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Well, your performances got me thinking. What could create such interesting people? Only the Owl House itself!
—Gus' comment on the Owl House, "Understanding Willow"

The Owl House is the titular location of the series The Owl House. It is located in the Demon Realm located on the cliffs outside Bonesborough and is inhabited by Luz, Eda, King, and Raine. The house is Hooty himself and, for the most part, is controlled by him.

In the week leading up to the Day of Unity, the Owl House was raided by Coven Scouts while Hooty was away, resulting in its abandonment. In "Watching and Dreaming", the house was renovated, replacing the door with a new portal door that was most likely provided by the Collector, reconnecting the Human Realm and Demon Realm.


The Owl House is a large house made from white brick with a sloping blue roof. A stained glass window above the door gives the impression of a large orange demon eye.

A crumbling stone tower with orange moss growing on it is located to the rear left of the house. It is revealed to be separate from the house when Hooty is conjured in "Hooty's Moving Hassle".


While the exterior is of limited size, the Owl House appears to be much bigger on the inside, containing a number of rooms, corridors, and storage spaces. The house seems to consist of a basement and three stories.


This appears to be where random unused objects of the Owl House is stored at. The floor consists of a trap door that leads to a massive tunnel. In "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door", Hooty transforms the tunnel into a Tunnel of Love which consists of a river, animatronics, and various cardboard cutouts in an attempt to match Luz and Amity together.

Ground floor[]

  • The Living Room: Located right behind the front door. It includes a fireplace facing opposite two couches, candles, a wall of artifacts, and Eda's wanted poster, and artwork of an owl creature on the ceiling.
  • The Kitchen: Found at the back of the house. A huge window gives a view of the land behind the house, with a door leading outside. The kitchen itself has a table, a refrigerator, a range, and shelves lined with various objects.
  • The Shed: Connected to the side of the house underneath a low part of the roof. This is primarily used for storage, including piles of logs and sealed chests and pots.

Second floor[]

  • Luz's Room: Once a storage closet, now a comfy hideout. Luz has made this room her own with the few possessions she brought from the human realm - and lots of Eda's stuff.

Top floor[]

  • Eda's Room: Located at the front of the house where the owl eye-shaped window is. Instead of a bed, Eda sleeps in a nest littered with bones and human junk.
  • The Bathroom: A standard house bathroom, behind a purple door with a sign saying "Ladies (and King)". It is located at the end of the same hallway that Eda's room is connected to.
  • The Balcony: Made from a short stone tower built in the side of the house, this can be accessed on the upper floor via a large rectangular cutout in the wall of Eda's room. It allows for a good view of the Boiling Isles.

Impossible geometry[]

Some artistic liberties were taken in the layout of the house. This means that some interior features conflict with external ones.

  • The Stained-Glass Eye appears smaller from the inside than from the outside.
  • From the exterior, there is an orange support beam on the right side of the house. It spans from the upper roof and the lower one. The top of the support does not extend much beyond the bottom of the Stained-Glass Eye. In an external shot of the attic, where Eda's nest is located, there is a long cutout in right (from Hooty's perspective) wall. The top of the beam appears to extend beyond the top of the Stained-Glass Eye.


Eda was cursed by her sister, Lilith, during her younger years. One day, after overhearing her mother's plan to heal her curse using extreme measures, she became scared and ran away from home. At some point of time after that, she fixed up an old tower which belonged to her father, then built the Owl House in front of it and started living inside. Later, she stumbled upon King on an uncharted island and brought him back. Around eight years after that, she let Luz stay with her upon her request, with the condition that she must work for her. Occasionally, Luz's friends would come to the house to visit her.

As Eda herself puts it, the Owl House is where she hides away from the pressures of modern life, cops, and ex‐boyfriends. The house serves as a major location for the plot and has appeared in almost every episode of the series so far.

In "O Titan, Where Art Thou", the Owl House was seized by the Emperor's Coven under direct orders of Emperor Belos.

Months later, after returning from the Human Realm, Luz, Willow, Gus, Amity, Hunter, and Camila Noceda arrived at the Owl House and find it still abandoned and covered in graffiti. They went there for a while, Luz rested in Eda's nest, Hunter stood outside, while Camila spoke with Gus and Willow for some advice, she needs to help Luz stop making a bad decision. Amity found Luz in Eda's nest, thinking her palisman egg was gone to hatch. As the duo shared a talk, Hunter called out to them that he saw Eda and King. They left the house and go meet up with Eda and King.

Some time later, Luz, Eda, King, and the Collector arrived at the Owl House. The Collector initially refers to it as "The Bird House", and Eda corrects him before flying around it to see the damage and graffiti caused by the Coven Scouts. King remarks that she hasn't seen it in a while. Luz talks about her first time being in the isles, and shows the Collector some other pictures of her adventures before he shows interest in the picture of the Grudgby match, to which the four leave the house to go to Hexside's stadium. After Belos' defeat, Eda, King, Luz, and Raine go back to the Owl House to rest. The Collector brings Lilith, Amity, and Camila to the house to reunite with Eda and Luz, respectfully. During the 4-year time skip, the Owl House was cleaned up and Raine moved in.[1] Eda, King, Lilith, Camila, and others held a belated quinceañera for Luz because she has spent three years helping rebuild the Isles. King shows Luz his growing powers and new glyphs. The Collector creates a light show for everyone to enjoy and they all give a final goodbye.



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