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Well, ye had me confront my own biases and I got nothing but respect for ya now, squirt! I mean, sailor.
—Salty to Luz, "Separate Tides"

Salty is a minor character in The Owl House. He is the captain of a crew of bounty hunters tasked with slaying the Selkidomus, but currently works by himself.



Salty is a medium-sized, muscular demon with the overall appearance of a lobster. He is a light, brownish-red, and his left arm is a red-and-gray lobster claw. He has two whiskers hanging off from his chin and a two-tone maroon beak, in addition to red horns on his head with darker gray tips. He dons a scar over his right eye, and has a golden tooth sticking out from his lower lip.


Salty wears a jagged, grayish-white top with a dark cyan cloth around his neck, pinned together by a gray lobster-like trinket with dark gray and yellow claws. Over his top is a navy blue coat with white rings around the sleeves and bluish-gray trim near the neck. He wears medium-blue pants and black boots.


Salty initially appears as a strict, intimidating captain who demands the most out of his crew and wants them to prove his worth to him. However, Salty has softer undertones, and has a lot of pride in his crew, notably in Luz.


Salty is a captain of a ship that belongs to Emperor Belos, implying that he is at least affiliated with the Emperor and his coven. When Belos places a bounty on the rampaging Selkidomus, Salty is tasked with captaining a crew to the Simmering Shoals to slay the beast. One of the bounty hunters that join the voyage is none other than the human Luz Noceda, and as soon as she and King board the ship, the captain lets the Golden Guard know of her presence. As the ship sails to the Simmering Shoals, Salty commands the crew to maintain the ship as they reach their destination, and while he underestimates Luz at first, he later admits that his first impressions on the human were proven wrong and accepts her as part of the crew. Upon reaching the Simmering Shoals, Salty and crew engage the Selkidomus, and Luz manages to wrangle the beast with a plant glyph. However, the victory is short-lived when a burglar (whom Salty mistakes for a ghost) distracts the crew by stealing their money, giving the Selkidomus enough time to escape. Salty cheers for Luz as she chases the burglar.

Later, Salty transports Luz, King and Hooty to a new island, and he reveals to them that his crew has deserted him following their pursuit of the Selkidomus. It is also revealed that he no longer works for the Golden Guard.


Behind the scenes


Salty is voiced by Steve Blum.


Salty debuted in "Separate Tides".

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Poland Polish Zbigniew Dziduch


  • Salty and his crewmates all seem to be inspired by aquatic animals, with Salty himself resembling a lobster.

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