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This is Perry Porter with breaking news. In light of recent events, Augustus Porter will be grounded for no less than a year.
—Perry Porter on the phone after learning of his son's expulsion.

Perry Porter is a recurring minor character in The Owl House. He is the father of Gus Porter and a reporter for the BBN-HXN news channel.



Perry is a humanoid witch with pointy ears, dark brown skin, and curly black hair that is neatly trimmed on the side. His eyes are grayish-brown.


Perry wears brown square-shaped glasses, a yellow vest with brown stripes on the side, a collar with a white long-sleeved shirt underneath the vest, and dark gray pants. On the right side of his vest, Perry wears a red name tag.

As a student in his youth, Perry wore Hexside's uniform with purple sleeves and leggings representing his status in the oracle track. He didn't have his glasses yet.


Perry is a clear-spoken and detailed man, reporting what he is assigned with great clarity. He is also a caring father, as he enjoys spending time with Gus; however, he does not like when his son interrupts him when he is on the air.


Them's the Breaks, Kid - 230

Perry talking to a fellow student during their Hexside years.

Not much is known about Perry's background except that he studied at Hexside and was in the oracle track. At one point he had a son, Gus, with an unknown partner.

Magic draining and petrification[]

Young Blood, Old Souls - 1213

Perry reporting on Eda's petrification.

Perry reports on an attack on Glandus High where the students have been drained of their magic. A few weeks later, he reports live on the scene of the petrification of Eda Clawthorne. As he is reporting, Gus comes over to him while Willow takes his microphone and leads the crowd in a protest over Eda's freedom. Perry listens as Emperor Belos but soon proclaims that the Titan desired Eda to be set free.

A few weeks later, Perry is enraged upon learning of his son's expulsion from Hexside, having a crow phone drag Gus home and grounding him.

Gland Prix and the Day of Unity[]

Gland Prix

Perry hosting a Gland Prix with the assistance of Gus.

Weeks after the petrifaction, Perry and his son co-host the Gland Prix, with Perry announcing the race in real-time.

Watching and Dreaming - 4603

Perry joyfully reuniting with his son.

During the Day of Unity, Perry and many other witches and demons with sigils have their magic drained by the Draining Spell. He and many others suffer from the spell’s effects until it is stopped by The Collector. Perry is turned into a puppet for months after the Day of Unity when Belos was defeated, but is returned to normal and happily reunites with his son after Belos is defeated.

Four years later, he would attend Luz's belated quinceañera and watched the Collector put on a light show.


  • Magic: As a witch, Perry can perform magic due to the bile sack attached to his heart.
    • Oracle Magic: In his youth, Perry was in the oracle track at school, indicating he likely has some skill in the field.


Behind the scenes[]


Perry Porter is voiced by Gary Anthony Williams.


Perry Porter debuted in "Young Blood, Old Souls". Prior to this, his voice was first heard in "The First Day".

Foreign voice actors[]

Language version Actors Notes
Germany German Christian Wolf
Indonesia Indonesian Frenddy Pangkey
South Korea Korean Shin Yong-woo (신용우)
Poland Polish Wojciech Chorąży (Young Blood, Old Souls)
Mateusz Narloch (Escaping Expulsion)
Kamil Pruban (Eda’s Requiem)


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  • According to Gus in "Any Sport in a Storm", he is a slow typer.
  • Although he was in the Oracle track in his youth, it isn't clear if he joined the Oracle Coven as an adult.

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