"Sense and Insensitivity" is the eleventh episode in the first season of The Owl House.[2]


When King becomes a bestselling author, he learns a valuable lesson in reading the fine print.[3]


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Additional voices

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Flag of France French Auteur à succès Successful author
Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese Cuộc Thi Viết Sách Book writing competition


  • Sense and Sensibility: The title is a play on the first book written by Jane Austen.
  • Gravity Falls: King's stated desire for a people chair references Bill Cipher's Throne of Frozen Human Agony from the Weirdmageddon 3 (or 4 if you count Weirdmageddon 3: Take back the Falls as 2 episodes) part finale.
  • Read or Die: The bookstall Read or Die references the title of this manga and anime series.
  • Star Trek: Bob's book stall is called Trekking the Stars.
  • Star vs the Forces of Evil: Piniet's shrinking box references Toffee's shrinking crystal box from "Storm the Castle" with which he tortured Marco.
  • Save the Cat: Luz's list of story elements references Blake Snyder's essential volume on story structure.
  • Hero's Journey: Luz's circular diagram references this classic story archetype.
  • Nom de Plume: The author John De Plume references this phrase meaning pen name or pseudonym.


Boscha Clone - 002
  • When the people throw and catch King, his scarf is black in the one frame instead of green.
  • When Eda is sitting on the couch, the frame of her right hair tuft disappears and its outline intersects with the couch.
  • In the scene where people are crowding at a King Ruler's Reach stand to get his book, Boscha appears in two different spots in the same scene.


  • The line "What the heck, man?" was cut during Southeast Asia broadcast.


  • After the intro, while Eda is walking around and knocking down some books, there is a code revealed on an opened book on top of a bookshelf. This is the 11th code, which gets cracked into "EI" and translated into "A".
  • The Book Fair contained the following stalls:
    • Hot Romance
    • Half Moon Publishing
    • Even More Books
    • Read or Die
    • Trekking the Stars
    • The Reviewnicorn
    • Ghost Writers
    • Tragedy Section: Read 'Em and Weep
    • Books, Books & Books
    • Don't Judge by this Cover.
  • The Book Fair featured the following titles:
    • The Sword and the Stone and Me
    • Pulling a Faust One
    • The Magic Mirror
    • Realm Warrior
    • Ruler's Reach
    • Planetary Love
    • My Boyfriend from Tartarus.
  • It is revealed that books on the Boiling Isles aren't printed, they are forged.
  • This episode aired on the same day as the premiere of Amphibia season two.
    • Coincidentally, this episode of The Owl House and "Swamp and Sensibility", a second season episode of Amphibia, share similar titles because they both refer to the aforementioned Jane Austen's 1811 novel Sense and Sensibility.[4]
  • Although this episode premiered in 2020, it was produced in 2019, according to the credits.
  • Contracts on the Boiling Isles are enforced by magic and can be voided by destroying the original document.


It reeks more of nerd than money today


I know my good angle.


Ugh, what are these basement dwellers doing in natural sunlight?


Why don't you go home and rest- wouldn't want you breaking a hip.


You wanna touch my scarf? A fan crocheted it out of their own hair. It smells so bad!


I can make you a star!



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