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"Really Small Problems" is the fourteenth episode of the first season of The Owl House, and the fourteenth episode overall.[4]

It premiered on August 1, 2020, alongside "Understanding Willow".


King confides in a carnival fortuneteller who makes his dream come true, but it comes at a cost.[2]


At the Owl House, Luz is doing homework in the kitchen with Gus and Willow while Eda is cooking something. Luz shows Gus and Willow a magic trick by pretending to remove her thumb. Gus is amazed by that, while Willow just laughs as she understands how Luz did it; she tells her that she makes doing homework actually fun. Right then, King interrupts, reminding Luz about their "comedy hour". Eda groans as they start making puns and laugh together. They're interrupted by an alarm, reminding Luz that it's time to go to Hexside, and she bids farewell to everyone.

King becomes worried that Luz might not come back, while Eda just reminds him that she comes back every time, and remarks on how cute he looks when he misses her. King becomes agitated and claims that he, as the King of Demons, misses no one. He is suddenly pushed aside by Luz opening the door. King immediately climbs atop her head, happy that she's back and denying he missed her. Luz explains that school is cancelled because there has been a pixie infestation; Hooty then comes, and throws up letters and parcel addressed to Eda. While going through the letters, Eda notices a flyer advertising a carnival in town. Upon hearing that, Luz invites King to go to the carnival together, as she has been busy with school lately, and they can bring their "comedy hour" activity over there on a tour. King is excited at the idea and agrees. Meanwhile, Eda plans on going too, saying she can try out her new scamming scheme on gullible people. Hooty is ecstatic at the idea of going on an adventure with friends, and goes to pack his stuff, but the trio leaves without him. Hooty realizes that everyone has left, but he becomes distracted by a fly and chases it, wanting it to be his friend.

Eda, Luz and King then arrive at the carnival. Eda stops Owlbert from leaving her staff, needing his help in running her scam. Right then, Tibbles appears, welcoming them to the carnival, noting that they have received his postcard. Eda is surprised at the flyer being from him, and Luz asks if he's mad at them for destroying his stand. Tibbles denies this, saying that after the event, he re-evaluated his life and found his true calling; he now runs a circus called "Tibbles' Tent of Tiny Terrors", with tiny sized animals performing in it. Eda doesn't buy it, and accuses him of running a con. He responds in the negative, and tries to trick them into drinking a strange glowing purple liquid, which he calls a "perfectly innocent bottle of water". Eda throws it away, saying she knows a scam when she sees it, and opens up her own stand called "Eda's House of Human Horrors", where she sells human junk and uses Luz's clothes as exhibit pieces. King reminds Luz that she should lock her closet, but she isn't bothered, intending to have a good time with him.

As they walk around the carnival, they come across a prize stand. King notices a "string weapon" on display, and Luz explains that it's a friendship bracelet, which serves as a declaration to the world that two are best friends with one another. King is excited at the idea and tells Luz they must have it. The prize vendor tells them that they must win it via playing games, and as the duo walk away to do that, they bump into Willow and Gus. Luz is excited to see them, and they explain that they received an invitation from Tibbles too and chose to attend despite knowing it's likely a trap. They invite Luz to go on the Scarris Wheel, but she reponds that she's on a mission to help King win a friendship bracelet. Willow and Gus offer to help, and she asks King about it, to which he reluctantly agrees. The quartet then run off and start playing the attractions inside the carnival. However, throughout the journey, Luz appears to be spending more time with Willow and Gus, leaving out King. Eventually, he walks away, upset that Luz is ignoring him.

King then sits in front of a stand, looking gloomy. Suddenly, a demon appears from it, introducing himself as Obvioso the All-Seeing Psychic. Obvioso tells King that he is aware of him being sad, and King admits it, telling the psychic about Luz being distracted by her other friends and not spending time with him, despite it being their day together. Upon hearing that, Obvioso offers to make King's problems "disappear", and demonstrates it by spraying a creature beside his stand with a liquid from his spray bottle, making it disappear. King freaks out at the sight of that, and Obvioso explains that he can make the creature come back by just tapping his cheeks, summoning it back moments later. King is ecstatic, and leaves after Obvioso gives the bottle to him.

King then bumps into Luz, Willow, and Gus. Luz apologizes for abandoning him, which King accepts, and invites her to go play games and win the bracelets. Though Gus wishes to play something else, and he gets into a small argument with King, but is interrupted by Luz's stomach growling. She runs off to buy food, leaving the others to decide which carnival ride should they go to next. While discussing, Gus picks King up and starts infantilizing him. He is annoyed by this, and demands Gus put him down. During the struggle, the bottle given by Obvioso slips out from his pouch, and drops to the ground, splashing some of the liquid onto Willow and Gus. Right away, they both disappear, freaking King out. When Luz comes back, he tries to tell her what happened. She interrupts by saying they should go win the friendship bracelets as she promised. King figures that Willow and Gus will be okay for a while, and leaves with Luz. Unbeknownst to him, the liquid has only shrunk the duo, not made them disappear. Gus protests having become even smaller, but a creature suddenly appears and start chasing after him and Willow.

After subduing the creature with magic, the duo takes off on a fly, intending on getting Luz's attention. King drags Luz to the prize stand, and after confirming that the bracelets are still there, he takes her to play the carnival attractions. The two appear to be enjoying each other's company, and having a good time. All the while, Willow and Gus desperately try to get Luz's attention, but accidentally fall into a candy machine. After climbing out, Willow notices an attraction called "House of Mirrors", and comes up with an idea. Back at Eda's stand, Eda is busy trying to sell her human treasures when she is suddenly interrupted by the carnival fun police. She tries to attack him with her staff, but Owlbert has already flown off, and is busy playing Whack-A-Giraffe. She then tries to escape, but trips into a vendor's candy machine, and is promptly arrested by the fun police. She is then taken to the carnival boss, and he offers Eda two options; he can either hand over Eda to the Emperor's Coven, or she can scam for him by selling caramel crab apples.

The scene then cuts back to the prize stand. While the prize vendor is counting the tickets won, Luz asks King if he is sure he wants the bracelets and not the talking dinosaur skull toy, and King confirms this, saying the bracelet is important to him. A fly flies up to Luz, and drops a tiny bit of cotton candy on her hair. Grossed out by that, Luz goes off to find a mirror. She notices the arrows on the ground, and follows it into the House of Mirrors attraction. While walking, she sees Willow and Gus and runs up to hug them, but crashes into a mirror and falls to the ground instead. Willow points downwards, and Luz finally notices the shrunk Willow and Gus in front of her. After getting the bracelets, King runs off to find Luz, and eventually discovers her inside the House of Mirrors attraction. Luz turns around to look at him with a displeased expression, and shows him the shrunk Willow and Gus standing on her palm. King freaks out again, saying that they should have disappeared instead of shrinking. He then tries to explain the situation to Luz by showing her the liquid inside the bottle. She tries to snatch the bottle from King's hands, and during the struggle, the bottle falls to the ground, splashing liquid onto her and King. This downsizes them, and King tries to revert their condition by tapping his face, but it doesn't work.

Right then, Tibbles appears and picks them up, taking them back into his circus tent. King wonders why tapping his face didn't work, and after Tibbles puts on a fake moustache, King realizes that Obvioso was Tibbles all along, and he got fooled by him. Tibbles then throws them into a terrarium, forcing them to take part in a show where they get chased by tiny, fierce wild animals trying to kill them. The quartet eventually manage to hide themselves behind a water feeder, and after witnessing the troubles he has brought upon Luz and her friends, King decides to fix the situation himself. He apologizes to Luz for what he has done, saying he just want to be around her more since she is spending more time in school and he knows she will eventually have to go back to the Human Realm. King then jumps on top of the tiny animals and climbs up to the edge of the terrarium. He aims the bracelet at Tibbles, then throws it at his cheeks. Thinking it's just a fly, Tibbles taps on his cheeks, unintentionally reverting Luz, King, Willow, and Gus back to their normal size, along with the "tiny animals" that have apparently been shrunken by him.

Meanwhile, Eda is selling caramel crab apples to the audience, and after hearing one audience mentioning some "dumb kids" on the screen not getting killed, she turns around - realizing that it's Luz, King, and her friends the crowd is talking about, and she becomes angry. Dissatisfied at the show, one of the audience members throws a caramel crab apple onto the stage, which goes directly into a unicorn's mouth. The unicorn eats it and immediately likes the taste. At its order, the other animals start rushing towards the audience, who flee in terror. Tibbles is angry at his plan being spoiled again and tries to shrink Luz and her friends, but Eda takes away his bottle and dumps all the caramel crab apples into him. Eda then calls for the animals' attention, and after seeing the caramel crab apples stuck on Tibbles, they all rush towards him, causing him to flee while screaming. Luz picks up the broken pieces of the bracelets and gives them back to King. He is saddened by that, but immediately says that it's okay, as there are now four pieces instead of two, which is enough for everyone. King gives one piece each to Willow and Gus, who accept his gift and thank him. King then apologizes to Luz, and both reconcile. The latter invites Eda to come along with them to play Bumper Carcasses, but she refuses, saying she has got everything she wanted as she lies atop Tibbles' pile of snails.

Eda, King and Luz later get back to the Owl House. They find Hooty talking to a fly, and slowly retreat from the door. While Hooty is rambling, the fly suddenly flies into his mouth, causing him to start choking. After that, Hooty remarks that he finally knows what friendship tastes like – a bug.


Additional voices

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Problemas muy pequeños Very small problems
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) A Felicidade Nas Pequenas Coisas The Happiness In Small Things
Taiwan Mandarin 遊樂園歷險記 Adventures in Amusement Park
Germany German Winzig Kleine Probleme Tiny Small Problems
Egypt Arabic مشاكل صغيرة Small problems
France French De minuscules problèmes Tiny problems
Indonesia Indonesian Masalah Yang Sangat Kecil Really Small Problems
Israel Hebrew בעיות קטנות Small problems
Japan Japanese ちっちゃい大問題 Small big problem
South Korea Korean 애들이 줄었어요 The Kids Have Shrunk
Malaysia Malay Masalah Yang Sangat Kecil Really Small Problem
Netherlands Dutch Hele kleine probleempjes Really small problems
Portugal Portuguese Pequeninos Problemas Really Small Problems
Poland Polish Tycie Problemy Little Problems


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  • The Bonesborough Carnival featured the following attractions:
    • Bone Tomb
    • Blood Shot
    • Pop the Polyp
    • Tibbles' Tent of Tiny Terrors
    • Eda's Human Horror House
    • Molar Coaster
    • Eat the Fried Orb
    • House of Death
    • Scree Ball
    • Obvioso the All-Seeing Psychic
    • Uniqorn
    • Bumper Carcasses
    • Three Man Cauldron Spinner
    • Triple Swing
    • Photo Booth (three-person max)
    • Skull Toss
    • Wheel of Confusion
    • Wall of Rats
    • Jump Scares
    • Cotton Candy - Gut Cakes - Frozen Food
    • Scary Tunnel, Thrills and Chills
    • Whack-a-Giraffe
    • Rotten Candy
    • House of Mirrors
    • The Fun Police
  • The Fun Police HQ has the following wanted posters:
    • Lord Ham - $300
    • Black Phil - $500,000
    • Prize Thief - $100,000
    • Owl Lady (Eda) - $1,000,000,000,000
    • Leech Boy - $13,000
    • Trash Noble - $200,000
    • Mass of Skull - $100,000,000
    • Mean Slime - $100
    • Great Snake - $100,000
  • The secret code translates to "Feathers".
  • King makes the same pose he does in the intro after Luz comes back immediately from school.
  • This is the first episode to be produced in 2020 according to the credits.
  • This is the last episode of Season 1 where Amity doesn't appear.

Revelations & significant events

  • Tibbles now owns a circus stand.
  • Eda runs scams in the carnival every year.


  • This episode takes place a day or two after the events of "The First Day" and three weeks after the events of "Hooty's Moving Hassle". Tibbles mentions the events of that episode.


  • Gravity Falls - Tibbles avenging himself by shrinking Luz and her friends references Gideon Gleeful shrinking Dipper and Mabel in the episode "Little Dipper".
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena - Luz' anime reflection in the House of Mirrors is in the art style of this anime and manga series.
  • "Black Phill"

    The Witch - On one of the wanted fliers is a black goat goes by the name of "Black Phil", a parody of the film's goat "Black Phillip", who happens to be the devil in disguise.
  • The Rock-afire Explosion - On one of the wanted fliers is a bear who goes by "Prize Thief". His design looks similar to "Billy Bob Brockali" of The Rock-afire Explosion band.
  • "Bloodborne" protagonist.

    Bloodborne - On one of the wanted fliers is a man who looks like the Hunter from the game "Bloodborne". They are wearing a distinctive coat, and are holding a pistol and weapon from the game itself.
  • Fidget spinner - Eda displays one of these fad toys at her booth as a human oddity.
  • 3D pictures - ​​​​​​Tibbles's invite to his carnival is a 3D picture that is a cool illusion of a picture that changes when you move it side to side, not to get confused about the same name for movies, cartoons, etc. and Image changes artwork.
  • Rocko's Modern Life - King's fanny pack has Rocko's shirt colors which are light blue with purple triangles.
  • The Great Mouse Detective - Tibbles ringing a bell to summon his animals to eat Luz, King, Willow and Gus could be a reference to how Ratigan rings his bell to summon his cat to eat those who upset him.


  • In the opening scene where Luz demonstrates the "thumb removal" trick, her index finger is covering her thumb. When the scene changes to Willow and Gus, her index finger is pointing up, yet Gus doesn't notice.
  • When King throws his and Luz's friendship necklace at Tibbles, they have strings. However, when Luz presents what was left of the friendship necklaces, the strings disappear.
  • After Tibbles pats his cheeks, his glasses are the same color as his skin for almost a split second.


  • In Southeast Asia, the word "dumb" was cut.

Memorable quotes

Dumb kids? Wait. Those are my dumb kids!
Because up close, everything's really hairy.



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