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The Owl House Credits Theme is an instrumental theme that is used for the closing credits of The Owl House. It was composed and produced by TJ Hill, and animated by series creator Dana Terrace.


Season 1

The outro consists of footage showing Luz walking through various parts of the Boiling Isles.

  • In the first part, Luz is seen walking down a part of Bonesborough called Thistle Street. She looks around in amazement.
  • In the second part, Luz walks through the marketplace with various stalls in it. She looks at a multiple-eyed blinking meat with a horrified expression.
  • In the third part, Luz walks through the Slayground while kicking a Grudgby ball.
  • In the fourth part, Luz walks through the hallway of Hexside and waves at Willow and Gus. Amity can be seen leaning on a pillar, ignoring the trio.
  • In the fifth part, Luz walks through the Bonesborough Library. A book she is holding flies off.
  • In the sixth part, Luz walks through the part of the Boiling Isles forest where the Bat Queen lives. She looks around with a frightened expression.
  • In the seventh part, Luz walks along a river of the Boiling Isles while looking at the Titan's skull.
  • In the final part, Luz runs through the forest and arrives at the Owl House. King is chatting with Eda excitedly as Hooty watches them from the back with a happy expression. King and Eda notice Luz and wave at her. Luz smiles and runs towards them. The camera then pans up, showing a clear purple sky.

Season 2A

The outro now consists of a series of artworks drawn in an ancient Egyptian art style. They are created by Jesse Balmer.

  • The first picture shows Eda, Luz, and King riding on the Owl Staff. King is seen holding Francois.
  • The second picture shows Lilith and Hooty in the living room of the Owl House. Lilith is sitting on the couch as Hooty pours her a cup of tea. Lilith's Raven Staff can be found leaning on the couch.
  • The third picture shows Willow, Luz, Amity, and Gus walking together. Willow is holding a flower pot with a man-eating plant in it; Luz and Amity are holding books; and Gus is trying out his illusion spells.
  • The fourth picture shows both Emperor Belos and the Golden Guard at the Emperor's Castle. Belos is putting on his mask while the Golden Guard takes off his mask, slightly revealing his face.
  • The fifth picture shows Eda partially turning into the Owl Beast. Her left arm becomes a wing and her left eye turns black. Multiple elixirs can be seen floating around her.
  • The sixth picture shows King sitting on a log at a beach looking up towards the sky. To his right, a figure depicting him as the "King of Demons", which usually appears when telling King's backstory, is seen.
  • The seventh picture shows Luz looking at the portal key with a sad expression.
  • The eighth picture shows Eda and King coming to console Luz. Eda puts her hand on Luz's head while King looks at her with open arms.
  • The final picture shows Eda, Luz and King looking upwards, smiling together.

Season 2B

Starting from "Follies at the Coven Day Parade", some new artworks have been added while some old artworks from Season 2A have been removed.

  • The first picture remains the same as Season 2A.
  • The second picture is similar to the third picture from Season 2A, with a few changes:
    • Willow has a new hairstyle, and is holding a flower pot with a larger flower in it.
    • Amity is drawn with her new hairstyle and is holding hands with Luz.
    • Gus is walking with two of his illusions.
  • The third picture shows Eda in her harpy mode and King using his sonic shout power.
  • The fourth picture remains the same as Season 2A.
  • The fifth picture shows Camila and Vee looking out a window from inside the kitchen at the Noceda residence. They both have a sad expression on their faces and it is raining outside.
  • The sixth picture shows Terra using vines to wrap around Raine, presumably to mind-control them. Behind Raine, Darius and Eberwolf glance at them sideways.
  • The seventh picture shows Luz standing alone, looking at the Titan's skull.
  • The eighth picture shows King running towards Luz from her left and Eda walking towards Luz from her right.
  • The final picture shows the trio standing together, looking at the Titan's skull.


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