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Hey, I can relate. I was willing to do anything to keep my kid safe. But I attacked the wrong person, dragged the Collector down here for nothing.
—The Titan to Luz, "Watching and Dreaming"

The Titan, also known as Papa Titan, is a character of The Owl House. He was a titan whose physical remains formed the Boiling Isles, being the origin of all magic present in the flora and fauna of the Isles, and his own personal magic manifests as that of the four glyphs. He was once the second-to-last surviving titan after the Collectors decimated the species, with the last being his son, King.

In an attempt to protect King, the Titan imprisoned the Collector, unaware that they were actually friendly with the titans, in the In Between Realm, and trapped his own non-physical body there as well in the process, forced to watch King grow up through this realm. The Titan took a liking to those who took care of and showed kindness toward King, such as Eda the Owl Lady and Luz Noceda, the latter of whom he was so fond of that he revealed his glyph magic to her.

In the Boiling Isles' primitive era, the Titan's very magic was so potent that it permitted the witches and demons of the Boiling Isles to evolve biologically, allowing them to utilize magic as well. With his final passing, his magic, and thus the powers of his glyphs, died with him.


Titan's head

The Titan's skull.

While it is not clear exactly what the Titan would have looked like when he was alive, his skeleton has a gigantic, semi-humanoid appearance, with nature and structures covering the majority of his body. The Titan's skull is very similar to King's, but much bigger, and with the left horn longer than the right. His skeleton's full appearance in the In Between Realm is revealed to have been digitigrade, with four horns (two jutting from his mandible), enormous bat-like wings and a long tail.


The Titan after the Collector destroyed his skull.

In "For the Future", during their de-facto regime, the Collector split the Titan's skull down the middle in order to use its pieces for the construction of the Archive House. Due to this, its left side now caves into itself. The Titan's skull now lies directly beneath the Archive House, which resembles a crown above his head.

Watching and Dreaming - 2670

The Titan's spirit within the In Between Realm.

As a spirit in the In Between Realm, he takes a much smaller form, yet is still much taller than Luz. He has shaggy, dark gray fur, a skull similar to King's, except with four horns, (two of which are slightly cracked), his right eye is missing and a small Hooty-like creature emerges from it. He has a pair of large, bat-like wings on his back, and a furry tail. He also wears a "Bad Girl Coven" shirt, a brownish bathrobe with lighter brown trim and a pair of pants with many of his glyphs depicted on them.


The Titan, in the short time Luz meets him, shows himself to be kind, nurturing, warm-hearted, modest, and uncannily wise and insightful. Despite his immense power, and his (although somewhat skewed) perception by the entirety of the Isles as a sort of divine entity, the Titan himself is rather humble, empathetic, and altruistic, usually prioritizing his friends and allies over himself, especially his son, King.

When he feared King's safety from the Collectors, he valued his son's life as higher than his own and ultimately sacrificed himself just to protect him, and even when this meant he would never get a chance to truly be part of his life, he remained grateful he could even observe his son at all.

The Titan is deeply loyal to those he cares about, and eternally grateful to those kind to his son. He reveals this when he later fully transfers his revered magic to Luz, simply out of gratitude for her kindness toward King.

The Titan is not boastful of his achievements, and is not ashamed to admit his own wrongdoings, expressing regret for imprisoning the Collector and recognizing that they shouldn't have taken blame for the actions of their siblings. When Luz expresses her doubts on whether her actions and motives ultimately arise from the same place as those of Belos, The Titan assures Luz that, while her and his own actions are out of a sincere desire to protect their loved ones, Belos' motives stem from a selfish and egotistical need to be seen as "the hero in his own delusion."

The faith and encouragement the Titan showed in his final moments expressed his belief in Luz as a good witch, and as an ultimately virtuous individual, allowing him to finally move on peacefully and without regrets.



View of the Titan's raised right leg, which forms the Knee.

The Titan belonged to an ancient race of megafauna known as titans, which once populated the Demon Realm's oceans before being gradually killed off by the powerful Collector race for their ability to cancel out Collector magic, causing the Collectors, allied with a group of witches known as the Titan Trappers, to seek their full eradication to prevent any interference in their grand plan.[1][2]

In the conflict's waning days, the Titan would end up the second-to-last surviving member of his species beside the unhatched egg bearing his son. At some point in time, the Titan encountered a certain naive Collector seeking out young titans to play with. Falsely assuming this Collector shared the goal of the rest of their race and aimed to kill his son, the Titan hid the egg away on an island adorned in magically protective symbols, and trapped the Collector in the In Between Realm, confined to a spherical prison and only able to interact with the outside world through a series of tablets.[3][2]

In the process, The Titan's own spirit was pulled down into the In Between Realm along with the Collector's, leaving The Titan's physical body fallen, yet not fully dead, his heart still beating and his remains imbued with his surviving magic.[2] The Titan's skeleton would become the only complete specimen to definitively exist. Meanwhile, the muck of a decomposing titan gave rise to all demonkind.

The Titan's carcass also became the foundation for the Boiling Isles. Despite his body's lifeless state, the Titan's original magic remained so potent throughout his remains that all subsequent life on the Isles evolved to likewise wield magic.[4] From the time of the Titan's death to the time of the show, magic can still be felt on the Isles, particularly in natural areas like the Knee. The blood of titans, and thus of the Titan, is an incredibly powerful magical resource, as it can cause leaks between realms and can be used to construct portals. Said blood was later excessively mined from the Titan's veins by witches and demons.

The history of the Titan was recorded by an unknown author in the book The Unauthorized Boiling Isles History at some point, although this book's exact scope of coverage is unknown. The time after the Titan followed into an era which would later be retroactively deemed by Belos as the "Savage Ages", in which witches and demons could explore their magic freely and without limitation.

During the Deadwardian Era (the 1600s in the Human Realm), a human named Philip Wittebane traversed to the Boiling Isles from the Human Realm in an attempt to save his brother, who had been spirited away to the realm by a certain witch. Philip, now known as "Emperor Belos", falsely presented himself as a bringer of unity. Belos claimed that the Titan chose him as a messenger, and supposedly gave him the task of carrying out the "purification" of magic and destroying all "wild magic", practices which were "corrupt" and "dishonored" the Titan. In reality, Philip was a witch hunter whose true intention was to commit genocide of the witches and demons of the Boiling Isles in his delusion to protect humanity from "evil". Using these claims, he gained authority over the Isles and implemented the coven system with the intent of curtailing the wild magic. Belos further spread claims that the period brought on strife and disaster, which legitimized Belos' teachings.

In the present day, parts of the Titan developed into geographical locations with their own climates. The Blight family built their mansion and business on the Titan's right arm. The Looking Glass Ruins is in the west of the Titan's skull, called the "Forearm Forest". Belos eventually built his castle in the Titan's chest cavity, with the Titan's still-beating heart residing in its throne room.

Due to him being the presumed progenitor of all magic on the Boiling Isles, the people of the Isles regard the Titan with reverence and respect, similarly to how many among them regard Emperor Belos. This worshipful attitude extends into common cadence and multiple characters swear by the Titan's name.

From the cubes of the In Between Realm, the Titan watched his son grow and witnessed the major events in his son's life, such as his hatching, him being taken in by Eda Clawthorne, and becoming friends with Luz,[2] which the latter was grateful for when he meets Luz after her heroic sacrifice. He and Luz talked about King, Eda and Belos' actions. But as time was running out, he entrusted his powers to Luz for a limited amount of time. After the final battle against Belos, the Titan's spirit appeared in a golden light, with Eda commenting that King has his genes. After his death, his glyphs were rendered useless.



While the Titan was never truly present in King's life, he deeply cared about him, and watched over his life from the In Between Realm. Before his son had even hatched, the Titan was willing to go to extreme lengths to protect him, stating himself that he "willing to do anything to keep [his] kid safe", and he showed this by attacking a Collector and trapping himself in the In Between Realm for an indeterminable amount of time just for his sake. He also rewarded those who showed kindness towards him, such as Luz, to whom he revealed his glyph language.

Despite their unfortunate separation, the Titan still loved King dearly and above all else. He paid much attention to King, and was in tune with his personality, mannerisms, and sense of humor. He is able to recall and quote the exact words King said in "Enchanting Grom Fright", as well as apply them to his own self. He is shown to relate himself with his son, and when Luz mistakes him for King, he corrects her, but states that King "get[s] his good looks from [him]". Additionally, his first and final words to King were "I loaf you", not only acting as a final reminder to his son that he did still indeed love him after all this time, but also a bread pun, which he knew King well enough to know he would enjoy.

The Collector[]

The Titan had initially resented the Collector, as he falsely believed that they had the same malevolent intentions as the other members of their species and would try to kill him and his son. In order to keep him safe, he hid his son from the Collector and imprisoned them in the In Between Realm. When he found out that he had misinterpreted them, however, and that they were in fact allied with the titans, he regretted his decision, telling Luz that he had "attacked the wrong person" and "Dragged the Collector [into the In Between Realm] for nothing".[2]

Emperor Belos[]

Emperor Belos perpetuated false claims during and after his rise to power that he himself was chosen by the Titan as a prophet. In reality, the Titan regarded Belos as a threat and a man who "[needed to] be the hero in his own delusion", seeing Belos as a deranged and delusional individual. It also appears that the Titan was constantly working against Belos as he made it difficult for the Emperor to discover glyphs and their combinations for years, with Philip even commenting on how it appeared the Titan didn't want him to have these powers. This was likely in an attempt to stop Belos' campaign of genocide, and not viewing him worthy of the gifts he gave to the Boiling Isles.

Eda Clawthorne[]

The Titan considers himself a "big fan" of Eda and wears one of her custom "Bad Girl Coven" t-shirts. His fondness for her likely originates from her caretaking and adoption of King, but he also likely admires her distaste toward Belos and his regime. Before his true death, he asked Luz to send his regards to Eda.

Luz Noceda[]

The Titan showed great fondness and appreciation for Luz for her kindness towards King. He showed Luz all of his glyphs, which the Collector implies he only showed to individuals he had great admiration for.[5] He comforted and showed empathy towards her when she doubted her own kindness for wishing that the Collector had destroyed Belos, and when she doubted her own goals and compared them to Belos', he assured to her that, while they both had genuine goals of protecting those they cherish, Belos is but a crazed individual who feared what he could not control.

Before he was fully consumed by Belos, the Titan offered the last remnants of his magic and life force to help Luz defeat Belos. When she questioned him as to why he chose her, he responded that she "seem[s] like a good witch".[2]


Behind the scenes[]


The Titan is voiced by Arin Hanson, who also voices the Snaggleback.

Foreign voice actors[]

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Sebastián Llapur
Poland Polish Jacek Król He also voices several roles in the show, including Principal Bump
Portugal Portuguese Romeu Vala It is not completely confirmed if Romeu Vala is the real voice actor for The Titan


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  • In "Them's the Breaks, Kid", the Titan is stated to have five humors; earth, blood, bone, bile, and breath.[6]
  • There is a cut scene from "Hunting Palismen", presumably meant to be part of the opening scene in which the coven heads glimpse the events of the Day of Unity, which shows the Titan. In it, instead of the Titan's head remaining stationary with a transition to the cities of the Human Realm, the nighttime scenery behind the Titan turns around to day, at which he is seen rising from his place, causing birds to fly away and nearby trees to uproot. The scene then fades back to flames and transitions to show the back of the Titan, now on two feet, standing in the Demon Realm's ocean. Suddenly, he rears his head and roars with his arms outstretched, the scenery around his head turning to the blue skies of the Human Realm, then expanding to show its cities, with the Titan still standing in the center as an explosion erupts at his feet.[7]
    • As the scene is very explicit regarding the supposed events of the Day of Unity, it was likely excluded from the final episode to allow for more ambiguity.
    • In addition, the scene may have meant to serve as foreshadowing for Belos' possession and thus reanimation of the Titan's remains in "Watching and Dreaming"
  • Other titan corpses surrounding the Titan can be seen from space in "Watching and Dreaming".
  • Although it had been confirmed in "Watching and Dreaming", the Titan being King's father was first revealed by Bosook "Bo" Coburn in a livestream.[8]
  • In "Watching and Dreaming", something which resembles Hooty can be seen sticking out from the right eye of the Titan's spirit form. Though not elaborated on, this at least implies that Hooty or his species used to be part of the Titan.
  • In a livestream that premiered after the series' conclusion, Dana Terrace stated that the Titan's missing eye is connected to the eye on the portal door.[9]
    • It was also noted that the Titan does have a real name, but it cannot be pronounced by any non-titan creature.[9]


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