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"Sense and Insensitivity" is the eleventh episode of the first season of The Owl House, and the eleventh episode overall.[4]

It premiered on July 11, 2020.


When King becomes a bestselling author, he learns a valuable lesson in reading the fine print.[5]


The episode begins with King and Eda sitting at the Human Collectibles stand trying to sell items. To their dismay, there are little to no customers interested in what they have to sell. At seemingly perfect timing, Luz appears, excited to tell the two about the Book Fair happening nearby. Eda and King seem uninterested, but Luz is able to convince King to give the fair a shot after allowing him to walk around in her hoodie. Meanwhile, Eda walks around searching for dwellers to "pickpocket."

When the pair walks around, they stumble across a Writing Competition, which sparks both King and Luz's attention - but for different reasons. Luz aspires to write a story and inspire her readers, while King seeks to hold power over them. They decide to brainstorm a book together to submit for the contest. During these scenes, Eda strolls the fair and spots her sister, Lilith, buying a map to the Bloom of Eternal Youth to find and then give to the Emperor. Eda, searching for youth to hopefully reverse her curse, buys a map as well to find the flower herself.

Back at The Owl House, King and Luz start to brainstorm ideas for the story. It's clear from the start that the two desire different things for their stories - King seeks violence and bloodshed, while Luz yearns for romantic tension to tie the tale together. They agree to have their story be about "Luzura" (Luz's self insert character based on Azura), and as Luz is well into writing the story with King, she is called downstairs by Eda.

Eda relays to Luz that she'll be going on a mission to a "undisclosed place for undisclosed reasons", and that she'll be left in charge. After the conversation that only seemed to last under a minute, Luz comes back upstairs to find that King has completely changed everything they had planned for the story, throwing out everything they had written together into the trash can. Luz is deeply bothered by King wanting to take over the writing process, and leaves him to write her own story.

Bothered by Luz, King goes to Grimgrub's Pub to find an editor who wants to read the new book he made, "Ruler's Reach". He comes across Piniet, an official from a publishing house who after reading his story, is very interested and wants to make King a famous author. King signs a contract, and seemingly overnight, becomes a literary sensation that's filling up book stores, and getting reviewed by top critics. His books are flying off of the shelves. King quickly gets enamored by his fame, as fans run to get his autograph.

Meanwhile, Eda, running to find the flower, hears a sudden noise, and turns around to discover it's Lilith who crossed paths with her. It then becomes a competition—who can find the flower first?

As Luz continues typing away her own passage, she's invited by King to go to a "Meet the Author" event where he'll meet up with his fans. Despite being originally reluctant, Luz decides to go to the event to (hopefully) reconcile with King and mend the issue. Before Luz arrives at the event, King is chatting with his fans as Piniet sits alongside him. Piniet then pulls King aside and asks to speak about when his next book will be getting released. King surprises Piniet by showing him "Ruler's Reach 2", the second edition to his series. However, Piniet finds the sequel so sickening that he thinks it's a joke, calling it "truly awful" (to King's dismay). King realizes he needs Luz's help, and just in time, she arrives to the event. King rushes over to her, and in the midst of her apology, tells Luz that without her romantic writing to dislike and rebel against, he won't be able to write his series well enough. Luz gets angry at King's lack of empathy and awareness, and retracts her apology. Piniet hears this, and comes up with a plan to get King to write him another bestseller.

Once Eda and Lilith finally make it to the Bloom of Eternal Youth, Eda pushes Lilith and grabs the flower for herself. However, the flower soon vanishes, and the two sisters realize they may have just walked into a trap. However, after the monster shows himself, Lilith and Eda realize he isn't much of a threat, and beat him up together, creating what appears to be peace amongst the sisters. Lilith begs Eda to join the Emperor's coven and tells her that the emperor can heal her curse. Eda denies the request regardless as she does not want to owe the Emperor anything, and wants to break the curse on her own terms.

Back at the book event, Piniet captures Luz and traps her in a purple shrinking box. He brings in King, trapping him in the box as well. Piniet threatens them that if they can't come up with a good book, they will become compressed into boxes and be trapped eternally. When Luz and King beg him to let them out, Piniet reminds King of the contract he signed.

As the box closes in on them, King comes to his senses and apologizes to Luz for how he acted. They work together and come up with a plan to escape the box. The two call over Piniet and give him the book to read through, but he still doesn't find the story absorbing. He eventually reaches the final page, he encounters a light glyph. Luz activates it, blinds Piniet, which allows King to use his scarf to snatch the contract and destroy it, freeing them from the box. As Piniet corners the two using his guards, a fan runs into the room where they are and asks Piniet to read what she wrote. Piniet, thoroughly impressed, focuses his attention on the fan, and lets Luz and King leave.

Eda comes home to find Luz and King asleep on the couch. She asks if anyone would like to calm down with a book, which makes Luz and King leave the room in fear of what had just happened. Noticing King's book on the table, Eda picks it up and turns to the back cover, looking confused when she sees King's picture.


Additional voices

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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Sensatez y resentimientos Sense and resentments
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Razão e Insensibilidade Reason and Insensitivity
Taiwan Mandarin 最佳寫書拍檔 Best Writing Partner
Germany German Gefühl und Unverstand Sense and Ignorance
Egypt Arabic الحساس و اللامبالي The Sensitive and Indifferent
France French Auteur à succès Successful Author
Indonesia Indonesian Kepekaan dan Ketidakpekaan Sensitivity and Insensitivity
Israel Hebrew תבונה וחוסר רגישות Wisdom and insensitivity
Italy Italian Ragione e Insensibilità Reason and Insensitivity
Japan Japanese 作家デビュー! Writer debut!
South Korea Korean 킹, 작가가 되다 King Becomes a Writer
Malaysia Malay Kesedaran dan Tidak Peka Awareness and Not Sensitive
Netherlands Dutch Zinnen en onzinnen Phrases and nonsense
Portugal Portuguese Sensibilidade e Falta de Senso Sensitivity and lacking of good sense
Poland Polish Rozważna i nieromantyczny Sense and unromantic
Romania Romanian Rațiune și Insensibilitate Sense and Insensitivity
Russia Russian Чувства и бесчувственность Feelings and insensitivity


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  • After the intro, while Eda is walking around and knocking down some books, there is a code revealed on an opened book on top of a bookshelf. This is the 11th code, which gets cracked into "EI" and translated into "A".
  • The Book Fair contained the following stalls:
    • Hot Romance
    • Half Moon Publishing
    • Even More Books
    • Read or Die
    • Trekking the Stars
    • The Reviewnicorn
    • Ghost Writers
    • Tragedy Section: Read 'Em and Weep
    • Books, Books & Books
    • Don't Judge by this Cover.
  • The Book Fair featured the following titles:
    • The Sword and the Stone and Me
    • Pulling a Faust One
    • The Magic Mirror
    • Realm Warrior
    • Ruler's Reach
    • Planetary Love
    • My Boyfriend from Tartarus.
  • It is revealed that books on the Boiling Isles aren't printed, but forged.
  • This episode aired on the same day as the premiere of Amphibia season two.
    • Coincidentally, this episode of The Owl House and "Swamp and Sensibility", a second season episode of Amphibia, share similar titles because they both refer to the aforementioned Jane Austen's 1811 novel Sense and Sensibility.[6]
  • The episode completed production on November 27, 2019.[7] This is also the last episode produced in 2019 according to the credits.
  • Contracts on the Boiling Isles are enforced by magic and can be voided by destroying the original document.
  • Amelia's voice is different than it was in "Once Upon a Swap", being in a similar pitch as Boscha's.
  • This is the only episode where Steve is voiced by Alex Hirsch.


  • Sense and Sensibility - The title is a play on the first book written by Jane Austen.
  • Gravity Falls - King's stated desire for a people chair references Bill Cipher's Throne of Frozen Human Agony from the Weirdmageddon three (or four if you count Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back the Falls as two episodes) part finale.
  • Read or Die - The bookstall Read or Die references the title of this manga and anime series.
  • Star Trek - Bob's book stall is called Trekking the Stars.
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil - Piniet's shrinking box reflects Toffee's shrinking crystal box from "Storm the Castle" with which he tortured Marco.
  • Tangled - One of Luz' ideas for the book is that "Luzura's tears fall on the frozen prince, bringing him back to life". This is a nod to the end of Tangled, in which Rapunzel's tears bring a deceased Eugene/Flynn Ryder back to life.
  • Frozen - It is also a nod to the ending of Frozen, as, per the suggestion, Luzura's tears were to bring the prince back to life from a frozen state, alluding to how Anna briefly became frozen and later came back to life while her sister Elsa mourned her at the end of the film.
  • The Critic - The motion standee of King which recites "Spend money on my thing I wrote" references a standee of Jay Sherman which recites "Buy my book" ad nauseam in the season one episode Miserable.
  • Save the Cat: Luz's list of story elements references Blake Snyder's essential volume on story structure.
  • Hero's Journey - Luz's circular diagram references this classic story archetype.
  • Nom de Plume - The author John De Plume references this phrase meaning pen name or pseudonym.


Boscha Clone - 002.png

  • When the people throw and catch King, his scarf is black in the one frame instead of green.
  • When Eda is sitting on the couch, the frame of her right hair tuft disappears and its outline intersects with the couch.
  • In the scene where people are crowding at a King Ruler's Reach stand to get his book, Boscha appears in two different spots in the same scene.


  • The line "What the heck, man?" was cut during Southeast Asia broadcast.

Memorable quotes

It reeks more of nerd than money today
Your story is all hugging and crying!
I know my good angle.
Ugh, what are these basement dwellers doing in natural sunlight?
Why don't you go home and rest- wouldn't want you breaking a hip.
You wanna touch my scarf? A fan crocheted it out of their own hair. It smells so bad!
I can make you a star!



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