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This article is about the series' storyboard pilot. For the animated test reel, see Next Time On reel.

The pilot episode is an unaired test episode, and the first produced for The Owl House.

While never officially released, the pilot was leaked online on April 25, 2024, before taken down shortly after.


Dana Terrace has stated that the pilot "was in many ways very similar to the first episode, but there were a couple of major differences".[2] Various elements of the plot have been revealed over time, however:

  • The opening of the pilot involves Luz being harassed by a group of school bullies.[3] Amity then unwittingly stands up for Luz against the bullies, leading Luz to try befriending her. After class, Luz offers Amity a drawing she made of her, commenting that she got a papercut while making the drawing, but worked the blood into the picture as blush on Amity's face.[2]
  • The first meeting between Luz and Eda in the pilot plays out similarly to how it does in the finished series, with an seeming exception that, rather than initially running off, Luz is instead held in place by Eda.[2]
  • The first meeting between Luz and King in the pilot plays out similarly to how it does in the finished series.[2]
  • Lilith is featured in the pilot as the principal of Hexside, and at some point transforms into a bat-creature.[2][3]
  • By the end of the episode, Luz becomes trapped within the Demon Realm, and must set out to find a way home.[2]



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  • The pilot was in development for six months between April to September 2017.[4]
  • The pilot consists entirely of storyboards, rather than being fully animated. This is a result of a mandate from Disney.[3]
  • The first time that any material from the pilot became publicly available was on September 17, 2020, when Dana Terrace showcased several storyboards from the pilot during a charity livestream.[2] The pilot would not be available in its entirety until April 25, 2024, when the full pilot was leaked online alongside the pilots of several other Disney Television Animation series, and uploaded to YouTube before being taken down.[5][6][7]
  • Many of the storyboards from the pilot were directly lifted and reused for "A Lying Witch and a Warden".[2]
  • Lilith was written in the pilot to be the principal of Hexside. For the actual series, Lilith was instead changed to be the head of the Emperor's Coven. Her role as principal of Hexside would be replaced by Principal Bump.
    • The concept of Lilith being able to turn into a monstrous creature was initially removed from the finished series, due to it conflicting with the storyline of Eda's curse.[3]
  • The pilot is often mistakenly conflated with the series' "Next Time On" reel. However, the pilot and "Next Time On" are distinct from one another.[8][9]


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