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Penstagram is an online service that appears in The Owl House. It is a service exclusive to the people on the Boiling Isles, used to share images and videos with friends and other users using purple scrolls. It can also be used as a streaming platform, which is more popular than crystal balls.


Penstagram appears for the first time in "Hooty's Moving Hassle". Amity and her friends are seen posting on it. Later, multiple images of Luz, Gus, and Willow (atop the walking Owl House) are shown, posted to the service.

In "Eda's Requiem", a small ".02" can be seen next to its name, indicating that it has received an update. Within the same episode, Eda posts King's message regarding his father to Penstagram, earning watches from those such as Amity, her siblings, and Willow. Eberwolf also turns up King's message at a high volume to annoy Darius.

In "Any Sport in a Storm", it has been updated to Penstagram 2.0. Darius is seen scrolling through the updated service, revealing the usernames of a few characters, and he becomes disgusted upon seeing Alador's post regarding the Abomaton 2.5. Darius also gives Hunter his scroll, giving him access to Penstagram, which he uses to message Willow.

In "Reaching Out", Luz borrows Eda's scroll to message Hunter, asking him about Emperor Belos' plans, and he snaps at her to leave him alone. Then, by mistake, he sends her a picture meant for someone else of Flapjack sleeping, snuggled in his Golden Guard cloak.

In "For the Future", several Penstagram messages flash by as the Boiling Isles react to the Collector's takeover.

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  • Penstagram is a portmanteau of "pentagram" and "Instagram," the latter it takes clear inspiration from.
  • Hunter's Penstagram name is a reference to Ruler's Reach, King's book in "Sense and Insensitivity".
  • While Darius' Penstagram username is not shown within the series, Zach Marcus jokingly suggested "Goo Daddy" during a live stream hosted by Cissy Jones.