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Now, traditionally, young witches carve their staffs from the branch of an old Palistrom tree.

Palistrom is a magical plant found in the Boiling Isles. Its wood is used to carve and create living creatures called palismen. Palistrom trees are extremely rare in present day due to being over-harvested.


Palistrom wood is said to have been traditionally used to carve one's own palisman and staff. The Clawthorne family clan are accomplished in harvesting the wood for palismen carving and creation purposes.[1] Aside from crafting palismen, Belos has introduced another use of the palistrom wood as an ingredient in constructing the Golden Guard-Grimwalker line.[2][3]

In present day, palistrom trees are much harder to come by. With the plant slowly disappearing, some individuals have taken it up to themselves to replenish the plant through conservation efforts, such as the Bonesborough Garden Club.[4] Dell Clawthorne has begun assisting the Bat Queen in replenishing the palistrom forests to continue the palistrom-carving practice after losing the ability to carve palismen himself. He also gives Eda a palistrom seed in order to plant a new palistrom tree.[1]



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