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I've got bad news and good news. Bad news is I'm all out 'till next week. Good news is feathers are a good look for you.
—Morton to Eda, after she waited too long to stock up on elixirs.

Morton is a minor character in The Owl House. He is an apothecarist working at Mr. Elixir, and Eda is shown to buy elixir from his shop often.



Morton is a lanky, young man with light skin, light brown eyes, and thick brown hair almost reaching his shoulders.

In the epilogue to "Watching and Dreaming", Morton's hair is shorter, he grew a moustache, and he wears purple shades.


Morton wears a gray funnel hat and has pointy ears. He wears a mint green, long-sleeved top with fingerless gloves. On top of his shirt, he wears a long, brown overlay dress, with a dark brown belt and a frog necklace, two-toned teal pants, and brown shoes.

In the epilogue, the colors of his clothes have been reversed but he wears a black long-sleeved top and gloves, and his pants are a lighter shade of brown.


Morton is an awkward yet earnest and down-to-earth businessman who always strives to help his customers. Although this is the case, Morton is sometimes lacking in common sense, such as once staying up all night tasting poisons, and later wondering why he was ill.[1] Morton also gets annoyed when his customers pay him in any currency other than Snails.


Giving Eda an alternate[]

S01E06 Hooty's Moving Hassle (141)

Morton telling Eda about an alternative seller after he cannot supply her with elixirs on short notice.

When Eda is extremely low on elixirs, Morton informs her that he is out, but will get a new shipment in a few days, time Eda does not have. However, he does inform her of another way to get the elixirs. Morton tells her to look for someone named Grimm Hammer at the Night Market if she is desperate.

Young Blood, Old Souls - 1231

Morton on how Eda kept him in business for years.

During Eda's petrification ceremony, Morton is among the crowd protesting, stating that she kept his business alive by buying elixirs from him. After Eda flies away, he watches as Emperor Belos states the Titan allowed Eda to live, but at the cost of her magic.

Trouble with the business[]

Keeping Up A-fear-ances - 1002

Morton shutting his door on Luz after she offers to pay him in art rather than snails.

Soon after Eda's failed petrification, Morton thinks of closing Mr. Elixir, as business has been slow recently. However, Luz comes by and demands all his elixirs, filling him with joy, but upon finding out that she can only pay him with a drawing instead of real currency, he refuses her offer and shuts his door on her.

A few days later, he watches as the B.A.Ts save a coven-less witch from being arrested by the Emperor's Coven.

Follies at the Coven Day Parade - 321

Morton disgusted by Hooty's "tip".

A month before the Day of Unity, during the Coven Day Parade, Morton sells Luz Elixirs. Hooty pays him and throws in a dire rat skeleton as a “tip”, much to Morton's disgust. A Short time later, Morton attends Lilith's party celebrating her induction as museum curator.

Day of Unity and Aftermath[]

Watching and Dreaming - 4695

Morton cleaning up the remains of his business.

After the Day of Unity, Morton is turned into a puppet by the Collector, and is returned to his normal state months later. Upon venturing to his stand, he finds it in ruins and starts cleaning up.

Watching and Dreaming - 5175

Morton waving hello to Willow.

Four years after the Day of Unity, Morton celebrates Luz's belated quinceañera along with various other residents of the Boiling Isles.



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Foreign voice actors[]

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Ignacio Pereira
Czech Republic Czech Oldřich Hajlich
Germany German Leonard Rosemann
Indonesia Indonesian Frederick Priya Purnama
Italy Italian Mirko Cannella
Poland Polish Wojciech Urbański (Hooty's Moving Hassle-Young Blood, Old Souls)
Sebastian Machalski (Keeping up A-fear-ances)
Portugal Portuguese Luís Nascimento

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