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"Reaching Out" is the fourteenth episode of the second season of The Owl House, and the thirty-third episode overall.

It premiered on April 9, 2022.[1][2]


Amity wants to prove herself to her father, and Luz thinks she's found the perfect way to do it: Underground Witch Duels.[2]


Over at the Owl House, Luz is sleeping in her room alongside King, but at six in the morning, she is woken up by the buzzing of her phone. She reaches out for it and shuts off the alarm. After squinting at the phone, she gasps and immediately jolts up, discovering that she is due to attend an event with her mom at five that day. After staring at it for a while, Luz's face turns gloomy and she presses the ignore button to remove the notification.

Some time later, Eda and King wake up to see Luz busy writing down theories about Emperor Belos and the portal on a board, in the process creating a mess in the living room. King asks Luz if she is feeling okay, and she responds by saying that she feels great; this day will be productive, and she hands over a list of to-do things for Eda to read, then borrows Francois from King to demonstrate a hover glyph she just discovered. She also tries to show King a portal which she is currently building, which consists of random materials being held up by Hooty. He then sneezes and causes everything to come crashing down, accidentally knocking himself out. Luz brushes it off by saying that it's a work in progress, then informs Eda and King that she had found an insider in the Emperor's Castle, which turns out to be Hunter. She tries to message him on Penstagram, only to be told by him to leave him alone. Eda becomes suspicious, thinking that Luz is trying to avoid something, so she tells her to come clean. She initially denies it, but soon becomes dejected and admits that every year, Camila and her have a little ritual to do, which isn't anything big, adding that she just misses her mother. King suggests that she needs some healthy distractions from her problems, like eating breakfast, and she agrees. Eager to eat griffin eggs, she sends off the duo into the kitchen, telling them that she will come later. Right then, Amity appears at the front door and tells Luz that she has a problem that could distract both of them all day. Luz immediately stands up and tells her to tell her everything without sparing any details.

Earlier at the basement in Blight Manor, Amity excitedly tells her dad about the Bonesborough Brawl, which is taking place that night. Since she is old enough to participate, she is thinking about joining it; however, Alador appears to be not paying attention, which frustrates Amity. She yells at him, and only then he notices that she is right behind him. Amity eagerly asks him if he will take her to the brawl, which he refutes, claiming that Odalia had signed her up for the Emperor's Coven tryout on the same night. As such, he has prepared an Abomaton to escort her there safely. Amity protests that she doesn't want to go to the tryouts, but instead wants to enter the brawl and try to win a champion belt like her father did. Alador admits that he goofed off a lot during his younger days, urging her not to waste time on the brawl, as she has a bright future ahead. Before Amity can say anything else, Alador sends her off, making her feel annoyed.

In present time, Amity vents her frustrations to Luz, saying that she doesn't even want to join a coven anymore, even attempting to disguise the Abomaton out of embarrassment. She goes on to reveal that Alador has taken part in the Bonesborough Brawl before he joined the Abomination Coven - and all she wants is to be on common ground with her father. Luz promises to help her ditch the tryout and join the brawl, much to her surprise, stating that she always goes for the chaotic route when it comes to solving problems. If Amity wins the brawl, perhaps she can use it as a chance to tell Alador that she doesn't want to join a coven anymore. Right then, Eda and King appear at the doorway after hearing the duo talking about the Bonesborough Brawl, and Eda comments that she used to love going to those events, mentioning how great Alador was at fighting. She also says that if Amity goes to the event, she can get her Abomaton out of her house. After thinking for a bit, she decides to go, using magic to alter her voice into Alador's and ordering the Abomaton to go to the Night Market to find a rare emerald dagger. With the command, the Abomaton leaves. Amity insists that she cannot let Alador find out about her ditching the coven tryout until she wins the belt, and Luz proceeds to assure her that she has got her back.

At the brawl venue, Edric and Emira come over to give Amity their support. They give her their concealment stones to let her transform her current appearance into a better-looking one, which leaves Luz starstruck. Meanwhile, King notices Warden Wrath nearby, and suggests to Eda that they can ask him about Belos' plan. She agrees with him, also seeing it as an opportunity to get information on Raine. The duo approach him, and Eda mockingly asks him whether he is training because Luz defeated him twice. Before he can get mad, she tells him to chill and asks him if he had heard any gossip about the Emperor's Castle or the Day of Unity lately. Warden Wrath jokingly questions why he should help, and Eda proceeds to grab him by his shirt, retorting that he owes them all a favor after everything he had done to them. Eda transforms her right arm into a harpy claw, but before she can attack him, Warden Wrath snaps his fingers, and the venue security team comes over to warn Eda not to fight outside the ring. Eda obliges, and then walks away. King is confused at her giving up so easily, and she explains that she has another plan to make Warden Wrath talk - by making a Blabber Serum.

Before the brawl begins, the announcer explains the rules, and says that the last person standing will get a chance to snag the coveted Brawler Belt from their reigning champion – Warden Wrath. Soon, the first round begins, with Amity (as "The Mighty Mittens") fighting one-on-one with Scab the All-knowing. The round ends fairly quickly, as Amity is able to take down her opponent with ease. Upon seeing that, Luz starts to think that Amity doesn't need her help due to her proficiency, considering relaxing altogether. Her phone starts buzzing again, showing her the remainder of the event. The Blight twins appear behind her and ask her about it, so she quickly presses the ignore button and lies that she just remembered about another part of the plan - to join the brawl herself and fight so that Amity can get the belt faster.

A while later, during the break, Amity learns about Luz's plan and is skeptical about how it'll help, and her girlfriend explains that by joining the brawl herself, she can help take out more opponents so that Amity has a better chance of winning. She asks Luz if everything is okay, mentioning that Eda told her it's a special day for her, and nervous, Luz attempts to assure Amity that it's nothing to worry about; she simply can't let her have all the fun. In response, she encourages Luz to try not to get hurt. Luz asks Emira if she knows any healing spells, which she confirms. Edric offers to help as well, and tries to make his pet, Batric, sing for moral support, but fails to do so. Emira consoles him by saying that maybe he just help by cheering from the sidelines, and he agrees with her. After Emira, Amity, and Luz run off, he immediately becomes disappointed, turns around, and walks away.

While walking, he notices a trap with goreberries in it, so he kneels down to take a closer look. King and Eda pop out from a bush nearby and order him to leave, as they're setting a trap to capture skin badgers. Edric informs them that skin bagers eat shushrooms and not goreberries, and proceeds to fortify their rope so it is more efficient. Noticing the two looking at him, Edric apologizes and says that he's probably messing stuff up, heading away from the scene. Instead, Eda calls him back, inquiring if he knows beast keeping magic, and he remarks that it's only a hobby. Edric walks away again, but Eda and King catch up to him. Eda explains that she's trying to make a Blabber Serum, but without magic, she is having trouble getting some of the ingredients, adding that Edric's beast keeping knowledge could really help her. Edric immediately agrees to help, and is promptly dragged away by Eda to start making the serum.

Back at the venue, another round of brawling begins, with Luz (as "The Spellraiser") facing down her opponent, the Flexicutioner. With usage of glyphs, she manages to defeat the opponent easily. On the next round, after a tough battle, Amity manages to defeat her foe via abomination goo. The round after that, Luz finds herself facing down an old demon. Not wanting to hurt her, she activates some smoke glyphs and escorts her off the stage. However, the demon accidentally falls down, making Luz the default winner.

Meanwhile, Edric, Eda, and King finally manage to collect all the ingredients and start making the serum inside a cave. Edric asks Eda if the serum is going to let her ex-companion tells her information about the other ex-companion, remarking that being an adult gets complicated. Irritated and immediately knowing what has happened, Eda tells King not to inform others that Warden Wrath is her ex, and he only laughs in response. Eda goes on to reveal that Wrath might know why Raine doesn't seem to remember her, figuring that it has something to do with the Day of Unity. With the serum, she will be able to get him to spill everything. Noticing that the fire isn't hot enough, she instructs Edric to keep on stirring and walks off to find more fuel for the fire. He sits next to King as he stirs the pot, and King asks him if he's enjoying this. In response, he replies that it's just nice to be taken seriously for once, something King understands.

Back at the venue, before the final round begins, Luz notices that Amity has gotten an injury on her knee from the match before. She remarks that it reminds her of the grudgby match with the Banshees, but Emira promptly orders her to quit talking so she can concentrate on healing. Luz apologizes, trying to think of a distraction when her phone buzzes again, and she decides to take a walk. At the entrance, she accidentally bumps into the Abomaton from earlier while looking down at her phone. Apparently, it managed to find the emerald dagger as requested, and Luz tries to stop it from walking forward, but it keeps advancing. Annoyed by this, she spawns an ice bat with an ice glyph and hits the Abomaton's head with it. However, her action causes the built-in alarm to go off. Frustrated, she proceeds to chop off the warning light bulb atop the Abomaton's head, and immediately after, Amity and Emira approach her. Luz shows them the Abomaton, and Amity asks her if she has touched it, revealing that Alador rigged it with alarms. Luz swiftly lies and denies doing so. Just then, on the stage, Warden Wrath starts spouting fire, so she and Amity head up onto the stage. Before the match can even begin, Alador arrives through the use of abomination goo and announces that Amity is forfeiting the match.

Surprised, Amity wonders how he followed them, and he reveals that someone triggered the alarm on the Abomaton - which proves that Luz lied to Amity, and guilty, she turns away from her. Amity inquires if she had lied to her earlier, and Luz tries to defend herself by saying that she just didn't want to make her worry; Amity snaps that she has been worried already, as Luz has been acting strange all day, and now because of her, she is in trouble. Amity asks Luz what really is going on with her, but she insists that it’s nothing worth mentioning, which saddens Amity due to her refusals to be open. Behind them, Warden Wrath becomes impatient and proceeds to attack, but Alador promptly wraps him up with abomination goo, making him unable to move. Upon seeing that, the announcer tries to give the champion belt to Alador, but he simply walks away, stating that he already has one. He orders Amity to go round up Edric and Emira, commenting that she can sign up for the next coven tryout if she begs. Angered by his words, Amity slaps his hand away and yells that she is not going anywhere with him - or Luz. Using an invisibility glyph snatched from Luz's pocket, she turns herself invisible and runs away from the scene. Luz immediately chases after her, while Alador remains standing on the spot looking stunned.

Behind Alador, Edric and King appear from behind a tree. King notices Alador, but Edric pays him no mind, instead seeing the opportunity to give Warden Wrath the serum. The duo rushes back to the cave, and Edric takes out a jar of fire bee honey from a sack. He explains to King that since the serum needs more heat to finish, he thinks adding the honey into the mixture would help. He places one drop into the pot, making it flash and turn green. Edric then tells King to go find Eda while he brings the pot over to Wrath.

While desperately trying to find Amity, Luz stops running for a bit and looks around. When she looks down, she notices her girlfriend's glasses on the ground, and walking forward, she finds her by the Grom tree. She hesitantly asks Amity if she can sit there, and she only nods in reply, allowing her to do so. She starts telling Luz that she had always wanted to enter the brawl, as she thought it would be fun to bring home the belt, believing it could help her understand her dad better. However, Luz joined the competition and lied about messing with the Abomaton. She asks her why she's been acting strange all day and if it has something to do with the Human Realm. Eventually, Luz relents and starts telling Amity the truth.

Apparently, today is the anniversary of Luz's father passing away: it happened a long time ago, so she didn't want to bring it up. While he was alive, he always brought her and Camila flowers on their birthdays, so after he passed away, Camila and her started picking flowers for each other on his death anniversary. Then, they would visit his grave and spend the day together. This year, she can't be with her mom and doesn't have any flowers so when Amity told her about her problem with Alador, she either felt jealous or sought a distraction from her issues, but either way, she only wanted to help Amity out. She then apologizes to Amity for her reckless behavior and admits that she was being dumb. Her girlfriend tries to console her, but before she can do so, the duo hear people screaming from the direction of the venue. Amity starts running back, but Luz collapses due to her legs feeling wobbly, so she tells her that she will catch up later. Before running off, Amity shouts that she doesn't know anything about the rituals in the Human Realm, but she will help Luz pick some flowers, and they can do something right here in this realm.

Back at the venue, Eda runs up to Edric, asking what happened, and he confesses to putting fire bee honey in the serum, which shocks her. On stage, after drinking the serum, Wrath has transformed into an enormous monster and starts attacking the audience. Eda goes into harpy mode and tries to attack him, but he simply knocks her away, sending her crashing into some trees. Alador tries to hold him down with his Abomaton, but he throws it aside. Amity comes up to help Alador out, but refusing her help, he places her some distance behind him with abomination goo, much to the frustration of her and the twins. Eda then lands, stating that Wrath can't be defeated unless they turn him back to normal, and while Edric suggests something cold, she retorts that there's no time to create a new potion. Right then, Luz walks up to them and tells them that the potion is not needed, as she can handle this, and she asks Eda to give her a lift. Before going off, Luz walks up to Amity and thanks her for being willing to listen, eager to pick flowers with her and taking her hands up in her own. After that, Eda picks up Luz and flies away.

Alador is still busy trying to fight Wrath with his Abomaton, but he throws it away with ease and crushes it with his hand. He tries to lift the hand up with the Abomaton, but it isn’t strong enough to do so. Suddenly, another abomination appears behind it and manages to help it lift up the hand, and Alador notices Amity, preparing to put her back like before. However, she is having none of it and defies Alador, affirming that she will be making her own decisions from now on. Soon, the father and daughter pair combine the Abomaton and abomination together into a large abomination, which is finally strong enough to hold Warden Wrath down. Up above, with Eda holding her hand while flying, Luz tosses some papers with ice and invisibility glyphs and proceeds to activate them together with Eda. This produces a massive amount of snow which drops upon Wrath, and finally, he reverts back to normal.

Eda lands beside Alador, who asks if she has always been able to go into harpy mode, to which she replies that she is aware of what happened at the Blight Industries demonstration and is keeping an eye on him. She then heads over to the snow pile, yanks Wrath out and demands to know the truth about what's going on at the castle, the Day of Unity, and what happened to Raine. Wrath insists that he doesn't know anything, and that the only reason he joined the brawl is because he got demoted for stealing his coworker's lunch, so he just wants to feel in control again. Livid, Eda turns her left arm into claws and prepares to attack Wrath. He finally relents and admits what he knows - he doesn't know anything about Raine, but he heard that the Day of Unity is supposed to unite everyone with the Titan. However, some of them think that this "new world" will not be inviting to magic kind, whether wild or not. Satisfied with the response, Eda throws Wrath back into the snow. Right then, Edric runs up to apologize to her for messing everything up. Eda murmurs that instead of making a Blabber Serum, he successfully created a Transformation Serum instead, something which she can sell. The fact that Edric has knowledge in illusions, beast keeping, and potions magic makes Eda think that he has a bright future in wild magic, and she tells him to keep it up. She proceeds to throw him a "Bad Girl Coven" t-shirt, and Emira runs up to ask for another t-shirt from Eda.

Below the stage, Alador is stunned to learn that Amity no longer wishes to chase her dream of joining the Emperor's Coven, and she remarks that it's always been Odalia's dream, not hers. She goes on to reveal that she is currently dating Luz, pointing out that Alador doesn't even care for her or the twins anymore, as he is too busy making abominations for the Emperor's Coven, adding that he also doesn't care that Odalia is trying to dye her hair green again. Finally getting onto common ground with her, Alador comments that he likes her hair color due to it looking like abominations. Amity, pleased with this, tells him to discuss Odalia's attempts to re-dye her hair with her, which he agrees to. He tries to pull her into a hug, but Amity refuses, opting to shake his hand instead.

Later, Amity finds Luz on a cliff picking flowers. She asks her if she had found any good ones, to which she replies that she hasn't, and Amity attempts to conjure up some with a plant glyph drawn in the ground, which doesn't work. Luz explains to her how to make it fulfill what the user wants, drawing a proper one on the ground and summoning much prettier flowers. Amity then forms a balloon with abomination goo, and Luz ties the flowers around the string, letting them fly away with the balloon in the wind. Amity wonders if they'll reach the Human Realm, and while Luz is doubtful, she remarks that it's something nice to think about.

At the Noceda residence, Camila puts a lily into a vase on a windowsill and looks up to the night sky. She sniffs, then sighs and walks away with a faint smile on her face.


Additional voices

Non-speaking cameo



Title in other languages

Language Title Translation Notes
Taiwan Mandarin 伸出援手 Lend a helping hand
Germany German Reich mir die Hand Give me your Hand
Italy Italian Dare una mano Lend a hand
Portugal Portuguese Estender a Mão Reaching Out


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  • Viewership: This episode was watched by 0.32 viewers on its premiere.[4]
  • At twenty seconds, this episode has the shortest cold open among all episodes so far.
  • The secret message of the episode is in Alador's abomination room on the abomination flag, and the message says "Rush".
  • This is the first episode where Alador appears without Odalia, though she does appear in the photo that Amity has that shows Alador winning the Bonesborough Brawl championship belt sometime ago.
  • A giraffe demon can be found among the audience, despite Eda's claim that they were all banished to the Human Realm.

Revelations and significant events

  • Luz has been using an unknown type of insect's electrical power to charge her phone.
  • Luz discovers a new glyph combo which enables someone/something to hover above ground when activated.
  • Hunter's username on Penstagram is "RULERZREACHF4N". The choice of handle implies Hunter is a fan of the Ruler's Reach book series.
  • Alador appears to have a book titled "Abomination Creation" with an autograph signed by Darius.
  • In the Boiling Isles, there's an event called the Bonesborough Brawl, an underground witches' duel where contestants will fight in order to win the Brawler's Belt.
    • Warden Wrath is revealed to be the reigning champion of the game.
    • The Demon Hunters are the ones organizing the event, hinting that they're no longer working for Animal Control.
    • Alador used to compete when he was young, even winning a Brawler's Belt.
  • Edric and Emira's flawless looks are an illusion thanks to the use of a concealment stone.
    • Edric wears glasses, holds his bangs back with a headband, and has uneven facial hair and hairy legs. His clothes are illusions, too, as he actually wears a t-shirt and sweatpants.
      • Edric wearing glasses was previously hinted by Dana Terrace in a piece of art.[5]
    • Emira has acne and unkempt hair. Her beauty mark is an illusion as well.
  • Each of the Blight twins have some knowledge of other types of magic besides illusions; Edric has been studying beast keeping and Emira knows some healing magic.
  • Luz reveals that her father died when she was young. Since then, she and her mother would pick flowers for each other on the anniversary of his death, then visit her father's grave, and at the end they would spend the whole day together.
    • Amity is the first one in the Demon Realm to learn about what happened to Luz's dad.
    • Judging by the calendar in the Noceda Residence's kitchen, this episode takes place on Monday, August 22, which is also the date of Mr. Noceda's death anniversary.
    • At the end of the episode, Luz and Amity leave floating flowers tied to a balloon made of abomination goo in honor of this tradition.
  • Eda and Alador had known each other long before.
    • This was implied in the flashback from "Young Blood, Old Souls", as a young Alador and Odalia are seen studying at Hexside at the same time as Eda and Lilith, as well attending their duel to enter the Emperor's Coven.
  • Eda seems to have learned how to reverse a partial or complete transformation into her harpy form without having to drink an elixir.
  • Warden Wrath was demoted for stealing his coworker's lunches, but is still in contact with some of his more high-ranking colleagues.
  • According to Wrath, the Day of Unity will supposedly unite the inhabitants of the Boiling Islands with the Titan, but some of his colleagues think it will spell disaster for all magic beings, wild or not.
  • Edric bonds with Eda and receives a Bad Girl Coven t-shirt, with Eda telling him he might have a future in wild magic.
  • Amity reveals to Alador that she no longer wants to be in the Emperor's Coven and that she is dating Luz.
    • Amity also reveals that her mother has tried to get her to dye her hair green again.
  • Amity dyed her hair purple because it's the color of abominations.
  • Amity uses glyph magic for the first time.


  • Hunter is using the Penstagram account he created at the end of "Any Sport in a Storm".
  • Edric keeps the bat he found on the Knee in "Adventures in the Elements", naming it Batric.
  • The tree from which Luz and Amity pick flowers is the same tree that grew after they defeated Grom in "Enchanting Grom Fright".
    • The photo Luz took along with Amity, Willow, and Gus in that episode also appears at the beginning.
  • Eda mentions the events of "A Lying Witch and a Warden", "Young Blood, Old Souls", and "Escaping Expulsion".
  • Luz mentions the grudgby match with the Banshees in "Wing It Like Witches".
    • Eda's grudgby jacket from the same episode is also seen again.
  • The venue of the Bonesborough Brawl is the same place where Luz, Gus and Willow were brought to after the Demon Hunters capture them along with Hooty in "Hooty's Moving Hassle".
  • Alador seems to hold Darius in contempt, just as Darius did with Alador in "Eda's Requiem" and "Any Sport in a Storm": He groans in disgust when he removes a book on abomination magic written and signed by Darius from a box (likely meaning that Darius sent it to him as a veiled criticism of Alador's way to do abomination magic) and then proceeds to use an abomaton to destroy it.
    • The photo of Alador holding his victory belt from the Bonesborough Brawl also has a part of the spectators of the event on it, including Darius, who's booing at Alador and showing a thumbs-down gesture, meaning the falling-out between Alador and Darius must have happened somewhere between the events of the flashback episode "Them's the Breaks, Kid" and Alador's victory.


  • Dragon Ball: The elderly female demon Luz was supposed to fight against started screaming and formed a battle aura just like a Saiyan's.


  • The wanted poster framed in Eda's house changes back and forth between two versions.
    • The version shown in the wide shots is missing King and lists the reward as one million snails.
    • The other, correct version shows the one trillion snails reward. These shots are close ups, so it cannot be determined if King is missing or not, except for one moment where the camera pans up. Only the outline of King is shown, as there are lines that intersect Eda's dress, but no color filling them in.
  • Several times throughout the episode, the lines representing the zipper and pockets on Luz's shorts are gone.
  • When the Blight sisters run up to Luz after she hits the Abomaton's alarm, Amity's hair is shown loose and is seen in a bun again soon after.
  • In a shot of the Noceda kitchen, a calendar can be seen with the date marked as August 22. However in the preceding shot, a separate calendar, marked with a different date, is visible.

Memorable quotes

Today's the anniversary of my dad passing away. That's not an excuse for what I did. Like I said, it happened a while ago, so I... didn't want to bring it up. He always brought us flowers on our birthdays, so after he passed away we started picking flowers for each other. And then we'd visit his grave, and me and my mom would spend the day together.
Luz to Amity



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