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We all love that you express yourself, but if you can't learn to separate fantasy from reality, you may need to spend the summer here.
—Camila to Luz, "A Lying Witch and a Warden"

Reality Check Summer Camp is a summer camp located in the Human Realm that lasts for three months.


Due to Luz's tendency of getting into trouble at school repeatedly, Camila has no choice but to send her to Reality Check Summer Camp in hopes that she can learn how to behave more normally. On the day of departure, Camila leaves Luz alone to wait for the bus, as she needs to go to work. While waiting, Luz ends up following a little owl who stole her book through a portal, and accidentally ends up in the Demon Realm, where she meets Eda the Owl Lady, Hooty, King, and various other witches and demons. She ends up staying with Eda after promising to work for her. At the end of the day, when asked by Camila about the summer camp, Luz replies that she thinks she'll like it there, although clearly not referring to the camp itself.[1]

That same day, upon seeing the human girl, a basilisk named Vee snuck through the portal and entered the Human Realm. She transformed herself into Luz's form when Camila called out for her daughter. Vee ended up taking Luz's place in summer camp, where she stayed in cabin seven and made friends with three highschoolers.[2]

Later in the summer, Luz confesses her feelings to King, saying that she lied to her mom about being at the camp because telling her the truth would likely get her into serious trouble. Later, it is revealed by Grometheus the Fear Bringer that Luz's biggest fear is Camila finding out the truth that she is actually in the Demon Realm and not the summer camp, and getting angry at her. Meanwhile, Vee sent Camila letters from the summer camp under Luz's name.[3]



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