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You know what? It has been a rough year, and my self-esteem can only take so much. I quit! I'm going back to the Tiny Cat Coven.
—Severine rage-quitting her job, "Labyrinth Runners"

Severine is a minor character of The Owl House. She used to be a Coven Scout before quitting in rage due to mistreatment and intolerable pressure.



Severine is a tall, lanky biped demon who looks vaguely arthropod/cat-like with brown skin, a blue mouth, fangs that are the exact same color as her skin, and tan horns on her neck. She also has two large tan horns on her head, the shape of which are visible from the top of her hood as a Coven Scout. Her eyes are black with yellow irises.


During her time in the Emperor's Coven, she wore the standard Coven Scout attire, although hers had a longer shirt and shorter harem pants.


Not much is known about Severine, but she suffered from the constant abuse and pressure by her superiors, which caused her to resign from her position in the Emperor's Coven.


Presumably, Severine underwent the same brutal training regiments that all Coven Scouts experienced and likely gave up her palisman after joining.

Severine's most notable contribution is aiding Head Illusionist Adrian Graye Vernworth brand all the students of Hexside School of Magic and Demonics. During the mission, she faces constant criticism from the Head Illusionist, and when the Guard Captain threatens to leave without her, Severine leaves the Emperor's Coven to return to the Tiny Cat Coven.


Behind the scenes


Severine is voiced by Dana Terrace[1], the show's creator, who also voices Tinella Nosa.


Sevrine debuted in the episode "Labyrinth Runners".


  • Prior to her reveal, scouts with the same silhouette as her can be seen in various episodes. While it is unknown if these individuals are Severine or not, a hooded Coven Scout "O Titan, Where Art Thou" resembling her appears, but with a different voice, confirming them to be someone else. This, along with the fact that Severine had quit in the previous episode, supports the possibility that Severine's demon species is at least common among the Coven Scouts.
  • She is the first Coven Scout to reveal her face in the series.
  • Her name was revealed in "Labyrinth Runners".
  • She was once a part of the Tiny Cat Coven.


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