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"O Titan, Where Art Thou" is the nineteenth episode of the second season of The Owl House, and the thirty-eighth episode overall.

It premiered on May 14, 2022.[1][2]


Eda and Luz scramble to face the Day of Unity. King faces his true identity.[2]


King dreams he is in the In Between Realm and hears the Collector expressing their excitement for the Day of Unity, but before long, Luz wakes him up when they are about to dock.

When Luz, King, and Hooty return to the Boiling Isles, they discover that they are now wanted by the Emperor's Coven and the Owl House has been seized, with everything inside confiscated by the Emperor's Coven. However, they learn that Eda and Lilith managed to escape and left a map to where they're hiding - the Knee. There, they find Eda and Lilith in a cave, telling them about the Titan Trappers and King being a Titan. During the trio's absence, Eda and Lilith have been trying to come up with a plan to stop Belos and the Day of Unity, but have had no success, especially since they have no magic or allies. Eda continues to worry for Luz and King's safety and feels she needs to send them somewhere where they will be safe. She also opts to not inform Luz that they do not have a plan for the Day of Unity.

Eda asks what Luz and King would like to do with the time they have left, and Luz wishes to steal back King's favorite toy, Francois, from the possession of the Emperor's Coven. King, on the other hand, wishes to be left alone with his thoughts, as he is still processing everything that happened with the Titan Trappers. Luz and Eda fly to Bonesborough, discovering that the whole town is busy preparing for the Day of Unity, and even the Coven Scouts are overly busy, which allows Luz and Eda to sneak past them, crudely disguised as scouts themselves. Completely deceived, the two get the key to the warehouse and split up. Suddenly, Eda overhears a Coven Scout speaking to Raine by crystal ball.

Meanwhile, King has wandered away from Lilith and Hooty, eventually bumping into Steve, who is no longer a Coven Scout and has defected from the Emperor's Coven. Now, he spends his days riding the Isles on his bike. King eagerly accepts his offer of a ride, and Steve drives him around the Isles, the two enjoying the sights and helping passersby. By evening, King and Steve settle by a burger restaurant to eat some food. As they eat, King recalls how he always wanted to have power and be feared by all, but now, he doesn't want to be seen as a monster, which Steve can relate to.

Back at the warehouse, Eda manages to contact Raine, and begs for them to take Luz and King to a safe place. However, Luz overhears and becomes upset, thinking that Eda is abandoning her. She tries to head back to the camp, but Eda, transformed into her harpy form, stands in her way. She tells Luz that she and King need to be taken to a safe place, but refusing to listen, Luz runs away in sheer fury. Eda easily catches up with her, but their cover is blown, and the Coven Scouts capture them. At this point, Eda, in tears, confesses the truth to Luz - they never had a plan to stop Belos or the Day of Unity.

Soon, it becomes apparent that Luz is to be taken to the Emperor, while Eda is to be taken to the Conformatorium for an actual petrification. Luz tries to tell the Coven Scouts that Belos is a witch hunter and begs for Eda to fight back, but her cries are ignored. Luz is taken in a separate carriage, and when it stops, she jumps out and instantly prepares for a fight, only to discover that she and Eda have been rescued by Raine, Darius, and Eberwolf, along with Amber, Katya, Derwin, Lilith, King, Hooty, and Steve. Luz learns that Darius was also suspicious about the Day of Unity, and when he heard Raine causing trouble, he had a feeling they were getting up to something. If it were not for him and Eberwolf, Raine would have been locked away, and now that they aren't captured, they have a plan to impede the draining spell and the Day of Unity.

At the group's hideout, Eda presents Luz the palistrom wood she and King stole for her, and encourages her to start carving her palisman. Luz is hesitant at first, but starts carving with Eda's help.


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  • Viewership: This episode was watched by 0.23 viewers on its premiere.[4]
  • This episode premiered on the same date as the Amphibia series finale, "The Hardest Thing".
  • When Eda asks Luz if she wanted to do anything else besides rescuing Francois, Luz says, "Maybe if we had time for twenty more adventures, but we don't." This is a fourth wall break making fun of the fact that Disney forced the series to end quicker than expected.
  • The secret code appears on one of the crates that Luz runs across while being chased by Eda. When translated, it says "His".

Revelations and significant events

  • It is shown that the Collector is currently trapped in the In Between Realm.
  • Amity told Luz through her tamagotchi-like device that her mother confiscated her Penstagram scroll.
  • The Owl House and everything inside it has been confiscated by the Emperor's Coven.
    • Eda and Lilith managed to escape and hide out at the Knee.
    • By the end of the episode, Francois, Luz's satchel and her palistrom wood chunk are the only things to be recovered.
  • Luz reveals to Eda and Lilith that King is a Titan.
  • Hooty can spin his head fast like a helicopter's rotor, allowing the wearer of the backpack he resides in to fly.
  • Steve has left the Emperor's Coven, as it was not really what he thought it was before joining it.
    • He reveals his face for the first time in this episode.
  • Raine and Luz meet in person for the first time.
  • Raine reveals that when Darius and Eberwolf captured them, they were actually protecting them, as they actually want to stop the Day of Unity, as well.
  • Raine has renamed the Bards Against the Throne to the Covens Against the Throne (CATs), a name that Darius did not agree to because of its unfortunate acronym. This is due to the fact that members of other covens have joined their mission of stopping the Day of Unity.
  • Luz, Eda, King, Hooty, and Lilith get new allies to stop the Day of Unity: Raine, Darius, Eberwolf, Steve, and the CATs (Katya, Amber, and Derwin).
  • Luz reveals that there are two days left until the Day of Unity.
  • At the end of the episode, Luz starts to carve her own palisman with the help of Eda.


Production notes


  • O Brother, Where Art Thou? - The title is a reference to the 2000 film, which, in turn, took its title from the fictional film-within-the-film in the 1941 film Sullivan's Travels.
  • Pokémon - Luz's Coven Scout disguise resembles the face of Scorbunny.
  • Ghost Rider - Steve's motorcycle bears a huge resemblance to the Hell Cycle, the vehicle driven by the titular character.
  • The Office (USA) - The picture on the blurb of the book Steve reads while waiting for King is a reference to the famous meme from this TV series in which a young Michael Scott shakes hands with Ed Trunk.


  • During his entire scene with Steve, King's collar tag is missing its emblem.
  • When Luz is talking to Raine, her eyes are missing.



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