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What a coincidence, me too! If you ever need a tour guide, hit me up!
—Masha to Vee, "Thanks to Them"

Masha is a minor character of The Owl House. They are one of Vee's friends that she made while impersonating Luz Noceda during their time at Reality Check Summer Camp. They're currently in charge of the Gravesfield Historical Society.



Masha is of medium height, has a slim build, medium-tan complexion, and a chin-length black bob cut in their debut appearance. In their newer appearance, they have a pixie cut of the same color. They have dark brown eyes, a tooth gap, and a strand of hair hangs in front of their forehead.


Masha wears a noodle-strap black dress that dons a small white bow on the top of the chest portion. Underneath the dress, they wear a dusty-mauve sweater with a thin turtleneck and bell sleeves. They also wear pastel mauve stockings, and black ankle boots that have crater brown accents on the inner sides.

While at work, they wear a t-shirt with the Gravesfield Historical Society acronym logo on it, with "STAFF" below it accompanied by a gold ribbon graphic. They also wear a plain black choker and a black skirt with looped accents on the bottom, along with dusty grayish-blue stockings.

Additional features

Masha's nails are done up to be almond-shaped and painted yellow, white, purple, and black, in reference to the non-binary flag.


Masha is a gentle and geeky person. It can be seen that they have an interest in mysterious and strange things, such as the Hexes Hold'em or the history of the Wittebane brothers. They also enjoy spending time with their friends.


Meeting Vee

When Vee goes to the Reality Check Summer Camp while impersonating Luz, who is in the Demon Realm, she meets Masha and their two friends, with whom she shares cabin 7 and they end up becoming good friends. After camp ends, Vee continues to hang out with them in Gravesfield. At some point, Masha found Hexes Hold'em cards in the Gravesfield Historical Society that Eda Clawthorne had left behind on one of her visits to the Human Realm.[1]

Luz and Vee's quest

Yesterday's Lie - 523

Masha and their friends speaking with Vee.

When Luz Noceda (from the In Between Realm) and Vee are looking for magic so that Vee can continue to take Luz's form again and keep on impersonating her, the two see that Masha and their friends have some Hexes Hold'em cards, so Vee goes over to ask them where they got them. Before telling her, Masha gives Vee a fortune for practice, getting the reading right that Vee is running away from her past. Later, Masha tells her that they found the cards in the Historical Society.[1]

Working in the museum and Halloween festival

Thanks to Them - 2032

Masha explaining how a rebus works to visitors at the Gravesfield Historical Society.

Sometime later, Masha starts working as the curator of the Historical Society, after the previous manager, Jacob Hopkins, started editing the exhibits and was fired.[2]

When Amity, Willow, Gus, and Vee (in a new human form) go to the museum to look for answers to a puzzle they found in the old house that might lead to Titan's Blood, Masha tells them that it is actually a rebus with a kind of riddle where the images and symbols create a word. Seeing one of the symbols which is an ear next to an "H", Masha tells them that when combined they can mean "hear" for listen or "here" for a place.[2]

Thanks to Them - 2916

Masha telling a group of festivalgoers the "legend" of the Wittebane brothers.

A few days later, for Halloween, they dress up as a witch and attend the Gravesfield Halloween festival. During the haunted hayride, Masha meets Luz and her friends, and there they tell the gang the story of the brothers Wittebane, Caleb, and Philip, how they came to the town in 1613 and became witch hunters, and how Caleb met and fell in love with a witch named Evelyn and went to another world with her, much to the anger of his younger brother Philip, who also disappeared in search of him. At the end of the ride, Masha theorizes that Caleb and Evelyn became romantically involved and Philip became jealous or angered by the relationship.[2]


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Vee and Masha met at Summer Camp and while she was pretending to be Luz.


Behind the scenes


Masha is voiced by Grey DeLisle, who also voices Katya, Usurper, Roselle, and several other characters in the show.


Masha debuted in "Yesterday's Lie".

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Solana Pastorino(1st voice)
Sol Alonso (2nd voice)
Pastorino voiced Masha in Season 2 and Alonso voiced them in Season 3.


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  • Masha's plaque in the museum states that they use they/them pronouns. This, plus the fact that their fingernails are painted in the colors of the non-binary flag, indicates that Masha identifies as non-binary.
    • Despite this, Masha is never addressed by name nor third-person pronouns in the series. In addition, Luz inaccurately referred to Masha as a girl in their debut.


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