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"Separate Tides" is the first episode of the second season of The Owl House, and the twentieth episode overall.

It premiered on June 12, 2021.


Luz feels guilty about Eda losing her powers, so she sets sail in search of a lucrative bounty to help the Owl House.[1]


The episode picks up a week and a half after Luz destroyed the portal and saved Eda. At the start, Luz is tracking down a demon named Garlog, in order to collect the bounty on him. Luz finds Garlog in a cave, who warns her to leave, threatening her with death. Luz refuses to back down and tries to attack Garlog, but immediately finds out that he is actually a tiny, nonthreatening demon, and becomes disappointed. Garlog tries to warn Luz not to underestimate him, but he is eaten by King before he can finish. Luz orders King to spit him out, but King refuses and runs away, forcing Luz to chase after him.

Once they get home, Luz sends her mom a video message catching her up on what has happened since she destroyed the portal. Luz explains that Eda's curse had weakened her magic and she is struggling to cope. Lilith, who has also been weakened after splitting the curse between herself and her sister, has moved into the Owl House after betraying Emperor Belos. With the portal gone, Eda is no longer able to sell any more human garbage, and everyone is now taking up odd jobs to earn money. Lately, they've taken up bounty hunting. Luz promises her mom that she's studying as much magic as she can, in the hopes that she'll return home. She tries to send the video, but it doesn't work, like the last few messages she has tried to send (since the portal to the Human Realm have been destroyed).

Soon, Eda, Luz, King and Lilith all head down to the market to collect their bounties for all the demons they've captured. Luz and Eda are worried about how much Belos has taken over. They try to cash in their bounties, but only get half a snail as a reward. Eda tries to threaten the clerk with who she is, but he isn't afraid, as it's public knowledge that she has lost her magic. Eda tries to attack him, but it doesn't work, much to the awkwardness of the crowd. Eda tries to remind the crowd who she is with her wanted poster, only to have it taken by a trashman. Lilith revels in the fact that her image still commands respect and fear, only to have the Emperor's Coven poster with her face on them destroyed with a flamethrower, due to her treachery, and replaced with ones featuring Belos' right-hand man, the Golden Guard, who Lilith considers to be a brat. She tries to throw one away, but it sticks to her face instead.

Luz suggests they take the biggest bounty they can find as a confidence boost, and finds a bounty for a sea creature called the Selkidomus, which has been ravaging boats lately, that will earn them 1 million snails. Eda refuses, however, as she wants to keep a low profile while her powers are weak and would prefer an easier bounty. She points out a bounty for a demon called the Abominable Cutie Pie, who Luz catches almost immediately. Luz then overhears a conversation between Eda and Lilith, where Eda says that she is sure Luz can handle the tougher bounties, but they don't have the luxury to mess up once. She also learns that Eda has had to stop drinking apple blood, so they can have food that Luz can eat. Luz feels guilty of what happened to Eda and blames herself for the position Eda is in right now. So, she decides to take on the Selkidomus bounty and joins a crew that is going to hunt it together with King.

Meanwhile, Lilith is still adjusting to her new life at the Owl House. Eda, inspired by getting scammed at the market, invites her on an outing that will hopefully result in them getting more money, but she refuses. Wanting to make up for her past mistakes, she decides to make Eda a scrying potion that will allow her to spy on the Emperor's palace. Hooty notices this, and thinking Lilith is planning on spying her old buddies, offers to help her. However, Lilith refuses, wanting to do this on her own. Hooty refuses to listen, and follows her anyway.

Luz and King set sail to where the Selkidomus was last seen, the Simmering Shoals. During the voyage, Luz carries out a series of chores on the ship, while King spends most of the time eating crackers. Eventually, Luz gets accepted by the crew, and wins the captain's respect. King boos the captain and tries to fight off a bird monster attempting to take away his cracker, until a wave hits the ship and he accidentally falls and rolls into the captain's quarters. King notices a box of crackers on a table and immediately climbs up to eat it. While doing so, he notices a letter with the Emperor's sigil on it. King lights up an oil lamp to take a better look at his surrounding, and notices the room is filled with objects with the Emperor's coven's logo on them. King realises that the ship belongs to Emperor Belos and attempts to go and warn Luz, but is promptly captured by the Golden Guard before he can do so. Eventually, the boat arrives at the Simmering Shoals and the crew catch sight of the Selkidomus. Luz uses her ice and plant magic to successfully capture the beast, but it soon breaks away after a mysterious pirate bombards the ship and steals their money. Luz chases after the pirate to an island, who turns out to be Eda. At the same time, they lose all the money when it gets swept away into the boiling sea.

Luz and Eda are then met by the Golden Guard, who is holding King in a birdcage. He tells them that Luz will have to remain a sailor to pay back all the money they've lost, while Eda will be arrested again for attacking one of the Emperor's ships. Eda asks why Belos wants the Selkidomus dead, considering it's a peaceful creature, to which the Golden Guard simply states he is just following orders. Luz and Eda attack the Golden Guard, but he easily overpowers them, threatening to dangle them above the boiling sea. The Golden Guard then comes up with an alternative, he tells them to slay the beast, summoning a sword to kill it with. If they don't do as he says, he will drown King in the boiling sea. Seeing no alternative, Luz takes the sword and goes after the Selkidomus despite Eda's objections.

Inside the cave, Luz confesses to Eda that she believes she has to do this to make up for everything that has happened to Eda because of her. She then finds the Selkidomus and engages the beast, but it proves to be much stronger than her. She almost succeeds at killing the beast, but Eda stops her. She tells Luz that she is not to blame for anything, as she is the one who saved her from turning to stone and got her talking to her sister again. Eda considers her life a lot better now because she has a friend like Luz, and upon hearing that, Luz starts tearing up. Eda tries to think of a way to get out of the situation, but then, the duo notice a baby selkidomous behind them. They realize that the Selkidomus is only hostile because it's trying to protect its baby. Together, Luz and Eda come up with a plan that gets them out of the predicament they are in without killing the Selkidomus. Using plant and light magic, they trick the Golden Guard into thinking that they have killed the Selkidomus, convincing him to let them go free and release King. However, he also warns them to stay out of trouble as the Emperor is not a merciful man before departing. Eda then warns the Selkidomus to leave the area, as it is no longer safe. In gratitude for protecting herself and her infant, the Selkidomus barfs up golden selkigris as a reward to Eda and Luz. Eda is excited at the sight of this, as the substance is worth a fortune at the Night Market. She then throws Luz into the selkigris, before jumping onto it herself and laughing together with Luz.

Meanwhile, Lilith is out looking for ingredients for the scrying potion. She has so far collected everything she needs, all that is left is Fire Bee honey, which is not easy to get. The fire bees attack her as soon as they see her, and Lilith is unable to summon enough ice to defend herself. Hooty then appears and offers to help once more. Frustrated, she yells at Hooty, calling him a weird bird worm who'll never understand what she's going through, believing that she wouldn't be much of a witch if she couldn't do this alone. Dejected, Hooty apologizes and leaves Lilith alone. Lilith tries to get to the honey and fight the bees off with a stick, but the bees overpower her and surround her. Realizing she cannot not do this on her own, she calls out for help. Immediately, Hooty breaks out from the ground and comes to her rescue. He fights off the fire bees and successfully acquires the fire bee honey needed by Lilith.

Back at the Owl House, Lilith apologizes to Hooty for chasing him away earlier while treating Hooty, as he got severely stung by the fire bees. Hooty apologizes to her for being nosy, and asks her if she agrees that every friendship has its ups and downs, calling her his "best friend". Lilith refuses to comment on that, but starts calling Hooty "Hootsifer". Upon hearing the nickname, Hooty becomes ecstatic as he finally has a best friend. By the time Luz, Eda and King return home, Lilith has completed the scrying potion. Lilith tells them they can use it to spy on the Emperor's Castle or play tricks on the guards. Eda loves the gift and feeling in such a good mood, they decide to order take out and draw faces on Hooty. Hooty is unwilling to let them do that, to which Lilith says she'll protect Hooty from them. Little does everyone know, Emperor Belos is rebuilding the portal door, and appears to be almost finished with it.


Additional voices

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Other characters

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Mareas Separadas Separate tides
Belgium French (Belgium) Chasseurs de primes Bounty hunters
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Uma andorinha só não faz verão One swallow doesn't make a summer
Taiwan Mandarin 患難見真情 A Friend In Need is a Friend Indeed Lit. Tough Times Show the Sincerity of Relationship
Germany German Getrennte Gezeiten Separate tides
Denmark Danish Forskellige strømninger Different currents
Egypt Arabic جزر منفصلة Separate Islands
Spain Spanish Caminos separados Separate paths
France French Chasseurs de primes Bounty hunters
Indonesia Indonesian Pasang Terpisah Separate Tides
Israel Hebrew זרמים נפרדים Separate streams
Italy Italian Strade separate Separate paths
Japan Japanese それぞれの思い Each thought
South Korea Korean 별개의 흐름 Separate Flow
Malaysia Malay Pasang Surut Berasingan Separate Tide
Netherlands Dutch Gescheiden Getijden Separated Tides
Portugal Portuguese Correntes Diferentes Different Currents
Poland Polish Na morzu At sea
Romania Romanian Sorți Separate Separate Fates
Turkey Turkish Ayrı Gelgitler Separate Tides


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  • This episode, along with "Escaping Expulsion", were screened at the Paley Center in New York for Pride Month from June 5 to June 7.
    • After the first day of the event, the episodes were leaked online.
  • The secret message for this episode is found inside the Golden Guard's room in the Emperor's Coven ship, and it spells "seething".
  • The opening scene is a reference of the opening scene from "A Lying Witch and a Warden".
  • At the end of her video message, Luz says in Spanish, "Te quiero, Mama. Te lo prometo, regresaré a casa pronto.", which means "I love you, Mom. I promise I'll return home soon."
  • This is the first episode where the Golden Guard has a speaking role.
  • Beginning with this episode, Brad Breeck (best known for his work on Gravity Falls and Star vs. the Forces of Evil) takes over as series composer. TJ Hill's music for the opening and closing credits is still used.
  • The full episode can be found on Disney Channel's official YouTube channel.
  • This is the first episode where Eda keeps her hair in a ponytail.
  • The following bounties/requests are available on/beside the notice board:
    • The Eye (Reward: 50,000 snails)
    • Great Snake (Reward: 100,000 snails)
    • Black Phil (Reward: 500,000 snails)
    • Three-eyed Toad (Reward: 50,000 snails)
    • Snake Eater (Reward: 300,000 snails)
    • ???? (Reward: 20,000 snails)
    • Knife Baby (Reward: 60,000 snails)
    • Part-time Babysitter (Reward: 10,000 snails)
    • Abominable Cutie Pie (Reward: 600 snails)
    • Scratcher (Reward: 40,000 snails)
    • Mean Slime (Reward: 100 snails)
    • Prize Thief (Reward: 100,000 snails)
    • A Friend (Reward: 10 snails*)

Revelations and significant events

  • Luz has been trying to send text messages and videos to her mom telling her about the Boiling Isles, but she is unable to send them due to the lack of a signal after the portal was destroyed.
  • It is revealed that Eda has been cursed for about thirty years.
  • Lilith now lives in the Owl House and sports a new outfit.
  • Eda is no longer wanted as a criminal due to losing her magic. Also, people no longer fear or respect Eda and Lilith for the same reason.
  • A majority of the foods available on the Boiling Isles are indigestible for humans such as Luz, with some exceptions like griffin eggs.
  • The mysterious guard who accompanied Emperor Belos previously is known as the Golden Guard, and is a teenager.
  • Emperor Belos is revealed to have long, ash-blond hair.



  • Walt Disney - In the recap message Luz tries to send to her mom she tells herself to "keep moving forward". This is something Walt Disney once said in a speech about how his company should continue to innovate.
  • William Tell - The scene where Eda tries to throw her spear through an apple on King's head is a reference to the classic scene from the story of William Tell.
  • Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire - Luz's sailor outfit is reminiscent of the outfits worn by Team Aqua.
  • Clash of the Titans - When King goes to look for crackers, he finds a box of "Kraken Krackers" with the slogan "Release the Krackers", a reference to Laurence Olivier's famous line from the film.
  • Craigslist - The board that has the bounties listed is called "Greg's List", a reference to the American classified advertisements website.


  • When Luz is running towards the notice board to check out available bounties, the Selkidomus bounty does not appear on the board.
  • The shot of Luz slapping down the ice glyph into the sea is reused twice, once when she's trying to capture the Selkidomus and once when she goes to chase after Eda.



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