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A scroll is an object which is regularly used by residents of the Boiling Isles. It has similar functions to the smartphones of the Human Realm, allowing its user to browse the internet, take photos and record video.

Teenagers appear to be the largest user base of the scroll, who mainly use it to take selfies and browse social media platforms, such as Penstagram. Unlike smartphones, they seem to lack calling functionality, which is what crow phones are used for.


The scroll bears a resemblance to an ordinary paper scroll, with a very thin screen and two rods on the top and bottom, resembling the rolled top and bottom of a paper scroll. The frame is purple, and the rear is white.

The scroll can be summoned out of thin air. When in use, it can be either held in hand, or float midair while the user scrolls on the screen.

As of "Eda's Requiem", the scrolls now have the manufacturer's logo on the back, which bears resemblance to a stylized gold skull. The color of the backside has also been changed to purple. Eda owns a scroll with a pair of feathered black wings on either side, which appears to be unique, as hers is the only scroll known to have this trait. It is unknown whether it is a special model or an accessory.


Scrolls first appears in "Hooty's Moving Hassle", where Gus summons his scroll and shows Luz a post made by Amity, mocking Willow on Penstagram. Later, Luz, Willow, and Gus accidentally bring the Owl House to life, and after figuring out how to control it, Willow suggests moving the house to Blight Manor, so that she can prove to Amity her talent. Luz initially hesitates, but after seeing another post made by Amity mocking her on Gus' scroll, she immediately changes her mind and the trio start moving the house towards Amity's manor. The trio are then captured by the demon hunters, but manage to escape and bring the Owl House back to its original location. Willow is upset that they didn't get to show Amity their ability to move a house, but unbeknownst to them, various residents of Bonesborough have taken pictures of them and the house and uploaded them to Penstagram. Amity sees the posts on Boscha's scroll, and both react in shock.

In "Once Upon a Swap", Boscha takes a picture with Luz's flashy sign at Eda's Human Collectibles stand, with the intention to make an ironic post on Penstagram with it. King is angered by this and jumps up to the stand to yell at Boscha. However, instead of fearing him, Boscha finds him cute, and summons her scroll to take another selfie of her with King. Later, King (in Luz's body) barges into the Treasure Shack, a spot where Boscha and her friends hang out. Upon seeing him, Boscha types away on her scroll, making a post to mock "Luz" about her wanting to hang out at their spot.

In "The First Day", the detention teacher from Hexside uses a scroll while keeping an eye out on the detention track students.

In "Young Blood, Old Souls", upon hearing about Eda's upcoming petrification ceremony, Gus contacts Willow using his scroll, and Willow declares that they have to do something about it.

In "Eda's Requiem", Luz and King take part in the Gland Prix competition,in hopes that they can get a on-camera interview so that King can send out a message to his father. However, during the competition, King's motion sickness gets the best of him and he throws up, causing Luz to crash, and they eventually lose the competition. King is upset at this and wants to throw his pre-written speech into the trash, but Eda convinces him not to do so. She uses her scroll to make a live video of King reading his speech on Penstagram, spreading King's message out to anyone watching the video on the Boiling Isles. Eventually, an unknown character that resembles King sees the video and decides to write a letter to King. Eberwolf also watches on his scroll and turns up the volume, much to Darius' annoyance.

In "Any Sport in a Storm", Skara uses her scroll to catch up on the latest flyer derby strategies. After their victory, the Emerald Entrails take a team photo on Willow's scroll. While the Emerald Entrails are being held captive on Darius' airship, he scrolls through his Penstagram feed, seeing posts from Raine, Lilith, and Alador; he mutes the post in annoyance. After Hunter stands up to Darius, he gives the teen a scroll, stating that he should make connections outside the castle.

In "Reaching Out", Willow gives Luz Hunter's Penstagram account, which she uses to try to obtain information from Hunter about Belos using Eda's account. Hunter does not provide her with information, but he does send a picture of Flapjack sleeping on his cloak, which he then immediately states was meant for someone else.

In "Labyrinth Runners", Amity uses her scroll to contact Edric, finding out where the Hexside students and faculty are sheltering from him.

Known apps[]

  • Penstagram