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So, according to Philip's instructions, the hardest part to making a portal was finding someone who knew how to build it. But a lot of the ingredients are pretty easy to find.
—Luz to King as she finishes building her own portal, "Yesterday's Lie"

Portals are magic inter-dimensional doorways that can bridge the Demon Realm to the Human Realm.[1]


The key to the portal

When dormant, the original portal door resembles a brown attaché case with a large, yellow, slit pupil eye on one side. When activated by pressing an eye-shaped button on the accompanying key, the portal unfolds to the dimensions of a standard human doorway. The door can then be opened, connecting the two realms and allowing passage between them. While the Demon Realm side of the portal is portable and can be opened anywhere, the Human Realm side of the portal appears to be fixed to an abandoned house behind the home of Luz Noceda in Gravesfield.[1]


The portal as it appears in Philip Wittebane's journal

The original portal is a peculiar item with roots tied to Philip Wittebane, the first human to enter the Demon Realm. While his entire relationship to it is currently unknown, he is associated with the creation of the portal to the Human Realm, as his journal states "Today I begin recording my journey to create a portal back to the human realm.", with an illustration that remarkably resembled the portal's first design.[2]

Eda finds the portal.

Sometime after Philip Wittebane's disappearance, the portal's case and its key found its way to a terrace next to the Clawthorne residence, partially submerged in the ground. It was then discovered years later by Eda during her adolescent years after she ran away from home. She discovered it could open a gateway to earth, thus Eda ran through the portal to escape from her mother, who was ardent in removing her curse.[3] As she grew, Eda used the portal to send Owlbert into the Human Realm and bring her human artifacts for her to sell at the Human Collectibles stand.[1][4]

The house the portal connects to in the Human Realm.

Emperor Belos was also aware of the existence of the portal.[5] In order to obtain it, he demanded Luz turn it over to him in exchange for Eda's safety, and Luz did so, but the portal was subsequently destroyed by Luz's fire glyphs exploding on it in a chain reaction.[5] Nonetheless, Belos was able to salvage its centerpiece and started to reconstruct it as part of a larger mechanism within his castle.[6] Eventually, reconstruction of the portal was completed. However, due to it not having the power of the real key, it wouldn't open.[7]



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  • It is unknown if there is more than one item or portal that is found on the Boiling Isles, but it is implied to be a rarity. This is supported by Belos's interest in the item, and it utilizes Titan's Blood to create stable trans-dimensional travel.
    • In "Yesterday's Lie", Luz is able to make a second, albeit crude, portal using what was left of the instructions Philip had left in his diary. This portal door doesn't allow Luz to enter the Human Realm, but she is able to look into it via mirrored surfaces. She is able to talk and see through them, and she is visible to people in the Human Realm, but this is all she is able to do.


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