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My only mistake was letting you two live all those years ago.
—Terra Snapdragon, "King's Tide"

Terra Snapdragon is an antagonistic character of The Owl House. She is one of the nine coven heads, being the head of the Plant Coven.



Terra Snapdragon is an elderly witch with wrinkled, ivory skin and long, green hair that resembles plant matter. She also has pale, violet eyes and wears dark green lipstick. She has the plant coven sigil on her arm.

In her youth, Terra had a smooth complexion and shorter green hair that was more vibrant and two-toned in color.


Terra wears a purple dress that is banded by yellow-green plant vines. She wears two, green thorny bracelets on her wrists and dons a red-and-yellow lily crown on her head. She also wears what appear to be boots resembling vines.

In "Hunting Palismen", she wore a white cape with the Plant Coven sigil on the neck over her current outfit.

In Terra's youth, her dress was magenta and was not banded at the top with a plant vine. She also wore pale green stockings and high heels made from vines.


Outwardly, Terra is calm and jovial and has a grandmotherly sort of charm, but on the inside, she is merciless and enjoys toying with her prey, revealing a sadistic and manipulative personality. She is also entirely loyal to Emperor Belos and enjoys criticizing others. However, after the draining spell takes a hold over her, she is horrified to realize that her loyalty to Belos has been misplaced, bringing about her own demise and the mass genocide of the witch race the entire time.

When she was younger, she was more outwardly ruthless and critical. However, she still had her false friendliness and maternal charm, even proclaiming that she would have made a good mother despite her excessive cruelty.


Terra Snapdragon is one of the longer-served Coven Heads, with an ongoing career that spans at least three decades. While Eda was still a teenager, Terra served as head proctor of IFWOT before changing the name to "HECK." She was unimpressed with the program and opted to add one final challenge, a game of Covens vs Wilds. Though she broke multiple regulations instating this challenge, she did not care. Once Raine and Eda were the only two players left, Terra allowed them to duel each other, but they turned their attack towards the Head Witch. Unexpectedly, Terra was amused by their behavior and saw great potential in both of them. Though she gave out no ribbons to the students, she also promised to put in a good word for both Eda and Vice Principal Bump, saving the future Owl Lady from expulsion.

As the Head Witch of the Plant Coven, Terra Snapdragon is an integral part of Emperor Belos' plans for the Day of Unity and is tasked with recruiting new witches to her coven. She, along with peers, was present when Raine was inducted as the new Bard Coven head.

Shortly after Raine was captured by Kikimora, Terra was tasked with "nursing them back to health" with a brainwashing tea and kept them under her care for the past month. She is unaware of the fact that Raine can change the chemistry of liquids by using their whistling, thus preventing them from being brainwashed by the tea, though she still suspects from Raine's behavior that they aren't quite under her control. She privately reported her suspicions to Belos.

During the Day of Unity, Terra and other Coven Heads expose the CATs' plan to corrupt the draining spell by uncovering Eda, who was disguised as Raine. They manage to subdue the CAT members and place Raine in the circle for the draining spell. However, when the draining spell's true effect takes hold, Terra realizes that her magic is being drained and terrifyingly asks Raine if the whole thing was supposed to bring paradise to all of them, causing Raine to shake their head in denial. Now knowing that Belos was manipulating her the entire time, Terra collapses onto the ground, her magic and life draining out of her until the spell is stopped by the Collector.

Powers and abilities

  • Magic: As a witch, Terra is able to use magic. Like all witches, her connection to magic comes from a sac of magic bile attached to her heart. Having earned the rank of coven leader, she is undoubtedly very powerful. About thirty years ago, she only needed a small spell circle to defend herself from an attack by Eda and Raine, who combined their magic and used a larger circle.
    • Plant magic: As the leader of the Plant Coven, Terra can cast spells that allow her to control and grow plant life en masse.
    • Mind control: She can summon a special plant and use its leaves to create a tea that either brainwashes others or at least maintains an existing brainwashed state. Unbeknownst to her, Raine used bard magic (changing the chemistry of the tea via whistling) to secretly neutralize the tea to maintain their cover as a spy.
    • Plant travel: Terra can use vines or other plant matter to travel underground or through water.


Behind the scenes

Name and basis

The name "Terra" is the Latin word for "earth", a word which is present in most romantic languages, such as Italian and Portuguese. The term is derived from the name of the primordial goddess of the Earth in Roman mythology. A snapdragon is a genus of plants known as Antirrhinum.


Terra is voiced by Debra Wilson. Wilson was announced as a guest star in the second season on May 17, 2021.[1]


Terra can be seen on the Plant Coven banner in "The First Day" before making her first on-screen appearance in "Hunting Palismen", albeit unnamed at the time. She was properly introduced and named in "Follies at the Coven Day Parade".

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Germany German Simone Brahmann
Poland Polish Katarzyna Kozak
Portugal Portuguese Paula Fonseca


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