eda is raised to the stage for her petrification, Luz isn't ready to let her go and Eda is forced to push her off, leaving her in floods of tears once she's gone. At the end of the episode, when Eda is returned to normal, Luz is elated and offers to help Eda learn magic her way after her ordeal left her bereft of her powers.

O Titan, Where Art Thou - 1465

Luz finding comfort in Eda's embrace.

In "O Titan, Where Art Thou", Luz and Eda go on a mission to retrieve Francois for King after the Emperor's Coven raided the Owl House. While looking through a warehouse, Luz overhears Eda asking Raine to send her and King away so that they'll be safe during the Day of Unity. Feeling hurt, Luz tells Eda that she can help with the plan, but Eda stands firm on keeping her safe, leading to them fighting in the warehouse after Eda takes on her harpy form. After being captured by coven scouts, Luz continues to ask Eda why she refuses to let her help with the plan, angrily asking if it's because Eda thinks she's a kid or too weak. This leads to Eda admitting that there is no plan, shocking Luz. Eda says that because she and Lilith have no magic and no allies, she wanted to do everything she could to keep Luz and King safe, but now it's too late for that. As Luz gets taken away, she desperately tells Eda that she'll do whatever she says, only asking that she fights back. Later, Luz is rescued, and is relieved upon finding out that Eda is alright and that a group of rebels has a plan for stopping the Day of Unity. Afterwards, Eda shows Luz that she managed to find the palistrom wood among the items taken from the Owl House, and they start carving Luz's palisman.

In "Clouds on the Horizon", Eda hands over Luz's palisman to her after finding her on the balcony, and questions her decision to carve the palisman as an egg. Luz explains that she gets to decide her future when she chooses to become a witch, so she wants her palisman to have that option too. Afterwards, her, Eda, and King have one last heartfelt conversation, and hug each other before Eda heads off to the Draining Spell center according to plan.

After King forced Luz through the portal in "King's Tide", Luz being separated from Eda and him for months took a toll on her mental health, greatly missing them both. In "For the Future", she wouldn't rest until she found them.

Watching and Dreaming - 3371

Eda showing Luz how to cast magic during the final fight with Belos.

In "Watching and Dreaming", Luz has a heartfelt reunion with Eda and King. After Belos kills Luz, Eda's anger was so great that she gained a new Owl Beast form to avenge her. When Luz returns with Titan magic, she is overjoyed at her being alive and she helps Luz defeat Belos. Four years later, Luz thanks Eda and King for being in her life.

King Clawthorne

The Owl House S01E01 - A Lying Witch and a Warden 298

Luz smothering King for his cuteness during their first meeting.

King is Luz's best friend, and she serves as a surrogate sister to him. The moment Luz first saw King, she adored his cute appearance and antics, sometimes snuggling and petting King like a cute dog. At first, King was greatly annoyed by this, but would slowly warm up to it. Because of this, Luz sometimes has trouble taking him seriously, but when they both have to fend for themselves in "The Intruder", she gained a new appreciation for King when he opened up about feeling like a nobody, just like her. Luz is protective of King, being quick to call out Amity for insulting him during the events of "Covention". King also acts as a confidant of sorts to Luz as she will voice her concerns to him whenever she is too nervous to tell Eda something. Luz will occasionally ask for King's advice, despite it not always being that great.

King and Luz S1 EP11

Luz and King working together to write a book.

In "Sense and Insensitivity", Luz becomes excited about the idea of her and King writing together. However, later in the writing process, once she sees that King has thrown out her contributions in favor of his own, she becomes upset and decides to work on her own. Later, while Luz is working on her own writing, King invites her to a party to celebrate the success of his new book. Still upset, Luz doesn't respond. After King leaves, she admits that she doesn't want to be mad at him, and goes to the party later to congratulate him. However, when King says he needs her to help write his next book, claiming that he needs to rebel against her "gushy fantasy slop", Luz feels insulted and leaves, refusing to work with him. Later, after they are both captured in a shrinking cube by Piniet, Luz says that they're in this situation because King refused to compromise, and that she just wanted to write a story with her friend. King then admits that while Luz is living out her dream of becoming a witch, his celebrity status is the closest he'll ever get to his dream. He then apologizes to Luz for hurting her, to which she accepts. After that, the two work together to come up with a plan, and later escape successfully.

In "Echoes of the Past", Luz tries to get Hooty and Lilith to go along with King's stories about him being the King of Demons, knowing how important it is to him. Later, King brought the trio to the island that he had originally come from, and explored his abandoned castle together. After some time, King finds out that Luz and the others were only playing along and never fully believed him, and learns how he and Eda really met. Luz feels guilty about leading him on and tries to calm him down, but King has a panic attack and runs off. Luz finds King later, and when she realizes that there are still parts of King's story that don't fully add up, she decides to help him figure out the rest, and reassures him that he'll still have her and the others to rely on. Later, back at the Owl House, when the others are wondering about the mysterious carvings on the island, Luz says that whatever they discover, they'll be there for King, no matter what.

In "Eda's Requiem", Luz and King train together for the Gland Prix, knowing that the winner will get an interview and that it would be the perfect chance for King to get a message out to his dad. Although she didn't win in the end, Eda helped King do a livestream on Penstagram, and King announced that he will be changing his name legally to King Clawthorne, asking Eda to adopt him. Eda becomes touched and starts crying, prompting Luz to cry together with her.

In "Edge of the World", Luz, King, and Hooty decide to look into a possible lead regarding King's heritage after Hooty coughs up a letter he had eaten some time ago, believing that the warrior mentioned would be able to help them stop Belos and the Day of Unity. Once arriving at Titan Trapper Island, Luz encourages King to learn what he can about being a Trapper himself, while she and Hooty talk to Bill about getting their help to stop Belos. However, once Luz and Hooty realize that Bill's description of a titan fits King, they immediately realize that he's in danger and rush off to warn him. Upon being rescued, King is initially upset with Luz for taking him away, saying that he knows Luz will eventually have to leave the Demon Realm, and that he thought he'd have to prepare for a world without her. Luz then tells King that the Trappers won't help because he's not actually one of them, but a titan. Later, after escaping, King becomes sad about everything that had just happened. He simply hugs Luz and tells her that he wants to go home.

O Titan, Where Art Thou - 330

Luz, King, and Hooty building a snow rabbit together.

In "O Titan, Where Art Thou", Luz, King, and Hooty come back to an empty Owl House, and later find Eda and Lilith at the Knee. Luz announces that King is a titan, surprising the duo. Luz notices that King is still upset after their trip to Titan Trapper Island, so she decides to go on a heist with Eda at the Bonesborough precinct in order to retrieve Francois, which was taken from the Owl House when it was raided by the Emperor's Coven, knowing that King would want his favorite plush for comfort.

In "Clouds on the Horizon", King goes along with Luz and her friends on their mission to try and stop the abominations. However, Luz, still worried about King's well being, has him stay outside the factory while the others sneak inside.

In "King's Tide", King saves Luz and her friends from possibly being killed by the Collector after they are released, saying that they're needed alive for the game of "Owl House". Luz, seeing what King is doing, plays along, leading to the Collector stopping the Draining Spell. As the Collector starts reshaping the island, Luz tries to keep the portal together long enough for the others to escape. However, as King starts to get pulled away by the Collector, he realizes that he has to stay behind if Luz and the others are gonna have a chance to make it through the portal. Luz, realizing what King is about to do, starts tearing up. King then tells her that he is happy to have her as a big sister, before using his sonic shout to push her and the others through the portal. Upon making it to the Human Realm, Luz immediately runs back towards the door, hoping to reach King. The door, however, closes just before she can reach it, and her connection to the Demon Realm is cut off. During her months in the Human Realm, Luz being separated from him and Eda for months took a toll on her mental health, greatly missing them both. In "For the Future", she wouldn't rest until she found them.

Watching and Dreaming - 3464

Luz and King nuzzling foreheads during the final fight with Belos.

In "Watching and Dreaming", Luz has a heartfelt reunion with Eda and King. After Belos kills Luz, King's anger was so great that he gained a never before seen feral form to avenge her. When Luz returns with Titan magic, he is overjoyed at her being alive and he helps Luz defeat Belos, with both doing a sonic shout together. Four years later, Luz thanks Eda and King for being in her life.


For the Future - 4450

Luz lovingly cuddling Stringbean shortly after her palisman's birth.

Stringbean is Luz's beloved palisman, in the form of a purple snake-shifter, whom she first carved in "Clouds on the Horizon" from a rare sample of Palistrom wood that Eda had obtained for her. Even prior to Stringbean's birth, Luz loved her palisman deeply, being extremely eager for it to come to life. This love was demonstrated when Luz originally carved Stringbean into the form of an egg, so that when she hatched she would be able to choose for herself what she wanted to be. This not only granted Stringbean a form of freedom that other palismen generally lacked, but also reflected Luz's own desire of becoming what she wishes to be, regardless of what others think of her.

Even prior to Stringbean's hatching, Luz was very doting towards her egg form, showing a large degree of affection and protectiveness. Unfortunately, however, since Luz failed to recognize her deepest desire, the egg would not hatch for months following its carving. This would serve to worsen Luz's newfound guilt-ridden and depressed personality upon returning to the Human Realm, believing that her own flaws had forsaken Stringbean's chances of hatching, worsening her sense of self-worthlessness. Fortunately, however, after returning to the Demon Realm and sharing a heart-to-heart discussion with her mother, Luz was finally able to realize that her heart's greatest wish was to finally be understood by others. This revelation finally resulted in Stringbean's egg hatching, with the young palisman immediately helping Luz and her friends in their mission to defeat the Belos and the Collector, much to Luz's joy. Since her birth, Luz and Stringbean have shared a powerful bond with each other, with Luz being exceptionally loving towards her new palisman, overjoyed at her finally hatching.

In addition, bonding with Stringbean has also had a very positive mental and emotional impact on Luz, with Luz slowly coming out of her depression and guilt since her palisman's birth, being noticeably more happy and regaining some of her former optimism.


Edge of the World - 710

Luz and Hooty checking out the weapons inside Bill's chamber.

Much like the other residents of the Owl House, Luz finds Hooty to be annoying a good amount of the time. Although, she embraces him more than the others, as seen in "The Intruder" when she inducted Hooty into the "boo-boo buddy club" after he suffered grave injuries, which made him happy about being included.

In "Hooty's Moving Hassle", Luz, Willow, and Gus accidentally bring the entire house to life during a Moonlight Conjuring. They decide to take Hooty out on a joyride, and when the demon hunters capture Hooty later, Luz stops them from trying to sell Hooty off as exotic meat, claiming he would taste terrible. Once the trio bring the house back to the original location, Luz apologizes to Hooty, to which he accepts, as he is just glad to be included.

In "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door". Luz becomes annoyed with Hooty after he kidnaps Amity and forces the two of them to go through a Tunnel of Love in an attempt to get them together. Later, she, along with Eda and King, shows concern when Hooty has a nervous breakdown after believing that he failed to help them.

In "Edge of the World", Luz goes to the Titan Trapper Island along with Hooty and King to find out about King's origins. Later, both Hooty and Luz realize that King is a titan, and immediately hurry off to rescue King. With Hooty's help along the way, the trio successfully escape from the island, and head back to the Boiling Isles.

In "Thanks to Them", along with Eda and King, drawings of Hooty can also be seen by Luz, showing she greatly missed him as well. In "Watching and Dreaming", she tears up when she sees him again.

Willow Park

S01E03 I Was A Teenage Abomination - 27

Willow telling Luz excitedly that Principal Bump has allowed her to switch to the plant track.

Luz immediately became sympathetic to Willow upon her first encounter. Unlike Amity early on, Luz is always very supportive of her endeavors as a witch in training and finds her gifts fantastic. Due to Luz being an extrovert, she is able to bring Willow out of her shell and have her accept her latent plant magic abilities.

Luz and Willow have an incredibly close friendship, almost sisterly, and always jump to one another's defense when they need to. When lecturing Gus, Willow refers to Luz as "our best friend". Regardless, Luz does occasionally make snap decisions in efforts to try and help Willow, even when she does ask her to. In "Understanding Willow", she leaves her childhood picture of her and Amity out on display so she could come up with a scheme to make them friends again. And in "Wing It Like Witches", she challenges Boscha to a grudgby match in Willow's name after she persistently tormented her, despite Willow having never played before, and pushes her and Gus too hard in preparation. However, on both occasions, Willow acknowledges and appreciates that Luz's intentions were good and bears no ill will towards her for her efforts.

Luz cherishes Willow as a friend and is always quick to remind her of her best attributes whenever she doubts herself, such as in "Hooty's Moving Hassle" when she encourages her to save them and Gus from falling from a cliff by saying that, after Eda, Willow is the strongest witch she knows. Luz is also always willing to jump into the fray is Willow's well-being is at risk, such as going into her mind to repair her memory in "Understanding Willow" and offering to take Willow's torment from Boscha unto herself to spare her from any more, putting even her own life at risk. Once Willow's memory is restored in the former episode, Luz welcomes her back with an eager hug, stating that "[she'd] hug her so hard, she'd never forget [Luz] again".

Gus Porter

Through the Looking Glass Ruins - 036

Luz visiting Gus before dragging him off to the Bonesborough Library.

Luz finds Gus amusing, mostly because he treats her specially because she is human. Luz is the one who gives Gus his nickname and she is more than happy to teach him about human customs such as the high-five. Much like with Willow, Luz looks out for his well being. He doesn't seem to mind the fact that Luz thinks that Willow is more powerful, as he states that he "knows what he's about". In "Something Ventured, Someone Framed", Luz begins to admire Gus' rather advanced illusion magic and compliments him on his abilities. She also shows sympathy towards him when he says he didn't want to feel left out. In "Wing It Like Witches", both he and Luz stand up for Willow, and after Luz pushes them too hard, he doesn't hold any ill feelings, and forgives her.

In "Through the Looking Glass Ruins", when Luz comes to visit Gus while giving him various nicknames, he's able to quickly deduce that her reason for stopping by is so that she can borrow his library card in order to visit Amity. He also talks to her about how he is considering looking into other types of magic after having doubts about illusions. Later, upon finding out about their quest for the Galdorstones, Luz encourages Gus to go with Bria, Gavin, Angmar, and Mattholomule in order to prove himself, even providing him with some glyphs to help along the way.

Amity Blight

Okay. Everything is so crazy right now, and I have no idea what my future holds, but it would be so cool if you were in it, so, uh...
—Luz before asking Amity out, "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door"
S01E05 Covention - 56

Luz and Amity preparing to duel.

Luz first encountered Amity when she posed as Willow's abomination, stealing Amity's "top student" title out from under her. Suspicious of Luz, Amity attempts to expose Luz to the point of convincing Principal Bump to dissect her. Since then, the two are almost always at odds due to Amity's snobbish—and rather standoffish—behavior, despite Luz's attempts to make amends. Like many witches, Amity has a low opinion of humans, believing they are incapable of performing magic, until Luz shows her an alternative method of spell-casting. It is shown in "Lost in Language" that Luz doesn't mean any ill-will towards Amity, and tries to make peace with her many times. Amity seems to acknowledge her attitudes towards Luz beforehand, and at least promises to think on them after Luz apologizes for reading her diary and lets her borrow her fifth Azura book. It is shown in "Adventures in the Elements" that Luz and Amity have become closer, with Amity putting in the effort to be friendlier. By the end of the same episode, Luz wants them to create their own club called the Azura Book Club. However, Amity wants it to be a secret club between the two.

In "The First Day", Amity has found a fondness for Luz, and she was the first to welcome Luz on her first day of attending Hexside. She even gave Luz a high-five, showing she's opened up to Luz. When Luz pokes her head through a locker door later, Amity is seen pacing back and forth, telling herself that everything is the same even though both Luz and her attend the school now. In "Understanding Willow", Luz brings Amity into Willow's mind to fix the damage Amity had caused to her memories. Despite her reluctance, Luz manages to get Amity to open up about her happier memories with Willow, and learns that Amity's cutting ties with Willow were down to her parents telling her she couldn't be friends with who they considered weak. A few instances of Luz's optimism while in Willow's mind make Amity blush.

Enchanting Grom Fright - 1432

Luz and Amity about to fight Grom.

Luz and Amity's relationship is explored deeply in "Enchanting Grom Fright" when Amity is selected to be Grom Queen and Luz offers to take her place so she wouldn't have to fight her worst fear. On the night, Amity compliments Luz on her bizarre attire and thanks her for doing this for her. When Luz is scared away by Grom, who chases after her, Amity follows them to a cliff edge and stands between them when Grom reads her mind and transforms into her greatest fear; an indistinct person (whom Luz doesn't realize to be herself) tearing her Grom-posal note in half. After Luz reads half of the note, she offers to go with Amity herself and they defeat Grom with a magic-infused dance. After they are both rewarded the Grom Tiara, Luz asks Amity who she wanted to ask, and Amity blushes and tells her it isn't important, throwing aside the other half of the note which reveals that it was Luz she wanted to ask out, revealing that Amity has a crush on her.

In "Wing It Like Witches", Luz remains oblivious to Amity's feelings, despite her persistent fluster and nervousness whenever she's around or when she proposes activities that would probably or definitely entail physical contact. Amity helps raise Luz's spirits over her inability to help Willow by telling her about her history as the captain of the grudgby team before Boscha. When Luz puts herself at Boscha's mercy to spare Willow further pain and torment, Amity is horrified and immediately hurries to fetch Willow and Gus for help. Amity stands by Luz and Willow in the grudgby match against Boscha and her cronies and injures her leg; Luz offers to carry her and Amity gets flustered again, more so when Luz actually does pick her up.

In "Escaping Expulsion", Luz comes back to Hexside after the petrification ceremony of Eda, and Amity gives her something called a "Fairy Pie". Luz is a little disturbed by it, as it has live fairies in it, but she still thanks Amity and takes it. After Odalia and Alador get Willow, Luz, and Gus expelled, Amity admits that she was a coward for not saying anything. Later, Amity rescues her from the Abomaton and calls Luz "my Luz". When she looks back at Luz and asks her if she's okay, Luz noticeably blushes, implying that she's starting to reciprocate Amity's feelings. Luz blushes again when they are back-to-back and look at each other, hiding her face in her glyph cards.

In "Through the Looking Glass Ruins", Luz still blushes when in the presence of Amity, though less so than her. After discovering the Echo Mouse, Amity tells Luz, "You always have a way of sneaking into people's hearts", and kisses her on the cheek. Luz is left completely dumbstruck by this as Amity turns away and walks into her house in embarrassment. In "Hunting Palismen", it is mentioned that Amity has been absent from Hexside in order to prevent herself from bumping into Luz following the kiss, much to Luz's dismay.

Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door - 988

Luz and Amity holding hands as they officially become a couple.

In "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door", it's shown that Luz is torn between trying to get information out of the Echo Mouse and trying to figure out how to ask Amity out, referring to her as a "cotton-candy-haired goddess". Luz is worried that Amity will find her cheesy like everyone did back home, stating that Amity is "smart, cool, and classy", so asking her out should be breathtaking, emotional and real. Later, she finds Amity in the basement, who has been kidnapped and brought there by Hooty. when Amity mentions wanting to forget about the kiss at Blight Manor, Luz gets worried and quickly changes the subject. Upon finding themselves in the Tunnel of Love that Hooty had set up for them, Luz starts worrying that Amity will make fun of her like how she was made fun of back home, and starts destroying the Tunnel of Love out of embarrassment. When she tries telling Amity that the whole thing was stupid, Amity sadly believes that she meant that the idea of them dating was stupid, causing Luz to realize that she had upset Amity and made the situation worse.

Later, when Eda and King manage to get an upset Hooty away long enough for the two of them to be alone, Luz tells Amity that she had been wanting the perfect situation to ask Amity something and that she thinks Amity would be too cool for the Tunnel of Love. After Amity admits that she's not as cool as Luz thinks, Luz then tells Amity that even though her life is hectic at the moment, and she doesn't know what the future might hold, she thinks it'll be cool if Amity was part of her future. Luz then builds up the courage to say the next thing, but Amity gets too excited and asks her out first. Luz is slightly disappointed that she built up the courage for nothing, prompting Amity to awkwardly allow her to speak. Luz then asks her out, which Amity happily accepts. Unsure what to do then, they hold hands and comment on how scary the situation still feels.

In "Eclipse Lake", it's shown that Luz had given Amity a game device to send her messages using a variety of symbols. As Luz is sick with the common mold, Amity decides to go find Titan's Blood at Eclipse Lake along with Eda and King. Later, when the Echo Mouse reveals an entry about a dangerous substance known as Fool's Blood, which could be confused for Titan's Blood, Luz hurries to send a message to Amity in order to warn her, Eda, and King. When the trio return to the Owl House later, Luz rushes to hug Amity, relieved that her "awesome girlfriend" is okay.

S2E11-Luz and Amity Blushing

Luz sharing a tender moment with Amity.

In "Follies at the Coven Day Parade", Luz finds it sweet that Amity had been trying to learn Spanish after Amity calls her "Batata" (sweet potato). However, she becomes nervous when Amity, along with Willow and Gus, starts asking about her attempt to make a portal to the Human Realm, remembering the promise she made to her mom. Later, during her plan to kidnap Kikimora and Raine from the parade, Luz is relieved when Amity saves her and Kikimora from Terra Snapdragon, and the two fight together soon after when Kikimora double crosses them. Afterwards, when Amity tells her that she knew that Luz made the portal and that it looked like the talk with her mom didn't go well, Luz apologizes for keeping it a secret, saying that after she saw how hopeful Amity was, she thought that if she could help out Kikimora, there might be hope for her situation with her mom. After Amity offers to listen, Luz starts to calm down and finally opens up to her about what happened with the portal. Later, after Belos gives his speech, Amity becomes worried and starts asking Luz about what's coming. Luz tells her that while she's not sure, they'll take it one day at a time.

In "Any Sport in a Storm", when Amity excitedly tells Luz that the author of the Good Witch Azura series, Mildred Featherwhyle, is doing a book signing in town, Luz is confused at first, as Mildred is a human. When she and Amity compare the pictures of Mildred on their respective books and notice the differences, they start to wonder if Mildred can travel between realms, and excitedly go into town to get answers. On the way, the two discuss theories as to who Mildred really is and how she's able to travel between realms, with Luz being hopeful that she can find a way back to the Human Realm. When they arrive at the bookstore, they become disappointed upon learning that the event has been canceled. However, when they spot a hooded figure that they think is Mildred, they chase after them in order to get answers. After a long chase, the figure is revealed to be Tinella Nosa in disguise, and that it was part of a scam set up by Tibbles, which involved trying to sell the books by having Mattholomule edit the author's photo so that she would look like a witch. However, the scam fell through when it turned out that Amity was the only customer buying the books. While the two are initially disappointed, Amity later says that she had fun coming up with their own theories, and Luz decides to have their Azura Book Club also be a writing club.

In "Reaching Out", when Amity comes to the Owl House mentioning issues with her dad and wanting to compete in the Bonesborough Brawl instead of going to coven tryouts, Luz decides to help by encouraging Amity to compete in the brawl, seeing this as a perfect distraction for herself from an event with her mom that she's missing. Later, after receiving another reminder on her phone about the event, Luz decides to enter the brawl as well to further distract herself, telling Amity and her siblings that it would be a good way to help by eliminating more contestants so that Amity would have a better chance of winning. When Amity asks if she's alright, Luz tries brushing it off, saying that she wants to support her. Later, when the Abomaton returns from an errand Amity sent it on, Luz tries to stop it, only to accidentally set off an alarm it had in a panic. When Amity comes by and asks if she had touched it, Luz lies and says that she didn't, not wanting Amity to worry. Later, when Alador arrives and reveals that the alarm on the Abomaton had been set off, Luz starts acting nervous when Amity becomes worried upon finding out that she had lied to her and had been acting weird all day. Amity then runs off after getting upset at both her father and Luz, leading to Luz running after her. Upon finding her under the Grom tree, Amity vents to Luz about how much the brawl meant to her and how complicated it got when Luz entered, noting her strange behavior all day, with Luz feeling guilty about it all. When Amity asks if it has something to do with the Human Realm, Luz reveals that it's the anniversary of the day her dad died. Luz tries brushing it off, saying that it's no excuse for how she acted and that it happened a while ago. But upon seeing Amity's shock that she was hiding something so important, Luz, realizing how much trouble was caused by hiding it, breaks the facade. She tells Amity about how her dad would bring flowers for her and her mom on their birthdays, and that after he passed, she and her mom would pick flowers for each other instead, followed by visiting her dad's grave, and spending the day together. She then notes that it is the first year she's not with her mom, and admits to being jealous or needing a distraction when Amity mentioned the problems with her dad. After Luz apologizes, Amity attempts to console her, but they hear some screaming in the distance before she can do so. Amity starts running, and Luz, finding herself unable to move, tells Amity she'll catch up later. Before running off, Amity tells Luz that she'll help her pick some flowers and they can do something there, causing Luz to blush in response. Afterwards, Luz, now determined to stop a rampaging Warden Wrath, thanks Amity for listening and tells her that she looks forward to picking flowers with her. Later, Amity finds Luz on a cliff picking flowers. She asks her if she had found any good ones, to which she replies that she hasn't, and Amity attempts to conjure up some with a plant glyph drawn in the ground, which doesn't work. Luz explains to her that she needs to have something in mind, and draws a proper one on the ground, summoning much prettier flowers. Amity then forms a balloon with abomination goo, and Luz ties the flowers around the string, letting them fly away with the balloon in the wind. Amity wonders if they'll reach the Human Realm, and while Luz is doubtful, she remarks that it's something nice to think about.

Luz and Amity kiss

Luz and Amity's first kiss.

In "Clouds on the Horizon", Luz gets a message from Amity saying that she's been grounded and that she needs her to come right away. After she and King meet up with Willow, Gus, and Hunter, they head to Blight Manor in order to rescue Amity. After creating a vine pillar in order to get to the balcony, Luz overhears Amity talking with her siblings about how worried she is about not being able to contact Luz after her mom broke the game device, especially with the Day of Unity fast approaching and no one listening to them about the incoming danger. When Emira asks what Luz would say to her right then, Amity starts gaining back her resolve by noting the words of encouragement Luz would probably use as well as her determination to not let the world end before the two of them can go on a proper date. Luz then speaks up, revealing that she was listening all along, while also agreeing that she would probably say everything that was just mentioned. The two happily embrace after having spent so much time apart under the circumstances at the time, with Luz promising to take Amity out on a real date afterwards. This leads to the two sharing their first kiss on the lips, with Amity getting flustered about initiating it while Luz gets flustered that her reaction was "Oh, crikey". Afterwards, when Amity expresses her worry about her parents not knowing about the Draining Spell, Luz assures her that she, along with the others, will help warn them. Later, both Luz and Amity, along with Willow, Gus, Hunter, sneak into the Blight factory, and get captured by Odalia and Kikimora instead.

In "King's Tide", Amity, along with Willow, Gus, Hunter, and King, manages to find Luz before she gets killed by Belos. Everyone except King starts fighting Belos, and before Belos could finish them off, King brings the Collector over, who promptly destroys Belos. Throughout the fight with Belos, Amity prioritized protecting Luz, as she saved her from being crushed by falling debris. Later, as the Collector starts reshaping the Titan's skull, Luz and the rest are pushed through the portal into the Human Realm by King's sonic shout. When Amity noticed Luz wasn't going to enter the portal, as Luz was worried about Eda, she cried and pleaded with her. Just as they were about to enter the portal, Amity realized Luz was going to stay behind, prompting Amity to run after her before King's sonic shout forced all of them to the Human Realm.

In the beginning of "Thanks to Them", Luz gave Amity a bandage for her hand while Amity stared at her with appreciation. Amity ended up sharing Luz's bedroom with Willow, Luz, and Vee. Luz and Amity also worked together to come out to Camila, the latter of which approved of their relationship. Although not outright shown, it is revealed in "Thanks to Them" that while in the Human Realm, Luz did fulfill her promise and take Amity out on dates, as seen in photos inside Willow's scrapbook. Some of the activities the duo did include going for a swim and drinking milkshakes together. Luz also introduced Amity to the non-hostile rain of the Human Realm, the two ended up twirling together and embracing each other. Amity noticed Luz's frowned expression, prompting her to cast a light spell for her.

Amity is very careful with Luz's feelings, as she didn't want to tell Luz about the rebus for it could devastate her if it was a dead end. Amity is also very aware of Luz's saddened state, as she realized Luz felt responsible for the failed portal door attempts and didn't want to risk making those feelings worse. Sharing the same interest in Azura, Amity thought it would be a great idea for her and Luz to cosplay as Hecate and Azura; an idea that Luz loved. At the end of the episode, Amity confronted Luz about her involvement with Belos meeting the Collector and while Luz still felt responsible, Amity assured her that she could never hate Luz, as Luz's selfless actions matter to her more. As they were about to enter the portal, Amity paraphrased what Luz told her in "Knock, Knock, Knocking on Hooty's Door" about how it would be awesome if Luz was in her future. She holds her hand and kisses her.

Watching and Dreaming - 5711

Luz and Amity together during the former's belated "King-ceañera".

In "Watching and Dreaming", however, Luz was briefly forced to fight Amity when the latter and their friends were being controlled by the Collector into attacking Luz. During this time, Luz was devastated when Amity seemingly hated and blamed her for the actions of Belos and the Collector, but refused to strike back at her when she was attacked, showing both how deeply she valued Amity's opinion of her and her unwillingness to harm her beloved girlfriend even when she herself was in danger. Fortunately, Luz soon came to realize that the Amity she was facing wasn't real, when noticed how she misquoted "The Good Witch Azura" by challenging her to a "witch's battle" instead of a "witch's duel", further showing how well Luz knows her girlfriend. Additionally, it was this realization that allowed Amity and their friends to snap out of the Collector's control, who all, in turn, revealed to Luz how to escape the dream reality the Collector had trapped her in. Not long after, following Belos' final defeat the two joyfully reunited at the Owl House and shared their second kiss.

Over the next four years, Luz and Amity remain a couple, having gone on numerous dates both in the human and Demon Realms, including being each other’s dates on Grom before celebrating Luz's belated 'King-ceañera' side-by-side.

Lilith Clawthorne

Elsewhere and Elsewhen - 1057

Luz and Lilith's aunt/niece-like relationship.

Luz met Lilith in "Covention" but didn't interact much with her; Lilith seemed fascinated by Luz, having not been privy to many humans on the Boiling Isles, and thought the idea that a human taught by her fugitive sister could best her strongest protégé, Amity, was laughable. In "Once Upon a Swap", Lilith comes to interrogate Luz whilst she's in Eda's body and Luz learns that Eda, like her sister, had once desired to join the Emperor's Coven but chose not to. After being threatened with the coven brand, Luz accidentally casts a spell that blows out the prison wall and escapes.

Luz didn't see Lilith again until "Agony of a Witch" when she attempts to "borrow" the Healing Hat relic from Emperor Belos' castle, only to be captured by Lilith as part of her plan to draw Eda out of hiding. Lilith seals Luz in a bubble and makes her watch her and Eda fight to wear down Eda's magic. Luz escapes the bubble and tries to stop Eda, so Lilith throws her off the castle bridge, forcing Eda to expend the last of her magic to save her and she transforms into her cursed form. As Lilith orders her taken away, Luz angrily jumps on Lilith, calling her a monster, but is easily overpowered, with Lilith ordering her to go back to her world saying she never belonged in the Demon Realm.

In "Young Blood, Old Souls", Luz is enraged by what Lilith did to her own sister and goes on the warpath against her, even smashing a crystal ball showing a news broadcast she appears in. Later, Luz furiously attacks Lilith with her magic after failing to stop Eda from being taken away for petrification until they fall through the portal to the human world (where Luz's glyphs don't work). Luz remains angry at Lilith, claiming she's the one that deserves Eda's punishment, but has a change of heart after Lilith explains why she cursed Eda in the first place. As a show of good faith, Lilith gives Owlbert back to Luz, despite being ordered to destroy them. Upon their return to the demon realm, Luz and Lilith work together to free Eda and escape back to the Owl House.

Following this, Luz starts interacting with Lilith more positively, having seemingly forgiven her for everything in the past. In "Escaping Expulsion", she started teaching her alongside Eda how to use glyph magic, and had no problems with bringing her with her to explore King's castle in "Echoes of the Past". In "Elsewhere and Elsewhen", Luz is shown to have become very fond of Lilith, even referring to her as a "cool aunt". While trying to find out more information about making a portal to the Human Realm, Luz asks Lilith for help in locating time pools so they can go to the Deadwardian Era in order to ask Philip Wittebane about the portal.

In "Thanks to Them", along with Eda and King, drawings of Lilith can also be seen by Luz, showing she greatly missed her as well. In "Watching and Dreaming", she tears up when she sees her again.


Yesterday's Lie - 1008

Vee thanking Luz for helping save her from Jacob.

Luz first learns about Vee's existence during her attempt to make a portal to the Human Realm in "Yesterday's Lie" when she sees Vee in her house, disguised as herself. Luz is at first angered of her doppelgänger supplanting her; when Vee is scared by Luz appearing in her reflection, she runs off before Luz can ask her anything. After Vee gets caught in a trap, Luz helps her by talking her through getting out of the trap. Luz later learns that Vee was pretending to be her because she's looking for a place to belong, and she only stays with Camila because she is nice. Learning of Vee's plight, Luz becomes sympathetic to Vee, although she sees this as an opportunity for both of them, and she can just stay where she is since Camila is unaware her real daughter is missing.

Later, while at the Gravesfield Historical Society, Luz notices Vee upset upon the reminder of her difficult past, and tries to console her, telling her that she knows what it's like to run away from home, as she did the same thing. However, Vee states that they are not the same since, unlike her, Luz had a good life and a mother who loves her, yet she still chose to run away, while Vee never had a choice at all, unaware of the circumstances that drove Luz to do so. However, Vee also reveals that while she resents Luz for running away from a good life, Vee is also thankful that she was able to get a fresh start out of it, an issue Vee admits she feels complicated about. Later, after being rescued from the curator by Camila, Luz is glad that she's okay and Vee thanks Luz for her help.

Luz and Vee graduation photo

Luz celebrating with Vee at their school graduation.

In "Thanks to Them", after returning to the Human Realm with her friends, Luz would reunite with Vee, with their relationship developing in the following months. During this time, Luz and Vee were able to bond as friends, with them and the others often playing together and enjoying each other's company over the summer. In addition to their growing friendship, it's implied that, after learning more about Luz's reasons for running away and the circumstances that made life on Earth so hard for her, Vee harbors guilt over her previous condemnation of her, and seeks to make it up to her. This was demonstrated by how, prior to her return, Vee returned all of Luz's belongings that she had earlier attempted to throw away to their proper place in addition to leaving a note on her bedroom door, welcoming Luz home. For her part, Luz has been shown to bear no ill-will towards Vee for her previous theft of her identity, nor her earlier criticism, instead welcoming her as part of her family and as one of her friends.

Edric and Emira Blight

Lost in Language - Luz and the Blight twins 2

Edric trying to convince Luz to scribble on the book "Otabin".

Luz first meets the Blight twins in "Lost in Language", while Luz is trying to befriend Amity but gets negative backlash. They reassure her that it's not her fault but rather Amity's. After this, Luz takes a liking to them and they become friends. Furthermore, Luz is eager to impress them since while waiting for them at the library, she tries out several poses that would make her appear "cool". However, after causing some mischief in the library and entering Amity's secret hideout, they tell Luz that they want to find Amity's diary to show it to everyone at school, to which Luz appears unwilling and hesitant to do at first. This quickly resolves into firm unwillingness, when Luz finds Amity's diary and tries to hide it from the twins. The twins seem disappointed in Luz for hiding Amity's diary from them and argue that Amity deserves it. However, Luz insists on not showing Amity's diary since within it are "private thoughts".

Not much is known about Luz and the twins' relationship between "Lost in Language" and "Adventure in the Elements", however in "Adventure of the Elements" this conflict seems to be resolved.

In "Through the Looking Glass Ruins", the twins seem to be aware of Luz's crush on Amity, leaving the two alone together when they start blushing. Later, when Luz arrives at Blight Manor in order to tell Amity that she got her job at the library back, they can be seen watching the two of them, with Edric noting Amity's bold move of giving Luz a kiss on the cheek.

In "Reaching Out", the twins show up at the Bonesborough Brawl in order to give Amity support along with Luz for taking part in the event.


Any Sport in a Storm - 253

Boscha reading a "Good Witch Azura" series book in a dramatic tone, taunting Luz.

Luz has had little interaction with Boscha over the series, but what has been seen has been obviously an antagonistic relationship on Boscha's end. In "Once Upon a Swap", she taunts and insults Luz's sign that she made for Eda's stand but Luz doesn't make any move to get back at her for it.

However, Luz does lose her temper at Boscha in "Wing It Like Witches", when she repeatedly torments Willow without fear of repercussion due to her status as grudgby team captain and challenges her to a match on her behalf. After Luz forfeits to make it up to Willow and Gus for pushing them too hard, Boscha engages in incredibly dangerous practices such as hurling various fire-lit balls at her for target practice.

During the Club Fair, Boscha taunts Luz for wanting to start a Good Witch Azura club.

Luz didn't see Boscha again until "For the Future". When Luz finally returns to the Demon Realm, she, Camila, and the rest are taken back to Hexside by Mattholomule and Skara. There, she finds out that Boscha has become the student body president of the school, and has an advisor called Miki. Luz tries to offer to save everyone, but the idea is promptly rejected by Miki and Boscha, as they both deem it too dangerous. Later, Boscha throws Luz along with some others into the detention pit for trying to plot a rebellion against her.

Boscha was seen in the crowd for Luz's "King-ceañera" in "Watching and Dreaming", suggesting that the two are on friendly terms. Given that Amity promised Boscha they can rescue her teammates if she didn't interfere, it's possible Luz and Boscha are no longer enemies.

Emperor Belos/Philip Wittebane

You're such a hypocrite. You talk big about protecting humanity, but after everything you've done, you're barely human yourself.
—Luz calling Belos/Philip out for his hypocrisy, "King's Tide"
Young Blood, Old Souls - 1285

Luz facing Belos for the first time at the Conformitorium.

Out of all the foes she faced in the Demon Realm, Emperor Belos was Luz's greatest and most hated enemy. Luz holds nothing but unconditional hatred and vitriol for Belos due to the sheer scale of atrocities he committed upon the Boiling Isles and its people, and for all the suffering he inflicted upon both her and her loved ones, with him having been responsible for nearly every sorrow and trauma that had befallen her since coming to the Demon Realm.

Following her arrival to the Demon Realm, Luz immediately came to despise Belos for his cruel and oppressive rule over the Boiling Isles, and realized that he was extremely dangerous and up to no good from the moment she saw him for the first time. The two ultimately became archenemies and even face off each other after the former understood that he treated Lilith as a pawn to ensure Eda's capture and execution all along. Overpowered by her nemesis' might, Luz was forced to give the emperor the magic door to Human Realm in exchange of Eda, Lilith, and King's lives. Despite this, she managed to delay Belos' plans with the door by detonating it in his grasp before making haste to save her mentor, Lilith, and King, thus discovering that he's not invincible as everyone thinks.

In "Elsewhere and Elsewhen", Luz and Lilith use time pools to travel back to the Deadwardian Era in order to meet Philip Wittebane, who they don't know at the time would later become Belos, in order to get information on how to make a portal to the Human Realm. When Luz first sees Philip being harassed by two thugs, she immediately steps in to defend him. When Luz asks if they can talk, Philip is initially uninterested. So, in order to get his attention, Luz offers to help him find the Collector. After arriving at a cave, Luz shows Philip the light glyph, and is surprised and excited to learn that he uses glyphs as well. Later, when they reach the door the Collector is behind, Luz decides to talk with Philip after Lilith starts to become skeptical of how uncomfortably familiar he seems.

Elsewhere and Elsewhen - 769

A horrified Luz being betrayed by Philip in the Deadwardian Era.

However, when she sees Philip writing in his diary that his "companions" didn't make it, she becomes hesitant and asks him why he brought them there, only for him to reveal that he needed a sacrifice for the Stonesleeper guarding the door in order to reach the Collector. As soon as Lilith is attacked by the Stonesleeper, Luz becomes angry with Philip for tricking them, with Philip remarking how easy it was. When she then says that getting home isn't worth hurting people, he disagrees before bidding them farewell, leaving them to die. Later, after Luz and Lilith tame the Stonesleeper, they catch up to Philip and demand that he explain how the Collector will help him build a portal to the Human Realm. However, when Philip says no and that he needs the Collector for something else, Luz becomes furious that he's continuing to withhold the information from them. When Lilith strikes him in the face after he suggests that they help him again if they want the information, Luz becomes smug that he got what was coming to him. Later, Luz is shown to be upset that the person she was hoping could help get her home really turned out to be a jerk.

In "Hollow Mind", Luz is shown trying to convince the people of the Isles that Belos is actually evil, even trying to question Hunter about it. After both get trapped in Belos' mindscape, Luz notes how different it looks than when she was in Willow's. After running into "Inner Belos", she and Hunter soon find out that the supposed mindscape was fake, with Luz noting that it represents the lies Belos has told, and they fall into the real one. As they go through his memories, Luz finds more evidence of Belos faking the supposed threat of wild magic as well as hurting people with the coven sigils.

When they later reach a memory of Belos talking with the Collector, Luz is shocked to find out that he has been rebuilding the portal door, as well as learning that he plans to use the Draining Spell on the Day of Unity in order to wipe off the inhabitants of the Isles. Later, she and Hunter are shocked when they find out that "Inner Belos" was actually the palisman souls he had consumed, and realize that the real Inner Belos was the child version that had been with them. After Luz threatens to tell everyone the truth about the Day of Unity, she is shocked to learn that Belos is actually a witch hunter. She then becomes horrified when Belos shows her a memory of when she and Lilith traveled back in time, and realizes that he's none other than Philip Wittebane. The revelation causes Luz to go into a state of denial, refusing to call him by his human name, and she starts to feel guilty that she helped him to find the Collector, thus unintentionally helping him further his plans. When Belos claims to be doing it to save humanity from evil, Luz responds that he's evil. After she and Hunter are pulled out of the mindscape by Eda, Luz is shown to have been traumatized by the whole ordeal.

Luz and Belos’ mutual hatred for each other

A defiant Luz, hatefully condemning Belos for his atrocities and hypocrisy.

In "King's Tide", Luz confronts Belos in an effort to stop the Day of Unity after tricking Kikimora to take her by having Gus disguise her as Hunter. Luz makes an effort to combat him, but is soon restrained. Belos then tells her that despite their differences, he wants to help send Luz home, saying that he doesn't want another human life destroyed by the Boiling Isles. However, Luz calls him out on his hypocrisy, noting his claims about protecting humanity despite being barely human after using magic on his own body for so long. When Belos then starts to petrify her, Luz makes a desperate attempt to save herself by telling Belos that he has no idea how much humanity has changed over the centuries and that no one will take his claims about the Demon Realm seriously. She then tries to make a deal to be his guide in the modern day, in exchange for Belos sparing her friends. Luz then desperately tells him that similar to how he'll do anything to save humanity, she'll do anything she can to save her loved ones, even calling him by his human name. When Belos agrees to the terms, Luz offers to shake his hand in order to seal the deal. However, as soon as it happens, it's revealed that Luz used an invisibility glyph to hide a branding glove she had been wearing, branding Belos with his own sigil. Luz tells him that he'll never make it out unless he stops the Draining Spell. However, Belos then transforms into his monster form and starts attacking her. During the fight, Belos tells her that they don't belong there, with Luz responding that she's nothing like him. Furious at her defiance of his bigotry, Belos then tries to attack Luz once again before being stopped by King, Willow, Gus, Amity, and Hunter, who join her in attempting him. During this ensuing battle, by Belos' hand, Luz received a small vertical scar through her left eyebrow, which would remain with her for the rest of her life. After the fight leaves the group exhausted and cornered, Belos goes to attack them, only to be stopped by a freed Collector. Luz and the others then become shocked and horrified after the Collector easily splatters Belos against a wall.

Unbeknownst to Luz, Belos survived and actually made his way to the Human Realm. He later possesses Hunter through a wound on his finger, and slowly takes over him. Belos reveals himself to Luz when they are both at the cemetery looking for Titan's Blood, and the duo start fighting each other. However, Luz did not dare to fully attack Belos, as he is in Hunter's body. When Camila, Vee, Amity, Willow, and Gus arrive later, Belos reveals to them that Luz is the one who helped him meet the Collector, shocking everyone. Some time later, Belos is forced out of Hunter's body, and escaped through the portal into the Demon Realm. Everyone except Vee decides to follow suit, and they have been trying to hunt down Belos ever since. However, after possessing Raine's puppet body, Belos has managed to trick the Collector into thinking that Luz and her friends are coming to destroy them, which makes them angry.

Watching and Dreaming - 4146

Luz and Belos battling for the final time, as she rips him from the Titan's heart.

When Luz dies saving the Collector from Belos' blast and finds herself in the In Between Realm with King's dad, she feels guilty for having wished for the Collector to destroy Belos like he did last time. When King's dad assured her her intentions of wanting to save her family are good and nothing like the delusional aspirations of Belos, Luz accepted the Titans' power in order to stop him from having full control of the corpse, finally forgiving herself for accidentally helping him rise to power. When she succeeds in separating Belos from the Titan's heart, she watches with disdain as he attempts to manipulate her again and does nothing when he starts to melt in the boiling rain, letting Eda, Raine, and King stomp him to death, finally accepting that Belos is beyond redemption and not worth saving.


At first, Luz takes an immediate disliking to Hunter when he kidnaps King and forces her to kill a selkidomus, but he does honor his word by giving him back.


Luz upon seeing Hunter's face for the first time.

They butt heads again in "Hunting Palismen" when he tries to steal palismen for the Emperor. However, they are then forced to work together shortly after the Golden Guard survived Kikimora's assassination attempt, losing his mask and revealing his appearance to Luz. Despite their hostile interactions, Luz nearly considers becoming friends with him due to his interest in wild magic, but he predictably attempts to double cross her. However, he ends up letting her and the palismen go despite knowing that Belos would be displeased with him.

In "Reaching Out", Luz tries sending messages to Hunter on Penstagram, hoping that she can get more information out of him regarding Belos. However, Hunter easily gets annoyed by this and demands that she leave him alone before accidentally sending her a picture of flapjack sleeping.

In "Hollow Mind", Luz, upon seeing Hunter at the Night Market, tries to question him on what Belos is up to in order to try and prove that he's evil. In the process, both are accidentally sent into Belos' mindscape after stepping on a vial leftover from the attempt by Raine, Darius, and Eberwolf to enter the Emperor's mindscape themselves. Hunter is initially skeptical about Luz's claims of Belos being evil. However, the further they go into Belos' memories with the previous Golden Guards, the more uncertain Hunter becomes. Once they reach the memory of Belos talking with the Collector, both Luz and Hunter are shocked to find out about the Draining Spell, and that Belos had created previous versions of Hunter and eventually destroyed each one after betraying him. Luz tries to comfort Hunter by offering him a chance to stay at the Owl House, but they then become horrified after coming across more paintings depicting what happened to the previous Golden Guards.

Not long after, the two realize that the monstrous version of Belos that had been chasing them was actually the palismen souls that he had consumed, who were trying to warn them. They also realize that the "child" version that had been with them was the real Inner Belos in disguise. After Hunter tries confronting Inner Belos about all the lies that he had been told over the years, it's then revealed that Hunter is a Grimwalker before he gets pulled into the ground. Luz tosses her jacket at Hunter for him to grab on, but he's still dragged down. Not much later, after Belos reveals not only that he's a witch hunter, but also Philip Wittebane, Hunter summons some vines and an ice pillar to stop Luz from being killed. Shortly after hurting Inner Belos and fleeing, they are brought out of the mindscape by Eda. Hunter then starts having a panic attack, realizing that Belos knows what happened and that he can't go back. He then fearfully removes his cloak and flees from the Owl House tearfully. Luz worriedly tries to chase after him, but stops.

In "Labyrinth Runners", Luz's message to Amity briefly mentions "Don't scare 'em away", showing that she's still worried about Hunter after what they went through in Belos' mindscape.

In "Clouds on the Horizon", Luz is initially surprised upon seeing the close bond Hunter has formed with Willow and Gus. She is even further surprised upon finding out that Hunter hasn't told them about being a Grimwalker, with him saying he still isn't sure if he's a witch or human, as all he knows is that he's just a copy of someone Belos got rid of. When Luz notes how much Willow and Gus seem to like him, she becomes mortified when Hunter then notes that she herself likely hasn't mentioned helping out Philip to them, with Hunter then asking her not to tell them. Later, when Kikimora reveals that Belos knows about the plan to stop the Draining Spell, Luz decides she needs to warn Eda and the others and has Gus disguise her as Hunter and vice versa, knowing that Kikimora planned to take "Hunter" right to Belos.

Thanks to Them - 2434

Luz consoling a touched and crying Hunter after declaring him part of her family.

In "Thanks to Them", during the months following being trapped in the Human Realm, Luz and Hunter's bond has continued to grow, developing a much closer and unique relationship. While in the Human Realm, the two continued to bond as they guarded their respective secrets, which they kept from their friends, while also confining in each other the guilt and shame they both felt about them. Because of this, Hunter serves as an important confidante and source of comfort to Luz, to the point where she comes to view him as part of her family. Upon expressing this sentiment to him, Hunter was touched to the point of tears, prompting Luz to console him with a hug. After Belos kills Flapjack and escapes through the portal into the Demon Realm, Luz becomes overwhelmed with guilt that she had helped Belos to achieve his goal before. Hunter consoles her by saying that if not for Luz, Belos would have tricked someone else anyway, and pleads Luz to fight back together for the sake of Flapjack. Luz eventually agrees, and the duo go back to the Demon Realm along with Camila, Amity, Willow, and Gus.

Odalia Blight

Escaping Expulsion - 135

Luz confronting Odalia for getting her, Willow, and Gus expelled from school.

Odalia is the controlling and abusive mother of Luz's girlfriend Amity. Even prior to meeting each other, Luz and Odalia developed a mutual dislike of one another due to their differing influences on Amity. In "Understanding Willow", Luz learned of how Odalia and her husband coerced Amity into ending her friendship with Willow, causing her to be disgusted by Odalia's callous and emotionally abusive parenting. In turn, Odalia came to despise Luz due to Amity's growing feelings for her, which began to threaten the elder Blight's hold over her daughter.

The two would eventually first meet in "Escaping Expulsion", when she had her, Willow, and Gus expelled from Hexside to keep them from "distracting" Amity, an action that earned Luz's anger. Following this, Luz made an attempt to stand up to Odalia and later offered to help with her company's weapons presentation later that night if she agreed to let them return to Hexside. Though Odalia agreed to the proposal, she, in truth, had no intention of honoring her word, and after using Luz as test-subject for many of her weapons, attempted to have her killed by the Abomaton 2.0 out of sadistic spite. This nearly resulted in Luz's death, had it not been for Amity's arrival, who threatened to destroy the Abomaton in front of her parents' investors, prompting Odalia to reluctantly agree to let Luz, Willow, and Gus back into Hexside. Following this, despite nearly having her killed, Luz didn't wish vengeance on Odalia, though the two would retain their mutual animosity for each other. In addition, Luz's growing relationship with Amity served as the catalyst for the latter gradually breaking free from the tight hold that Odalia had always placed around her, allowing her to become much more independent and happy.

In "Clouds on the Horizon", Luz and Odalia's animosity for each other would come to a head when Luz, alongside Amity, Hunter, Willow, Gus, and King, worked to sabotage Odalia's attempts in helping Belos' plans for the Day of Unity, during which they were captured by Odalia's Abomaton' and made prisoners. During their imprisonment, Luz becomes increasingly infuriated by Odalia's selfishness in helping Belos, and her open disapproval in her and Amity's relationship. Like the others, Luz was thoroughly disgusted when it was revealed that Odalia was knowingly helping Belos commit genocide on the Boiling Isles in exchange for the promises of more wealth and power, which cemented her view of Odalia as an utterly repulsive and immoral individual.


Hunting Palismen - 567

Luz and Flapjack working together to avoid Kikimora's guards.

Flapjack was the palisman of Luz's friend Hunter, whom she first encountered in "Hunting Palismen" when she and her fellow Hexside students were selecting their individual palismen. During this first encounter, Luz was shown to be fond of Flapjack for his cute appearance, though was disappointed and frustrated when numerous times she found herself unable to bond with him or the others. Despite this, they seemed to have developed a quick friendship with each other, with Luz enjoying Flapjack's company, while he showed his care for her by listening to her when she opened up to him and the other palismen and later freeing her from Hunter's restraints. The two would remain close together during the following ordeal with Kikimora, with Luz determined to protect Flapjack from both her and Hunter when they both tried to deliver him and the others to Belos.

Following Luz's return to the Human Realm, with her friends and their palismen being trapped there with her, Luz and Flapjack's friendship continued to grow, with him joining her and the others on a number of fun activities. Unfortunately, however, this would tragically come to an end the following Halloween night, when the presumed deceased Belos possessed Hunter and attacked Luz, Flapjack, and the others. During the ensuing fight, Luz and Flapjack worked together, to the point where he allowed her to hold him in his staff form and use his powers, in an attempt to free Hunter from Belos' control.

Sadly, however, Belos managed to overpower them and captured Flapjack, before forcing her and the others watch as he brutally maned him, much to Luz's horror and despair, who soon after held the critically injured palisman in her hands, desperately pleading to him that he would be alright. Soon after, like the others, Luz was crestfallen when witnessing Flapjack sacrificed himself to heal Hunter's injuries. Despite this, it was ultimately Flapjack's death that motivated Luz to join her friends in returning to the Demon Realm, determined to avenge him by defeating Belos once and for all.

Following her return to the Demon Realm, it was heavily implied that Luz initially blamed herself for Flapjack's death. This sense of guilt would be used against her after she was briefly captured by the Collector, who controlled Hunter into blaming Luz for losing Flapjack. After her meeting with the Titan, however, Luz was finally able to let go of her guilt, before using her newfound powers to finally defeat Belos and thus ultimately avenging Flapjack's death. Four years later, Luz still continues to honor Flapjack's memory alongside her friends, with each of them having acquired red cardinal tattoos in remembrance of him.

The Collector

Luz seeing the Collector in person

Luz terrified of the newly released Collector after seeing what they're capable of.

Luz first heard about the Collector when exploring Belos' mind with Hunter, and realizing how the emperor was learning about the Draining Spell from the mysterious child, she becomes fearful of them, rescuing King from the Titan Trappers after realizing they worshiped this very same entity. Once the Collector is released by King, Luz is terrified when witnessing the child splattering Belos against a wall with an effortless tap. She followed King's acting about being a fan of the Owl House game in order to save herself and her friends from the kid's deadly game of tag.

When Luz and her friends get sent to Earth with King's help, for the next few months, Luz lives with the fear and uncertainty about the fate of the Boiling Isles and its residents being at the hands of the Collector and does everything in her power to return and confront him.

After returning to the Boiling Isles and saving herself, Eda and King from the nightmares the Collector has trapped them in, she is ready to battle him when the child appears before them. When the Collector explains how he can just fix any toy, Luz comes to the realization that he simply doesn't understand how death works to mortals, but before she can explain anything, is forced to survive several rounds of the Collector's summoned games, now aware that the star child is simply oblivious of the damage they're doing.

Watching and Dreaming - 1969

Luz bonding with the Collector as she teaches them the true meaning of friendship.

When the Collector becomes frustrated about losing every game and goes to sulk in a corner, noticing their sadness, Luz goes to talk to him, managing to get the child to open up about his insecurities and anger of being used and abandoned by everyone they knew. Understanding now how the Collector feels and how he never meant any genuine harm to anybody, Luz takes him on a trip around the Boiling Isles, demonstrating how she bonded with Eda and King and teaching them how kindness and forgiveness goes a long way.

When the Collector tries this lesson on Belos, who has now possessed the Titan, Belos attempts to kill him with Titan magic. Luz saves him from the former emperor's blast, dying in the process but not before assuring the Collector that he did good, not wanting the child to be discouraged about trying to befriend Belos the same way she did at one point.

After Luz returns as a human-titan fusion and defeats Belos while the Collector saves the Archives, the two of them pinky swear to each keep doing their best. The Collector decides to return to the stars for some growth and soul searching, but not before gifting Luz a portal door so she can come and go between realms whenever she pleases. Four years later, he gifts Luz with a spectacular display of shooting stars for her belated quinceañera, showing how their friendship is still going strong even after all the time that has passed.


Young Blood, Old Souls - 1596

Luz threatening to immolate Kikimora unless she releases her imprisoned friends.

Kikimora has been a recurring enemy for Luz during her time in the Demon Realm. Their animosity for each other began during their first encounter in "Young Blood, Old Souls", when Kikimora, acting on Belos' orders, attempted to have the captured Eda, King, and Lilith petrified at the Conformatorium. Fortunately though, Luz was able to foil her efforts before coercing her into releasing them under the threat of being immolated by one of her fire glyphs. Following this, Luz and Kikimora would occasionally cross paths as foes, with Luz often foiling her attempts to gain Belos' favor. In "Hunting Palismen", Luz worked to rescued Hunter when she discovered that Kikimora wanted him dead, and later joined forces with him to fight her and rescue the palisman she had planned to deliver to Belos, though Kikimora was unaware of Luz's role in this encounter.

In "Follies at the Coven Day Parade", however, despite the numerous vile acts Kikimora had committed against both her and her loved ones, Luz deeply sympathized with her when she was in despair over being torn between her family and her duties to Belos after her mother threatened to disown her, largely due to facing a similar predicament with her own mother at the time. During this time, Luz offered comfort to Kikimora, which caused her to open up to Luz despite their previous clashes. This eventually led to Luz attempting to help reunite Kikimora with her family during the Coven Day Parade, in which she plotted to seemingly kidnap her during the celebrations before risking her life in attempting to send her back home to Palm Stings.

Sadly, however, this kindness would be repaid with ungratefulness and betrayal when Kikimora callously turned on Luz and attempted to kill her and Amity after falling for Terra Snapdragon's false promises of a promotion, much to their disgust. Since then, Luz has given up on attempting to redeem Kikimora, recognizing that she is far too selfish to be reached and will always place her own petty ambitions above everyone else. As a result, the two would continue to be enemies, with their mutual animosities for each other growing over time. On her part, Luz generally considers Kikimora to be a legitimate yet thoroughly unimpressive villain, often treating her as more of a nuisance compared to much more powerful adversaries like Belos and the Collector.

This was shown in "For the Future", when, following her return to the Demon Realm, Luz and her friends are captured by Kikimora during the latter's attempts to build her own empire by using Hexside as starting ground. During this time, Luz shows herself to be completely unimpressed with Kikimora's petty aspirations for power, while openly mocking her for simply copying Belos' tactics on control, correctly pointing out how she had no real ideas of her own on how to create the empire she craved. This leads to another skirmish between them when Kikimora attempts to kill Luz and her friends out of spite, though Luz was able to facilitate their escape, once again foiling Kikimora's plans.

Four years following Belos' defeat, it is implied that, while Luz and Kikimora are no longer open enemies, they remain on unfriendly terms with each other.

Principal Bump

The First Day - A222

Bump accepting Luz into Hexside despite fumbling the entrance exam.

Bump is Luz's principal at Hexside whom she first met prior to her enrollment when she masqueraded as Willow's abomination project. Though Bump attempted to dissect her and later banned her from campus due to the chaos she inadvertently caused, Luz didn't hold any resentment towards him for this, and was deeply grateful when he permitted her to enroll as a transfer student. Since enrolling at Hexside, Luz has come to develop something of a love-hate student teacher relationship with Bump, similar to the one that her mentor Eda shared with him during her time as a student at Hexside. For her part, Luz respects Bump and generally considers him to be a good teacher, but can be frustrated at times by his strict adamance for following dogmatic rules and is unafraid of calling him out when she feels he is being unreasonable. In turn, Bump is easily annoyed and has at times punished Luz for the chaos and disruptions her antics at school sometimes cause, but he does genuinely care about her well being and sees great potential in her.

This was demonstrated during Luz's first day of school, when her and Bump's disagreements over the school's policy of students only studying one magical track landed her in the detention track, before he conceded and permitted her to study every track after she and the other detention students proved their worth in defeating the rampaging Inspector basilisk by mixing magic, much to her overjoy.

In "Escaping Expulsion", however, their relationship briefly became strained when Bump was coerced by Odalia Blight into expelling Luz from Hexside along with Willow and Gus. Though Bump even resorted to violence to deter them from coming back on campus, Luz held no ill-will towards him, while he in turn was heartbroken at having to expel her. Fortunately, after she and the others were permitted to attend classes again, Luz and Bump resumed their student teacher-bond with each other, which became much more positive over time. Additionally, it has been implied that Bump secretly enjoys the chaos Luz occasionally causes and considers her to be one of his favorite students, with him having noted that life at school is dull without her and that her influence in creating multitrack studies has made Hexside a much happier place, for students and teachers alike. Even after her graduation from Hexside, Luz stays on very good terms with Bump, with the retired Principal having been among the guests at her belated quinceañera.

Warden Wrath

DBuX28 4C98

Luz uncomfortably listening to Warden Wrath's unsettling attraction towards Eda.

Warden Wrath was Luz's very first adversary in the Demon Realm. She first encountered him during her first day on the Boiling Isles, while infiltrating the Conformatorium to retrieve King's crown which Wrath had stolen. During this time, she immediately came to despise Wrath for his cruelty and his imprisonment of innocent witches and demons simply for not being normal or fitting into society. Despite this, Luz was also intimidated by Wrath's imposing demeanor and strength, causing her to initially fear him during their first meeting. This fear, however, would quickly subside when Wrath soon had her, Eda, and King cornered, whereupon he revealed his secret attraction for Eda, much to Luz's discomfort, who openly expressed her disgust of his unsettling interest towards her mentor. After overcoming her fear of him, Luz became determined to help her friends defeat and escape Wrath, and was unafraid of facing him in battle. While escaping the Conformatorium, Luz proved instrumental in beating the ruthless Warden, having briefly knocked him unconscious with Owlbert before releasing and rallying his prisoners against him, which resulted in his humiliating defeat.

Following her triumph over him, Luz came to hold Wrath in low regard as a villain, no longer considering him a major threat. This was seen during her second encounter with him, when she effortlessly defeated while invading the Conformatorium before coercing him into helping her locate the captured Eda. Additionally, Luz was shown to be unimpressed and mocking towards Wrath's fighting displays during the Bonesborough Brawl, being completely confident in Amity's chances of defeating him, despite him being the tournament's champion, further demonstrating her low regard for him. Following the Brawl, however, Luz joined her friends in stopping Wrath after his mutation into a rampaging monster, having recognized the threat his new form posed, and subdued him once again through her use of her glyph magic.

The status of their relationship over the four years since Belos' final defeat is currently unknown. However, it is implied that with the dissolution of Emperor's Coven and the Coven system, she and Wrath are no longer enemies, though it is unknown if they are on better terms with each other.

Viney, Jerbo, and Barcus

S01E13 The First Day - 39

Luz standing up for Viney, Jerbo, and Barcus after defeating The Inspector.

Viney, Jerbo, and Barcus are three of Luz's friends and classmates at Hexside, being the first students she befriended following her enrollment. Luz first met them during her first day at Hexside after being placed with them in the detention track by Principal Bump. Though they initially ignored her attempts to be friends, Luz immediately developed a sense of camaraderie with them, not hesitating to stand up for them when their teacher threatened them for her speaking in class and even took the punishment of cleaning the classroom on their behalf. This selflessness earned her their respect and appreciation, leading to them befriending her and inviting her into the Secret Room of Shortcuts. In turn, Luz immediately came to admire the trio for their innovative use of the room in learning different forms of magic and was deeply excited to join their group.

Unfortunately, her friendship with the trio was briefly compromised due to a misunderstanding, leading the group to shun her, which left Luz saddened and depressed over the loss of her new friendships. Despite this, when the school was attacked by The Inspector, Luz turned to the trio for assistance and was quickly able to rally them in defeating the rampaging basilisk, which not only restored her friendship with them but also convinced Principal Bump into allowing them all to study multiple tracks. Since then, Luz has remained very good friends with Viney, Jerbo, and Barcus, with her regularly attending classes with them at Hexside. This friendship would continue to last over the next four years following her enrollment at Hexside and defeating Belos, with all three attending her belated quinceañera.


Separate Tides - Luz sailor 17

Luz saluting Salty while serving amongst his crew.

Luz is good friends with Captain Salty, and possesses a great deal of respect for his skills as a sailor. They first met in "Separate Tides", when she temporarily joined his crew to take part in the hunt for the Selkidomus in order to improve Eda's struggling finances at the time. Though Salty was initially skeptical of Luz's competence in being a sailor, she remained undaunted by his early criticisms and quickly proved her worth through her tenacity and effective utilization of glyph magic to complete several tasks around the ship, which earned her Salty's respect and complete acceptance as part of his crew.

In turn, Luz deeply appreciated the acceptance and camaraderie she was shown during her time aboard his ship, and came to hold her captain in high regard. Despite leaving his crew following the failed hunt for the Selkidomus, Luz remains on very good terms with Salty, keeping in friendly contact with him. This was shown in "Edge of the World", when Luz requested Salty's assistance in locating Titan Trapper Island, to which he was happy to oblige. Four years following their first meeting, Salty would be among those attending Luz's belated quinceañera in gratitude for all that she had done for the Boiling Isles.

Powers and abilities

  • Glyph magic: Luz is studying the art of Magic under the tutelage of Eda. Since Luz, being a normal Human, lacks the same magical anatomy that witches have, she can't perform magic with her bare hands; instead, she casts spells by drawing glyphs found within the spell circles witches tend to use. She is proficient enough to defeat an entire hoard of coven guards. After the spirit of The Titan passes on, Luz loses the ability to use glyphs. However a few years afterward, King discovers he has his own glyphs and agrees to teach them to her.
    • Light Glyph: This is the first spell Luz learned, discovering it on her phone while hiding from Eda in her cursed form. By drawing the glyph, Luz can create small orbs of light, or blinding flashes, depending on the size of the circle, as well as shoot a beam of lightning. Like fire magic, the spell is also capable of setting objects on fire and incinerating them before releasing a flash of light.
    • Ice Glyph: Luz found this spell in a snowflake at the Knee while trying to save Eda and the Blight twins from a slitherbeast. By drawing the glyph, Luz can create an ice pillar capable of catapulting people into the air and blocking attacks. She can also infuse weapons with the ice glyph to repel multiple enemies at once. This spell is the second spell Luz learned, and she used this to enroll at Hexside.
    • Plant Glyph: Before her fight with Grometheus, Luz experimented with plant magic. By drawing the glyph, Luz can make plants grow, ranging from flowers to pillars of thorns.
    • Fire Glyph: Luz discovered this spell during her grudgby match with Boscha and her friends. By drawing the glyph, Luz can create a ball of fire and set items aflame. She can use it to melt objects by simply activating the glyph near it without having to attach it to the object itself.
    • Invisibility: In "Echoes of the Past", Luz devised a combination of glyphs to become invisible, inspired by Lilith's history books. However, this spell only lasts as long as she can hold her breath.
    • Safety Hover: Luz can utilize a hover glyph to break falls from high heights.
    • Teleportation: After learning the glyph combination from Phillip Wittebane, Luz utilized the complex glyph combination to send her and her companions to the Head.
    • Glyph enchantment: By attaching a spell glyph to an object and tapping the glyph or striking with the object, Luz can enchant that object with the spell. She has some control of how long it takes for a spell to trigger, giving her time to get out of range of certain spells like flames. In her clash with Emperor Belos, Luz demonstrated the ability to activate glyphs remotely by tapping Eda's staff, which activated three Fire Spell glyphs she'd left on the portal, burning it to prevent Belos from using it.
  • Bilingualism: Luz is shown to speak English and Spanish.
  • Weapon proficiency: She is shown capable of wielding a toy sword and was able to defeat Adegast's puppets. Later, she demonstrated some skills with a flail while fighting Grometheus. Luz also used Eda's staff to fight Emperor Belos in "Young Blood, Old Souls".
  • Magic durability: Luz wears a cloak made from Witch's Wool, a material capable of repelling powerful spells. Eda made Luz the cloak.
  • Drawing/painting: She is capable of drawing with nearly anything, as seen in the Owl Pellets "Eda's Cursed Brush" (she uses random thing to draw), "Paint Scare!" (she was painting a background), and "Art Lessons with Luz" (she makes drawings good enough to fool Hooty).
  • Dancing: While fighting Grom, Luz successfully performed a perfectly choreographed dance routine with Amity, additionally demonstrating a very strong capacity to improvise as this was not something that she had likely rehearsed before.

Temporary Powers

  • Titan magic: After meeting the spirit of King's father, he gives Luz the last of his magic. It fades away after Belos is defeated.
    • Sonic shout: When possessing titan magic, Luz could generate a sonic shout.
    • Enhanced Glyph magic/Strength Enhancement: In this state, she seems able to create any of the above glyphs out of thin air and use them with much greater power and efficiency. As well as enhance her strength to pull Belos from the Titan's heart.
    • Phytokinesis: She could create odd red vegetation that covered and destroyed Belos' corruption.
    • Flight/Shield Creation: Luz is able to make a magical barrier around herself to dash around at sonic speeds.
    • Enhanced durability: When a boiling rainstorm appeared that weakened Belos to the point where Eda, King, and Raine could crush him, Luz herself was not harmed by its caustic properties.


Behind the scenes

Name and basis

Luz is named after Luz Batista, a roommate of Dana Terrace, who also worked on the series. Luz's given name means "light" in Spanish. Her surname, Noceda, is related to the term "nocedal", which means "grove of walnut trees" in Spanish.[17][18]


Luz is voiced by Sarah-Nicole Robles.


Luz debuted in the series premiere, "A Lying Witch and a Warden", and her Owl Pellets debut was in "Eda's Cursed Brush".

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Micaela Carla Oddera
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Rebeca Zadra
Bulgaria Bulgarian Ema Dimitrova (Ема Димитрова)
Czech Republic Czech Silvie Matičková
Germany German Paulina Rümmelein
Denmark Danish Helene Wolhardt Moe
Spain Spanish Vera Bosch
Finland Finnish Emma Louhivuori
France French Jazz Marlier
Greece Greek Alexandra Lerta (Αλεξάνδρα Λέρτα)
Hungary Hungarian Hermann Lilla
Indonesia Indonesian Inen Rahmasuci Bismark
Israel Hebrew Mia Alon (מיה אלון)
Italy Italian Margherita De Risi
Japan Japanese Emiko Takeuchi (竹内恵美子)
South Korea Korean Kim Chae-ha (김채하)
Malaysia Malay Aby Zarina Ahmad Roslan
Netherlands Dutch Eva Kolsteren
Norway Norwegian Klara Høeg
Poland Polish Anna Wodzyńska
Portugal Portuguese Carla Mendes
Romania Romanian Alina Chinie
Russia Russian Yelizaveta Zakharyeva-Chaban (Елизавета Захарьева-Чабан)
Sweden Swedish Dorothea Norling (S1–S2, E10)
Frida Sandén (S2, E11–present)
Thailand Thai Suchanya Norapatiphat (สุชัญญ์ญา นรปฏิพัทธ์)
Turkey Turkish Yasemin Ertorun
Taiwan Chinese (Taiwan) Guo Yixin (郭宜新)


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  • Luz is the third human known to arrive in the Boiling Isles, preceded by Philip and Caleb Wittebane over three hundred years prior.
  • Luz is pronounced "loose".
    • Interestingly, some media outlets erroneously misspelled Luz's name as "Luce" prior to the show's premiere.
  • Luz is the first student to study under every track of the Hexside School of Magic and Demonics, and the first human to be enrolled in Hexside.
  • Luz's bag has a sticker featuring three hearts, with one half-full. This is a common actual depiction of a health or HP bar generally featured in video games. This detail would suggest Luz be at least somewhat of an avid gamer.
  • In the episode, "Sense and Insensitivity", Luz admits that she wants to be a writer, as being a witch is not a career option on Earth. She has also stated that she enjoys book fairs, because that's "where books come to life".
  • Dana Terrace confirmed in a Reddit AMA that Luz is bisexual.[19]
    • This was teased by her interactions with Nevareth and her reaction to Emira calling her a cutie.
    • Luz is shown coming out as bisexual to her mother in "Thanks to Them".
    • Luz is the first bisexual protagonist of Disney.
  • Luz can flip her eyelids inside out with ease.
  • In the episode "Enchanting Grom Fright", it was mentioned and shown that Luz is lactose intolerant.
  • Dana Terrace and Luz Batista confirmed in a charity Twitch stream that Luz is an Afro-Latina, as is her namesake, Luz Batista.[4]
  • As was shown in "I Was a Teenage Abomination", Luz can wiggle her ears.
  • When asked during a now-deleted Tumblr AMA if Luz has ADHD, Dana Terrace stated that she didn't write Luz specifically with ADHD in mind, but based her on the observations Terrace made of her friends and herself from high school.[20] Later on, in an interview with YouTuber Rebecca Bozza, Terrace replied that on that she did think of Luz as neurodivergent when first writing her character in 2016, and further replied that anyone can see her with ADHD to those who see themselves in her.[21]
  • In "Hunting Palismen", it is revealed that in the Human Realm, Luz lives in Connecticut.
    • Notably, Connecticut is Terrace's birthplace.
  • Luz Noceda is a playable character in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. Introduced in Update 5.9 [22]. She is the second The Owl House character in the game.


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