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The Owl House Main Theme is an instrumental theme that is used for the opening of The Owl House. It was composed and produced by TJ Hill, and was animated by Sugarcube and Spencer Wan. On some airings, the theme is shortened.


The intro consists of originally animated footage which introduces us to the characters.

  • The portal appears and opens.
  • Luz appears, and appears to be going through the sky upwards, but the camera shows that it was upside down and that actually, Luz was falling. Eda rescues Luz, and along with King, they appear flying the Owl Staff, in the direction of The Owl House.
  • The camera follows them to the Owl House. It approaches the door, where Hooty is, Luz opens it and is seen twirling the staff, until she leaves it standing, Luz puts her right hand on her hip, and holds the staff with her left. Eda takes the staff away from her and Luz gets nervous, while King stands in front of the camera to wave with his arms outstretched.
  • Willow, Gus, and Amity appear in three frames. Willow makes a heart with her hands, Gus holds out his arms in celebration, and Amity just ignores, and turns her back, crossing her arms.
  • King appears holding a stuffed rabbit, along with many other stuffed animals around. He pretends to rule these stuffed animals, until some of them fall on him, while other stuffed animals keep falling in front of the camera.
  • Luz flies over Bonesborough, where she meets Tinella Nosa, Willow and Gus. Later, Eda and King are seen running from the guards, Luz helps them escape, but later they lose control of the staff, and are chased by a creature.
  • Luz, Eda and King are on the roof of the Owl House, where Luz casts her Light Spell, making it go into the night.
  • The The Owl House logo appears, then the Light spell streaks across it with background sounds. The theme ends there.

Changes to Season 2

  • Eda is now in the appearance she has since "Young Blood, Old Souls".
  • The portal is replaced by an eye with flames inside.
  • A scene where Luz plays with cards and does her Light spell, followed by Eda spinning the staff and King comes out from behind her, followed by Willow doing plant magic, after Gus doing illusionism, and then Amity doing abomination magic. It replaces the scenes of Luz falling and the Owl House.
  • Lilith, Hunter, and Kikimora, appear in the frames, instead of Willow, Gus, and Amity. In addition, nine symbols of the Covens are added on top, the Owl House is on the bottom left, and the Emperor's Castle is on the bottom right.
  • Emperor Belos appears, behind him his castle, and lightning strikes. This replaces the scene of King and the stuffed animals.
  • In the scene of Luz flying over Bonesborough, instead of the blue sky, it is now sunset. The color tone is much more natural with improved, more realistic overall shading.
  • On the roof shot, the night sky is colored in a more vibrant purple and milky ways are now seen. Same as above, the shading has been improved.
  • As the light spell expands, a new background sound is accompanied by it.
  • "The Owl House" logo is now enclosed in a frame, and instead of being streaks across it only by the light spell, the fire, plant, and ice spells now appear around it, along with the light spell, which are the spells Luz have currently learned as of "Wing It Like Witches".
  • As of "Hunting Palismen", a few changes have been made:
    • Eda wears a new outfit.
    • King has his horn fixed and his collar tag carved.
    • Amity has a new hairstyle and is given a new necklace.


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