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Principal Faust is a minor character of The Owl House. He was the former principal of Hexside School of Magic and Demonics while Eda, Lilith, Raine, Alador, Odalia, Darius, and various other currently adult characters were still students.



Principal Faust is a tall, bulky demon with wrinkly peach skin and two long, bull-like brown horns with dull yellow bands. He has pupil-less, small yellow eyes and prominent teeth. He has a long, slender tail with leaf-like appendages attached that makes it appear like it is on fire.


Principal Faust wears a long gray coat with a yellow-and-brown banded cover, along with a blue ribbon slung around his shoulders bearing two yellow triangles, rimmed with dark blue. He wears pointed black shoes.


Principal Faust is viewed as rather imposing and inconsiderate, more so than that of Principal Bump. He presided over Hexside with an iron fist, condemning misbehavior to an extremist degree, especially to the point where he expelled students for bogus reasons. His reasoning was that any small misdemeanor was a slippery slope. Besides this, he was beyond devoted to preserving Hexside's honor and would do anything to maintain it, even if it involved no gain for the students of the school.


Faust served as the principal of Hexside at least thirty years before the events of the series. He was notorious for "updating" Hexside's school policy to include frivolous rules, such as "squeaky shoe regulations" for grudgby players. Any student who broke his rules faced the threat of detention and expulsion on a regular basis to the point where Bump was concerned that Hexside wouldn't have a graduating class.

Faust ultimately shot himself in the foot when he expelled Hexside's best student for chewing too loudly in the cafeteria, as he no longer had a suitable representative for the IFWOT program. However, Faust uses this opportunity as punishment for Eda Clawthorne's several counts of mischief, ordering her to win a blue ribbon at the IFWOT event. Should she fail, she would immediately be expelled and become ineligible to participate in the Emperor's Coven tryouts. Faust also threatened to fire his vice principal if Eda failed.

Despite not winning the blue ribbon, Faust kept Eda enrolled in Hexside and did not fire Bump, likely due to the recommendation of Terra Snapdragon. He would eventually be succeeded by his vice principal while Eda was still in school.[1]


Principal Bump

Principal Bump was the vice principal and worked directly under Faust during his younger years. Bump could often be seen disagreeing with Faust during his time as vice principal. It is unknown what the status of their relationship is in the present day.

Eda Clawthorne

Principal Faust seemed to dislike Eda for her pranks and general mischief, stating that he would savor her expulsion. He makes her participate in the IFWOT program to receive a blue ribbon and prove herself, and while she doesn't obtain one, Terra Snapdragon's good word convinces (or rather, forces) him to keep her in school.


Behind the scenes

Name and basis

Principal Faust is named for the legend of Faust, who sold his soul to the devil.


Principal Faust is voiced by Eric Bauza.


Principal Faust made his first and only appearance in "Them's the Breaks, Kid".

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Germany German Thomas Albus


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