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The Owl Beast is the mysterious entity that serves as the avatar of its own curse. It inhabits those afflicted with its curse, often appearing to its victims within their subconsciousness, and is capable of taking over their physical form, turning them into a monstrous, owl-like creature.


The Owl Beast, true to its name, is a robust, quadrupedal creature with an owl-like appearance. It has a thick coat of dirty gray down feathers, large wings, bird-like legs, and long tail feathers. Its head resembles that of a barn owl's, featuring a heart-shaped white face with hollow black eyes and a small beak. In the mindscape, it has a staggering height that dwarfs Eda.

When weakened, the Owl Beast reverts to a smaller, infantile form and is less than half the size of Eda.


Cursing Eda[]

Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door - 531

A flashback of the Owl Beast being captured by the Archivist.

The Owl Beast was once a living creature being relentlessly pursued by a collector, who reduced it to a curse bound to a scroll. The cursed scroll then washed up on the shores of the Boiling Isles, where it was found by a merchant who took it to the Night Market.[1] Many years later, a witch named Lilith Clawthorne purchased the scroll for its ability to nullify magic and placed the spell upon Eda. She believed the curse would only last for a day, in order to ensure her chances of winning their duel for the Emperor's Coven, but because of the curse's more harmful effects, the Owl Beast's consciousness bound itself to Eda's and transformed her into the monster.[2]

Keeping Up A-fear-ances - Owl curse

The Owl Beast tormenting Eda in her nightmares.

Being imprisoned within Eda's body, the Owl Beast granted no rest for the young witch and haunted her in her dreams, where the beast made itself known to her. Whenever its host experiences great stress, the beast would take over. When the witches of the Beast Keeping Coven deemed the curse untamable, and witches of the Healing Coven could not remove the beast from Eda,[3] combined with the trauma she gained after accidentally attacking her own father as the Owl Beast, Eda ran away from home, determined to overcome the curse on her own.[1] As the years passed, Eda would endure the harrowing presence of the Owl Beast, while her beastly transformation would come to define her as the aptly-named "Owl Lady." Eventually, Eda began taking an elixir to keep the effects of her curse at bay.[4]

While dating Raine Whispers, Eda downplayed the symptoms of her curse, opting to lie and say that she was fine despite the contrary. This prompted Raine to reluctantly break up with Eda. Due to the stress of the situation, the Owl Beast slowly began to take over. Instead of seeking Raine's help, Eda pushed her ex aside and claimed that she was fine. Because of these traumatic memories, as well as Eda's perception that the curse had ruined her life, Eda and the Owl Beast would share a mutual dislike of each other, and the Owl Lady would isolate herself and close off from others throughout her life due to the danger of the curse.[1]

Terrorizing the Owl House[]

S01E04 The Intruder (353)

The Owl Beast taking over Eda's body.

Although the two considered the other to be in a mutual dislike, Eda never realized that the Owl Beast was just as trapped with her as she was with it, a fact that initially made the Owl Beast seem like a vicious and mindless monster. The elixirs eventually stopped working, and her magic faded faster, before she finally succumbed to the beast after using her remaining magic to save Luz's life.[5] However, its effects on Eda finally faded in the aftermath of Luz's rescue, when Lilith cast a spell to share the curse with Eda, thus splitting the curse evenly between them, although this effectively drained Lilith's magic as well, rendering the two once powerful witches powerless. However, the elixir did start working on the curse again, making it much more manageable.[2][3]

Truce with Eda[]

In an attempt to help her recover from recent stress, Hooty tricks Eda into eating cookies laced with sleeping nettles in the hope that she will finally get rest, as stress aggravates her curse. Hooty, however, did not consider that sleeping nettles intensify the dreams of the consumer, and Eda starts experiencing nightmares centered around her past traumatic memories. Finally, Eda faces the Owl Beast in a fight and blames the creature for ruining her life. She then penetrates the memories of the Owl Beast, learning of its past and what the collector did to the creature.

Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door - 595

Eda decides to sympathize with the beast after learning of its past.

Eda takes pity on the beast after she realizes that it was also a victim of the curse and that it longed for its freedom from her just as much as she wanted freedom from it. Realizing that they are trapped together and that their suffering will never end if they continue to be in constant opposition, Eda proposes a truce between the both of them, at least for the time being. The Owl Beast agrees, and when Eda finally reawakens, it works together with Eda as opposed to taking full control, causing Eda to transform into an avian humanoid form, like a harpy in appearance.[1]

Later, when searching for Titan's Blood for Luz, the Owl Beast negotiates a deal with Eda to allow her to transform into the harpy form at any time. However, this ability is linked to a condition; Eda's part of the deal is to hunt and eat wild animals (such as voles) for the Owl Beast, which she reluctantly agrees to.[6]

During the Day of Unity, when Eda assumes her harpy form to confront the Collector, the Owl Beast, seemingly recognizing its captor (or perhaps, a similar one), seizes control of Eda and attacks them; Eda is unable to calm it down due to running low on elixir, causing her to fully transform into the beast. The Collector decides to spare the Owl Beast and keeps it caged inside the Archive House guarded by the puppet-turned Coven Heads. Unbeknownst to the Collector, Lilith concocts another elixir that helps transform Eda back, with Eda pretending to remain in her Owl Beast form in the months following.[7]

Powers and abilities[]

  • Owl physiology: Being an owl-based creature, the Owl Beast can fly, screech like an owl, and create owl pellets in its host's transformed state.
  • Transmogrification: As a curse, the Owl Beast transforms its host into an avian monster that bears a likeness to the creature itself. It is also able to transform its host into an avian humanoid form, like a harpy in appearance.
    • Possession: When its host is in their transformed state, the Owl Beast usually has full control of its host's mind and consciousness. Under said influence, the host is reduced to a feral beast that attacks and devours anything in sight. However, if the host regains their consciousness, they can fight the Owl Beast's influence and regain control even in their cursed form. If the Owl Beast allows it, the host can also remain conscious during the transformation.
  • Magic nullification: The Owl Beast can negate its host's magic supply, rendering them unable to cast effective spells. This comes into effect whenever the curse manifests, regardless of whether the host is partially or fully transformed or splitting the curse's power.



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  • The species of the Owl Beast is yet to be identified. In "The Intruder", when Eda transformed into the Owl Beast, King identified her form as a type of demon, although whether this applies to the creature is unclear. This is alluded to in "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door", as the Owl Beast is marked with "???" despite being placed with beast demons on Hooty's demon board.
  • When Lilith transforms, most of her curse form's physiology resembles a raven rather than an owl, hinting that the Owl Beast form isn't limited to one species of bird. This also implies there may be more types of Owl Beast species.
  • In "Separate Tides", it is revealed that Eda has been cursed for about thirty years, meaning that the Owl Beast was turned into the scroll more than or about thirty years ago.
    • However, given the length of time the Collector was imprisoned in the In Between Realm, it seemed likely that the Owl Beast was turned into the scroll more than three hundred and fifty years ago.
    • With the revelation in "For the Future" that there were multiple collectors, it is unclear if the collector who turned the Owl Beast into the scroll was the one imprisoned, or a different collector. In the Owl Beast's flashback, the collector depicted more closely resembles the appearances of the Archivists in the Archive house murals.
  • It is currently unknown what happened to the Owl Beast itself after the curse was shared between Lilith and Eda. It's possible the creature was split into two each in each of the witch's minds or just multiplied into two independent Owl Beasts.
  • It is not known why the Owl Beast was turned into the scroll, but according to the collectors' motto, they seal living beings to preserve them forever.
  • According to Dana Terrace, Eda carved her palisman, Owlbert, into an owl as a means of reclaiming the owl motif associated with the curse.[8]


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