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The second season of The Owl House was announced on November 21, 2019, ahead of the series premiere.[1] It premiered on June 12, 2021.[2]

It consists of 21 episodes.



Season Overview

Season Episodes Production Codes Start date End date Total Viewers
2 21 201-TBA June 12, 2021 TBA TBA


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Episode # Production Code Title Synopsis Airdate Viewers (millions)
1 201 Separate Tides Luz feels guilty about Eda losing her powers, so she sets sail in search of a lucrative bounty to help the Owl House.[3] June 12, 2021 0.29
2 202 Escaping Expulsion When Amity's parents get Luz, Willow and Gus expelled from Hexside, Luz strikes a dangerous deal with them to get back into school.[3] June 19, 2021 0.37
3 203 Echoes of the Past King's delusions of grandeur lead Luz, Lilith, and Hooty to a dangerous new island.[3] June 26, 2021 0.33
4 204 Keeping Up A-fear-ances Eda gets an unwelcome visit from a family member who puts a strain on everyone in the Owl House.[3] July 3, 2021 0.38
5 205 Through the Looking Glass Ruins Gus tries to impress a group of cool kids from Glandus High, while Luz and Amity journey into the most dangerous section of the library.[3] July 10, 2021 N/A
6 206 Hunting Palismen It's Palisman Pairing Day at Hexside, but Luz doesn’t match with a Palisman of her own and soon finds herself on an unexpected journey with a foe.[4] July 17, 2021 N/A
7 207 Eda's Requiem A special witch from Eda's past enlists her in a rebellion against the Emperor.[4] July 24, 2021 N/A
8 209 Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door Hooty tries to help King, Eda and Luz with their problems, but it doesn't go as planned.[4] July 31, 2021 N/A
9 208 Eclipse Lake When Luz gets sick with the Common Mold, it's up to Amity, King and Eda to find an important ingredient for the portal door—but they're not the only ones on its trail.[5] August 7, 2021 N/A
10 210 Yesterday's Lie Luz thinks she's found a way back home but questions if she's ready for what she'll find on the other side.[5] August 14, 2021 N/A


  • Like the first season, the first letter of the title of each episode spells out a sentence. So far, the message is "SEEK THE KEY...".
  • Like the first season, every episode of the season features a coded message in the background. So far, the message is "Seething Seas And Puppet Strings He No Longer Dreams Of...".

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