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"Once Upon a Swap" is the eighth episode of the first season of The Owl House, and the eighth episode overall.[3]

It premiered on March 6, 2020.


A simple disagreement leads to a complex situation when Eda, King and Luz triple-down on a wager, leading to many problems.


While selling human treasures in the market, Luz, Eda, and King get into some disagreements about each other's hardships. Luz lets herself get bullied by Boscha and her friends when King insists she should take a stand. Eda takes down Luz's new light-up sign for her stand, knowing it would attract the law's attention. Luz fails to understand why she worries so much when she is the most powerful witch on the Boiling Isles, and can simply "magic away" her problems. King is fed up with everyone pampering him like a baby while Eda thinks it's an easy life. Eda proposes that they all swap their bodies for the day, and see who has the easiest life. The one who proves it gets out of house cleaning duty. Luz switches with Eda, King switches with Luz, and Eda switches with King.

Eda's Catastrophe

Eda (as King) wanders around town, receiving a lot of affection from everyone she passes, even from an Emperor's guard. She then bumps into two elderly ladies, Roselle and Dottie, who take her to a Kitty Cafe they run. Eda enjoys the attention and hospitality the two old ladies provide until they refuse to let her leave, even dressing Eda (as King) in a bee costume. She discovers a room containing all the pets the two ladies have abducted. They're stuck in a trance, their minds turned to mush after being pampered for so long. Eda manages to escape, but the ladies catch her before she can get out of the café, and they lock her up in a room to display her as the best cat in the café.

King's Brush With Death

King (as Luz) usurps command of Boscha's friends, and leads them on a spree of mischief and mayhem around Bonesborough. This angers Boscha, and she decides to teach "Luz" a lesson. She challenges King to a race around Dead Man's Curve on giant rat worms. King accepts, but soon regrets it, as he falls down on the teens' Treasure Shack, destroying it. Angry at losing the shack, Boscha's friends chase after King. He hides in the same Kitty Café where Eda is, and gets caught by the two elderly ladies for violating their "No teens" policy.

Luz's Deals in Heels

Luz (as Eda), struggling to walk in heels and controlling Eda's magic, uses her newfound abilities to attract more customers to the stand, making lucrative profits. However, she also attracts the attention of the Emperor's guards who arrest her, and take her to the station. Luz is taken to the interrogation room where she meets Eda's sister and leader of the Emperor's Coven, Lilith. She tries to convince everyone that she is not Eda, but nobody believes her. Lilith reads out the charges against her, and offers her a chance of redemption by joining the Emperor's Coven. She almost has her branded, until Luz accidentally casts a fire blast spell when she tries to resist. She flees, and helps Eda and King escape from the Kitty Café.

They soon find themselves surrounded by Lilith and the Emperor's guards, Roselle and Dottie, and Boscha's gang. All three of them have come to an understanding that none of their lives are as simple as the others perceive, and return to their original bodies. Eda then casts the body-swap spell on everyone else, allowing the three of them to escape in the chaos. However, they are now left with the question of who's going to clean the notoriously filthy Hooty, as both he and the House were long overdue for a cleanup. As Luz is about to suggest working together, Eda and King count themselves out and leave a disgusted Luz to clean.


Additional voices

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Cambio de cuerpos Change of bodies
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Cuida da Minha Vida Take Care of My Life
Taiwan Mandarin 奇妙換身咒 Fantastical Body-swapping spell
Germany German Körpertausch Body Swap
Egypt Arabic التبادل Exchange
Spain Spanish Érase una vez un intercambio Once Upon a Swap
France French Échange de corps Body swap
Israel Hebrew היה הייתה החלפה There was a replacement
Italy Italian Scambio di corpo Body exchange
Japan Japanese 肉体交換 Body exchange
South Korea Korean 몸 바꾸기 Body Swap
Malaysia Malay Adegan Pertaruhan Betting Scene
Netherlands Dutch Er was eens een wissel Once upon a swap
Portugal Portuguese A História de uma Troca The Story of a Swap
Russia Russian Рискованный обмен Risky exchange
Turkey Turkish Bir Zamanlar Bir Değişim Varmış There Was Once A Change


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  • This is the first episode where Luz, Eda, and King each have segments, with the screen coming back from the black screen fade and transitioning to the next main character. This would later happen again in "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door".
  • The main characters each have segments:
    • Eda (in King's body): Eda's Catastrophe.
    • King (in Luz's body): King's Brush with Death.
    • Luz (in Eda's body): Luz's Deals in Heels.
  • This is the first episode to have a 2020 copyright date in the credits. All episodes that aired before it, as well as five others that aired after, were produced in 2019 according to the credits. However, the actual first episode produced in 2020 was "The First Day".
    • This is the first episode where the airing number doesn't match with the production number. This episode aired is the eighth in airing order, but its production code is 116 which means that it was the sixteenth episode produced.
    • Despite the debut order of 109>108>116, they aired in the 108>109>116 production order during an April marathon of all 10 episodes.
  • Eda's booking number is W92038.
  • The following wanted posters were at the precinct station:
    • Lord Ham for $300
    • Snake Eater for $300,000
    • Mean Slime for $100
    • Leech Boy for $13,000
    • Poor Eddy for $90,000
    • Trash Noble for $200,000
    • Mass of Skulls for $100,000,000
  • The headline of the newspaper being read at the egg stop reads, "Giraffe Sighting Stokes Panic".
  • Luz was able to bring Eda's power down to a level she could control by wearing a pair of oven mitts with holes in them for her pointer fingers. This strongly suggests that a witch's power can be restricted by confining their hands.
    • Additionally, Eda can perform magic with her staff in King's body, even though his body doesn't have magic, and Luz was capable of calling Owlbert with her hands tied meaning this restriction doesn't affect the staff.
  • When Eda (in King's body) closed the door to prevent Roselle and Dottie from making her wearing the bee costume, the 8th code was revealed on a small bookshelf and was cracked into "H-AH-R-T-S" and translated into "Hearts".
  • The next air date for this episode in Southeast Asia and Latin America broadcast got skipped.

Revelations and significant events

  • According to her mug shot, Eda is 7'6" tall. This is in heels and to the top of her hair. Although, this could be a different form of measurement.
  • Eda wanted to be in the Emperor's Coven as a child.
  • Students of Hexside are known as Hexsidians.
  • Hooty is 25% mucus.


  • Once upon a time - The title of the episode is a reference to the opening statement of various European fairytales.
  • Freaky Friday - Freaky Fraturday (which Luz says is her favorite early-two-thousands movie) is a parody to the original 2003 film and likely to the 2018 adaptation.
    • There are four versions of this film. In addition to the 2003 and 2018 versions, there's the original released in 1976 and a 1995 TV movie. All were based on a 1972 novel of the same name all written by Mary Rodgers.
  • Jan and Dean - The race Boscha and co. participate in takes place in a place called "Dead Man's Curve". This is a reference to the Jan and Dean song of the same name.
    • It's also a nickname given the numerous sections of a road across America that have had numerous crashes on them.
  • Wings of Fire - When Boscha asks if Luz will spit her human venom on her, King asks if she has venom and demands she melts someone's face. This is an allusion to the first book in the series, The Dragonet Prophecy, in which one of the characters, Glory, spits venom into the face of Queen Scarlet and disfigures her heavily as a result.
  • Final Fantasy XII - After Luz (in Eda's body) knocks over a lamp, two posters can be seen in the background which, when deciphered, read "hunters mark". These posters reference to the hunts for Gil Snapper (left) and possibly the Catoblepas (right).


  • "Dumb" and "ding dang" (with all the other "dang" words) were cut in English audio track in Southeast Asia broadcast.

Memorable quotes

Are you sure you don't shoot venom?
I love a good body swap. It's like demonic possession with the ones you love.
All right, here's the deal. Whoever can prove their new body has the easiest life gets out of house cleaning duty.
I've got some very confusing emotions right now.
New post: Loser human thinks she can hang out in our sacred Treasure Shack. Spoiler alert: She can't.
All hail, your new teen king.
Enough! I don't know why they can't remember what a weirdo loser you are, but I'm gonna help them remember.
You getting caught was clearly a cry for help. Join the Emperor's Coven, like we dreamed about when we were girls. Soon, you won't be a danger to those around you.
Sister, time and again I've offered you my help, yet you foolishly run back to your worthless life. I'm tired of trying, Edalyn. Your days of running are over!
Alright you acne encrusted hormone buckets, let's go let out some teen angst!



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