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"Thanks to Them" is the first episode of the third season of The Owl House, and the forty-first and antepenultimate overall.

It premiered on October 15, 2022.[1][2]


Luz and her friends make a daring attempt to return to the Demon Realm.[9]


As King forces Luz, Amity, Gus, Willow, and Hunter through the portal, it closes on the five, leaving them cut off from the Demon Realm. Luz takes her friends to her house and tearfully greets her mother. Gus, Willow, and Amity help Camila clean up and give her some tea while Luz and Hunter meet in the bathroom privately. Luz and Hunter talk about Luz's fear of the others learning that she unknowingly helped Belos bring forth the Day of Unity as Hunter expresses his fear of how they will learn he is a clone of Belos' potential witch-hunting partner. They agree to withhold the information for the time being as the others explain current events to Vee and Camila. Afterwards, Camila sets the boys up in the basement and places two extra beds in Luz's room for Willow and Amity. After checking in on the girls, Camila finds her daughter, depressed, looking at their family pictures in the hall. Distraught over the recent events, Luz apologizes to her mother for leaving in the first place and attempts to explain her reasons for being away, but Camila isn't angry and instead hugs her daughter, expressing her relief that she is finally home. Unfortunately, this causes only Luz’s sorrow to grow as she says that while she is finally home, her friends are not.

Over the following few months, as Luz and her friends get situated in the Human Realm, they make multiple attempts to create another portal back to the Demon Realm, but with each ending in failure. During this time, Luz comes out as bisexual to her mom and reveals she is dating Amity, which an overjoyed Camila happily supports. Vee adopts a new human form when Camila takes the witches shopping for new clothes. Hunter cuts his hair with Willow's help after it grows out and he sees the resemblance between himself, Belos, and his “old friend”. Additionally, the four witchlings also come to enjoy being in the Human Realm, as they take great joy in several activities and oddities to their species, such as the rain not boiling like it does in the Demon Realm. At the same time, however, Luz starts growing increasingly depressed and self-loathing the more time passes, with her previously free-spirited personality having completely faded away, due to the group’s constant failures with the portal, missing Eda and King, and her secret guilt over helping Belos in the past.

In late October, Luz goes to school as her friends struggle to learn Spanish. Camila comes in to check on them before picking up Luz from school. After she is leaving, the kids notice how Flapjack is still pecking at the floor of the old house. When Amity suggests they do more, the others suggest helping around the house. Instead, Amity says she wants to explore the town for answers while Luz is in school, and Gus backs her up, believing that other witches could have arrived in Gravesfield before them and Eda. Amity's foot suddenly gets caught in a hole Flapjack pecked, and she finds a small box containing a map. They analyze the map and believe it could lead to something related to the portal. They decide to keep it from Luz as she feels responsible for the failed attempts to return home.

At school, Luz's teacher is discussing The Plight of the Mariner, and, seeing the similarities between herself and the novel's hero, an angered Luz lashes out at her failures with her friends veiled as criticism for the hero's naivety, much to her class’s shock and confusion. After class, Luz walks past the art room as the teacher inside glares at her in contempt, much to her solemn acceptance. At her locker, which has been filled with memorabilia of Kinga Dan Eda, two new students praise her for her words in class and express admiration for her reputation before inviting her to the upcoming Halloween festival and its feature the Haunted Hayride. After school, Luz is driven home by her mom while picking up food for her friends; as they drive, Camila thinks of things their house guests could eat while Luz points out police investigating a car crash. As they leave, the woman behind the wheel says she almost hit a deer, while her daughter says it was a monster. In the woods nearby, a deer skeleton lies by the trees as green goo leaves it.

That night, as Gus goes to bed, Hunter is sewing and accidentally cuts himself. Gus patches him up, and Hunter excitedly shows him a wolf shirt he made. Gus is glad Hunter is happy and asks about being in the Emperor's Coven. Hunter describes his life in the coven and promises Gus they will get back. Gus shows Hunter a science fiction book he is reading, Cosmic Frontier, and unknowingly describes a character in a situation similar to Hunter. Upstairs, Luz cannot sleep and leaves the room and takes her palisman egg, waking Amity, who notices the flyer for the Haunted Hayride. As Camila thinks of things for their guests to eat, she falls asleep. She starts dreaming about events involving Luz, first seeing Luz showing other kids a snakeskin as they run away. Although she thinks it is cute, nearby mothers say wolves raised Luz, and she defends Luz before ending up in the audience of the production of Romeo and Juliet Luz is in. She laughs when Luz pretends to gut herself but gets furious when people behind her say her daughter ruined the show. She then appears in the guidance counselor's office as he tries to convince Camila to control Luz's tendencies by sending her to Reality Check Summer Camp. Camila wakes up to find Luz in her doorway and allows her to sleep with her after comforting her. Unknown to them, skeletons rest outside, and a figure morphs into a horned rabbit.

The following day, Amity, Vee, Willow, Gus, and Hunter, who cosplays as a character from Cosmic Frontier, get ready to explore the town while Luz and her mom are at the vet clinic. Hunter decides to stay behind as they will miss the bus waiting for him to change clothes, and after they leave, he finds a small piece of green goo and realizes Belos is with them in the Human Realm. He touches it with his unbandaged injured finger. As the other four explore the town, they ask about the map they found and inadvertently cause mischief in a magic shop, with Gus and Willow unknowingly harassing other customers, and the library, where Amity freaks out upon seeing a child open a card catalog. At the zoo, they face a giraffe and are terrified by its actual appearance, with Gus understanding why the giraffes were banished from the Demon Realm. As a last resort, Vee takes them to the Gravesfield Historical Society. Upon arriving, they see Masha working there, who informs them Jacob Hopkins was fired for making unauthorized edits to the exhibits so they stroke his ego and gives them a pamphlet. They tell the visitors their map is a rebus. The group looks around and after decoding the rebus they realize it shows where Titan's Blood is hidden. Vee compliments their friendship, and they reveal they only became friends a few months ago. The four take a picture in front of a framed map of Old Gravesfield and Vee realizes it matches the rebus, and they decide to tell Luz on Halloween. At the clinic, Camila is finishing up, and Luz taps a plant glyph she drew. After moving her hand, she realized there was a slight reaction.

Back in the basement, Hunter is fearful that Belos might be back and inadvertently scolds Flapjack. He apologizes before promising the bird he will protect him. After Luz and Camila return, he tells the former about Belos. The two go to the house, and after Luz gives Hunter a pep talk, they search it. After only finding a possum, they think they are in the clear, but Hunter's shadow sprouts antlers unbeknownst to them. The others work on their Halloween costumes when they return to the house. Gus decides he and Hunter will go as their favorite Cosmic Frontier characters. Camila is shocked they found the books. Amity decides she and Luz will go as Hecate and Azura, respectively. Amity plays one of the movies where Azura gets betrayed by a character that dramatically resembles Luz, causing Luz to feel more guilty. After everyone goes to bed, Luz takes her laptop and heads to the kitchen to record a diary entry. She explains how living her greatest desire ruined the lives of her friends and makes a decision.

On Halloween, Camila drops everyone off, with Vee staying behind to handle trick-or-treaters. Luz speaks with her mother as everyone else goes over the plan to reveal the blood to Luz. Hunter hears something in the distance but dismisses it, unaware of the green path growing on his neck. As they explore the festival, they come across a mock witch trial. Gus joins in, saying the prosecutor is guilty and uses an illusion to give him cloven hooves and a tail. The actor runs away, and the other actors and the crowd applaud Gus. However, Jacob arrives and says Gus is a real witch who wants their teeth. He pulls off the boy's ear covering, but no one believes him, and he is subdued by security. At the haunted hayride, Masha explains the story of the Wittebane brothers, Philip and his older brother, Caleb, surprising the group. They explain how the brothers came to Gravesfield in 1613 and became witch hunters to fit in. One day, Caleb met a real witch named Evelyn, who spirited him away to another world, with Philip vanishing looking for his brother.

The story sets Luz and Hunter on edge. After the ride, Hunter reveals the plan about the rebus and the Titan's blood. Luz is skeptical, and Hunter requests Flapjack to retrieve the rebus. When Flapjack hesitates, Hunter's voice turns distorted, his eyes turn blue, and he repeats his request angrily. Meanwhile, Camila cleans up the house and finds the laptop. She sees Luz's entries from when she was very young after they moved to Gravesfield, detailing her feelings about her father's death and his introducing her to the The Good Witch Azura, her book report gone wrong actually being an attempt to reach out to her mother and Luz's most recent one, discovering her decision to permanently stay in the human realm. Hunter and Luz run through the woods when Hunter suddenly winces in pain and runs off into a swamp. Amity, Willow, and Gus learn Luz and Hunter are missing and go searching for them, realizing later that the rebus is gone as Camila and Vee show up and join them.

Meanwhile, Luz notices her glyphs are working and realizes it's because of the titan's blood, so she sets off several glyph combos and finds Hunter at the center of the graveyard. She notices the ripped-up rebus, and Hunter asks Luz to find Flapjack. As Luz finds Flapjack shaking behind a tombstone, Hunter reveals himself to be possessed by Belos, and they begin to fight. Belos then discovers a vial of Titan blood, and Luz knocks it out of his hand. Amity, Willow, Gus, Camila, and Vee find Luz, and Belos reveals that Luz helped him meet The Collector. Amity, Willow, Gus, Camila, and Vee are shocked by this revelation. Luz claims she didn't know and only thought she was doing something good. Belos mocks her statement and attacks the witches. They begin an all-out battle, but Belos gains the upper hand. Flapjack desperately tries to get through to Hunter, but Belos grabs Flapjack and severely wounds him. Before making any sudden movements, Hunter starts to fight back and declares that he no longer wants Belos' approval for how he lives his life and to ensure he never harms anyone again, he throws the vial of Titan Blood into the lake; Belos dives in to retrieve it, and Hunter loses consciousness. Camila saves Hunter, and Belos separates from Hunter, taking on the monstrous form he had before. He smashes the vial against an arch, a portal opens to the Demon realm, and he vanishes through the portal, leaving the others to tend to Hunter. Willow tearfully says that Hunter won't wake up, and Luz also reveals the secret about Hunter being a grimwalker.

Flapjack settles on an unconscious Hunter and gives a few tearful chirps. Using his life force, Flapjack gives his life to save Hunter and leaves everyone crying. Hunter wakes up, with his magenta eyes becoming brown. He says he knows about Flapjack and becomes very upset. Luz tells everyone about her encounter with Philip and starts to announce her decision, but Camila quickly interrupts and announces that she will join them in the Demon realm. Luz's friends comfort her, saying they do not blame her as Belos manipulated her. Hunter even states even if it weren't Luz, Belos most likely would've used somebody else instead and declares it's time to fight back against him. The portal starts to close so Hunter, Gus and Willow go through. Before Amity goes in, she tells Luz she wants her to be part of her future and makes her promise not to hide anything from her anymore. Once Luz gives her word, Amity kisses her cheek before stepping through. Vee stays back to keep up appearances for the Nocedas, and Camila gives Vee a quick rundown of what to do. Assuring Luz she's ready for what comes next, Camila takes her daughter's hand, and they go through the portal together right before it closes. Vee then prepares to leave and realizes that Camila still has the car keys.


Additional voices

Non-speaking cameo



Other characters

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Gracias a Ellos Thanks to Them
Germany German Dank Ihnen Thanks to Them The episode was originally called "Dank an sie" (Thanks to Them), but was changed for the final release.
France French Grâce à eux Thanks to Them
Israel Hebrew בזכותם Thanks to Them
Italy Italian Grazie a loro Thanks to Them
Japan Japanese 彼らのおかげで Thanks to Them
Poland Polish Dzięki nim Thanks to Them


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  • Viewership: This episode was watched by 0.349 million viewers on its premiere (0.260 million viewers on Disney Channel and 0.089 million viewers on Disney XD)[6]
  • This is the first of the three 44-minutes specials for the third season.
    • This is also the first episode of the series to have a duration of 44 minutes.
  • This is the first episode to premiere simultaneously on both Disney Channel and Disney XD.[2]
  • While Gus and Hunter are getting settled in the basement, a Puerto Rican flag can be seen in the box Gus takes the bubble wrap from. This suggests that Luz, through either her mother or father, might have Puerto Rican heritage as well as Dominican heritage.
    • There is also a flag of the Dominican Republic, hanging on the wall of the basement in the same scene.
  • Several minor and background characters throughout the episode were based on various crew members:
  • The bandage box that Luz gets at the beginning depicts a cat-like skeleton with horns, a witch lady, and an owl. These are clear references to King, Eda and Owlbert. The coloration of the box matches the sweatshirt Luz wore for half the series.
    • Hooty is depicted as graffiti on the door of the old house as a substitute for the real one, since the gang misses him.
    • While searching for Belos in the old house, Luz and Hunter wear masks which closely resemble King and Hooty, respectively.
  • The Spanish tongue twister that Vee recites to Camila, "Tres tristes tigres comen en tres tristes platos de trigo", translates to "Three sad tigers eat from three sad wheat plates".
  • This is the only episode to not take place in the Demon Realm, as well as the only episode to take place completely in the Human Realm.
    • This is also the only season premiere in which Willow, Gus and Amity appear and the only one in which Eda, King, Hooty and Owlbert do not (though King appears in reused footage from the previous episode and all of them are either pictured or alluded to many times throughout the episode).
  • Hunter's wolf shirt is based on a shirt which exists in real life.[14][15]
  • The license plate on Camila's car is "450H-399". "450H" is the production code used for all episodes of the series.
  • This episode aired on the last day of Hispanic Heritage Month.
  • Throughout the episode, Luz is never seen directly speaking to Vee, Willow, and Gus, only to Amity, Hunter, and Camila.
  • The flashback scene to when Luz accidentally taps on the Plant Glyph, which causes it to smoke, is slightly different from how it actually happened. This could indicate that Luz is recalling the event differently.
  • In Willow's bag, there is a snack that have high resemblance to the snack, Pocky.
  • This is the final episode and the only one for Season 3 to air in 2022.
  • One of Camila's grandmothers (making her Luz's great-grandmother) is apparently still alive, because after Vee decides to stay behind in the Human Realm (while disguised as Camila), Camila advises her to tell the people at her veterinary clinic that she's gone to visit "[her] abuela" ("abuela" means "grandmother" in Spanish).
    • The Spanish word for "great-grandmother" is bisabuela.
  • From this episode onward and for the remainder of the series, Camila is designed with brown eyebrows.
  • The title card for this episode is the only one of the Season 3 title cards that Luz does not appear in. (In "For the Future", Luz appears in the liquid of the In-Between Realm, and in "Watching and Dreaming", she appears on top of the Rubix cube-like structure.)
  • This is the only episode of the series to be set on a holiday, the second half of the episode taking place during Halloween.

Revelations and significant events

  • Luz and the gang tell Camila and Vee everything that happened in the Demon Realm, with the witches meeting Camila and Vee for the first time.
  • The gang stays in the Human Realm for a few months and return to the Demon Realm on Halloween.
  • Luz reveals her bisexuality and her romantic relationship with Amity to Camila, who happily accepts both.
  • Giraffes are shown to have monstrous forms that briefly appear.
  • Vee takes on a new human appearance.
  • The gang have remodeled the old house.
  • Willow, Gus, Hunter and Vee have been learning Spanish while Amity's been trying to improve in it. Vee, having been in the Human Realm the longest, is the most fluent in the language.
    • She is also the most knowledgeable in Human Realm culture, technology, and so on for the same reason, and has been helping out her ex-compatriots with that.
  • Due to the immense trauma from learning that she played a role in Belos' rise to power, Luz's mental state is at its lowest in this episode.
  • Luz's palisman has yet to hatch, but she has been incubating it under a heat lamp.
  • Camila was bullied as a teenager. This caused her to fear the same thing happening to Luz and make the decision to send Luz to Reality Check Summer Camp.
  • Mr. Noceda's first name is revealed to have been Manny.
  • Flapjack finds a map under the old house, which turns out to be a rebus leading to a hidden vial of Titan's Blood. This vial was buried within Gravesfield Cemetery, implied to be by one of the Wittebanes.
  • The remains of Belos that survived the Collector's attack regenerates itself by possessing and feeding on several animals over the months. He briefly possesses Hunter, before the latter fights back and rejects the possession.
    • It is implied that Belos began his possession of Hunter after he touched the green goop in the old house, as Hunter has his first hallucination of Belos immediately after touching it with the bare skin of his injured finger. The next time Hunter appears, his finger is wrapped in bandages again, suggesting that the possession reopened the wound somewhat. Just before Belos possesses him entirely, pain shoots through Hunter's wound, and he unwraps it to reveal further green goop.
    • The scene where Luz and Hunter leave the basement of the old house they investigated contains a foreshadowing: Hunter's shadow seems to have horns just like Belos' mask, indicating that Belos' green goop already began subverting him.
    • Belos seems to be in a semi-lucid state, where he occasionally thinks Hunter is Caleb.
  • One of Vee's friends from "Yesterday's Lie", named Masha, identifies as non-binary (and thus uses singular they pronouns like Raine).
    • Their fingernails are painted with the colors of the non-binary pride flag.
    • Despite this, Masha is neither addressed by name nor third-person pronoun in this episode, as in "Yesterday's Lie".
  • Jacob was fired from the Gravesfield Historical Society after starting to edit the exhibits to promote himself, thus Masha is now in charge of it.
    • Jacob is later arrested for disrupting the peace at the festival.
  • Camila is a closeted fan of Cosmic Frontier (a hobby she shared with her late husband).
  • This episode reveals more about Belos' background from "Hollow Mind":
    • The boy seen in his memories was his older brother, Caleb.
    • The two brothers were orphans who moved to Gravesfield, eventually becoming witch hunters to try and fit in with the townsfolk.
    • The witch they encountered was named Evelyn, who might have become romantically involved with Caleb, causing Philip's anger and hatred for witches.
  • Luz has been making video diaries on her laptop since she was a little girl.
    • In the first, Luz reveals that her family moved to Gravesfield in hopes of a better hospital for her father, implying that her father succumbed to illness.
    • In the second, she reveals that her father left her the first The Good Witch Azura book she read shortly before his death, with her squealing in excitement in the third that she absolutely loved it.
      • It is implied by the shading and by the dress and shoes that the second entry was recorded shortly after her father's funeral.
    • In the fourth and fifth, it is revealed that Luz cut her hair with a sword she got at an Azura convention.
    • In the sixth, she states that her Azura book report (i.e., the one shown in "A Lying Witch and a Warden") was partially intended to lift her still-grieving mother's spirits.
      • It is implied that Luz's great fanaticism for Azura was developed as a coping mechanism.
  • Luz confirms to her friends Belos' revelation of how she helped him meet the Collector, and also reveals that Hunter is a grimwalker.
  • Flapjack sacrifices himself to save Hunter, after being possessed by Belos and leaving him seriously injured.
    • The healing gives Hunter body scarring from Belos' possession and turns his eyes from magenta to brown.
  • At the end of the episode, Belos uses the vial of Titan's Blood to open a portal to the Demon Realm.
    • The gang and Camila cross the portal into the Demon Realm before it closed, while Vee stays in the Human Realm to cover for Camila.
  • Camila has been reading many books, including Always My Child, Life Ain't Binary, Parenting LGRTQ,[sic] Feeding Your Manatee and Vampire Diet.


  • This episode takes place immediately after the previous episode.
  • The photo of the Nocedas from "Yesterday's Lie" where Manny's face was obscured appears in its entirety.
  • The events of "Yesterday's Lie", "Elsewhere and Elsewhen", "Any Sport in a Storm", and "Hollow Mind" are referenced.
  • Odalia Blight is absent from Amity's drawings of her family, reflecting Amity disowning her mother in "Clouds on the Horizon".
  • Gus, Willow, Amity, and Hunter trying their hand at Human Realm cuisine and producing something not really palatable is likely a reference to Amity's pie with living faeries she made for Luz as a back-to-school gift in "Escaping Expulsion".
  • Amity references "I Was a Teenage Abomination", mentioning that she was once a "top student."
  • Gravesfield High School's art room now prohibits taxidermy, spiders, snakes, animal parts and fireworks, specifically referring to Luz's ill-fated art project and book report shown in the series premiere "A Lying Witch and a Warden".
    • The art project and book report are also alluded to in Luz's last video message before she was sent to the Demon Realm.
    • The costume Luz wore during the theater presentation from "A Lying Witch and a Warden" appears in the basement of the Noceda residence.
  • Luz has the newspaper with the picture of Eda in her locker room, which Vee found in the old house in "Yesterday's Lie".
  • The previously unnamed character Masha, who debuted as a friend of "Luz" in "Yesterday's Lie", was named the first time in this episode.
  • Renditions of The Owl House End Credit Theme play when Camila views Luz's video messages and during their discussion before heading back to the Demon Realm.
  • Flashbacks from "A Lying Witch and a Warden" and "Young Blood, Old Souls" are shown.
  • When Amity encourages Luz before crossing the portal, she replicates part of what Luz said to her when she asked her out in "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door".
    • When investigating the old house in search of Belos, Hunter also repeats part of what he said in his first confrontation with Luz and Eda in "Separate Tides".

Production notes

  • In development, Matthieu Cousin designed Villainous Lucy to match Luz's Hexside uniform. The crew liked the idea for the outfit that they kept it in the final version.[16]
  • The logo for the Hades videogame in Luz's computer was originally meant to be the version featured in Disney's Hercules, but the idea was abandoned due to copyright issues.[17]
  • In the rough animatics, gravestones for Hunter and Philip were originally going to appear in the basement when Hunter and Luz find the opossum. This was based on the basement of a church Dana walked by to school in New Haven.[18]
  • Although Belos taking over animals was only alluded to in the episode, early versions of Belos-possessed animals were designed by Marina Gardner.[19]
  • According toSam Kestin, Rebecca Bozza, and Andy Garner-Flexner, the pajamas Amity wears throughout the special were borrowed from Luz.[20]
  • There was a plotline regarding Vee not being comfortable around Hunter after learning he was the Golden Guard, but was cut for time.


  • Amphibia
    • Anne Boonchuy's picture in the headline from the previous episode reappears.
    • A snail similar to Bessie appears in the intro. Dana Terrace confirmed on Twitter that it is indeed a reference to Bessie.[21]
    • At the Happy Pets Clinic, Hop Pop Plantar (while wearing a mask) can be seen on a poster. Luz also has a drawing of Polly Plantar in her notebook of ideas of what her egg palisman will turn into.
    • A person can be seen dressed up as Captain Grime for the Halloween event in Gravesfield.
  • Gravity Falls
    • In the intro, the shirt for Willow's roller-skating outfit has the shooting star of Mabel Pines' sweater and is colored in the same shade of pink.
    • According to color designer Dresden Douglas, the colors of the box Flapjack found are an homage to the Journals from the series.[22]
  • Lumity - The "producer" of Luz's coming-out presentation is called "Lumity Studios," referring to the series' fandom nickname for the Amity Blight–Luz Noceda relationship.
  • Rocko's Modern Life - In the opening montage, Hunter wears Rocko's lucky shirt. At New York Comic Con, Terrace admitted she was a fan of the series.[23]
  • Jurassic Park - Hunter's jean jacket has a "Dino Land" patch which is an homage to the film series.
  • Duolingo - The site where the kids learn Spanish is a reference to the language learning app, with the mascot being a reference to Duo, the app's owl mascot. The owl's eyes turning red is similar to the user missing a day on the app.
    • Hooty was previously attributed in art with Duo on the app's Twitter page.[24][25]
  • Star Trek - Cosmic Frontier serves as a stand-in for the popular science fiction series.
  • Star Wars - In an allusion to the famous "Galaxy far, far away" tagline, Cosmic Frontier bills itself as taking place "in a galaxy not very far away".
  • Blade Runner - Hunter mentions "duplicants", which is a parody of this franchise's replicants.
  • Little Witch Academia - While Gus and Willow were fooling around in the Magic Circle store, a uniform from the anime series can be seen in the background.
  • Night in the Woods- Cat ears and a black t-shirt with the same design as Mae's sweater can be seen in the Magic Circle store.
  • EarthBound - A set of clothes identical to Ness' outfit can be seen in the background of the Magic Circle store.
  • Moomins - A calendar found inside the old, abandoned house has a picture showing the central character of the book series.
  • Hocus Pocus - The "Summer Memories" scrapbook features a photo of the group having a movie night, with the characters onscreen closely resembling the Sanderson sisters from the film.
  • Untitled Goose Game - An image of a goose holding a bell in its bill is spotted on the fridge at the Happy Pets Clinic.
  • Soul Eater - A poster in Luz' room from one of her old videos says Spirit Devourer, which is a parody of the anime series.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist - When Luz creates the ice bridge, she slaps the glyph page between her hands before placing both her palms on the ground. The typical action the titular alchemist to transmute materials for whatever he needs.
  • Resident Evil - A poster in Luz's room from one of her old videos says Domicile Sinister 4 as a reference to Resident Evil 4.
  • Multiple icons on the desktop of Luz's laptop are references to real-world games:
    • Stardew Valley - Moonfarm Valley serves as a direct stand-in for this game.
    • Hollow Knight - Holler Knight serves as a direct stand-in for this game.
    • Hades - This game is shown without any name changes. The desktop icon closely matches the depiction of Cerberus from the game.
      • The trailer for Hades was storyboarded by Spencer Wan, animation supervisor for the first season of The Owl House.
  • Super Mario - In the second video journal entry, Luz wears a shirt displaying a video game plumber resembling Mario.
  • Nintendo Switch (Splatoon 2 bundle) - In the Noceda living room, a game console called 'Swap' can be seen by the television, when Amity shows a Luz a scene from a Good Witch Azura movie, while prepping for the Halloween-festivities. The console even looks like a Nintendo Switch, down to the colored joy cons from said bundle at the sides and the docking station.
  • PlayStation 4 - Underneath the Noceda's television is a console called a "BS4", a spoof on Sony's fourth-generation gaming console.
  • Mad Max - There is a VHS tape in the Noceda living room called "Rage Ron", which may be a reference to the 1979 action film and media franchise.
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas - Vee's phone case has an illustration of a smiling skeleton figure that resembles Jack Skellington.
  • Animal Crossing - Willow's shirt has a leaf that resembles an Animal Crossing Leaf.


  • In this episode Amity is initially afraid of the Human Realm's rain before Luz reveals it's safe, when in the previous episode she (Amity) had no aversion to being under it whatsoever.
  • When the gang attempts to reactivate the portal door with battery cables and glyphs, Hunter is seen wearing a pair of brown gardening gloves. However, after the door catches on fire as a result of the attempt, he no longer has them on.
  • In the scrapbook a picture of Luz and Amity sharing a milkshake is shown, in spite of Luz claiming to be lactose intolerant in "Enchanting Grom Fright."
    • Commenting on the issue, storyboard artist Hayley Wong explained how she had initially forgotten about Luz's lactose intolerance when first boarding the scrapbook. Additionally, though she had tried to justify the milkshake date with Luz's lactose intolerance, it was too late to change it. Wong ended by asking viewers to assume the milkshakes were a soy or vegan version.[29]
    • Amity also has her ears uncovered, since this is a public place, people can see her ears.
  • At the start of the episode in a close up of Amity, her pupil has the same color as her iris for a split second.
  • Just as Luz and Hunter are leaving the old house after their failed search for Belos, there is a single frame in which Hunter's right eye is miscolored, appearing tan or off-white, rather than its normal magenta.
  • The Betrayanning is stated to be the second installment in the film adaptations of The Good Witch Azura series. However, "Wing It Like Witches" establishes The Field of Deadly Fates as the second installment in the film adaptations.
    • However, it is possible that they belong to different film series.
  • The glyph that Luz touches on her notebook begins to burn, despite it being a plant glyph as opposed to a fire glyph as shown in her flashback of "Young Blood, Old Souls" later on.
  • When Willow tells Vee that she knows about Jacob, the edge of Vee's sclera still has blue lines remaining from the Uncolored line art.
  • Masha says that Caleb and Philip first arrived in Gravesfield in 1613, but Gravesfield was shown to have been founded in 1635 in "Yesterday's Lie".
    • This is also a historical error, as Europeans wouldn't colonize New England until 1620, seven years later. There is also the fact that the first Europeans to explore the Connecticut area were the Dutch in 1614, while the first English settlers arrived in 1633.
  • Gus' eyebrows and mouth disappear for a frame when Camila and Vee arrive at the festival to check on Luz.
  • When Belos/Hunter approaches Luz, his lips don't move when he speaks. However, his face is hidden in shadow, mitigating the error somewhat.
  • When Hunter wakes up in the graveyard after Flapjack healed him, the scar on his ear is missing, but is back two instances later.
  • When Vee, Amity, Willow and Gus take the photo in the Gravesfield Historical Society, Gus is wearing a dinosaur pin, but in the photo the pin is missing.
  • On Disney+, when Luz's friends are trying to find some clues about the portal, the captions credit Luz for saying "First Stop, The Magic Circle." when it was actually Amity who said it.
  • In the credits, in the last picture, the wolves on Hunter's shirt are absent.
  • Right before Hunter enters the portal to return to the Demon Realm, the scar on his right arm is on his lower arm, rather than his upper arm.
  • In their scrapbook, there is a caption under a photo that reads "In the Human Realm, firefies don't actually catch fire!", misspelling 'fireflies'.
  • When Luz is at school, she slams her fist onto the desk, knocking off a pencil. The pencil disappears after it is obstructed from view by another students desk.


Memorable Quotes

I just have one of those faces~ Just the one! The- normal amount of face!
Vee, panicking when Masha says that she looks familiar

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