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Yes! This is my favorite part!
—Skara, Exclaiming about the formation of a plan., "Labyrinth Runners"

Skara is a recurring character of The Owl House. She is a student at Hexside School of Magic and Demonics under the bard track. She is also one of Boscha's friends, a member of the school's grudgby team, the Banshees, and later the Emerald Entrails flyer derby team.



Skara is a young witch with a dark brown skin tone, eyes with gray irises, pointy ears, and hair that comes in tones of pinkish-gray and deep mauve held up in a ponytail.

In the epilogue, she has her hair braided with many accessories and sports dark red lipstick on her bottom lip.


Skara is always seen wearing the Hexside school uniform, with red leggings and sleeves, signifying her as a member of the bard track. She also wears dark gray heeled boots, gold studded earrings, and a red accessory keeping her hair back. In "Once Upon a Swap", she is seen wearing red and white boots with bat wings that allow her to fly.

While hiding out at Hexside, Skara wears a cloak with a makeshift left-shoulder pauldron made from a scout's mask and some pieces of her flyer derby uniform. She also has a scratch on her left cheek.

In the epilogue of "Watching and Dreaming", she wears a pale peach shirt with maroon stripes, a red vest with a brown belt, black pants ending at her calves, and two-tone red ankle-length heeled boots. She no longer wears her earrings.


Skara is extremely excitable and very sociable, mostly seen spending her time in the presence of her Hexside schoolmates. As a member of the Banshees and of Boscha's inner circle, Skara appears to enjoy a high station on Hexside's social ladder. She frequently joined in belittling "lesser" students, like Willow, at Boscha's behest. She also indulges in practical jokes around Bonesborough when the opportunity presents itself and can be swayed from Boscha's side if a "cooler" candidate vies for her attention.

Despite this attitude, Skara has shown she is gentler than she appears. In "Understanding Willow", Skara can easily be intimidated by stronger personalities, such as Amity, who herself wrote Skara off as "mean". Skara was also the only one who was curious about what happened to Amity and Willow's past friendship. Another example of her more sympathetic attitude appears in "Wing It Like Witches", wherein Skara, as well as the rest of the Banshees, had shown remorse over Boscha's relentless bullying of Luz after the latter had forfeited the grudgby match. Furthermore, although the Banshees gave everything to win the final match, and despite coming out as the winners, Skara congratulated Willow and Luz for their skills during the match.

"Any Sport in a Storm" reveals a few new sides of Skara; she is able to understand and plan out complex strategies (especially for flyer derby), and like Willow, she has been misjudged by other people besides Amity in the past. She can also be very emotional, given how her reaction to being forced to leave her family to join the Emperor's Coven was to wail at the top of her lungs, and punching Steve so hard she dented his mask.


Understanding Willow 195

Skara and Boscha as children.

When she was younger, Skara was chosen by Alador and Odalia Blight to be the friend of their daughter, Amity. This was due to Skara's parents being the Blights' work friends. Amity was hesitant at first, saying that Skara along with Boshca were "mean", but was forced into it by her mother and father, severing ties with her old friend, Willow Park.[1]

Hexside and social life[]

Skara attends the covention and alternately investigates the Coven and Prose Coven booths, presumably as a potential applicant. It is unclear whether she decided on either of them. During Amity and Luz's duel, she watches in the rows, and when King falls into the arena pit, one of his hats lands on her head.[2]

S01E06 Hooty's Moving Hassle (537)

Skara and her friends upon failing to animate something during the Moonlight Conjuring.

When the day of the Moonlight Conjuring approaches, Skara poses behind Amity, Boscha, and Cat on a Penstagram photo, also being one of the witches invited to Amity's Moonlight Conjuring, but she and her friends are unsuccessful in their attempts at using magic to awaken an object.[3]

S01E08 Once Upon A Swap - Boscha and her gang

Skara and her friends after finding "Luz".

Sometime afterward, Skara is one of the kids trailing Boscha, alongside Amelia and two other Hexside students. While outside the group's cliffside hangout spot, the "Treasure Shack", she and a potions track student spend time by throwing tentacle-filled water balloons onto Bonesborough below.[4] When King (in Luz's body) steals the shoes off one of the kids, he grabs a bag from Skara and then calls her and Amelia "impressionable youths".[4]

S01E09 Something Ventured, Someone Framed - Friendship Is The Real Magic

Skara thanking and hugging Bo after Bo taught her a spell.

During Luz's visit to Hexside, Skara prepares to kick a ball on the Banshees' sports field when a griffin grabs her, causing her to exclaim, "I hate this game!"[5] Later, Eda observes Skara receiving spellcasting instructions from Bo. Seeing the two girls cheerfully celebrating their friendship solidifies Eda's resolve to get Luz enrolled in Hexside.[5]

On the day of Hexside's grudgby match against Glandus High, Skara boards the bus to attend the game.[6]

S01E11 Sense and Insensitivity - 31

Skara taking a cardboard cutout of King.

At the book fair, Skara enters the writing competition, then later forms a "people chair" with Amelia while Eileen watches. She and Amelia are the first to rush to get King's book, and after everyone runs off with a copy, Skara returns and lifts the cardboard representation of King, lifting it and kissing it on the nose, before turning and running off with it.[7]

Understanding Willow 1

Skara inviting Bosha and Amity to her birthday party.

When Skara turns fifteen, she invites Boscha and Amity to her fifteenth birthday party. Her invitations are made of actual butterflies, much to Boscha's dismay and partial disgust. Amity expresses concern over the insects, but Skara unremorsefully remarks that her dad "spared no expense" on her exclusive party. Later, Skara innocently asks Amity if she and Willow were once friends, and Amity reacts with hostility, recalling the traumatic end of their friendship. Skara, ignorant of this, meekly indicates that she was only curious. Amity later refuses her invitation and releases it into the wild.[1]

Enchanting Grom Fright - Grom Memories 003

Skara and her date pushing another couple out of the way to get their photo taken.

Sometime later, a student stages an elaborate invitation to Skara to be his date for Grom. She accepts enthusiastically, then quickly subdues herself to preserve her cool image. At the party, her kiss with her date is interrupted by Grom's release, but both teens are too excited by the forthcoming battle to care.[8]

Upon the arrival of grudgby season, Skara trails Boscha but does not play in her match against Willow's team.[9]

Flyer derby and Hexside resistance[]

When the Bat Queen encourages Hexside's students to adopt a palisman for Palisman Adoption Day, Skara gets paired with a cricket palisman.

Emerald Entrails S2E13

Skara and her team preparing to play a game of flyer derby.

After Willow starts a flyer derby club, Skara signs up and brushes up on the rules after playing grudgby for a while. She, Willow, Gus, Viney, and a new student named "Caleb" play against Professor Hermonculus and his team and win. During the celebrations, "Caleb" reveals his true name to be Hunter and that she, Willow, Gus, and Viney have been selected to join the Emperor's Coven. They stare at Hunter in disbelief when Coven Scouts arrive to take them. On the way there, Skara becomes upset, wailing and punching Steve so hard that she dents his mask.

Any Sport in a Storm - 1507

Skara and the others hijacking the airship.

As Skara and the others are locked in a cell, they all glare at Hunter until Darius teleports them to his ship. They try unsuccessfully to escape until Hunter arrives and distracts Darius long enough for them to crash the ship. Before the Head Witch can attack them, Hunter shields them and says that he was mistaken in their abilities, and Darius agrees to let them go.

Labyrinth Runners - 412

Skara looking at Gus as he reveals Adrian's illusion.

A few days before the Day of Unity, the head of the Illusion Coven, Adrian Graye Vernworth, comes to Hexside to inform the students that Belos has decreed all young witches must be placed in a coven before the Day of Unity. Skara and the other students are shocked to learn this, but Adrian reassures them he is on their side and will only place temporary fake sigils on them. As he is about to do this with Edric, Gus sees that the branding is real and reveals it to the school. Furious, Adrian prepares to brand Gus with an abomination sigil, but he covers the school in an illusion instead, allowing Skara and the others to escape.

Labyrinth Runners - 1480

Skara and Viney taking on a coven scout.

Skara and Viney find Hunter and bring him to the healing homeroom where everyone is hiding. As the staff hear that Adrian has Gus, they consider trading Hunter for him until Willow convinces them that he is on their side. With the issue resolved, they formulate a plan. During the battle, Skara and Viney ride Puddles as they fight the Coven Scouts and eventually win. After the Emperor's forces leave, Skara and the others at Hexside listen as Hunter explains the true purpose of the Day of Unity.

For the Future - 1570

Skara reacting to the effects of the Draining Spell.

After learning of the Draining Spell, Bump allows the staff and students of Hexside to camp out at the school during the Day of Unity. When the spell is activated, Skara and the students watch in horror as it affects the adults. Once the spell ends, the Collector's spies come to the school to collect those present. While the majority of the students are safe, the staff and a few students are turned into puppets. In the following months, the school falls into anarchy after Boscha takes control, refusing to make any improvements on the advice of her advisor Miki.

Hiding from the Collector[]

For The Future Still

Skara escorting Luz and her companions to Hexside.

Some months after the Day of Unity, Skara, Barcus, and Matt Tholomule find Luz, Camila, Amity, Willow, Gus, and Hunter wandering Bonesborough. They bring the group to Hexside in order to be sheltered from the Collector's Spies. After Amity convinces Boscha, who has taken over school with the help of "Miki", to let her and her friends save everyone who was captured including Amelia and Cat, the Hexside students attack Kikimora while Luz and her companions create a complex glyph pattern to teleport them to the Head of the Titan.

After Belos has been defeated, Skara and the other students welcome Bump, Cat, and Amelia back to Hexside.


Watching and Dreaming - 5269

Skara teaching students at Hexside while playing the Harp.

Four years after Belos is defeated, Skara takes up a teaching position at Hexside. She later attends Luz's belated quinceañera and watches as the Collector puts on a light show.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Magic: Skara is able to use magic. Like all witches, her magic comes from a sac of magic bile attached to her heart.
    • Bard magic: Skara is a student in the bard track, meaning she can use bard music to manipulate her surroundings.
  • Staff Proficiency: Skara is skilled at using a staff.
  • Athletic Prowess: Skara is a skilled athlete, being able to hold her own against opponents in both grudgby and flyer derby.


Behind the scenes[]


Skara is voiced by Kimberly Brooks.


Skara debuted in "I Was a Teenage Abomination", but didn't have a speaking role until "Once Upon a Swap".

Foreign voice actors[]

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Florencia Coianis
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Giulia de Brito
Czech Republic Czech Klára Nováková
Germany German Judith Peres (Season 1)
Bettina Zech (Season 2)
Denmark Danish Thea Iven Ulstrup
Hungary Hungarian Károlyi Lili
Japan Japanese Yui Horie
Poland Polish Weronika Łukaszewska


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