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The Titan is a colossal, humanoid being whose remains form the Boiling Isles.

It is from the Titan's power that magic came to exist on the Boiling Isles, allowing witches and demons to adapt to it and develop biology that allows them to use magic as well.


The Titan's skull.

There is no depiction of what the Titan may have looked like when it was alive, but its corpse implies it was humanoid in form. Its horned skull resembles King's skull, albeit on a far larger scale. Its flesh has decomposed over the years, giving way to the flora of the Boiling Isles and exposing most of its bones, which have become landmarks or settlements.

The Titan's chest cavity houses the Emperor's Castle, surrounding an enormous beating heart. If this heart belongs to the Titan, the fact it is still beating implies that the Titan may still be alive despite its advanced state of decay.


View of the Titan's right leg.

The Titan's precise origin is unknown, though in the book The Unauthorized Boiling Isles History, an anonymous author posits that it may have belonged to an ancient race of megafauna which once populated the Boiling Sea before mysteriously dying out (possibly to the Titan Trappers, but this has only been implied). Upon its apparent demise, the Titan's skeleton became the only complete specimen to definitively exist. Meanwhile, the muck of a decomposing Titan (either the Titan itself or a different one) gave rise to all demonkind. Its carcass also became the foundation for the Boiling Isles, as we are informed that "[The Titan's] original magic was so potent, all life on the Isles evolved to wield magic too". From the time of the Titan's death to the time of the show, magic can still be felt on the Isles, particularly in natural areas like the Knee. The Titan's Blood is noted to be a particularly powerful resource, as it can cause leaks between realms and can be used to construct portals. Said blood can be mined from the veins of the Titan, though miners should be wary of the volatile Fool's Blood.

In the 1600s, the first human named Philip Wittebane came to the Boiling Isles. Fifty years prior to Luz Noceda's arrival on the Isles, Philip, now named Emperor Belos, gained authority over the Isles and implemented the coven system with the intent of curtailing "wild magic", magical practices which were "corrupt" and "dishonored" the Titan. Prior to this time was an era retroactively termed "the Savage Ages", in which witches and demons were free to explore magic freely. This period apparently brought on strife and disaster which legitimized Belos' teachings. During the Savage Ages, Belos was a champion of unity who (allegedly) possessed the ability to speak with the fallen Titan. Belos eventually built his castle in the Titan's exposed chest cavity. The Blight family built their mansion and business on the Titan's right arm. The Looking Glass Ruins is in the west of the Titan's skull called the "Forearm Forest".

Due to it being the presumed progenitor of all magic on the Boiling Isles, the people of the Isles regard the Titan with reverence and respect, similarly to how many among them regard Emperor Belos. This worshipful attitude extends into common cadence and multiple characters swear by the Titan's name.

According to Belos, the Titan has given him the task of carrying out the "purification" of magic under the coven system on the Day of Unity and destroying all wild magic. However, in "Hollow Mind", these claims are eventually exposed as lies, since Belos never spoke to the Titan, but only spread this as propaganda. In reality, Belos is a human and a witch hunter whose true intention is to commit genocide against the witches and demons on the Day of Unity in his delusion to protect humanity from "evil".

The Titan's lineage is survived by his supposed offspring, King Clawthorne.[1]

At some point, the Titan trapped the Collector in a tablet.



  • In a deleted scene from "Hunting Palismen", it can be seen that on the Day of Unity that once the Titan is in the Human Realm, it begins to rise while everything around it begins to burn.[2] It is unknown if this scene was eliminated because of how dark it was, or because Dana Terrace wanted what would happen next once the Titan was brought to earth to be ambiguous.
  • Although The Unauthorized Boiling Isles History states that the Titan of the Boiling Isles is the only known complete skeleton of a Titan, "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door" reveals that there appears to be at least one other Titan corpse archipelago, which is the original home of the Owl Beast. However, the anatomy of the second skull differs drastically from the Titan's skull shape and appears more animal-like.
  • According to Bosook "Bo" Coburn, the Titan was King's father.[3] This is not explicitly stated in the series, however, Bill has suggested this,[1] and the Collector has indirectly alluded to it.[4]


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