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Wants can change. So can people.

Steve is a recurring character of The Owl House. He is a former Coven Scout and current member of the Covens Against the Throne.



Steve is a humanoid witch with a pinkish complexion, pointed ears, blue eyes, thick eyebrows, and dark purple hair. He has two moles on his left cheek and one on his right. He has a short, bone-white horn sticking out of the right side of his forehead.

As of the epilogue of "Watching and Dreaming", Steve's hair has grown to shoulder length.


Steve wears a typical coven scout uniform, consisting of a light gray, bird-esque mask with large eyeholes, similar to the masks worn by plague doctors. Over his mask, he has a white cowl with a pointed hood and a golden triangle clasp at the neck. His outfit consists of a dark gray long-sleeved shirt with brown gloves & a brown belt with a gold buckle, as well as black harem pants and pointed brown boots.

In "Elsewhere and Elsewhen", Steve wears a casual outfit over his scout uniform, with a pale yellow t-shirt with his name on it in red within red lining forming a rectangle. His hood is pulled through the head hole of the shirt, and he still wears his mask.

In "O Titan, Where Art Thou", Steve wears a brighter yellow t-shirt over his uniform, with his name colored white on a red rectangle with red, blood-like dripping patterns along the bottom. Over this shirt, he wears a black leather motorbike jacket with maroon cuffs. His hood and the bottom of his coven scout shirt can be seen sticking out from the top and bottom of the shirt.

As of the epilogue to "Watching and Dreaming", Steve wears a different motorcycle jacket with gold-colored cuffs and epaulets, as well as no gloves. His shirt has a tear in the collar.


At first, Steve seemed to admire Emperor Belos, pushing books off of a vendor's table and yelling "All hail the Emperor!" at the mere mention of his name. He also likes petting unicorn-shaped bushes and receiving shoulder pats.

Unlike many other members of the Emperor's Coven, Steve didn't view Lilith as a traitor and continued to be one of her closest friends. This shows that despite his loyalty to Emperor Belos, Steve is not a fanatical supporter and doesn't agree with all the Emperor's decisions, even stating that he's starting to regret joining the coven. Soon, he defects and lives a much happier life, even taking King around on his motorbike and connecting with him over his conflict. Overall, Steve has been shown to be friendly, laid-back, and emotionally mature.


Early life[]

As a young witch, Steve always wanted to join the Emperor's Coven for the prestige and power it provided. He managed to succeed in that dream and was inducted into the Emperor's Coven.[3] Like the other scouts, Steve underwent brutal training exercises that involved battling in Witch's Duels, navigating trap-filled mazes, and surviving on a mountain. He likely gave up his palisman around this time.[4]

Due to his job in the Emperor's Coven, Steve is usually forced to remain distant from his family. Despite this, his younger half-brother, Matt Tholomule, greatly admires him and has a similar haircut to him because of this.[1]

Working for the Emperor[]

Steve S1 EP11

Steve with Lilith buying a map.

When Lilith buys a map for the Bloom of Eternal Youth from a merchant, Steve expresses his skepticism about it and points out that the real assignment is to find Eda to join the Emperor's Coven. Lilith assures Steve that finding the bloom is also in the interests of Emperor Belos, whereupon Steve enthusiastically knocks some books off of the merchant's table out of admiration for the Emperor.[5]

When Matt is looking for information on the Looking Glass Ruins, he gives it to him after giving his younger half-brother multiple nuggies in return.

Later, Steve is a part of Kikimora's team looking for Titan's Blood on the Knee on behalf of Emperor Belos. During her search, Kikimora tells Steve to jump over a chasm and even threatens to throw him into it if he refuses.[6]

Elsewhere and Elsewhen - 021

Steve attending a party for Lilith's new job.

He attends the celebration at the Owl House arranged by Hooty to celebrate Lilith getting a new job as assistant curator at the Supernatural Museum of History.[7]

Any Sport in a Storm - 1295

Steve talking to Hunter about the harsh life of a Coven Scout.

After Darius orders Coven Scouts to go to Hexside to get Hunter's new recruits for the Emperor's Coven, Steve is among the Coven Scouts that bring the Emerald Entrails to the police precinct so they can be recruited into the Emperor's Coven. At some point when transporting them, Skara punches him in the face and dents his mask, though he doesn't hold it against her, as emotions are running high among everyone there. Afterward, when Darius transports the team on his airship, Steve says he doesn't envy them, recalling the harsh training new recruits have to go through, as well as Belos taking their palismen. He then notes that he's starting to regret joining the coven himself, his words causing Hunter to regret forcibly recruiting the Entrails.[4]

Joining the CATs[]

O Titan, Where Art Thou - 1097

Steve and King talking about how people and their desires can change.

After quitting the Emperor's Coven, Steve goes on a field trip, as he travels, he is joined by King. At this point, Steve questions whether the Emperor can hear the Titan and wonders if the Titan is just a regular guy in life. During the trip, he advises King about how wants and people can change over time, and the two become close friends. He later joins the rebel group, the Covens Against the Throne.[3]

Clouds on the Horizon - 1003

Steve branding Eda.

After thinking of a way to stop the Draining Spell, the group plans on replacing Raine Whispers with Eda and branding the wild witch with a bard sigil in an attempt to use her curse to hijack the Draining Spell. During the flight to the Head, he scans Raine with a Concealment Stone so that Eda can resemble them, but warns her not to talk as the stone does not mask her voice. As they get close to the Head, Steve puts on a branding glove and brands Eda.[8]

Watching and Dreaming - 4751

Steve, Amber, Katya, and Derwin convincing Coven Scouts to help them rebuild the Boiling Isles.

Following the Day of Unity and the Collector's takeover of the Boiling Isles, he is turned into a puppet by the Collector. After Belos is finally destroyed, he is transformed back and hugs Lilith in joy. He, the CATs, and the remaining Coven Scouts agree to work together to help rebuild the Isles.


Four years after Belos is defeated, Steve attends Luz's belated quinceañera. He cuts an Azura-themed cake filled with many tiny spiders, which swarm his face and mouth as he smiles happily.


Lilith Clawthorne[]

Watching and Dreaming - 4560

Steve hugging Lilith after he is reverted to normal.

Lilith is one of Steve's closest friends in the Emperor's Coven and would sometimes accompany her on missions including ones to capture her sister. Despite the Emperor's Coven branding Lilith a traitor, she remains one of Steve's friends and he even attended her celebration on her new job as the assistant curator at the Supernatural Museum of Natural History. He even works along with her to stop the Draining Spell. After being freed from his puppet form when Belos is defeated, he immediately hugs Lilith and swings her around.


O Titan, Where Art Thou - 1145

Steve and King having a conversation.

Steve befriends King after he leaves the Emperor's Coven. After seeing King walking alone and, believing he is lost, Steve offers him a ride on his motorcycle, and the two venture across the Isles together. When King later opens up to Steve about his inner turmoil, Steve gives him advice, telling him "Wants can change, so can people", likely reflecting his own experience and falling out as a former coven scout.

Emperor Belos[]

Steve once respected and served Emperor Belos and always dreamed of joining the Emperor's Coven. However, as time goes on, he starts regretting joining the Emperor's Coven and he begins to question Belos' motives wondering if he could talk to the Titan and do as the Titan commands. He later quits the Emperor's Coven and joins the C.A.Ts to stop Emperor Belos after learning he plans to unleash a Draining Spell that will wipe out everyone on the isles.


  • Magic: As a witch, Steve can utilize magic through the bile sac attached to his heart.
    • Telekinesis: Steve can lift and move objects without touching them with the use of magic.


Behind the scenes[]


Steve was voiced by Alex Hirsch in the first season, and by Matt Chapman in the second season.


Steve debuted in "Sense and Insensitivity" next to Lilith when obtaining a map to the Bloom of Eternal Youth.

Foreign voice actors[]

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Pablo López
Germany German Uwe Thompson
Poland Polish Wojciech Urbański (Season 1)
Marcin Mroziński (Season 2)
Also the director of the dub and voice of Hooty along with several other recurring characters like Morton)


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  • Steve was the only named Coven Scout in the series until Severine and Tom in "Labyrinth Runners".
    • Ironically, Steve and Severine both quit the coven.
  • He was the only Coven Scout to have been inside the Owl House before the raid between "Edge of the World" and "O Titan, Where Art Thou".
  • In "Any Sport in a Storm", it is revealed that Steve regrets his decision to join the Emperor's Coven. It was also implied that Steve originally had a palisman, but he was forced to give it to Emperor Belos, who consumed it to alleviate his condition.
  • On May 17, 2022, Dana Terrace confirmed on Twitter that Steve is Matt's older half-brother.[1][2]
    • Terrace described their relationship as positive and despite their age difference and distance because of Steve's job, Matt looks up to him, hence why their haircuts are similar.[1] Steve and Matt's relationship was originally intended to form a minor plot thread in the show. However, this was mostly cut due to the third season being shortened.[1][2]


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