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"Something Ventured, Someone Framed" is the ninth episode of the first season of The Owl House, and the ninth episode of the series overall.[4]

It premiered on March 13, 2020.


When Gus sneaks Luz into Hexside School to present at the Human Appreciation Society, Luz sees a side of the school she didn't expect.


A new member of the Human Appreciation Society, Mattholomule, challenges Gus for position as president when he turns the society against him with his accusations about Gus' authentic human treasures being a fraud. Gus turns to Luz for help, only to be reminded that she's banned from Hexside; Eda says the principal did Luz a favor banning her, leading to an argument between them. Luz is pretty bummed out by the fact she cannot attend Hexside. Desperate to save his role as president, Gus lies to Luz and says he got the ban lifted, which makes her very happy.

The next day, Gus brings Luz into school disguised as a student. Things become very complicated for Gus, especially now when the school has guards that can sniff out troublemakers. He does everything he can to keep Luz from getting caught, and/or finding out that he lied about the ban being lifted.

Back at the Owl House, Eda has been thinking about Luz's desire to attend magic school. She reluctantly decides to pay Principal Bump a visit and asks to have Luz enrolled at Hexside. Principal Bump surprisingly accepts as he believes the school could learn a lot with having a human exchange student. However, before he can consider it, Eda has to answer for all the trouble she caused back when she was a student. She is forced to wash off enchanted graffiti, get rid of all the ghosts in the girls' locker room, apologize to Miss Jenkinmeyer for stealing her teeth, and much more.

Meanwhile, after presenting Luz to the Human Appreciation Society, Mattholomule snitches on her and Gus so the guards find Luz and drag her to detention. After Mattholomule reveals his true intentions, Gus gets back at Mattholomule by deliberately getting them both into detention in order to save Luz. Detention happens to be a room where bad students are encased in bubbles and brainwashed to be "good" students. Gus confesses to Luz that he lied to her about the ban being lifted, and apologizes for letting his desire to stay as president get the better of him. Luz forgives him, and together they rescue Mattholomule and escape from detention just as Willow attempts to free them and Principal Bump agrees with Eda to have Luz attend Hexside.

Noticing all the damage and chaos caused, Principal Bump blames Luz for all the mayhem, and is no longer willing to accept her into the school. However, Gus defends her innocence when he confesses and takes full responsibility for everything. This convinces Principal Bump, who takes back what he said and announces to Luz that she will officially be enrolled at Hexside School next semester. As for Gus, he is removed from the Human Appreciation Society since detention is now out of order, making Mattholomule the new president. Back at the Owl House, Eda goes through old memories of all of incidents she caused, and gets surprised when Luz tells her "You were a terrible student."


Additional voices

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Una aventura, muchos engaños An adventure, too much tricks
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Aqui Se Planta, Aqui Se Colhe Here You Plant, Here You Harvest
Taiwan Mandarin 露絲入學記 Luz's School Admission
Germany German Die Menschen AG The Humans Inc.
Egypt Arabic المغامر و المخاطر Adventurer and Risk
France French Pari risqué, pari piégé Risky bet, rigged bet
Indonesia Indonesian Sesuatu Berusaha, Seseorang Dijebak Something Trying, Someone Framed
Israel Hebrew ההתגנבות שהסתבכה The entangled stealth
Italy Italian Luz va a scuola Luz goes to school
Japan Japanese ウソとワナ Lies and traps
South Korea Korean 루스, 마법 학교에 가다 Luz Goes to Magic School
Malaysia Malay Sesuatu Diusahakan, Seorang Dituduh Something is worked on, Someone is accused
Netherlands Dutch Wie niet waagt, wie verzint Who does not dare, who makes up
Portugal Portuguese Quem Arrisca Não Petisca Who Risks, Doesn't Gain
Poland Polish Kto wrobił człowieka? Who framed a human?


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  • Viewership: This episode was watched by 0.44 viewers on its premiere.[3]
  • The episode completed production on October 30, 2019.[5]
  • When Luz checked out all the trophy cups that Hexside got it, the 9th code got revealed on 1 of the cups, it got cracked into "EH-V" and translated into "Of".
  • This is the first episode where King plays a minor role.

Revelations and significant events

  • Several things are revealed about Eda:
    • Eda did not have her gold fang when she was a student at Hexside.
    • Eda's last name is revealed to be Clawthorne.
    • Eda was in the Potions Track when she attended Hexside.
    • Eda had orange hair when she was young.
  • Part of Eda's efforts include doing disciplinary write-ups for her misdeeds at Hexside, such as necrotic experiments, spraying hexed graffiti, scams, cheating, and stealing one of the teachers' teeth. Other incidents include:
Incident #5523: At 1300 hours, Edalyn Clawthorne of the Potions Track let loose a pack of feral ghosts in the girls locker room. They flew around in circles predicting students' doom and shouting out horrible puns like "What's a ghost's favorite pie--BOO-BERRY!!" We called in a rag-tag team of "ghost blasters" to clean them out but they accidentally opened a door to the ghost dimension which threatened to overtake the city.
Incident #3421: At 1200 hours, Edalyn Clawthorne raised an army of abominations to start a food fight after her sister Lilith's lunch money was stolen. The abominations then gained sentience and revolted against Edalyn, forming into one giant abomination and taking over the school. Edalyn, Lilith and the thief had to form an unlikely alliance to stop the giant abomination from destroying Hexside.
Incident #9677: At 0900 hours, Edalyn Clawthorne hexed the school bells to sing famous pop song, "SINCE U BEEN CONNED". It lasted for 5 hours and could only be stopped by pitting the school bells against each other in a fight over who's the better boy band: "Babies to Boys" or "Two Seconds to New York." It was a horrible day but no one was allowed to go home early.
Incident #2601: At 1400 hours, Edalyn Clawthorne was at it again. This time she found two giant bug-things that really just tore up the place. Oh, man, I'm getting so tired of writing these things. And now I'm just writing down what I'm thinking. Oh I hope no one actually reads these. I should take a day off. It's been years since my overlords let me take a day off.
Incident #7662: At 1100 hours, Edalyn Clawthorne let the school Griffin out from its pen and fed it spicy snacks until it vomited all over the grudgby field. Instead of cleaning it up, I ate a donut. My friends are always telling me I should practice self-care more often, and you know what? Why not! I deserve it!


  • At the beginning of the episode, Luz is still banned from Hexside from the events of "I Was a Teenage Abomination". However, the ban is lifted in this episode and Luz is enrolled as a student for next semester.


  • The title is an allusion to the phrase "nothing ventured, nothing gained".
  • Ghostbusters - The rag-tag team of "ghost blasters" called in to clean up the ghosts in the girls locker room and accidentally opening a door to the ghost dimension is a reference to the plot of the first film in the franchise.
  • Boyz II Men - "Babies to Boys" is a reference to this famous Boy Band.
  • Thirty Seconds to Mars - "Two seconds to New York" is a reference to this famous rock band.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic - Skara says "Friendship is the real magic!", a reference to the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic cartoon.
  • Simple Minds - "Why Can't You Remember Me" is a parody to the famous song "Don't You (Forget About Me)" by Simple Minds. The song playing during Eda's previous pranks is a reference to how the real-life song is reminiscent to school days.
  • Kelly Clarkson - Incident #9677 is said that the pop song "SINCE YOU BEEN CONNED" was played for five hours. The song is a parody of the hit song "Since U Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson.
  • Monster Cereals - Boo Berry was one of three monster themed breakfast cereals introduced by General Mills in 1971. It was a companion to Frankenberry and Count Chocula.
  • Naruto - Gus' use of multiple illusions of himself and Luz to escape detention is similar to shinobi Clone Techniques.
  • Super Mario - The plant attacking Amelia in the Plant Homeroom bears a resemblance to the Piranha Plants in the Super Mario series.
  • Gravity Falls - One of Eda's "incidents" is said to involve ghosts shouting out puns like "What is a ghost's favorite pie?" (Boo-berry.) The original pilot of Gravity Falls involves a popsicle stick with a very similar joke on it that eventually saves Dipper and Mabel.


  • The image of Luz shown in the Wanted Poster in the episode differs from the image of Luz in the Wanted Poster shown in later episodes.
  • When Gus closed the door to the Owl House after inviting Luz to Hexside his sleeve was black rather than the light blue of the Illusion Track.


  • "You're kind of a jerk" (+ other "jerk" word), "Dang", and "I acted stupid" was cut in Southeast Asia broadcast. Also, "dang, dweebus." was cut too.
  • In the Greek dub, Eda voices over all of her misdeed write-ups synoptically to Luz.

Memorable quotes

Augustus, is this what the president of the Human Appreciation Society thinks passes as "Human Artifacts"? Because at my old school, we had real treasures.
First off, it's the "Bad Girl Coven" and second off, I guess you don't want in on the T‐shirt order, huh?
I don't wanna hear another word about Hexside, unless it's "Hexside is on fire" and "let's grab front row seats"!
—Eda Clawthorne
Of course I'll be there tomorrow! Gus, this will be great! I get to see the school and save the president.
You don't understand. The members were going mad. They were bloodthirsty. They were touching objects. I had no choice!
On the Boiling Isles new things smell old.
—Luz Noceda
I gotta get that girl into school.
—Eda Clawthorne
Augustus, you should really watch where you going. Don't want the president of the H. A. S. getting hurt on his last day in office.
Ugh. I had this nightmare before.
—Eda Clawthorne
I'm new here at Hexside. Making friends has been hard so I lied. They're all fakes. I thought if I was important enough people would like me. But I've caused enough drama. So, I'll go. I'm sorry.
Ah, boo‐hoo. I'm sorry. "I am the new kid". "I want friends". Ha! No. I want power. And I want drama. And I got one of those right now. So, what are you gonna do, Mr. President?
But I didn't pull the alarm! It was Augustus! Are you even listening to me? I demand justice!
Welcome to my world. Believe it or not, in my old school I was in detention plenty of times. Well, down in detention, this jerk is king.
Being younger than everyone is hard. You're overlooked. Ignored. But at the H. A. S. I mattered. I could make sure no one would ever get left behind. I didn't wanna lose that. I'm sorry.
Wait, Principal Bump. Don't blame Luz. I told her the ban was lifted. We were fighting over the Human Appreciation Society. I brought Luz in because I wanted to win. This is all my fault.
It will be very exciting to have a real human exchange student. Hexside School is safe for you both. I'm the principal, not a stooge. Consider your pupil our pupil.
I'm only doing this because I have faith in you. And I know you're too smart to fall for that One‐Witch, One‐Coven nonsense. You can learn a lot from the witches here. And maybe teach them some of that Bad Girl Coven magic too.
—Eda Clawthorne
I can show you guys what plants not to touch in the greenhouse. And then I can let you touch them.
Wow! Bump was not exaggerating. You were a terrible student.
—Luz Noceda


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