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The connection has been made. And now we can summon him.

The Collector's tablets are magical objects that are related to the Collector. They are claimed to be their "prison".


About 300 years ago, one of these tablets was guarded by a Stonesleeper in the skull of the Titan. Philip Wittebane obtained it with the help of Luz Noceda and Lilith Clawthorne. He later used it to summon the Collector, likely to help with the Day of Unity.[1]

At present, another tablet (a different one) is in the hands of the Titan Trappers on their island. This one has been broken in half, and at first, seemed to be inactive, but once King lit it aflame, it began to glow and emit the sound of the Collector's laughter, creating a mental link between them.[2]

Later, it is revealed that Philip still has the tablet to communicate with the Collector. However, he betrays the being and breaks the promise to set him free. Despite breaking the promise, in the end, the Collector is freed by King, as he is the only one who can stop the Draining Spell. It is also revealed that what Bill said (either because he lied or didn't know) is wrong; it is not necessary to kill a Titan to set the Collector free. The Collector even bemusedly refers to King as "silly" when he questions if his blood is needed to free him. When the Collector is released, the tablet breaks.[3]



  • Emperor Belos refers to the tablet as a "round boy".
  • When the Collector is freed from his tablet in "King's Tide", the tablet breaks in half similarly to the Titan Trapper's tablet.
  • It was never revealed where the second tablet in the Titan Trapper's possession came from or what it was actually about.



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