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This article is about the book series. For the titular character, see Azura.

Journey with us to a world of magic unlike any other! Well, uh, a bit like this world, except toned down for ages 6 to 11.
—Luz introducing the book series at the Club Fair, "Any Sport in a Storm"

The Good Witch Azura is a series of fantasy novels that appears in The Owl House. There are at least five known volumes. It is the story of a good witch named Azura who fights for peace across magical lands. Luz and Amity are fans of Azura and own the series.


Sometime before Manny Noceda became ill, he gave his daughter, Luz a copy of the first book. When his disease became fatal, Luz reluctantly began reading the book and ultimately became obsessed with the series.[1]

The content of the novels focuses on the adventures of the title character, Azura, who embarks on magical quests, fighting evil and bringing peace across enchanted lands. Based on what is seen on the cover, there are two other characters, an old witch dressed in a red cloak and a fluffy little doglike creature (similar to Eda and King). Being a huge fan of fantasy, Luz owns a copy of The Good Witch Azura. She happens to be very possessive of her book and appears to take it everywhere she goes. It becomes her inspiration to become a witch when she arrives on the Boiling Isles. During her stay, Luz makes a lot of references about the Isles to the characters and stories in her novel. Luz believed her arrival on the Isles had a reason and that she had a potential destiny like Azura.[2]

Eda dislikes the novel, as she considers its "flowery" contents insulting to witches.[3] Amity Blight seems to be a fan of the series, having a private collection in her secret room at the library[4] and drawing fan-art of herself with Malin Gael,[5] but staunchly denies any interest in it to Luz. Amity eventually gives in and agrees to form an "Azura Club" with Luz at Hexside.

The books were written in the 1990s by Mildred Featherwhyle. At some point after being published in the Human Realm,[6] the books were washed ashore in the Demon Realm one day in a box of human litter.[7] They were found by Tibbles, who decided to start a scam by selling them; he would have Matt Tholomule alter Mildred's photo so that she looked like a witch, while Tinella Nosa would pose as her during any public appearances. However, the scam fell flat when Amity turned out to be the only one buying the books, as well as when she and Luz found out about the scam.[6]


  • Azura: The main protagonist of the novel, who is a witch warrior of peace.
  • Elderly Witch: An ally who accompanies Azura on her quests.
  • Hecate: A villain and later ally to Azura.
  • Gildersnake: A massive serpent who serves as an enemy to Azura.
  • Malingale: The Mysterious Soothsayer. Their role in the series is unclear.
  • Villainous Lucy: Villain in the second movie, possibly a former friend of Azura.



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