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Oh, he's my palisman and we're bonded for life. I'd annihilate anyone who'd hurt him.
—Eda talking about Owlbert, "Escape of the Palisman"

Owlbert is a character in The Owl House. He is the palisman atop the Owl Staff. He is able to detach, turn into wood when attached to the staff, and steal things for Eda.


Owlbert bears the appearance of a typical owl, displaying brown-toned feathers, golden-yellow eyes, and orange feet. A staff-binding interlock is located underneath his right foot that allows him to detach from the Owl Staff. When he is on the Owl Staff, his eyes are closed and is connected via his talon on the staff. When he is used for flying, his wings extend to their full length and his eyes glow a bright yellow.


Owlbert acts like a trained pet, responding to any of Eda's commands or anyone she tells him to listen to. However, despite being loyal to Eda, he does have a mind of his own, listening to people like Luz and her friends on his own volition. He also enjoys playing games like a pet would, but is also intelligent enough to e.g. play Hexes Hold'em with Eda and be annoyed by her gloating after she won. He also shows compassion when he discovers the abandoned palismen living with the Bat Queen.


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In "Escape of the Palisman", Eda told Luz that she made her staff and Owlbert from an ancient tree, likely palistrom wood. Owlbert has since been a loyal companion for Eda, helping her escape from the prison wardens and also participating in activities such as Hexes Hold'em.

In "Elsewhere and Elsewhen", it is revealed that Eda carved Owlbert together with her father, Dell Clawthorne.

Powers and abilities

  • Attachment and Detachment: Owlbert has the ability to attach himself onto the Owl Staff as a palisman and detach himself to fly or walk around like a regular living being.
  • Communication: Owlbert is able to communicate with and be understood by Eda. He is also (most likely) able to communicate with other palismen.
  • Flight: Owlbert is able to fly both in his animal and staff form.
  • Wood mimicry: He is able to turn into wood when attached atop the staff.


Behind the Scenes

Name and Basis

His name is most likely a portmanteau of the word "owl" (his species of bird) and Albert (a common first name).


Owlbert debuted in the series premiere, "A Lying Witch and a Warden".


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  • Owlbert shares the same name as a 1988 children's book, called Owlbert, written by Nicholas Harris.

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