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Puddles is a minor character of The Owl House. She is Viney's pet griffin.


Puddles' overall appearance is similar to the other griffins found on the Boiling Isles with slight differences. Her front half resembles that of a pigeon and consists of gray feathers, orange feet with black talons, and white wings. Her rear half resembles that of a lion with a brown pelt, a fluffy tail, and bulky back legs. She has a dark gray beak with a light gray cere, and light brown eyes with pale orange sclerae.


Not much is known about how Viney and Puddles met. She serves as Viney's pet, mount, and assistant when she is healing other students. Puddles aids Viney and her friends in fighting off a Basilisk posing as an inspector from the Emperor's Coven. When the conflict settles, Viney treats a scratch on Puddles' arm with Healing magic.

During the Club Fair, she chases Hunter for stepping on her tail and inadvertently injures Viney before falling asleep. She later hisses at Hunter when she sees him again. When Adrian Graye Vernworth brings Coven Scouts to Hexside, Viney and Skara ride her into battle.

Four years after Belos is defeated, Viney takes Puddles with her to Luz's belated quinceañera.




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