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Yeah, I used to think that too. But then I met some dork who used his powers to save me from a man-eating detention pit. All I'm saying is, if a dumb illusion can save a jerk like me, maybe it's not as useless as you think.
—Mattholomule to Gus, "Through the Looking Glass Ruins"

Mattholomule is a recurring character in The Owl House. He is a transfer student to Hexside School of Magic and Demonics from Glandus High. Though initially only part of the construction track, as of "Labyrinth Runners", he is dual-enrolled in both the construction and illusion tracks.



Mattholomule is a short teenage boy with beige skin, dark brown eyes, and straight brown hair which is shaved at the sides. He has pointy ears, like most of the students (and all the known witch inhabitants) of the Boiling Isles.


He wears the Hexside school uniform for illusions and construction, which consists of light blue sleeves and brown leggings, covered by the typical gray tunic, and a small darker gray cowl over it. He typically leaves his cowl on as a hood.


Mattholomule is a power-hungry and overconfident student at Hexside. He has a history with breaking rules and getting detention often, leading to him being transferred out of his old school, Glandus High. Mattholomule has little interest in having real friends, and finds no problem with lying to fellow students, as long as it gets him what he wants, but he gets worried whenever there is a chance his lying could backfire or fail.

However, as revealed in his next major appearance, deep down, Mattholomule isn't truly a jerk. His attitude stemmed from the mistreatment he suffered by his so-called friends in Glandus, and he admits that his perspective of things changed after Gus saved him, in spite of being a jerk to him. He even praises Gus as a great illusionist and reconciles with him at the end of the episode, helping him fix up the mistakes they made and playfully joking around with him while they were walking home. After his adventure in the Looking Glass Ruins, Mattholomule developed an interest in illusion magic, causing him to ask Principal Bump to be enrolled in both the construction and illusion tracks.



Some time before the events of "Covention", Mattholomule attended Glandus High, where he was friends with Bria, Gavin, and Angmar. Mattholomule was bullied by others at his school, including his three "friends" who had manipulated him. Eventually, he switched out of Glandus and started to attend Hexside, but still stuck around Bria, Gavin, and Angmar due to having nobody else to be his friend.


Mattholomule was initially seen in the background during the covention, inflating his head and crushing another kid, and manning the Menders Coven and History Coven booths.[3]

Taking over the Human Appreciation Society

Mattholomule soon plans to overthrow Gus as the new president of the Human Appreciation Society. He continuously manipulates Gus and Luz as eventually he lands the latter into detention, but Gus also forces him into detention as well. It isn't long before he becomes a victim there, as he gets rescued by both Gus and Luz. After a lot of commotion, he finally won the title of president, but at the cost of a lot of injuries.[4]

The Looking Glass Ruins

Gus joins Mattholomule and his gang of Glandus High students in tracking down stone artifacts that boost magic powers. He frequently belittles and gives passive-aggressive remarks towards Gus, in addition to talking down his skills. Despite this however, when the Glandus High students turn on Gus and entrap him in vines, Mattholomule states that he had no part or knowledge of them possibly doing this, and sets Gus free. After he and Gus fix the ruins, Mattholomule suggests coming back to build the defenses of the ruins every weekend. The Keeper replies that they can both return whenever they wish, implying that both Mattholomule and Gus do come back to the ruins at least once a week. They then walk home together, unsure if they're friends or not but cheerfully teasing each other.[5]

The Good Witch Azura scam

At some point after being written by Mildred Featherwhyle and published in the Human Realm, The Good Witch Azura books were washed ashore in the Demon Realm in a box of human litter. They would later be found by Tibbles, who decided to start a scam by selling them; Mattholomule would later participate in the scam as well, using his skills to alter Mildred's photo so that she looked like a witch. Tinella Nosa would also pose as her during any public appearances. However, the scam turned out to be extremely unprofitable, as Amity Blight ended up being the only one buying the books. The scam was later uncovered by Amity and Luz.

Going multi-track

After spending more time with Gus on the weekends, Mattholomule grows an appreciation for illusions and ends up becoming a multi-track student, taking both construction and illusions. He seems to be very excited about taking the new track, and even tears off his sleeves in anger when he's told he can't study it anymore. After being told he can still study illusions, though, he puts the sleeves back on nervously while blushing. Throughout "Labyrinth Runners", Mattholomule is very adamant on saving Gus, showing that they have grown closer. This is also proved with a photo of him and Gus in Gus' room alongside his other friends.

Powers and abilities

  • Magic: Like most witches, Mattholomule's magic comes from a sac of magic bile attached to his heart.
    • Construction magic: Being part of the construction track, Mattholomule has knowledge and skills in construction magic, as he demonstrated when he conjured a pick-like stone structure to cut Gus and the Keeper of the Looking Glass Ruins free.
    • Illusion magic: As he is now enrolled in the illusion track, it is likely that Mattholomule can perform some spells related to illusion magic.
    • Size alteration magic: Mattholomule can use his magic to alter the size of his body parts, as seen in "Covention" when he enlarged his head.


Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Demián Velazco Rochwerger
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Daniel Figueira
Czech Republic Czech Jakub Nemčok
Germany German Felix Mayer
Denmark Danish Mikkel Hansen
Spain Spanish Jon Samaniego
Hungary Hungarian Penke Bence
Indonesia Indonesian Leni Marlina
Israel Hebrew Ori Zaltzman (אורי זלצמן)
South Korea Korean Kim Myung-jun (김명준)
Norway Norwegian Fredrik Paasche
Poland Polish Michał Klawiter
Portugal Portuguese Tiago Matias
Romania Romanian Răzvan Teodorescu
Turkey Turkish Erden Tunatekin

Behind the scenes


Mattholomule is voiced by Jorge Diaz.


Mattholomule debuted in "Something Ventured, Someone Framed"; prior to this he made a cameo in "Covention". In Owl Pellets, the only short he appeared was "Welcome to Hexside".


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  • In "Something Ventured, Someone Framed", Mattholomule mentions that in Glandus, he used to go to detention a lot due to presumably getting into fights at school, which implies that he got expelled previously.
  • It is implied that he joined the Human Appreciation Society and wanted to take it over so he would never be pushed again.
  • He's the only named construction track student at Hexside so far, not counting Luz, who studies all the tracks.
  • Mattholomule's favorite book novel series is BLADEMAGE: THE FIVE SWORDS OF FRIENDSHIP.[6]
  • On May 17, 2022, Dana Terrace confirmed on Twitter that Steve the Scout is Mattholomule's older half-brother.[1][2]
    • Terrace described their relationship as positive, saying that "despite their age difference and distance with Steve's job, Matt looks up to him, hence the haircut".[1]
    • Mattholomule and Steve's relationship was originally intended to form a minor plot thread in the show. However, this was mostly cut due to the third season being shortened.[1][2]


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