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These are the rules enforced everywhere on this wiki. You are required to follow them in order to remain an active member on the wiki.


  • COPPA law: In accordance with Fandom's ToU and the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), users under the age of 13 (16 in the EEA, not including the UK) are not allowed to be editors on the wiki. If a user is revealed to be underage, please calmly report it with evidence to an administrator.
  • Observe civil behavior; respect other users. Please do not argue, insult, threaten, harass, purposefully offend, or disrespect users or their opinions.
  • Minor profanity is permitted (such as hell, damn, piss, ass, or bastard when not frequently used or directed at another user) but severe profanity such as the F-Bomb, S-Bomb, "Female Dog" and any slurs are prohibited, even when censored or shortened.
  • No intolerance of any kind: Hate speech, ethnic slurs, violence, phobia, slurs, harassment, bullying, discrimination, racism, and other negative behavior is not allowed.
  • The sexually explicit content is not allowed. This wiki is focused on a show for children, and can be visited by them.
  • Vandalism, spamming, or trolling is not allowed. If a user does any of these actions, report it to an admin.
  • Don't evade bans using multiple accounts.
  • Don't take our stuff without permission: Please, before taking anything developed by us for other wikis such as CSS or JS codes, templates, or project pages, first ask a staff member for permission to do so. When you get the permission, remember to give us credit.
    • However, if you are the one who developed it for us, you are free to take it. Note that this only applies if you developed it on your own, if it was made at the wiki's request or alongside someone else, you must ask for permission.
  • Please, do not share, post, or discuss leaked The Owl House content. This wiki respects the wishes of the show's crew, who want to wait for the release of the content of the series on official networks, such as Disney Channel or DisneyNOW.
    • Link or mention unofficial ways to view, share, or post The Owl House content (such as seeing full episodes unofficially, etc.) is not allowed in any way.
  • The use of bot programs is allowed only for wiki and Fandom staff members.


  • Privacy & Safety: For your own safety, it's recommended that you do not post personal information about yourself, such as your school, home address, etc. Remember, anything on this website can be seen by anyone on the internet. So please consider this before expressing yourself to the community.
    • Impersonating or fabricating false information about other users is not allowed in any way.
  • Respect the staff when they ask you to stop doing something harmful or disruptive.


  • Do not edit other users' profile pages: ​Don't edit another user's profile page without their approval unless reverting vandalism from someone else or if you're assisting in fixing something that is broken on their page. If a user page has content that is against the rules, notify an administrator to fix it.
  • You are not allowed to say negative things about other users on your profile. If an administrator notices something insulting on your user page, you will be kindly asked to remove it. Refusing to do so will lead to the removal of the content without further input.
  • Categories: User profiles should normally have the Users category and those that are automatically added from Userboxes. Do not add additional categories to your profile page.
  • Staff templates: Only staff members may have the staff templates and staff category on their profiles.


  • Avoid reviving a discussion or comment ("necroposting") if the proceeding post is one month old or more.
  • The topic of discussion should be clearly defined in the thread title or have some relation to the content found within the article page.
  • Nonsensical, inappropriate, and off-topic replies are subject to editing and/or deletion.
  • Keep your comments/replies of a reasonable length.
  • Pointless comments such as "First", "Second", or what could be seen as randomly inserted characters will be removed.
  • Threads containing fanon content can be submitted to the Discussions. Please read the Fanon policy if you wish to create a fanon-related thread.
  • It is forbidden to delete messages posted by staff members on your message wall, as this is considered deleting evidence and/or information.


Main article: The Owl House Wiki:Article Guidelines
  • Grammar.
    • The The Owl House Wiki strives for a more uniform and professional wiki experience. In order to do so, please exercise some form of formality and grammar. Because this is an American wiki, please refer to the Oxford punctuation.
  • Cite information you add.
    • Please provide a reliable source for doubtful or vague information that has not been stated on the screen. This source should be added as a reference using <ref></ref> tags and the {{Cite web}} template.
    • References from a stream should include a timestamp in the video.
  • Do not engage in edit wars with other users.
    • Avoid outright reverting edits that seem to have been made in good faith unless it is very obvious vandalism. If you must do so, explain why, either in the edit summary or on the user's message wall. Give respectful criticism so they can learn how they can improve their contributions if they make poor edits.


Blogs are a place for many things on this wiki that should not be expressed in articles. All competitions should be approved by an admin.

  • Blogs must contain sufficient information. Blog posts that are too short and/or deemed nonsensical are subject to deletion.
    • At least 2 lines of text or sufficient information and any related images about the blog content.
  • Discussion within the blog comments must relate to the content found within the blog. Off-topic comments are subject to deletion.
  • A user may only make 1 blog post per day. All blogs over the maximum are subject to deletion.

Blogs would normally consist of

  • Questions to the community
  • Predictions about the series
  • Fan made fiction
    • Blogs containing fanon content must comply to the Fanon policy
  • Interesting events pertaining to the series
  • Fun games and ideas for the community
  • Reviews of episodes and events

Blogs should not be

  • Additional categories other than default
  • Leaked content or fake information about the show
  • Advertisements
  • Self-promoting
  • Biographies
  • Scam/Porn
  • Discussion topics for improving the wiki (should go in Discussions)
  • Simply Youtube videos
  • What should belong in an article

Any blog that is in violation of these regulations will be most likely taken down or deleted.


Badges are a fun way for editors to track their work on the wiki and earn achievements. However, there are users who abuse the achievement system, either by adding, deleting, and re-adding information in articles, spamming message walls, or creating multiple pointless blogs. We have regulations to prevent abuse and make good use of them.

  • Do not make fluff edits (minor, unnecessary edits, such as editing and then undoing your edits to boost your edit count) just to get badges.
  • Do not create blank articles and then start filling them in. Add as much information as possible at the time of creation, and if necessary edit them later to add missing information or categories.
  • Do not create nonsense messages, blogs, or comments. For more information see the Conversation and Blog policies.
  • Achievements should not be rubbed in any other user's face, as this would be against the rules already established.
  • If you are going to upload more than 500+ images in a row, e.g. episodes screenshots, please notify a staff member first so that you will be given a bot flag. This is to prevent users from abusing uploading a large number of images to earn badges and distinguish edits in recent changes.
    • If you plan to continually upload more images of that size, we recommend you create a separate bot account.

If a user abuses the system, they will be warned. If they continue to abuse the system, they will get blocked.

Canon information

This wiki is meant to be a resource of official information about the show, and fan-made or speculative information would confuse matters. We have a fanon wiki for all the fan-made content.

  • No headcanons or outdated information: Please avoid adding information that was part of an older work in the show itself. We only rely on information actually developed during the show, as many things may have changed between the initial development and show's final production.
    • Details about the early development, basis, and conception of the subject, on the other hand, can be added as behind-the-scenes.
  • Do not add fan-made: Adding theoretical, or non-canon material to articles is not allowed in this wiki.
  • Speculation: Generally, speculation is not allowed in articles. There are some cases where exceptions have been made, but only for cases where the show has clearly set up a mystery and provided clues from which logical conclusions can be drawn. For the most part though, speculation is not appropriate, so don't add it even if you think it matches the above exception.
  • Opinion: For more about point of view, click here to view it in the article guidelines.
  • Reality vs. Fiction: If there are real-life characters, places, or objects in the show, avoid adding real-life things to the articles, and only add information from the show. Keep in mind that things that exist both in real life and in the show may be very different.
    • Comparisons with real life are accepted, as long as there are good arguments to make them.
  • Where you can post unofficial content: You are only allowed to post fanon, speculative, theoretical, and opinion content on your user page, your blog, or the off-topic Discussions board thread as long as it doesn't violate the rules. Hypotheses and theories are also accepted in article comments.
    • Fanon content that includes excessive adult language or explicit/offensive material is not allowed and will be deleted by staff, and, in particularly bad cases, uploading such material may result in the user being banned. Please note that we are trying to keep this wiki Y7-rated, like the show is.
    • ​Preferably, you would post full length fanon stories at the fanon wiki.


Discussions are a place for members of the community to chat, interact, and debate upon topics of the show and the wiki. The general rules of the wiki apply in Discussions, among specific rules that can be read here:

  1. Threads and posts that solicit upvotes will be deleted.
  2. Please keep your posts relevant to the channel topic. For example, discussion and spoiler posts relating to the show should go into "TOH Discussion", while fanmade content should go into "Polls, Fanwork & Fun". Off-topic conversations that are not in the "Off-topic" category will be deleted, while memes will be moved to that category.
  3. Impersonation of other users or famous people will not be tolerated. If you have been banned and return on a new account, your posts will be deleted and your new account(s) will be banned.
  4. Spamming, trolling, or vandalizing of any kind will be deleted and will lead to your account being banned. Jibberish and nonsensical posts also constitute as spam, even if they are filed under off-topic. If you have concerns and are seeking input, you may contact a staff member instead.
  5. Please make sure to post relevant and truthful news to the "TOH News" category.
  6. Administrators are the only ones who can post in the "Wiki News" category.
  7. When posting The Owl House fanwork, credit the artist by putting their name and the platform the art was taken from.
  8. Ask for help. Notice something that doesn't seem right? Or do you just have a question? Contact Fandom staff through "Give feedback" on your app's Settings screen, or via Special:Contact.

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