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"The First Day" is the thirteenth episode of the first season of The Owl House, and the thirteenth episode overall.[3]

It premiered on July 25, 2020.


Main Synopsis: During Luz's first day of Magic School, curiosity gets the best of her, and she finds herself thrown into the Detention Track, where she's not allowed to learn magic.[4]

Alternate Synopsis: Luz is thrilled on her first day of Magic School, but when she is told she can only study one type of magic, she can't choose between all the tracks.[5]


Luz and Eda are backstage in the Hexside auditorium preparing for Luz's audition before Principal Bump for acceptance into the school. Luz is anxious and nervous, while Eda is cool and collected. Luz makes her way onto the stage, and after a few goofs and slip-ups, she barely makes her way into Hexside.

While Luz is on her way to school for her first day, Eda explains to her that she shouldn't be feeling scared about the day and that everything will be okay. Luz relays to her how she never gave a good impression at her school back in the human world, so she's scared she'll mess up her first impression at Hexside. After Eda drops her off wishing her luck, Luz walks onto campus ready to seize her first day.

She first encounters Amity, in which they exchange friendly greetings and high fives. After Amity walks away, Luz giggles to herself about how awesome it would be to meet a "hot, yet vulnerable upperclassman". As she says this, King reveals himself from her backpack, and scurries away to roam the halls of the school to eat from the trash cans.

As Luz arrives at the school grounds, she meets up with Willow and Gus who congratulate her for her acceptance, and introduce her to the covens in the school. Luz enters the school, and makes her way to Principal Bump, to whom she explains her schedule for the day - which includes exploring multiple covens. Bump denies this schedule, telling her she must choose one coven, and decides it'll be the potions track against her will.

After her very first class in the potions track, Luz desires something more and turns to a crystal ball for guidance. When Bump catches her "mixing magic", she is sent to the "detention track", which means she will be unable to study magic until the next school year. She joins two students, and a dog student in the detention room, who are originally aloof towards her. However, after she stands up for them against the detention teacher, one of the students, Viney, introduces her to their secret hideout. This is where they (Viney, Jerbo, and Barcus) use shortcuts throughout the school to watch teachers exhibit different types of magic, and secretly learn all types of magic without the school knowing.

Luz is eager to see all these different shortcuts, and opens one of the shortcut doors. This door opens up a locker in the Hexside main hallway, showing Amity pacing and reminding herself that just because she and Luz go to the same school, it doesn't mean anything has changed. Luz quickly closes the door and joins the rest of the detention gang.

This joyful reunion turns sour fast after Viney and the crew overhear Willow and Gus yell that Luz didn't want to be one of them. Luz is promptly shunned from the group, and leaves to join Willow and Gus.

Meanwhile, the inspector from the Emperor's Coven arrives to evaluate the school's performance. However this event quickly goes awry when the inspector reveals herself to be a Greater Basilisk, a monster that can suck the magic and power out of other witches. Principal Bump, Amity, Amelia, and other witches attempt to fight back, but it proves futile as they're drained and turned weak and powerless by the inspector.

Luz, Gus, and Willow find the Inspector, and when the inspector takes away Gus and Willow's magic, Luz runs to the detention group to try and get their help. At first, they're against helping her, but after they see the peril the school is in, they rush in to help out. Viney, Jerbo, Barcus, and Luz mix magic in order to rid the school of the inspector, and return magic to the fallen students and faculty. After Principal Bump sees the remarkable ways they've used their magic, he allows them to practice multiple tracks. He then remembers a notorious student that caused trouble, and Luz figures out exactly who he's talking about - Eda.


Additional voices

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) El primer día The First Day
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) O Primeiro Dia The First Day
Taiwan Mandarin 入學奇遇記 Bizarre Encounter during School Admission
Germany German Erster Schultag First School Day
Egypt Arabic اليوم الأول first day
France French Jour de rentrée Back-to-School Day
Indonesia Indonesian Hari Pertama The First Day
Israel Hebrew היום הראשון The first day
Italy Italian Il primo giorno The First Day
Japan Japanese 初めての日 First Day
South Korea Korean 학교 첫 날 First Day at School
Malaysia Malay Hari Pertama First Day
Netherlands Dutch De eerste dag The First Day
Portugal Portuguese O Primeiro Dia The First Day
Romania Romanian Prima zi The First Day
Russia Russian Первый день First day
Turkey Turkish İlk Gün First day


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  • Viewership: This episode was watched by 0.43 viewers on its premiere.[1]
  • Every episode of the first season from this point onward was produced in 2020 according to the credits. All episodes that aired before this (except for "Once Upon a Swap") were produced in 2019 according to the credits.
    • This is not the first episode produced in that year, it was actually "Really Small Problems", despite it also being produced in 2020, the episode was produced before this one.
  • Viney, Jerbo, and Barcus appear to be named after the episodes' writers, Rachel Vine, John Bailey Owen, and Zach Marcus, respectively, as inferred from Dana's tweet of the episode.[6]
  • The following names appear on the Troublemakers Wall:
    • Jerbo
    • Viney
    • Barcus (paw prints)
    • The four remaining names (Sabrina, Rad Maddie, Chris, and Emmy) refer to the four storyboard artists for this episode.
  • Hexside's auditorium has 90 seats.
  • Luz goes through a total of four different Hexside outfits (beginner Hexside uniform, potions track uniform, detention track uniform, and multi-track uniform) plus her day-to-day outfit, making this the most times she has changed an outfit in one episode.
  • Luz' potion schedule consists of the following:
    • Potions for beginners
    • Potions in motion
    • Potions (again)
    • Still potions
    • Potions 'till you die
    • Potions after death
  • When Eda is flying away at the end, there is a code revealed on the top left pillar. This is the 13th code, which is the same code as the 7th code, which is "Of".
  • This is the first episode where Eda plays a minor role.
  • This is the only episode in the first season where Hooty does not appear at all.

Revelations and significant events

  • Perry Porter, a reporter for the BBN-HXN channel, makes his first appearance in the series while reporting the attack done to Glandus High.
  • Uniforms for beginner witches at Hexside are shown to be colored white.
  • It is noted that Amity knows "up top", despite lacking knowledge on human culture. It is likely that she learned this from Luz.
  • Hexside receives a portion (if not all) of its funding from the Emperor's Coven.
  • Principal Bump is completely unfamiliar with Luz's glyph based magic system, insinuating there is an esoteric element to glyph magic.
  • It is revealed that Eda founded a secret club for people who want to study multiple tracks while at Hexside.
  • Principal Bump comments on how humans are "full of liquids", implying witches are not.


  • This episode occurs one day after the events of "Adventures in the Elements", one week after the events of "Something Ventured, Someone Framed", two weeks after the events of "Lost in Language", three weeks after the events of "Covention", and four weeks after the events of "I Was a Teenage Abomination". As such, it means Luz has been in the Boiling Isles for just over a month.
  • Mattholomule is still the president of the Human Appreciation Society after he was unceremoniously given the title by Bump. Also of note, the way Bump welcomes Luz to the school and Luz's tired reaction to this mirrors Mattholomule becoming president of the H.A.S. in the same episode.
  • This episode has a few callbacks to "Something Ventured, Someone Framed". Hexside's detention facility is still in need of repair since the events from the aforementioned episode. As such, this led to the creation of the detention track.
    • Furthermore, the portrait of Principal Bump in his office is replaced with pictures of the damage Willow, Luz, and Gus caused, as well as a bill, a stack of receipts, and a chart with a downward pointing arrow that indicates the school's budget decrease.
  • Luz pulling back her eyelids also happened in "A Lying Witch and a Warden".


  • Pokémon - Willow's fight against the oracle girl is a reference to similarly formatted battles that occur in the Pokémon series.
  • West Side Story - The poster of "Hexside Story" is a parody of the aforementioned musical.
  • Sailor Moon - Luz's transformation into the quad-colored school uniform at the end of the episode alludes to the sailor transformations in the aforementioned anime.
    • In addition, this is a reference to the "henshin" transformation scene, a standard convention of many Magical Girl anime.
  • Harry Potter - The Choosy Hat is a parody of the sorting hat from the fantasy series. The Greater Basilisk is also a parody of the Basilisk from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The secret room of shortcuts is likewise reminiscent of the various hidden chambers found at Hogwarts in the Harry Potter series. Eda's role in creating the secret room of shortcuts, as well as her alias of Lord Calamity, mirrors the Marauders' Map and the aliases used by James Potter and his motley crew of friends.
  • Kabbalah - The Sefirot from this school of Jewish mysticism appears on the blackboards of the Oracle class. It is presented in both the Yosher (upright) and Iggulim (circular) forms.
  • Origami Fortune Teller - The Oracle class was teaching the use of this popular paper toy.
  • J'Accuse - Jerbo says, "j'accuse" (I accuse in French) to Luz when they hear Willow and Gus searching for her, referencing Emile Zola's open letter to the French government over the Dreyfus Affair.
  • Indiana Jones - Barcus showing the Potions teacher her future, the image of her face melting mirrors the death of Toht.
  • Pan's Labyrinth - Viney uses chalk to draw a door to the secret hideout, which is similar to the magic chalk used in the film to enter the Pale Man's lair.


  • At the start of the episode, when Luz is talking with Eda, she is wearing her multi-coven uniform instead of her normal outfit or her cloak.

    Amity with her hair misplaced.

    • This was later fixed in reruns.
  • During Amity's rant near the lockers, her hair is misplaced.
  • When Luz drags Willow and Gus away from the basilisk, the previous victim is not seen in front of the basilisk.
  • When Luz is fighting the basilisk with help from the detention track students, one of the basilisk's sleeves is miscolored.
  • Hooty does not appear in this episode, but he is noted in the credits.
  • Eda’s bone is miscolored a pale red during the scene wherein she tells Luz to hold up.
  • King’s “WORLDS BEST ME” mug is missing an apostrophe in the word “World’s”.


  • In the Russian dub, Amity's rant to herself is cut. This is because of Russia's anti-LGBT laws.
  • In Southeast Asia, the words "farts", "heck", and "dingus" were cut.

Memorable Quotes

So, you two both go to the same school now, that doesn't change anything.
—Amity Blight
You think you're better than us?
My first day at Hexside. A chance to discover my true magical potential and maybe meet a hot yet vulnerable upperclassman.
And now I FEED!
—Choosy Hat



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