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The Slitherbeast is a creature that lives on The Knee of the Boiling Isles. Eda highlights that the creature does not bother anyone unless it is disturbed or angered, which, unfortunately, Luz does by accidentally hitting it with a fireball.


The Slitherbeast a huge yeti-like monster, as its body is covered by white fur. Its claws, which have no fur, are purple. Many light yellow sharp teeth can be seen when its mouth opens, which reveals two blue eyes on the gums.


Slitherbeasts are a carnivorous beast-type demon species that is mainly native to the snow regions of the knee. According to Eda, Slitherbeasts will not attack as long as they are not disturbed or angered, but should someone commit this mistake, the consequences are mostly devastating due to the creature's dangerousness.

When Slitherbeasts have caught their prey, most of the time they don't kill it immediately, but instead bring it to their caves, where they stick the prey to the walls of the cave with their goo. The prey is then eaten at a later time.


The Slitherbeast is first pointed out to Luz by Eda while it is still sleeping on its home, The Knee. Eda guarantees Luz that it does not bother anyone unless they bother it first.

Later, while practicing with Amity's training wand, Luz accidentally hurts the Slitherbeast with an immense fireball. Enraged, the Slitherbeast hurtles over to them, captures Eda, Edric, and Emira Blight, and retreats to its lair to devour them.

It binds its three captives to the wall of the cave with sticky goo. Luz and Amity catch up to it; then, working as a team, Luz distracts it while Amity frees the three hostages. Luz batters the Slitherbeast by using a large ice glyph on it. Before it can harm anyone, Eda uses a sleeping spell on it, making it fall into a deep sleep.[1]

Later, a Slitherbeast stampedes through Bonesborough before being apprehended by Angmar, Bria, and Gavin.[2]

In "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door", the picture of a Slitherbeast appears on Hooty's demonology board among other beast type demons.

Powers and abilities

  • Goo generation: The Slitherbeast is able to generate an amount of goo to stick its prey in one place.



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