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Yeah, I used to think that too. But then I met some dork who used his powers to save me from a man-eating detention pit. All I'm saying is, if a dumb illusion can save a jerk like me, maybe it's not as useless as you think.
—Matt telling Gus about the power of his illusion magic, "Through the Looking Glass Ruins"

Matt Tholomule, commonly known as Mattholomule, is a recurring character in The Owl House. He is a transfer student to Hexside School of Magic and Demonics from Glandus High. Though initially only part of the construction track, as of "Labyrinth Runners", he is dual enrolled in both the construction and illusion tracks.



Mattholomule is a short, thin teenage witch with beige skin, dark brown eyes, and straight brown hair which is shaved at the sides. He is described as surprisingly little by Luz.[4]

In the epilogue of "Watching and Dreaming", Matt's appearance largely remains the same, but he is now taller and has grown real facial hair. He also has a stylized gray "S" tattooed on his left bicep.


He wears the Hexside school uniform for illusions and construction, which consists of light blue sleeves and brown leggings, covered by the typical gray tunic, and a small darker gray cowl over it. He typically leaves his cowl on as a hood. Before he started multi-tracking, his sleeves were brown.

In "Through the Looking Glass Ruins", he wears a light gray, long-sleeved hoodie under a yellow tunic with a brown belt tied around his waist, baggy white pants, and dark gray boots with light gray soles.

In "For the Future", he still wears his uniform, albeit with ripped leggings and a missing sleeve. It is also now accessorized by a tattered coven scout cape, a green scarf, a spiked shoulder guard, a black knee protector, and black fingerless gloves. His usual shoes are replaced by spiked slip-on shoes. He now sports facial hair, though it is revealed to be drawn on with marker, which he soon smudges on his chin.

In the epilogue of "Watching and Dreaming", he wears a yellow shirt with torn-off sleeves and brown pants under a black and red apron with a chest pocket and yellow "M" embroidered on it. He wears a red belt that holsters a hammer and an unknown tool on each side and forged metal boots with red laces.


Mattholomule is a power-hungry and overconfident student at Hexside. He has a history of breaking rules and getting detention often, leading to him being transferred out of his old school, Glandus High. Mattholomule has little interest in having real friends, and finds no problem with lying to fellow students, as long as it gets him what he wants, but he gets worried whenever there is a chance his lying could backfire or fail.

However, as revealed in his next major appearance, deep down, Mattholomule isn't truly a jerk. His attitude stemmed from the mistreatment he suffered by his false friends in Glandus, and he admits that his perspective of things changed after Gus saved him, in spite of being a jerk to him. He even praises Gus as a great illusionist and reconciles with him at the end of the episode, helping him fix up the mistakes they made and playfully joking around with him while they were walking home.

After his adventure in the Looking Glass Ruins, Mattholomule developed an interest in illusion magic, causing him to ask Principal Bump to be enrolled in both the construction and illusion tracks. Despite this, Mattholomule is still very arrogant, although now he does not put down others to feel better about himself.



Matt used to attend Glandus High, where he was friends with Bria, Gavin, and Angmar. Due to Glandus' social structure favoring the strong, Mattholomule was bullied by other students, including his three "friends" who would manipulate him. Eventually, Mattholomule switched out of Glandus and started to attend Hexside, but still stuck around Bria, Gavin, and Angmar due to having nobody else to be his friend.[5]


S01E05 Covention (277)

Mattholomule getting Lilith's autograph.

Mattholomule is seen in the background during the Covention. At the speaking event, he is seen inflating his head and unintentionally crushing the kid sitting next to him. Mattholomule is also seen manning the booths for the Menders Coven and History Coven. After the speaking event, he and other children crowd around Lilith Clawthorne as she gives them autographs.[6]

Taking over the Human Appreciation Society[]

S01E09 Something Ventured, Someone Framed - Undecided Voter

Mattholomule presenting "human treasures" to the Human Appreciation Society.

Mattholomule soon plans to overthrow Gus as the new president of the Human Appreciation Society. He continuously manipulates Gus and Luz, and, eventually he lands the latter in detention, but Gus also forces him into detention as well. It isn't long before he becomes a victim there, as he gets rescued by both Gus and Luz. After a lot of commotion, he finally won the title of president, but at the cost of a lot of injuries.[4]

The Looking Glass Ruins[]

Through the Looking Glass Ruins - 321

Mattholomule and his former Glandus classmate watching Gus clear a path for them.

Gus joins Mattholomule and his gang of Glandus High students in tracking down stone artifacts that boost magic powers. He frequently belittles and gives passive-aggressive remarks towards Gus, in addition to talking down his skills. Despite this, however, when the Glandus High students turn on Gus and entrap him in vines, Mattholomule states that he had no part or knowledge of them possibly doing this, and sets Gus free. After he and Gus fix the ruins, Mattholomule suggests coming back to build the defenses of the ruins every weekend. The Keeper replies that they can both return whenever they wish, implying that both Mattholomule and Gus do come back to the ruins at least once a week. They then walk home together, unsure if they're friends or not but cheerfully teasing each other.[5]

The Good Witch Azura scam[]

Any Sport in a Storm - 1398

Mattholomule asking Tibbles for his payment.

At some point after being written by Mildred Featherwhyle and published in the Human Realm, The Good Witch Azura books were washed ashore in the Demon Realm in a box of human litter. They would later be found by Tibbles, who decided to start a scam by selling them; Mattholomule would later participate in the scam as well, using his skills to alter Mildred's photo so that she looked like a witch. Tinella Nosa would also pose as her during any public appearances. However, the scam turned out to be extremely unprofitable, as Amity Blight ended up being the only one buying the books. The scam was later uncovered by Amity and Luz.[7]

Going multi-track and the Day of Unity[]

Labyrinth Runners - 367

Mattholomule reacting to the news of Belos' decree.

After spending more time with Gus on the weekends, Mattholomule grows an appreciation for illusions and ends up becoming a multi-track student, taking both construction and illusions. One day at an assembly hosted by Adrian Graye Vernworth, the Head of the Illusion Coven, who informs the students that a decree has been made that all students must be placed in a coven before the Day of Unity. Enraged, Mattholomule tears off his sleeves in anger when he's told he can't study multiple tracks. After being told he can still study illusions, though, he puts the sleeves back on nervously while blushing. Adrian informs them he plans on placing temporary fake signals on the students and has Edric Blight come up for a demonstration. However, Gus realizes Edric is about to be branded for real and he watches as Gus dispels the illusion. When Adrian is about to brand Gus into the Abomination Coven, Gus creates a school-wide illusion, and Mattholomule and the other students and staff use the opportunity to escape the Coven Scouts Adrian brought with him.

Labyrinth Runners - 1537

Mattholomule defending himself against a Coven Scout.

Mattholomule and the others take shelter in the Healing Homeroom. After Hunter is brought in, he and the others are skeptical of the former Golden Guard until Willow vouches for him. Upon learning Adrian has Gus, he, Hunter, and the rest of Hexside take on the Emperor's Coven and win. After the Coven Scouts retreat with a vegetative Adrian, he listens as Hunter reveals the truth about the Day of Unity.[8]

For the Future - 1549

Matholomule getting ready for the Day of Unity.

After learning of the Draining Spell, Bump allows the staff and students of Hexside to camp out at the school during the Day of Unity. After the spell is activated, he and the students watch in horror as it affects the adults. After the Draining Spell ends, the Collector's spies come to the school to collect those present. While the majority of the students are safe, the staff and a few students are turned into puppets.

In the following months, the school falls into anarchy after Boscha assumes control. Mattholomule and Jerbo make multiple attempts to improve the condition of the school, but Boscha refuses with the advice from her advisor Miki. Things would heat up with him and Boscha arguing over what is best for the residents of the school.

Hiding from the Collector[]

For the Future - 2648

Mattholomule showing Gus his plans to improve the living conditions of the school.

One day, months after the Day of Unity, as he, Skara, and Barcus are scouting out Bonesborough they find Luz, her mother, Willow, Amity, Gus, and Hunter. The three take the group back to Hexside where Jerbo informs him Boscha rejected their ideas again. After Boscha rejects Luz's request to aid in taking on the Collector, he takes the group to the photo lab to get the teleportation glyph combo from Luz's memory. While there, Gus is surprised by Mattholomule's ideas he sees listed on the wall. After Willow, Gus, and Hunter leave, Boscha and Miki, really Kikimora in disguise, knock out him, Luz, Camila, and Amity with Sleeping Nettle and place them in the Detention Pit.

For the Future - 3380

Mattholomule upon tricking Boscha.

The four wake up in the Detention Pit and Kikimora jumps down in her Abomatron and attacks the four. After Camila fumbles with an ice glyph, she inadvertently causes a cave-in and he and Amity are separated from Kikimora and the Nocedas. As they walk, they are confronted by Boscha, who begs Amity to rejoin their friend group. Disgusted, Amity rejects Boscha's offer, saying she is not who she used to be. Boscha tries to keep Amity from leaving by grabbing her, but Mattholomule separates the girls and creates a cloud of smoke, using a spell Gus taught him to mask him and Amity as each other. Boscha grabs him, believing him to be Amity, before the spell wears off. When Boscha is in a state of shock, Amity creates a large abomination and convinces Boscha to help them. The three of them, along with other students, find Kikimora attacking Luz and her group. He, Boscha, and the other students distract Kikimora as Luz and her companions create a glyph to teleport to the Titan's Head.

After defeating Kikimora, he and the others return to Hexside. When Luz, Eda, and King bring The Collector to the Grudgby field, he, Jerbo, and Moon girl hide behind the bleachers. When the three are spotted by the Collector, he asks to play and the three run back inside.


Watching and Dreaming - 5185

Mattholomule overseeing construction at the Bonesborough library.

Four years after Belos is defeated, Mattholomule is seen working on construction at the Bonesborough Library. He later attends Luz's belated quinceañera and watches the light show the Collector put on.



Mattholomule greatly admires his older half-brother, even going as far as giving himself the same hairstyle as Steve. While his half-brother's job as a Coven Scout keeps him occupied most of the time, Mattholomule still idolizes him despite their limited interactions.

Gus Porter[]

Through the Looking Glass Ruins - 810

Mattholomule with Gus after stopping his old friends from looting the Looking Glass Ruins.

At first, Mattholomule saw Gus as an obstacle in creating a new friend group, hoping to steal the members of the Human Appreciation Society from him. Upon meeting Luz Noceda, he panics and has her exposed upon learning of the ban. After being thrown in detention he is surprised when Gus came to save him.

After meeting up with his old friends from Glandus, Mattholomule becomes jealous when they like Gus more than him, and was scared Gus would bully him like his other friends. He apologizes when they betray them, and Mattholomule realizes that was never Gus' true intention at the Looking Glass Ruins. He and Gus work together to scare the three away and he agrees to help build the Ruin's defenses.

After learning that Gus has been taken by the Emperor's Coven, Mattholomule is very adamant about saving him, showing that they have grown closer. This is also proven with a photo of him and Gus in Gus' room alongside his other friends.[8]

Glandus High Friends[]

Through the Looking Glass Ruins - 119

Mattholomule with his Glandus friends.

Before transferring to Hexside, Mattholomule hung out with Bria, Gavin, and Angmar. However, due to the school's social structure favoring the strong, the three treated him as a lackey. Mattholomule was aware of his mistreatment, but would rather stay with them than risk being alone again. A few months after transferring to Hexside, he sees the three speaking to Gus about the Looking Glass Ruins after coming back to them with a map.

After finding the Ruins, Bria orders him to carry their belongings as the three take the Galdorstones for themselves, and capture Gus. After realizing Gus is in a similar situation as him, Mattholomule frees Gus and the Keeper of the Looking Glass Graveyard before watching as Gus uses illusions to lure away Gavin and Angmar and scare away Bria. This ends his "friendship" with the three Glandus kids.


For the Future - Credit images by Daun Han 2

Mattholomule arguing with Boscha over what is best for the residents of Hexside.

Prior to the Day of Unity, Mattholomule and Boscha had little interaction with each other, only interacting when he photo-bombed her at Grom. However, after the Collector took control of the Boiling Isles, the two would interact more while sheltering from the Collector's spies at Hexside. During this time, Boscha would take charge and run the school into anarchy. Mattholomule, along with other students, tried to talk to Boscha to get her to change how the school was run. However, she would reject every offer he or others made to make improvements in the school.

After Amity convinces Boscha to help, the two fight together to take out Kikimora and her Abomatron.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Magic: Like most witches, Mattholomule's magic comes from a sac of magic bile attached to his heart.
    • Construction magic: Being part of the construction track, Mattholomule has knowledge and skills in construction magic, as he demonstrated when he conjured a pick-like stone structure to cut Gus and the Keeper of the Looking Glass Ruins free. When fending off Coven Scouts, he was able to create stone walls to protect himself from attacks and knock out the scouts.
    • Illusion magic: As he is now enrolled in the illusion track, it is likely that Mattholomule can perform some spells related to illusion magic. He was able to utilize an illusion to make himself look like Amity and vice versa to confuse Boscha.
    • Size alteration magic: Mattholomule can use his magic to alter the size of his body parts, as seen in "Covention" when he enlarged his head.
  • Art skills: Mattholomule is a talented artist with a passion for drawing and painting. In "Any Sport in a Storm", he was able to fool both Luz and Amity with his altered author photos. A flyer advertising the H.A.S can also be briefly seen in "The First Day", and because of the flyer's contents, it is heavily implied that Mattholomule drew that as well.
  • Leadership: "For the Future" shows that Mattholomule does make a decent leader despite Gus having many doubts about it; he and Jerbo cultivated several ideas to make Hexside a better living space in stark contrast to Boscha and Kikimora's archaic choices. He manages to rally all the students, including Boscha herself, into assaulting Kikimora and her Abomatron so Luz, her mother, and her friends could escape.


Foreign voice actors[]

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Demián Velazco Rochwerger
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Daniel Figueira
Czech Republic Czech Jakub Nemčok
Germany German Felix Mayer
Denmark Danish Mikkel Hansen
Spain Spanish Jon Samaniego
Hungary Hungarian Penke Bence
Indonesia Indonesian Leni Marlina
Israel Hebrew Ori Zaltzman (אורי זלצמן)
South Korea Korean Kim Myung-jun (김명준)
Norway Norwegian Fredrik Paasche
Poland Polish Michał Klawiter
Portugal Portuguese Tiago Matias
Romania Romanian Răzvan Teodorescu
Turkey Turkish Erden Tunatekin

Behind the scenes[]

Name and basis[]

The name "Mattholomule" was created by Zach Marcus as a combination of the names "Matt" and "Bartholomew".[9] Although "Mattholomule" is initially presented as his full given name, it is revealed in "For the Future" that his actual full name is "Matt Tholomule", with "Tholomule" being his surname.

Initially, during Mattholomule's early development, he instead had the name "Fenris".[10]


Mattholomule is voiced by Jorge Diaz.


Mattholomule debuted in "Something Ventured, Someone Framed"; prior to this he made a cameo in "Covention". In Owl Pellets, the only short he appeared was "Welcome to Hexside".


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  • In "Something Ventured, Someone Framed", Mattholomule mentions that in Glandus, he used to go to detention a lot due to presumably getting into fights at school. In "Through the Looking Glass Ruins", it is stated that he "couldn't handle Glandus". This implies that he could have been pulled out for being bullied too much or for being too weak.
  • He's the only named construction track student at Hexside, not counting Luz, who studies all the tracks.
  • Mattholomule's favorite novel series is BLADEMAGE.[11]
  • On May 17, 2022, Dana Terrace confirmed on Twitter that Steve is Mattholomule's older half-brother.[2][3]
    • Terrace described their relationship as positive, saying that "despite their age difference and distance with Steve's job, Mattholomule looks up to him, hence the haircut".[2]
    • Mattholomule and Steve's relationship was originally intended to form a minor plot thread in the show. However, this was mostly cut due to the third season being shortened.[2][3]
  • Although he is commonly referred to as "Mattholomule", it is revealed in "For the Future" that his actual full name is "Matt Tholomule", with "Tholomule" as his surname.
    • Following this, he is credited as "Matt Tholomule" in the series finale.


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