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The magic at Glandus High was tasty, but I hope yours will be more filling.
—The Inspector to Amity, "The First Day"

The Inspector is a character in The Owl House. She is an unnamed basilisk that was disguised as an inspector from the Emperor's Coven.


In her witch disguise, the Inspector has pale skin and indigo hair held up in a swirled bun. She wears small, tinted glasses and has a red lower lip and green eyes. She wears a gray dress with a yellow badge, one epaulet, and black gloves. She has pointed ears similar to those at Hexside.

In her true form, the basilisk retains the Inspector's hairstyle, except her skin turns pale yellow, her green eyes become frog-like and droopy, her dress is torn and widened, and her entire body is serpentine. She also grows webbed ears, claws, and sharp scales on her arms. The basilisk's mouth opens up abnormally wide, and it has sharp teeth to swallow enemies.


The Inspector's exact origins are currently unknown, but she may be connected with the basilisks who were revived by Emperor Belos.[1] Under the guise of a school inspector working for the Emperor's Coven, the greater basilisk first attacks Glandus High, draining the faculty and student body of their magic. She then set her sights on Hexside School of Magic and Demonics.[2] She attacked several students and faculty, only to be defeated by Luz, Viney, Jerbo, and Barcus who dropped sandbags onto her stomach, in an effort to force her to return all the magic she stole. Her fate afterwards is unknown.

Powers and abilities

  • Shapeshifting: The basilisk can disguise itself to look like a regular witch.
  • Magical absorption: The basilisk has the ability to absorb any spell circle created by a witch, as seen with Principal Bump and Amity. Aside from spell circles, she can absorb magic by devouring vessels conjured by spells, such as the plants conjured by Willow. By absorbing the magic, the basilisk is able to suck out the energy and power from anyone who attacks her, leaving them weak and frail. However, she cannot absorb magic from spells conjured through a glyph, the type of which can directly damage her.


Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Indonesia Indonesian Jheni Rinjo
Poland Polish Elżbieta Futera-Jędrzejewska


  • While Bump suspects the creature was working for the Emperor's Coven, whether they were behind her attack on Hexside or not (and if they did, their motive for doing so) remains ambiguous. This is partially hinted in "Yesterday's Lie", in which it is revealed the Emperor's Coven was responsible for reviving the species in secret.


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