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Osran[1] is a character of The Owl House. He is the head of the Oracle Coven.



Osran is a small, purple-skinned demon. He has four arms with dark purple claws, pointy ears, a long white mustache that goes back around his head, and white hair that looks like a pair of hands with beige claws; one hand grasps his head, the other serves as a ponytail. His eyes are ice-blue with indigo sclera.


Osran wears a dark indigo hood with light red-brown banding and a gray robe; attached to it is a pristine ice-blue crystal ball that Osran can use when tapping into his oracle magic. His robe bores gray sleeves and yellow banding.

In "Hunting Palismen", Osran wore a white cape with the Oracle Coven sigil on his neck over his current outfit.

Additional features

Osran notably possesses a shaul/backpack of some sort. He also wields a book and a feather ink pen.


Not much can be inferred about Osran, but he is shown to be completely loyal to Emperor Belos and willing to harm anyone who opposes the Emperor's plans.


As Head Witch of the Oracle Coven, Osran is integral to Emperor Belos' plans and is tasked with inducting members into the Oracle Coven.[2] Along with his peers, he was present when Raine Whispers became the new head of the Bard Coven.[3]

Later, during the Day of Unity, Osran and other Coven Heads expose the CATs' plan to corrupt the draining spell by uncovering Eda, who was disguised as Raine. A fight breaks out, and Osran summons a spirit that pulls Eberwolf off of Mason and traps him. Eventually, Eberwolf is restrained completely, along with Eda, Darius, and Raine, allowing the draining spell to continue as planned. However, when the draining spell's true effect takes hold, Osran collapses on the ground like everyone else, his magic and life draining out of him until the spell is stopped by the Collector.[4]

Powers and abilities

  • Magic: Osran is able to use magic. Like all witches, his connection to magic comes from a sac of magic bile attached to his heart. Having earned the rank of coven leader, he is undoubtedly very powerful.
    • Oracle magic: As the leader of the Oracle Coven, Osran can cast spells that allow him to see the future, summon spirits, and use telepathy.


Behind the scenes

Name and basis

Osran's name was first revealed in a tweet from Rebecca Bozza on June 4, 2022.[1]


Osran could be seen on the Oracle Coven banner in "The First Day" before making his first on-screen appearance in "Hunting Palismen".


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  • His hand-like hair feature and bat-like ears are shared with Kikimora and another demon in "Them's the Breaks, Kid", which suggests they all belong to the same species of biped demon.


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