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Philip Wittebane's diary was a journal that belonged to Philip Wittebane, one of the first Humans to live on the Boiling Isles, along with his older brother Caleb.


Philip Wittebane kept a journal of his life on the Boiling Isles, dating back to when he first arrived in the 1600s, to his quest of finding a way back to the Human Realm. Before his mysterious disappearance, he donated his diary to the Bonesborough Library, where it ended up in the Forbidden Stacks among thousands of other books which were old and forgotten.

Centuries later, Luz Noceda, the third known human to live on the Isles, sought the diary in the hopes of learning more about how Wittebane came to the Isles. With Amity's help, she was able to locate the diary, only to discover its pages had been eaten by an echo mouse. As the echo mouse could magically internalize and regurgitate the knowledge it consumed, Luz was forced to take in the creature as a pet in hopes that she could befriend it enough to gain the information she sought. The physical remains of the diary were likely discarded afterwards, or else returned to the archives.


"My journey through the Demon Realm is far from over. But today I humbly donate my journal to the ages."
"Entry One: May 21...I think. My Name is Philip Wittebane. And I have found myself in a world so horrid, yet so fantastic, few minds could have dreamt it. If only those at home could see what I have, and perhaps they shall. For the more I learn about this realm, the more I am certain I can harness its strange powers to return home. Today, I begin recording my journey home to create a portal back to the Human Realm."
"After five years, I had finally found it. A power source so potent it can pierce through realms. Titan's Blood. There are old tales of lakes reflecting green trees and blue skies. The Titan's veins run through the land. And many believe that these wild portals are created when a little of its blood leaks into the water. That is how I came here. So that is the first place I shall look. I will journey back to Eclipse Lake."
"My journey to Eclipse Lake has been a success, and yet, a tragic failure. The tunnels were filled with a substance known as Fool's Blood. It signifies a decaying vein. I was lucky to get out alive. My companions were not."
"After careful analysis during this Deadwardian Era, I believe the current human year is 1660. Or is it '70? The years are flashing by, but it will be worth it. I've gathered all the ingredients, including Titan's Blood. All that's left is to seek out The Collector. And he will tell me what I need to complete my mission. But, first, my companions and I must face..."



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  • When 'regurgitated' through the echo mouse, the entries of the diary greatly resemble projections of the lanterna magica, the magic lantern, one of the earliest means of image projection. Much like Wittebane himself, these devices flourished in the 17th century.
  • As revealed in the episode "Elsewhere and Elsewhen", Philip was not above lying about the events described in his diary (e.g. claiming, that his "friends" on his quests died in accidents, covering up the fact that he sacrificed them and regarded them as utterly disposable), casting doubt on any event described in it.
  • In "Them's the Breaks, Kid," it is revealed that Philip drew designs of new glyphs in the margins of his diary.