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Oh, he's my palisman, and we're bonded for life. I'd annihilate anyone who'd hurt him.
—Eda talking about her relationship with Owlbert, "Escape of the Palisman"

Owlbert is a major supporting character of The Owl House. He is the owl palisman of Eda Clawthorne. He is the first inhabitant of the Demon Realm that Luz encounters, and the initial reason she ends up on the Boiling Isles.


Owlbert is a small owl palisman. He has a tan face, a light brown stomach, and his back, wings, tail, and upper head and forehead are dark brown. He has large yellow eyes and a russet beak and feet. His staff interlock, located on the base of his right foot, is a circular shape with a triangular notch near the bottom of it.

In staff form, his wings wrap closely around his body, His feet, positioned close together, form into a convex wooden shape at the base of his body in order to properly connect onto his staff, which is dark brown in color. He possesses similar coloring to his live form with minor differences, such as his face becoming slightly darker. His eyes become brown and the insides of his wings are the same light brown as his body, as opposed to the dark brown in his live form. When in flight or utilizing magic as a staff, his eyes glow bright yellow and his wings grow longer and spread out.


Owlbert is shown to be intelligent, compassionate, generous and loyal, not only to Eda but to any of the people he cares about. In "Escape of the Palisman", after Luz accidentally injures him, he flees from her, escaping to the Bat Queen's lair, but after Luz demonstrates that she really does care for him through a series of trials imposed on her by the Bat Queen. and that she really is sorry for what happened, he fully forgives her, and when Bat Queen becomes overprotective of him, he sternly steps in and assures her that he cares for Luz, and wishes to return home to her and Eda. Later, Owlbert looks out for Luz even further, to the point of lying to Eda about what had happened so she wouldn't be punished. He is shown competitive when playing Hexes Hold'em with Eda in "Hooty's Moving Hassle", but accepts his defeat upon losing to her. He is shown to enjoy physical affection, such as Eda scratching under his wings.


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Eda carved Owlbert at some point in her teenage years, sometime after she was cursed. She carved him from a (stated to be ancient[1]) branch of a palistrom tree with the help of her father, Dell,[2] as is traditional of witches to do when they reach a certain age.[3] She carved him in the shape of an owl as a way of personally reclaiming the owl motif associated with her curse.[4]

The Owl House S01E01 - A Lying Witch and a Warden 96

Owlbert returning with trash for Eda to sell.

One day, as he is gathering human items in the human realm for Eda to sell, he takes a book belonging to a human girl, Luz Noceda, who chases him to the abandoned house and through Eda's portal door trying to get it back. Eda uses him to escape a Coven Guard with Luz. He is last used to escape from the Conformatorium.[5] The following day, Eda calls him over to give Luz a brief magic lesson before she sells potions. However, he is slightly delayed, hits numerous objects on his way to her, and accidentally hits her in the face. After Eda realizes Luz is in danger, she and King fly on Owlbert to save her from Adegast. After Adegast is dealt with, he flies Eda, Luz, and King to watch the sunset afar. As Eda salvages the remains of a Trash Slug, she uses him to carry the eggs. He is later used to help Eda demonstrate a light spell for Luz. During the Convention, Eda uses him in a duel against her sister.

S01E06 Hooty's Moving Hassle - Owlbert 2

Owlbert playing Hexes Hold'em.

As he plays Hexes Hold'em with Eda, her curse flares up and, after she would, rather play another round of Hexes Hold'em than get the elixirs, Luz gives him the cards and tells him to fly ahead as Eda chases after him. He later transports Eda and King to the Night Market to find elixir.[6] When Luz, in Eda's body, gets arrested, he is apprehended in a separate cell.

S01E10 Escape of the Palisman - 125

Owlbert with the Bat Queen after Luz unintentionally hurt him.

After missing the transport of the grudgby game at Glandus High, Luz uses him to take her, Willow Park, and Gus Porter to see a game only to damage him, which leads Owlbert to seek refuge with the Bat Queen. Luz is able to win back his trust through facing the Bat Queen's trials, and he has grown to care for her as much as he does Eda.[1]

S1 E13 The first day Code

Owlbert and Eda flying in the distance as Luz attends her first day at Hexside.

Owlbert accompanies Luz and Eda to The Knee so that the former can learn her second spell. A few days later, he flies Luz to her first day at Hexside School of Magic and Demonics. Shortly after the carnival comes to town and he attends, happily playing wack-a-giraffe. Eda takes him with her when she chaperones Hexside's Grom.

Young Blood, Old Souls - 1324

Luz flying on Owlbert as she fights Belos.

After Luz sneaks off during a field trip to the Emperor's Castle and is caught by Lilith, Eda takes him with her to rescue her pupil and he aids in the fighting. After Eda finally succumbs to her curse, Lilith grabs Owlbert and takes him inside with her and Eda. After Emperor Belos informs Lilith that her sister will not be cured of her curse, the emperor gives him to Lilith and tells her to destroy Owlbert. After Lilith defects, she gives Owlbert to Luz before they go to stop Eda's petrification. Luz uses him in her fight against Belos both as a flying mount and to trigger the glyphs she put on the portal to destroy it.

Escaping Expulsion - Luz Willow Gus Staff

Owlbert attempting to fly Luz, Gus, and Willow into Hexside.

After Eda and Lilith lose their magic following their sharing of the curse, he goes with Luz after she goes bounty hunting. After Luz, Willow, and Gus are expelled from Hexside, three attempt to fly in on his, however, they back off after Principal Bump threatens to shoot them down with a ballista.

Owlbert is hurt S2E9

Owlbert almost breaks.

After Lilith casts doubt on King's origins, he brings out Owlbert and Lilith's staff and they fly to an uncharted island. He flies Eda up to a tower's upper level as Hooty and Lilith fight the tower's guard. When Eda and Lilith's curses act up, Luz flies on him to catch up with the sisters and flies over them as Luz drops elixir in their mouths. Eda takes him with her to Hexside during Palisman Pairing Day. Luz and King fly on him when they take part in the Gland Prix. Eda takes him when her, King, and Amity Blight venture to Eclipse Lake to obtain Titan's Blood. He catches the three when they are thrown down a crevasse but is knocked unconscious and starts to crack, hooting in pain. Fortunately, Eda transforms into her harpy form and he comes out in one piece.

O Titan, Where Art Thou - 416

Eda and Luz flying on Owlbert to get King's favorite toy back from the Emperor's Coven.

On Coven Day, he flies to Hexside with Eda and King to pick up Luz. As Luz struggles to use glyphs to find a way back to the Human Realm, he, Luz, and King listen as Eda tells the story of how she met Raine Whispers. He goes with Eda, King, and Luz to fix Luz's cloak and goes back to the Owl House with Eda and King after Luz gets stuck in Belos' mind. The following day, he greets Lilith when she comes by the Owl House. After the Emperor's Coven raids the Owl House, he goes to the Knee with the Clawthorne sisters and plays with Lilith's palisman. After Eda and Luz decide to get Francois back from the Emperor's Coven, he flies them to the storage facility.

During the Day of Unity and the Collector's reign, Owlbert stayed hidden within Eda's hair. When Luz reunited with Eda and King, who took notice of her new palisman Stringbean, Owlbert pops out to greet the newborn snakeshifter. Four years after Belos was defeated, Owlbert visits the Noceda residence to inform Luz, Vee, and Camila Noceda that the people of the Isles are waiting for them.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Attachment and Detachment: Owlbert has the ability to attach himself onto the Owl Staff as a palisman and detach himself to fly or walk around.
  • Communication: Owlbert is able to communicate with Eda. He is also (most likely) able to communicate with other palismen.
  • Flight: Owlbert is able to fly both in his animal and staff form. Much like the broomstick of a witch from old Slavic legends, the Owl Staff can be used as a service of transportation through the skies. The staff can fly when the owl flaps its wings. In staff form, Owlbert can also float by himself when being summoned.
  • Wood mimicry: He is able to turn into wood when attached atop the staff.
  • Magic: The Owl Staff can conjure its own spells with its own magic. Luz uses the Owl Staff in "Young Blood, Old Souls" to use the ice magic to attack Emperor Belos and to connect the Fire Glyphs that she has placed on the portal to the Human Realm. An ensuing connection between the staff and glyphs causes the portal to blow up into pieces.
  • Strength: In "Agony of a Witch", Owlbert uses his claws to successfully transport Luz from the sharp horn-like structures below her.


Behind the scenes[]

Name and basis[]

His name is most likely a portmanteau of the word "owl" (his species of bird) and Albert (a common first name).


Owlbert debuted in the series premiere, "A Lying Witch and a Warden".


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  • Owlbert shares the same name as a 1988 children's book, called Owlbert, written by Nicholas Harris.
  • Although it hasn't been confirmed what breed of owl he's based on, he strongly resembles a burrowing owl due to his feather color, eye color, and beak shape.
  • Owlbert's staff form makes a cameo in the Crawlspace in Gravity Falls: Lost Legends.
  • According to Eda's mug shot in "Once Upon a Swap", Owlbert in his staff form is 5'9" tall. It is uncertain how tall this truly is, as they were likely measured using a unit of measurement pertaining to the Empirical System, mentioned by Lilith in "Elsewhere and Elsewhen".
  • According to Dana Terrace, Eda carved Owlbert after she had been cursed, as a means of personally reclaiming the owl imagery associated with her curse.[7]


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