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Wants can change. So can people.
—Steve to King, "O Titan, Where Art Thou"

Steve is a recurring character of The Owl House. He is a former Coven Scout and current member of the Covens Against the Throne.



Steve is a humanoid witch with a pinkish complexion, pointed ears, turquoise eyes, thick eyebrows, and dark purple hair. He has two moles on his left cheek and one on his right, and has a short bone-white horn sticking out of the right side of his forehead.


Steve wears a light gray mask with large eyeholes, similar to the masks worn by plague doctors. Over his mask, he has a white cowl with a pointed hood and a golden triangle at the neck. His outfit consists of a dark gray long-sleeved shirt with brown gloves & a brown belt with a gold buckle, followed by black harem pants and pointed brown boots. Overall, his external appearance is identical to most other Coven Scouts.

When wearing a casual outfit, Steve wears a yellow t-shirt with his name on it. All the other clothing items remain the same, such as his hood and mask.


Steve seems to admire Emperor Belos, pushing books off of a vendor's table and yelling "All hail the Emperor!" at the mere mention of his name. He also likes petting unicorn shaped bushes and receiving shoulder pats from Lilith.

Unlike some other members of the Emperor's Coven, Steve didn't view Lilith as a traitor and continued to be one of her closest friends. This shows that despite his loyalty to Emperor Belos, Steve is not a fanatical supporter and doesn't agree with all the Emperor's decisions, even stating that he's starting to regret joining the coven. Soon, he defects and lives a much happier life, even taking King around in his motorbike and connecting with him over his personal conflict.


As a young witch, Steve alway wanted to join the Emperor's Coven for the prestige and power it provided. He managed to succeed in that dream and was inducted into the Emperor's Coven. Like the other scouts, Steve underwent brutal training exercises which involved battling in Witch's Duels, navigating trap-filled mazes, and surviving on a mountain. He likely gave up his palisman around this time.

When Lilith buys a map for the Bloom of Eternal Youth from a merchant, Steve expresses his skepticism about it and points out that the real assignment is to find Eda to join the Emperor's Coven. Lilith assures Steve that finding the bloom is also in the interests of Emperor Belos, whereupon Steve enthusiastically hits some books from the merchant's table because of his admiration of the Emperor.[3]

Later, Steve is a part of Kikimora's team looking for Titan's Blood on the Knee on behalf of Emperor Belos. During her search, Kikimora tells Steve to jump over a chasm and even threatens to throw him into it if he doesn't.[4]

In "Elsewhere and Elsewhen", it is revealed that he is one of Lilith's close friends, as he attends the celebration at the Owl House arranged by Hooty to celebrate Lilith getting a new job as assistant curator at the Supernatural Museum of History.

In "Any Sport in a Storm", Steve is among the Coven Scouts that brings the Emerald Entrails to the police precinct so they can be recruited into the Emperor's Coven. At some point when transporting them, Skara punches him in the face and dents his mask, though he doesn't hold it against her, as emotions are running high among everyone there. Afterwards, when Darius transports the team on his airship, Steve says he doesn't envy them, recalling the harsh training new recruits have to go through, as well as Belos taking their palismen. He then notes that he's starting to regret joining the coven himself.

In "O Titan, Where Art Thou", Steve goes on a field trip with King, and it is revealed that he has left the Emperor's Coven. At this point, Steve questions whether the Emperor can actually hear the Titan and wonders if the Titan was actually just a regular guy in life. During the trip, he advises King about how wants and people can change over time, and the two become close friends. He later joins the rebel group, the Covens Against the Throne.


Behind the scenes


Steve was voiced by Alex Hirsch in the first season, and by Matt Chapman in the second season.


Steve debuted in "Sense and Insensitivity".

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Germany German Uwe Thompson
Poland Polish Wojciech Urbański (Season 1) Also the director of the dub (and voices Hooty along with several other reccuring characters like Morton)


Ma'am, shouldn't we be searching for the Owl Lady to join the coven? Remember that whole plan.
—Steve to Lilith, "Sense and Insensitivity"
Yeah! All hail the Emperor!
Shoulder pats for Steve!
Yeah! All hail Lulu!
I get it. Emotions are running high. Ice pack for Steve.
Dude, do you even remember what we had to do? The duels. The mazes with the traps. That time we were left alone on a mountain?
—Steve to Hunter, "Any Sport in a Storm"
Steve is beginning to regret his choices.
—Steve to Hunter, "Any Sport in a Storm"
Probably. Heck, growing up, all I ever wanted was to become an Emperor's Coven Scout. To be considered one of the best. I got what I wanted, but... it's not what I thought it was. Belos is supposed to know everything, but why should he know what the Titan wants? Maybe the Titan doesn't even know what he wants. Maybe he's just some, normal guy, you know? Anyway, you going somewhere? 'Cause I got a sidecar and nothin' but time.
—Steve to King before bringing him on a road trip, "O Titan, Where Art Thou"
Hey girl, I've been there. I can recommend a good therapist.
—Steve to Lilith, "O Titan, Where Art Thou"



  • Steve was the only named Coven Scout in the series until "Labyrinth Runners".
    • He was also the only Coven Scout to have been inside the Owl House prior to the raid between "Edge of the World" and "O Titan, Where Art Thou".
  • In "Any Sport in a Storm", it is revealed that Steve regrets his decision to join the Emperor's Coven. It was also implied that Steve originally had a palisman, but he was forced to give it to Emperor Belos, who consumed the palisman to alleviate his condition.
  • On May 17, 2022, Dana Terrace confirmed on Twitter that Steve is indeed Mattholomule's older half-brother.[2][2]
    • Dana describes their relationship as "Despite their age difference and distance with Steve's job, Matt looks up to him, hence the haircut".


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