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"The Intruder" is the fourth episode of the first season of The Owl House, and the fourth episode overall.

It premiered on January 31, 2020.


Luz and King must defend The Owl House from a mysterious intruder.


King is trying to teach Luz about demons, but she doesn't pay attention. Suddenly, a storm brews over the Boiling Isles. Luz loves rain and goes outside feel the first few drops, only to discover that the rain is boiling hot. Eda casts a magic force field to protect The Owl House from the rain, which exhausts her. She changes into her bed clothes and lies on the couch to sleep, but Luz nags her to teach her some spells. She at first refuses, but because of her uncontrollable infatuation for shiny objects as mentioned by King, she gives in after Luz tempts her with a sparkly pen.

Eda starts with the lesson by explaining that before a witch can earn a staff they must learn to cast spells on their own. She shows her how to create a light spell by casting a spell circle. Luz also learns that magic comes from a sack of magic bile attached to a witch's heart. Since she does not have one, this begs the question on how is she supposed to do magic herself. According to Eda, witches used to use magic a different way in the past, but she never bothered to figure out how. Then she ends the lesson and heads back to sleep. However, Luz asks her to show the light spell again so she can record it on her phone. She does so, but passes out from exhaustion in the process. Luz and King drag Eda to her room and put her in her nest to sleep.

King again tries to teach Luz about demons, but she is busy trying to figure out how to cast the light spell, which seems to be effortless. King is upset that she is not paying attention to his lessons, and asks why she wants to be a witch. Luz tells King about her life back home, where she was a nobody. She sees becoming a witch as her chance of being somebody. Understanding what it's like for no one to take you seriously, he agrees to help her learn the light spell on the condition that she will pay attention to his demon lessons.

King has a theory that Eda gets her magic from an elixir that she takes everyday. So, if Luz takes the elixir, she will be given magic powers. King sneaks into Eda's room and finds the bottle of Eda's elixir which half a tag missing. Luz prepares to drink it, but drops and breaks the bottle when she gets startled by the storm. Suddenly, the lights go out and they hear Hooty in panic. They find him being attacked by some kind of vicious creature which runs away and into Eda's room. King thinks its a Snaggleback, which is a creature with a protective shell that feasts during the rains. Though terrified, Luz reluctantly agrees to help King hunt that creature down.

After suiting up to defend themselves, Luz and King start their search for the monster in Eda's room. They find the place ransacked and Eda is missing. King leaves Luz by herself for a moment to get his books on demons, but when he comes back she has vanished too, and all that's left is one of her shoes. King catches sight of the monster and chases it to a closet. There he discovers a Snaggleback, which is just a weak pink ape in a turtle shell. Suddenly, the actual creature shows up, eats the Snaggleback and chases King. Luz appears from nowhere, and pulls King back into Eda's room to hide, explaining she went to check on Eda and lost her shoe when she tripped. She takes said shoe back, but King uncovers a torn piece of the tag stuck to Luz's left foot, which matches the other half from the bottle. It reads "An elixir a day keeps the curse at bay". This makes King realize that the creature is in fact Eda herself, and the elixir he found was her medication to keep her transformation at bay.

King feels ashamed at what he has done. In his efforts to get Luz interested in demons, he stole Eda's elixir which is vital to keep her from turning into that monster. He admits to Luz that he has no friends, and that no one pays attention to him. He thought that by getting her into demons, he would finally have someone who cares about creatures like him. Luz shows sympathy to King, and encourages him to help her save Eda.

They saw that Eda's monster form had black eyes, and according to King, demons with black eyes are sensitive to light. He believes that they could use that to their advantage. Since the camera on Luz's phone is busted, King suggests she uses the light spell. However, she still does not know how to do it. She's watched the video again and again to no avail. But then she notices something when the video on her phone glitches. A pattern appears in the circle for a brief moment, and when Luz traces it she finally casts the light spell.

Working together, King lures Eda to Luz where she is drawing a much bigger version of the pattern on the walls. It casts an even bigger spell which blinds Eda and knocks her out. When she regains consciousness, she is back to normal and coughs up the Snaggleback from earlier. Luz and King give Eda her elixir. She learns from King what had happened, and sees that Luz has figured out how to do magic the different way. By drawing a specific pattern inside the spell circle, she can cast spells. Realizing her secret is out, Eda explains to them that she was cursed when she was young, and the elixir she drinks helps to curb it. The curse is also the reason why people call her the Owl Lady.

After making peace with each other, Luz and King leave Eda to rest and get Hooty back on his hinges. When she falls asleep, she has a brief nightmare of a shadowy figure who cursed her, and wakes up before she can get answers.


Additional voices

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) La Intrusa The Intruder
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) A Intrusa The Intruder
Taiwan Mandarin 惡魔入侵 The Demon Intrudes
Germany German Das Elixier The Elixir
Denmark Danish Den ubudne gæst The uninvited guest
Egypt Arabic الدخيل The Intruder
Spain Spanish El intruso The Intruder
Finland Finnish Tunkeilija Intruder
France French L’Intrus The Intruder
Indonesia Indonesian Penyusup Intruder
Israel Hebrew הפולש The intruder
Italy Italian L'intruso The Intruder
Japan Japanese 侵入者は誰だ Who is the intruder
South Korea Korean 침입자 Intruder
Malaysia Malay Penceroboh Intruder
Netherlands Dutch De indringer The Intruder
Norway Norwegian Inntrengeren The intruder
Portugal Portuguese O Intruso The Intruder
Poland Polish Intruz The Intruder
Romania Romanian Intrusul The Intruder
Russia Russian Незваный Гость Uninvited Guest
Sweden Swedish Inkräktaren The intruder


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  • On some airings, the theme song on this episode is shortened.
  • Willow's uniform in the intro changes starting with this episode due to her switching tracks in the previous episode.
  • During King's lesson to Luz the following books can be seen:
    • Infernal Medicine
    • Atlas of the Pit
    • The Big Book of Misery
    • So You Sold Your Soul
    • The Horror of Cooking
    • Just the Pacts
    • Torture Vol XXIV.
  • When Cursed Eda is smelling the book, the 4th code is revealed on the book; it gets cracked into "EH-P-AH-R-T" and translated into "Apart".
  • The episode completed production on August 23, 2019.[3]
  • The carving picture of the Snaggleback in King's book bears the resembling style based on Monster Hunters' Monster Icons.
  • Willow is seen in her casual attire for the first time.

Revelations and significant events

  • This episode reveals that Eda was cursed when she was young and if she does not take a special elixir daily, she transforms into a vicious owl-demon, which is why people call her The Owl Lady.
  • Luz discovers that she can't cast magic the normal way, but she can cast it by drawing a spell's respective spell glyph.
    • Luz does magic, more specifically light magic, for the first time.
  • Luz is revealed to be ambidextrous as she was able to draw the light glyph with both her right hand when she traces it and with her left hand when she draws the larger one to stop Eda.
  • Eda is revealed to sleep in a nest.



  • The "An elixir a day keeps the curse at bay" tag is a play on the phrase "An apple a day keeps the doctor away".
  • Gravity Falls - The demon Bill Cipher can be spotted on the Demon 101 board.
  • The Lesser Key of Solomon - King's Demon board includes an illustration of Buer, a Goetic demon that is depicted as a multiple-goat-legged lion.
  • Dungeons and Dragons - The Demon 101 board also includes an illustration of a Beholder.
  • Studio Ghibli - Eda's Owl Beast form is very reminiscent of Ghibli's monster designs.
    • Eda's chase of King through the house replicates Kaonashi chasing Chihiro through the halls of the spa in Ghibli's 2001 film Spirited Away.
  • Vitruvian Man - The book cursed Eda sniffed that contained the episode's code word references Leonardo da Vinci's famous drawing.
  • David Attenborough - Luz' commentary on King's battle with the ducky sock using an affected British accent references this narrator of numerous BBC nature documentaries.


Closed captioned typo error -1.png
Closed captioned typo error -2.png

This is the first episode with hidden errors that have been forgotten to be fixed:

  • Not in the episode itself, but rather some typo in the closed caption, like "No Way!" to "Now Way!" and "you" to "yo".
  • When Eda is showing Luz the picture of the heart, it is a layer above her hands.
  • When Luz exits the house, there was no flower, but when the POV changes and she looks down, a flower is there.
  • Before King said 'I think it's because she gets distracted from shiny objects', the door behind him was dark grey, then when the POV changes, the door is shown to be some shade of brown and light grey.
  • Right after Eda changes, the couch behind her is green, but when she lays down the color changes to red.
  • When Eda was showing some light magic, Luz was sitting on the carpet, but when she said 'what?' to Eda, she shifted over to the wooden floor.
  • When king was saying 'yeah' to his drawing, the green color pencil and the book was on the couch. But when Luz said 'Ugh this is all she does', the green colored pencil and the book moved to the floor.
  • When the camera pans out to Eda looking at Luz, the paper scroll is layered on top of Eda's hands.


  • In the Southeast Asia broadcast, "stupid" was cut from the English audio track.



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