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I don't know what you're running from, but a great witch once told me something about... punching fears in the face? What I'm trying to say is, don't give up so easily. They probably need you more than you realize.
—Raine Whispers, "Eda's Requiem"

Raine Whispers is a supporting character of The Owl House. They are the newly instated Head Witch of the Bard Coven, and a former partner of Edalyn Clawthorne. They later founded a small rebel group known as the Bards Against the Throne, with the intention of liberating wild witches who don't want to be forced to join a coven.



Raine is a middle-aged witch with medium brown skin and mint-green hair with white streaks on the bottom. They have darker mint green eyebrows, and green eyes.


Raine wears large round glasses, a gray earring on their right ear, and a cloak similar to Hunter's.

In "Eda's Requiem", they are shown to be wearing an altered version of the BATs uniform: a long, black tunic with a maroon collar, gold trim, three gold buttons, a brown belt, crimson pants and black, knee-high boots.

In "Hunting Palismen", they wore a white cloak over their head with the Bard sigil on the neck over their current outfit.


Raine is timid and easily flustered. Therefore, despite being the current Head Witch of the Bard Coven, Raine ironically suffers from stage fright and struggles with making public speeches, as seen in their Head Witch initiation ceremony in their debut episode.

Despite their timidness, Raine has shown themself to be selfless and brave. Like their friend, Eda, Raine values magical freedom and opposes Emperor Belos's methods of controlling magic by force under the Coven System. They are willing to take a stand for their beliefs.


Early life

Raine and Eda at IFWOT

Raine Whispers was once a Bard student of St. Epiderm and participated in the Instructing Future Witches of Tomorrow (IFWOT) program on two previous occasions in order to earn scholarships for their school. Though a brilliant witch, Raine found IFWOT to be boring, and seeing the same faces did little to stave off their boredom. In their third IFWOT, Raine met a humorous and troublesome Hexside witch named Edalyn Clawthorne, and they helped her through various activities.[2]

The exam proctor, Terra Snapdragon upped the ante by forcing the students to play a game of Covens and Wilds as the final challenge. Raine was assigned as a "Wild Witch" while Eda was a "Coven Witch", forcing the two to be on opposing sides. Raine lasted the longest of the Wild Witches, and then they got cornered, Eda, betrayed her teammates, leaving the two friends to face off against each other. However, instead of attacking each other, Raine and Eda cooperated to launch an attack on the proctor instead. Unexpectedly, Terra was amused by their behavior and took a particular liking to Raine, but she gave out no ribbons to the students.

Raine and Eda at Hexside

After the event, Raine transferred to Hexside School of Magic and Demonics and would form a close friendship with Eda, eventually becoming romantic partners.[2][3][4] Years after, during their young adult years, Eda had a penchant for hiding her problems and often claimed that she was fine despite the contrary. Because of this, Raine reluctantly broke up with Eda and made the announcement that they were joining the Bard Coven. Though they witnessed the effects of Eda's curse, she pushed Raine away and refused to let them into her life.[4] Despite their breakup, Raine kept Eda's advice close to their heart.[5] After that, Eda hired a spy to keep an eye on them and keep track of Raine's life for the next few years.[6]

Joining the Bard Coven

Raine inducted as the Head Witch of the Bard Coven.

After becoming a teacher for the Bard Coven, Raine took notice of how the Emperor forced witches to join covens against their will. Seeing that this wasn't right, they patiently rose through the ranks until eventually becoming leader of the Bard Coven, succeeding the retired Scooter Crane. Inspired by the advice Eda gave them in the past, Raine also found like-minded witches to join their cause and secretly created a small rebel group called the "Bards Against the Throne" (or The BATs) to help wild witches escape from being forced into a coven. To keep their identity hidden from their peers, Raine dons a bat-like mask while conducting raids.[5] In the episode Hunting Palismen, Raine is present with the rest of the Coven Heads, while Emperor Belos shows them a vision of the Day of Unity.[7]

Leading the BATs

Raine as leader of the BATs.

Raine and the BATs use their bard magic to stop two members of the Emperor's Coven from capturing a coven-less witch, but are met with resistance once backup arrives and uses earmuffs to negate their bard magic. Luckily, Eda helps the group escape via a sewer system and expresses her desire to join their group. At first, Raine refuses the offer, but after getting unmasked by their old friend, Raine changes their mind, assuring their fellow BATs that Eda is an old friend of theirs and an inspiration for the BATs' formation.

Raine lets Eda join the BATs.

Though powerless, Eda's experience as a crafty outlaw aids in the success of the BATs' recent raids. After a successful raid, Eda asks her old friend how they managed to become a Head Witch with their stage fright, and Raine playfully responds, "I'm just that good." They then ask Eda if she still remembers any bard spells. Though she is hesitant to perform due to her curse, Raine summons a lute, and Eda begins to play "Raine's Rhapsody." The curse causes Eda's Bard magic to corrupt and destroy the objects around her, and she stops playing, jokingly referring to the song as "Eda's Requiem" due to its destructive effects.

Raine plays Eda's Requiem.

The next day, Raine gets a tip about another raid and calls for Eda's assistance. They, along with the rest of the BATs, follow said tip into the woods, but unfortunately, Amber, Derwin, and Katya get captured, revealing that it was a trap set by Head Witches Darius and Eberwolf of the Abomination and Beast Keeping covens. Eda and Raine manage to hide from the two Head Witches and even distract them long enough for Raine to set up a plan; the Day of Unity requires all nine Head Witches, and Raine proposes that they take out both Eberwolf and Darius to impede with Emperor Belos's plans. To achieve this, Raine weaponizes Eda's curse by playing a duet with her, causing everything around them, including themselves, to shrivel and die. Both witches intend to sacrifice themselves to stop Belos, but once a photo of Eda with Luz and King flies out of her hair, Raine stops playing and questions if Eda has kids. They realize that Eda is running away from Luz and King, but just as she told them to give their problems a whack in the face, Raine advises her to not give up so easily, adding that both Luz and King still need her.

Kikimora seals Raine using their coven brand.

Unfortunately, Darius and Eberwolf manage to find and capture both Eda and Raine, though Raine manages to break free and hold off the Head Witches while Eda flees. While the Head Witches are distracted by a Penstagram stream, Raine manages to break free from their restraints and run, only to be captured by Kikimora and the Abomaton 2.0. Raine expects to be petrified for their treason, but because finding a new Head Witch would be too much of a hassle, Kikimora instead activates Raine's coven mark, putting them in a deep slumber until they are required for the Day of Unity.[5]

Acting a brainwashed

Raine holds the plans for a draining spell

Since their capture, Raine continues to work with the Emperor as if they never led the BAT, thanks to Terra Snapdragon's apparent brainwashing them with a special tea, which she kept giving them recurrently. However, Raine with their sound waves generated by their whistles has taken it upon themselves to change the chemistry of the tea, and so that Terra would not notice, they have been faking headaches. This is all in order to further investigate Belos' plans and stop him without anyone suspecting them, but they are reluctant to bring Eda into all this for her own safety.[6][2] After their supposed recovery, Raine is assigned to perform in the annual Coven Day parade, but during their performance, Raine is captured by Eda, but they pretend not to remember anything about the recent events, which angers Eda, causing the former couple to be forced to duel, and although Raine refrains from going all out against Eda, they are forced to pull her aside when she plays "Eda's Requiem" to jog their memory. Just as Duel draws the attention of some Coven Scouts, Raine hands Eda an invisibility glyph to stay away, warning her not to contact them again.[6]


Eda Clawthorne

Edalyn Clawthorne is an old childhood friend of Raine's, with their relationship dating back to their high school years. At some point during their early adult years, the two became a romantic couple, and while Raine was skipping a performance due to their stage fright, Eda advised them to face their problems head-on. However, Eda's inability to share her problems with Raine led to them breaking up with her.

Despite the breakup, they still think highly of Eda (and have a crush on her), and her advice inspired them to form the Bards Against the Throne.

Katya, Derwin and Amber

They allowed them to join when they created the Bards Against the Throne and they all assisted Raine in freeing rogue witches who didn't join a coven.

Darius and Eberwolf

Despite being peers, Raine does not get along with Darius and Eberwolf, due to the two being loyal to the Emperor and his Coven System.

Terra Snapdragon

Following Raine's betrayal of the Emperor's Coven, Terra began to manage them, and in order to control their rebellious outbursts, she would drug Raine with a spiked tea that erased their memories. Thus, Raine views Terra as their equal and is loyal to her, along with the rest of the Emperor's Coven.

Powers and abilities

  • Magic: As a witch, Raine is able to use magic. Like all witches, their connection to magic comes from a sac of magic bile attached to their heart. Having earned the rank of coven leader, they are undoubtedly very powerful.
    • Bard Magic: As the leader of the Bard Coven, Raine is able to use music to manipulate the world around them. This allows them to nullify spells from other witches, make things levitate and take control of any people who can hear their music. Raine is noted to be an exceptionally talented Bard, as they managed to rise to the rank of Head Witch by skill alone, despite their stage fright.
      • Violin Playing: Raine is a skilled violinist and uses their violin to cast their Bard spells. They can use their violin to cast cutting shockwaves.
      • Instrument Summoning: Raine can also summon and dispel musical instruments at will. While they primarily use a violin, they can also summon different instruments such as a lute.


Behind the scenes


Raine is voiced by Avi Roque. The announcement came from Avi's Twitter on July 22, 2021.[8]

Blu del Barrio voice a young version of Raine.


Raine made their official debut in the second season episode "Eda's Requiem". Prior to this, they had a non-speaking appearance with the other coven heads in "Hunting Palismen". They were also partially seen in an old photo from "Wing It Like Witches" in Eda's scrapbook.

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Marcelo Campos
Denmark Danish Simon Nøiers
Poland Polish Agnieszka Matysiak
Thailand Thai Akapon Subpaya-archin (อรรคพล ทรัพยอาจิณ)


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  • Raine is the first ever Disney character to be non-binary.
  • In the Latin American version, Raine's gender and pronouns are changed to masculine. This upset many fans, and even Raine's voice actor themself, Avi Roque, who spoke on Twitter about this.[9]
  • In the Polish version, Raine's last name is translated as Szeptucha/Szept (Whisper/Whisp).


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