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Master Wortlop is a minor antagonistic character in The Owl House. He serves as the antagonist of "Keeping Up A-fear-ances." A supposed master healer with the power to rid multiple types of curses, Wortlop is actually some of greedy gremlins seeking to make snails.


At first glance, Master Wortlop appears to be a kindly old witch with the ability to heal all sorts of ailments. He claims to have incredible healing powers, and he is willing to teach other witches that seek his knowledge provided they complete the quests he assigns. However, it is later revealed that "Master Wortlop" is actually made up of a gang of scheming gremlins who scam witches into buying their books and provide false cures that are more likely to injure than heal.


One year before the series, Gwendolyn Clawthorne approached Master Wortlop in hopes to learn of his healing abilities. Wortlop agreed, but only if Gwendolyn managed to complete a series of dangerous quests. After successfully obtaining the sacred items and visiting The Owl House, Gwendolyn takes Luz to meet Master Wortlop, who performes his healing magic on a gremlin with itchy eyes. Gwendolyn gives Wortlop the sacred items in exchange for a tome containing his secrets, but before she leaves, Wortlop warns his pupil to keep his tome away from non-believers, lest they be blinded by the power it holds. In truth, this is to prevent objective readers from realizing that Wortlop's cures are nonsensical and sometimes even outright dangerous.

While attempting to cure Eda's curse, Gwendolyn checks the tome to find out what to do, only to realize she has to buy the next volume. Luz realizes that Gwendolyn has been scammed and tries to warn her, but Gwendolyn refuses to believe her and returns to Wortlop. However, Gwendolyn finds out that Wortlop is not a powerful healer, but a bunch of gremlin scammers making up bogus cures for money. Gwendolyn realizes Luz was right and confronts the gremlins and threatens to have every beast in the forest come after them if they ever return to Bonesborough, sending them burrowing in terror.[1]


Behind the scenes


Master Wortlop is voiced by Gary Anthony Williams, while the gremlins behind Wortlop are voiced by Eric Bauza and Dee Bradley Baker.


Master Wortlop debuted in "Keeping Up A-fear-ances".

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Germany German Pirmin Sedlmeir
Poland Polish Wojciech Paszkowski

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