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To you, who stray so far from home. To me, who's trapped beneath these bones. We'll play forever, me and you, when you paint the land in nine bright hues!
—The Collector, "Hollow Mind"

The Collector is an antagonistic character of The Owl House. The Collector is a mysterious being who helped Emperor Belos with the Day of Unity. Once the event proceeded as planned, Belos went back on his word and abandoned the Collector, only for the Collector to be freed from his prison by King. Upon his release, the Collector took over the Boiling Isles, with King as his bound companion.



The Collector is a short, humanoid being with childlike features. He has tan yellow skin, bushy white hair and eyebrows, an upward-pointing nose, and a large pale blue blotch that eclipses the left side of his face, giving the right side a crescent moon shape. The Collector's eyes are yellow and have narrow pupils with scarlet irises. His left leg also appears to be pale blue.

In the Owl Beast's memories, the Collector was extremely tall, and had a glowing crescent moon on his face.


The Collector wears full-body clothing resembling pajamas with an oversized collar and sleeves. His clothes are split between dark blue on the right and periwinkle-gray on the left. The sleeves have these colors switched, with the right sleeve being periwinkle with blue suns and the left sleeve being blue with periwinkle crescent moons, as well as a magenta border on the rims of the cuffs. His head has a nightcap with a magenta border and light spots like stars, and wears dark blue shoes with poms on them.

In a flashback, the Collector wore a robe with a split color of gray and black, the black side having white stars and gray crescent moons on one side, while the gray side has black suns present on the other side. He also wore a pearl with two small golden moons holding the pearl with a string.

Additional features

The Collector wears a jewel pendant with a crescent around his neck, the pink jewel bearing a smiling crescent moon within. The left cheek of the Collector's face has star-shaped freckles under his eye. On some occasions, his eyes emit a bright glow.


The Collector is depicted as a childish and mercurial entity. He is motivated by simple desires, wanting to have fun and play games with others, which he shows in his interactions with Belos, but much like a child, gets quite emotional and impatient when his wants are not met. He partakes in theatrics often, speaking riddles and rhymes, although he will quickly give up on harder words. Despite his childlike attitude, the Collector has proven to be cruel and heartless, as shown during Eda's dream when he hunted down the Owl Beast in an effort to capture it, showing no mercy whatsoever and even laughing at his victim's fate. He is nonchalant about the world around him, as he uses his powers freely to manipulate the reality in suiting his needs. This casual indifference causes him to see others as toys for his amusement, such as viewing the catastrophic events the Day of Unity would unfold as a fun activity or casually killing Belos by likening his payback for Belos's double-cross as a game of tag. However, he is quite naive to the point he will take someone's word that they are telling the truth, a trait that has been exploited by others in getting the Collector to help them.


Origin and imprisonment

The Collector captures the Owl Beast in a flashback.

The Collector's exact nature is unknown. He is described as a being that is neither witch nor demon but a "child from the stars".[2] At an unknown point in time, the Collector relentlessly pursued a fearsome creature named the Owl Beast, and managed to capture it. Despite the Owl Beast's efforts to escape the Collector, it was bound to a scroll that fell into the sea.[3]

Somehow, the Collector was imprisoned inside the In Between Realm supposedly by a Titan, seemingly to keep the Collector from getting to the Titan's son, King.[4][2] An ancient tribe of witches known as Titan Trappers would come to worship the Collector as the "Grand Huntsman" and slayer of the Titans. Their leader, Bill, claimed to be working with or for the Collector, and further proclaimed the Collector wants them to find the last of the Titans, as only it has the power to free the Collector from his prison.[1]

Scheming with Belos

The Collector as he appears in one of Philip's journal entries.

During the 1660s, a human named Philip Wittebane sought the Collector, as he was said to have the information he needed to construct a portal back to the Human Realm following his incidental transfer to the Demon Realm. To do this, he needed to acquire the Collector's tablet found in the ruins of the Titan's skull, except that it was guarded by a Stonesleeper. After a couple of times, including attempting to make Luz Noceda and Lilith Clawthorne sacrifice to the beast, Philip retrieves the mirror, although he is wounded after by the infuriated duo. Philip later activates the mirror, which emits an animated symbol of the Collector, allowing Philip to communicate with the Collector.[5]

The Collector is contacted by Philip.

Philip made a bargain with the Collector: in exchange for Philip freeing the Collector from his prison, the Collector will help Philip with his goal of eradicating the inhabitants of the Boiling Isles. The Collector would appear to Philip in the form of a shadow so long as the tablet was intact, and taught Philip all he knew about magic, which Philip would eventually master. As time goes on, Philip adopts the image of Emperor Belos, and together with the Collector, they concocted their complex plot of draining all life on the Boiling Isles on the Day of Unity.[6][2]

The Collector talks with Belos in one of Belos' memories.

In present day, the Collector pays a visit to Belos to check on his progress with the Draining Spell. Belos assures the Collector the Day of Unity will come, right before Hunter arrives to deliver Belos the Portal Key after his solo mission at Eclipse Lake. Belos coldly dismisses the boy, but takes the key. After Hunter leaves, the Collector comes out from hiding and jokes with Belos about his doubts of Hunter's loyalty, eventually questioning Belos if the false purpose he gives Hunter is another way of tormenting the boy like he has with previous Grimwalkers. Belos disagrees with the Collector, and states that it hurts him every time the clones turn against him.[6]

Awaiting freedom

The Collector in his prison in the In Between Realm.

Not long after, King begins to form a psychic connection with the Collector after the Titan Trappers perform a ritual with him on a second, albeit shattered, tablet belonging to the Collector.[1] King enters the In Between Realm in his dreams where he finds the Collector imprisoned inside an orb. The Collector goes into an insane ramble on how he's almost free and how he won't be alone anymore. When King calls out to the entity, the Collector's silhouette appears on the orb, where he notices King. King backs up only for the Collector to begin panicking and begging him not to leave, knowing he'll wake up soon, but King wakes up anyways.[4]

The Collector meets with Belos in his chamber.

Later, the Collector accompanies Belos as the latter sets up the functioning Portal Door in the Titan's skull, exactly where he found the Collector's tablet centuries ago. The Collector sadistically asks Belos if he's nervous to return home, bringing up the fact that the Human Realm must've changed drastically, and that Philip himself is barely human anymore because of how he extended his lifespan. Angered, Belos tries to attack the Collector by morphing his arm, but misses.[7]

The Collector begs Belos to be freed already.

The Collector rejoices at the fact he will soon be free from his prison, stating there are "so many games" he wants to play once liberated. He adds that, if he and Belos require a third player, another Grimwalker could be made; Belos rejects this idea, saying he will only make another once Hunter is dealt with. The Collector then painfully begs Belos to release him early, whining that the human did promise. Belos also rejects this, saying that the draining spell must first work, which the Collector himself promised in the bargain. The entity grumpily remarks that Belos should have more faith in pinky swears. The Emperor reassures the Collector that his patience would be rewarded, stating that the Day of Unity was about to begin. The Collector watches with Belos as witches from all over the Isles approach the Titan's head, grinning widely.[7]

King once more hears the Collector's thoughts; he is talking to himself and expressing doubt that Belos will uphold his end of the bargain. The Collector desperately tries to convince himself that the Emperor is his friend, but notes that the two of them have spent centuries "playing [Belos'] game", and angrily states he wants to play a new game.[7]

Starting a new game

The Collector is betrayed by Belos.

As the Day of Unity begins, the Collector feels excited to gain freedom once more but Belos reveals that he won't be releasing him, both because he's only using the Titan's Blood from the key to activate the Portal and because he doesn't want anyone else learning about their powerful spells, and instead drops his mirror down a pit in the Titan's skull. Later, while Luz and her allies battle Belos in his monster form, an equally betrayed Kikimora leads King down to the pit. There, he makes a deal with the Collector to free them and play a game of "Owl House" in exchange for ending Belos' Draining Spell. King uses his Titan powers to break the Collector's mirror, allowing him to escape it and regain his physical form.[2]

The Collector's physical form is revealed.

Now free, the Collector manages to stop Belos' attack on Luz and her friends, stating he wants to play a game of tag with Belos. The Collector pulls Belos closer to him, stating he was "it" before launching the tyrant into the wall above the door to Belos' chamber, seemingly killing the Emperor. Noticing Luz and her friends, the Collector asks if they needed a head start, though he is stopped by King, who reminds him that they need a lot more players if they wanted to play Owl House. The Collector walks over to the exterior balcony, using his powers to enhance his vision and spots the dying inhabitants of the Boiling Isles at the site of the draining spell. Using his powers, the Collector uses his finger to move the overhead moon out of its position, ending the eclipse and stopping the spell.[2]

The Collector prepares to play Owl House with King.

With everything nearly ready, the Collector states that if they are going to play Owl House, they would need one before using his powers to rip apart the Titan's skull, forming a spiraling mass of debris around him. While he does this, Luz and her friends flee to the portal to the Human Realm, though the Collector stops King from escaping, reminding him that he promised to play with him. Nonetheless, King manages to ensure the others escape before being fully pulled back towards the Collector.[2]

Powers and abilities

  • Magic: The Collector has demonstrated incredible magic potency. His aptitude for magic allows him to perform various feats, among the most notable was forming the powerful Draining Spell and stopping it by moving the moon itself. He holds arcane knowledge of magic, the same knowledge he mentored Philip on and thus allowed him to become the most powerful practitioner on the Boiling Isles, highlighting the Collector's level of skill.
    • Flash bangs: The Collector can use flash bangs to blind an opponent.[3]
    • Shadow control: The Collector is shown to be able to manipulate shadows.[3] He used this to trap anyone he wishes to capture, or project himself through living shadows from his tablet.[6]
    • Binding: He can bind living beings to curses, transforming them into scrolls, as shown by what he did to the Owl Beast.
    • Levitation: The Collector can float around and fly as he pleases. He can also levitate other objects, lift and rearrange them into new structures, or move them at a high velocity that the object makes a powerful impact upon collision, as he did with Belos.
    • Supernatural strength: The Collector is deceptively strong, able to hold back heavy weights and objects much larger than him, which he demonstrated when he stopped Belos's transformed blade arm mid-strike by catching it between his fingers.


Behind the scenes

Early development

The Collector was initially developed by Dana Terrace and John Bailey Owen as a conceptual character to potentially appear in the show at some point. After the series received a premature ending after two seasons, they decided to introduce the Collector before the end of season two.[8]

Name and basis

The Collector's design was inspired by the works of Remedios Varo, a surrealist painter known for her astrological imagery.[9] Other inspirations for his aesthetic included puppets and clown dolls.[8]


The Collector is voiced by Fryda Wolff.


The Collector debuted in "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door" as a figment in the Owl Beast's memories. He was properly introduced in a flashback during "Hollow Mind".


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The Collector's bust in the charity stream

  • He was first teased in the "Be Gay, Do Witchcraft" charity Twitch stream hosted by Dana Terrace as part of a request to draw half of a Season 2 character.[10]
  • The Collector was listed in the credits for "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door", but went unnamed in the episode itself. It was not until "Elsewhere and Elsewhen" that this name was mentioned.
  • At the beginning of the scene where he catches the Owl Beast, a different Titan skull shape can be seen in the background, which may mean he at least caught the Owl Beast on another Titan corpse archipelago. This skull resembles the Titan found at Titan Trapper Island.
  • In "Separate Tides", it is revealed that Eda has been cursed for about thirty years, meaning that the Collector turned the Owl Beast into the scroll more than or about thirty years ago. However, given the Collector was free during this time, it is likely that he turned the Owl Beast into the scroll more than three hundred and fifty years ago.
  • According to the Collector, he was imprisoned by King's father.
  • According to Dana Terrace, the Collector uses he/him and they/them pronouns.[11] This is shown when Philip first referred to the Collector with masculine pronouns.


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