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"Them's the Breaks, Kid" is the fifteenth episode of the second season of The Owl House, and the thirty-fourth episode overall.

It premiered on April 16, 2022.[1][2]


Eda tells a story from her teen years: the day she met Raine Whispers.[2]


Outside the Owl House, Luz is busy trying out different glyph combos with King and her echo mouse. After finishing drawing the fourth one on the ground, she taps on it, only for a strange mud claw to appear and start attacking her. Eda rushes out from the house and immediately squashes the hand with her staff, allowing Luz to take notes. Eda questions what's going on, and Luz reveals that she has been going through Philip Wittebane's diary again, thinking that his unfinished glyph combos would help create a portal back home. Unfortunately, none of them worked. Beside her, the claw rises up again, only to be eaten promptly by Hooty. Eda encourages Luz to stop thinking about Philip, but Luz instead curls up on the ground and pulls up her hoodie, admitting that she misses her mother. To cheer her up, Eda offers to tell her a story from her past. After Luz, King, Hooty, and the echo mouse all gather together, Eda starts telling them the story about the day she met Raine Whispers.

The scene flashes back to one day during Eda's younger years. On that morning, she and Lilith walk to Hexside, answering questions in preparation for the Emperor's Coven tryouts and pondering about their future. Suddenly, Lilith notices that they're going to be late for school, so both run and try to make it, but arrive as the bell rings. Principal Faust appears at the doorway and gives out different punishments to the students who didn’t get into the building on time, and while Vice Principal Bump is skeptical about this discipline, Faust claims that this will prevent misbehavior. When Bump points out that they will lose their graduation class and that he expelled Hexside's best grudgby player because of his shoes, Faust does not entertain this notion in the slightest. Suddenly, a flying grudgby ball appears and start attacking Faust and Bump, and with the distraction, Eda and Lilith make their way to an entrance to the secret room of shortcuts. Before Eda can follow her sister inside, Bump and an angered Faust appear, and she quickly covers up the entrance.

Faust brings Eda to his office. He denies Eda's claim that her innate talent is why she still gets to stay in school, and then places her permanent record on his desk, stating that her records have given him insight into the depravity of children. Eda jokingly says that she thought there would be more of those records, which makes him even angrier, and he picks up a file and starts reading it. He comments about her bond with Lilith and their plan of wanting to join the Emperor's Coven together, then reveals his intentions to expel Eda because of her mischief. Refusing to be separated from Lilith, she pleads for him not to do so. Faust then knocks on the wall behind him, summoning Vice Principal Bump, who reaffirms his belief that students deserve a second chance.

Faust brings the duo over to a trophy-laden glass cabinet located in the school corridor, explaining to Eda that Hexside is involved in an annual program called Instructing Future Witches of Tomorrow (IFWOT). He usually sends out his best students to participate in it, and they would return with blue ribbons as a testament to the school’s excellence. Bump reminds him that he expelled Hexside's most gifted student for chewing too loudly in the cafeteria, and once again, Faust remains firm on his decision, calling the student a disgusting monster. He tells Eda that she will be representing Hexside this year, and that if she manages to bring back a blue ribbon, she can stay in school. However, if she fails, she will be expelled. He orders Bump to go with her to the program, and that if anything goes wrong, he will be fired too.

At the event center for IFWOT, Eda makes it clear that she doesn't want to do this. When Bump asks if she can't set a thing on fire for five minutes, she immediately puts out a flame above her fingertip. Bump reveals to Eda that he had heard about her reputation in school, but sees her as a much more talented witch instead of a troublemaker. He gives her a stress toy in the hopes that it'll help quell her antics, but Eda squeezes it so hard that it blows up.

Before going into the venue, Bump prepares Eda with a rundown of IFWOT: it tests a witch's skill and intelligence, and is a major benefactor in education. The duo then heads inside, and to their surprise, the atmosphere is drab, boring, and lifeless, with very few attendees overall. Right then, on stage, Terra Snapdragon appears from beneath the ground. She welcomes everyone and introduces herself as the Head Witch of the Plant Coven, while also stating that she will be head proctor for the event, albeit renaming it to Helping Enhance Coven Know-how (HECK). She informs the students that they will go through rigorous exercises that will test their intelligence, strength, and creativity, and that only the best students will receive the blue ribbons.

Eda goes to a stand for trust, which involves trusting your coven mates in any way. The instructor demonstrates a trust fall with a Coven Scout, then asks for some volunteers to come and try the same thing. Eda volunteers herself, and finds her partner to be a green blob. She proceeds to turn around and fall backwards, but her body goes straight through the blob's body. By the time she hits the ground, the upper part of her body has already turned into a skeleton. Upon witnessing this, the students flee in terror, and the blob starts crying. Eda’s body then disappears in a puff of smoke, and she reappears behind the staff and the blob, revealing it to be a prank she pulled on them. The duo isn't amused by this, much to Eda's disappointment.

Later, Eda sits alone somewhere in the venue, filled with disdain, and she complains about the taste of the free drinks. She throws her drink away, but before it hits the ground, it is stopped by an unseen force and floats in mid-air. A bard student wearing a St. Epiderm uniform then appears, commenting that Eda is funny and returning her drink to her. After a brief exchange with her, they ask to try something, blowing on the drink and encouraging Eda to try it. After hesitating for a bit, she proceeds to drink it, and finds the drink now tastes much better than before. She asks the bard student how they did it, and they explain that they used bard magic (soundwaves), but no one uses it, which disappoints them. Continuing to explain, the bard reveals that this is the third time they've attended this event, and like always, it is boring. To spice things up, Eda transforms her face into a skull, which briefly horrifies the bard, but they laugh upon realizing it was a joke. Eda then notices two blue ribbons on their belt and asks them about it, and they explain that they got those from last year. The bard suggests that Eda can stick around with them to win the medals, and she agrees. She introduces herself to them, while they introduce themselves as Raine Whispers.

Later, throughout the event, the duo manages to complete all activities by working together as a team, while also giving a good impression to the instructors. When all of that is done, they go outside to play grudgby together, and Eda asks Raine about why they came here. They inform her that studying in St. Epiderm isn't cheap, so in order to get a scholarship, they have to make the school look good by taking part in events like these. They then ask Eda the reason she came here, and she explains her situation to Raine. She goes on to tell them about Lilith, saying that she's her only friend at Hexside, and it would be sad if she has to separate from her sister. Raine consoles her by saying that they will all be home free after the closing ceremony anyway.

Soon, all the students gather inside the venue to attend the closing ceremony. At first, Terra congratulates everyone, but her tone quickly changes, and she expresses her discontent at the lack of actual challenges. She then rips apart Eda's drawing from earlier which vaguely resembles a butt, calling it the last straw. After that, she summons hedges from the ground and places the witches in two groups: Coven Witch and Wild Witch. Eda gets put into the Coven group while Raine is in the opposite group. Terra explains that in order for everyone on the same team to get a ribbon, they have to achieve different goals; the Coven Witches have to capture all the Wild Witches in twenty minutes, and the Wild Witches have to put on a good show. In order to encourage the students to put in all their effort, she will allow any use of magic.

After Terra declares that the activity has started, everyone proceeds to attack each other with different magical powers, except Eda and Raine, who are both rather unwilling to fight. Raine gives Eda a mournful look, then escapes by creating a bright flash. Eda runs away while dodging attacks, and after some time, she encounters a cyclops demon girl and a student from St. Epiderm on her team. They ask Eda to come along with them, as they have a plan to capture all the enemy team members. However, Eda refuses, finding the activity and Terra herself to be completely crazy. While chatting with each other, the cyclops demon girl mentions that she heard about a kid who's been coming to the event for years, and the St. Epiderm student reveals to her that the kid is his classmate, Raine. After discussing them for a bit, the St. Epiderm student decides that they should capture Raine, and before Eda can protest, they drag her away.

Outside the maze, Bump walks up to Terra, informing her that this activity is in violation of several rules, guidelines, and laws, but she doesn't care in the least. Right then, she notices that the Wild Witch team has only one member left – Raine. Inside the maze, Raine is busy trying to run away from an enemy team member. After coming to a dead end, they create a power field by whistling, sending the enemy crashing into a wall. While they are distracted, the St. Epiderm student and cyclops demon girl attack them with water, successfully weakening them and causing them to drop to their knees. Before the duo can capture Raine, Eda lifts them up with magic and throws them outside instead. Presuming that Eda wants to fight Raine one-on-one, Terra retracts the hedges back into the ground to create an adequate dueling space. However, instead of fighting, the duo dances and creates a huge spell circle to hurtle fire at Terra. While she blocks most of the fire, part of her hair still catches on fire. Instead of getting mad, she commends the duo for their feisty behavior. However, because she can't reward disobedience, she plans on poisoning everyone instead as a punishment, but a Coven Scout warns her that it's illegal. Frustrated, Terra announces that she won't be handing out any medals, much to everyone's disappointment. Bump walks up to Eda, saying that he's proud, but she is still likely to be expelled while he gets fired. Upon hearing that, Terra tells Bump that prodigies like Eda needs to be cultivated, and that she will be giving word to Faust that she is impressed with both him and Eda.

A few days later, in the cafeteria of Hexside, Eda finds Lilith and runs up to sit next to her. She begins to tell her what happened during the IFWOT event, but right as she is just getting started, Lilith's watch alarm goes off. She apologizes to her sister, and heads off to her meeting for study group. Bummed out, Eda sips Ghoul Aid and is disgusted by the taste. Right then, another student appears and offers to swap their apple blood for Eda's drink. She looks up and is shocked to discover Raine, believing they lost their St. Epiderm scholarship because of IFWOT. However, they reveal that they wanted to transfer out of the school anyway, while also mentioning how their parents were tired of the Knee's frigid temperatures. Trading their drink, they inquire about Hexside, and Eda claims that she can get away with whatever she wants now thanks to Terra's good word to Faust. She then takes a sip of apple blood, and immediately falls in love with the taste.

Back in the present, Eda ends the story by saying that ever since that moment at the cafeteria, she and Raine were inseparable. Beside her, her audience had all fallen asleep at some point. Eda notices Luz's journal and picks it up, noticing that she had drawn her and Raine together as teenagers. Glancing up at the night sky, Eda hopes that Raine is alright.

At the Emperor's Castle, Raine is sitting on a ledge looking into the distance. Terra approaches them with more tea, commenting that it was disheartening to hear of their betrayal, but she's glad they are allied with the Emperor's Coven again. Raine complains about their headaches, prompting Terra to encourage them to drink their tea, which they do. Satisfied, she wishes them good night and walks away, leaving them alone. Once Terra is gone, Raine's demeanor immediately changes from oblivious to looking sharp and intelligent, and they knock on a piece of brick on the wall beside them. The brick slides in, and a small abomination delivers them a letter. Raine opens it up and reads the content, which is related to something called a draining spell, something likely to do with the Day of Unity. They realize that the situation is worse than "they" thought, and they ask the abomination if there is a possible way to counter it. It passes them a note which says "OWL LADY" on it. Raine is adamant about not putting Eda in danger again and tells the abomination that "they" will work something else out together. They blow into the letter and burn it up, letting the wind carry the ashes away. Looking up at the sky, Raine promises Eda that they will keep her safe from danger.


Additional voices

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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Así Son Las Cosas So Are The Things
Germany German So ist das Leben, Kleine That's life, little one
Portugal Portuguese É a Vida, Miúda That's Life, Kid


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  • Viewership: This episode was watched by 0.22 viewers on its premiere.[3]
  • Luz appears for less than two minutes, making this the episode where she has the least amount of screen time.
    • This is also the first episode in the series where King appears on-screen, but does not speak.
  • When Raine and Eda are talking in the cafeteria, the music playing in the background is "Raine's Rhapsody" from "Eda's Requiem".
    • It is also subtely playing in the background when they first meet.
  • The corner Eda sat in before Raine came up to talk to her is the same corner in "Covention" where Amity sat in before Luz had her heart-to-heart conversation with her.
  • The reason why Principal Faust twists his head sometimes before turning around is to avoid his long horns from hitting something.
  • Though it's only in a flashback, this marks the first time a male healing track student is seen attending Hexside, or any school in fact.
  • The hidden code is found under one of the leaves of Terra's plant platform. When translated, it says "Darkened".

Revelations and significant events

  • Luz has been trying out new glyph combos after reading Philip Wittebane's diary, and manages to create four new ones: wind, water fountain, petrification, and monster summoning.
  • Before Bump's tenure as principal of Hexside, that office was held by Faust, who was strict to an absurd degree and would send students to detention, suspend, or even expel them for the flimsiest of offenses and annoyances.
    • Bump was the vice principal at that time.
  • Belos declared the Boiling Isles an empire on Scaburary 40th.
    • This confirms that the Boiling Isles (and possibly, other parts of the Demon Realm) use different names for the regular Human Realm months.
  • Some of the show's adult characters can be seen as teenagers in the episode. The following information is revealed about them:
    • Boscha's parents, Perry Porter, and Darius all studied at Hexside in the potions, oracle, and abomination tracks, respectively.
    • Alador and Odalia Blight being Hexside students was previously revealed in "Young Blood, Old Souls". Alador studied in the abomination track and Odalia in the oracle track.
      • In contrast to their adult selves, Alador, Darius and Odalia were shown to be friends or at the very least on good terms with each other, suggesting a rift between Alador and Darius happened somewhere after the events of this flashback episode.
    • Raine originally studied at St. Epiderm, but they transferred to Hexside. In both schools, they were in the bard track.
    • The Eye-Eating Prisoner was in the plant track. It is unclear what school was he studying in.
    • Gilbert Park studied at St. Epiderm and was in the construction track.[4]
    • Harvey Park studied at Glandus High and was in the abomination track.[4]
  • Terra Snapdragon has been the head of the Plant Coven for at least thirty years.
  • There is a special annual training program called "Instructing Future Witches of Tomorrow" (aka IFWOT), where all magic schools participate every year to win a blue ribbon.
    • Terra Snapdragon disapproves of the event's name and changes this event's name to "Helping Enhance Coven Knowhow" (aka HECK).
    • Eda and Raine met during this event.
  • Both Eda and Raine met Terra in their younger years.
  • Raine identified as non-binary since at least their teenage years, as they are referred to with gender-neutral pronouns in the flashback.
  • Scrolls have been in use since at least thirty years ago.
  • St. Epiderm is revealed to be located at the Knee.
  • Raine's memory loss, brainwashing, and their resulting loyalty to Emperor Belos are revealed to be a ruse to gather intelligence on Belos and the Day of Unity, as they used bard magic (through whistling) to neutralize the tea Terra wanted to brainwash them with.
    • Raine is working with other witches who are relaying intelligence about the Day of Unity to Raine through the use of a remotely-controlled abomination golem. The abomination summoned appears to belong to Darius, foreshadowing his affiliation with Raine in the following episode.
  • Bard magic can be used through whistling. In addition, bard magic can alter the chemistry of liquids.
    • Raine can use bard magic to reproduce the corrosive interaction Eda's curse had with bard magic in "Eda's Requiem".
  • It is revealed that during the Day of Unity, Belos plans to cast a draining spell by using people from the nine covens around a tower and channeling the power through nine powerful witches, likely the coven heads.


  • According to Eda in the flashback, the Emperor's Coven tryouts will be in seven months, making the backstory of this episode take place seven months before Lilith put the curse on Eda.
  • Young Eda says the same line she said as an adult when she saw her school files in "Something Ventured, Someone Framed": "I thought there'd be more".
  • Eda voiced her dislike of Luz's willingness to use Philip Wittebane's diary to study magic for her attempts to build a portal and called him a creep, indicating that she was told of Philip's ruthlessness, his evil deeds, and his willingness to lie in his own diary (the events of the episode "Elsewhere and Elsewhen") by Lilith, Luz, or both.

Production notes

  • Although Dana Terrace voiced the green cyclops girl, she was not credited.


  • Harry Potter: Terra's magic labyrinth as the IFWOT final exam is likely a reference to the labyrinth as the final part of the Triwizarding Tournament in the Harry Potter book Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire; they both have magic school students fighting each other as the final task of a tournament and they both ended unlike what their organizators intended.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: When Darius throws abomination matter at Alador, it forms the shape of the starfish that is present on the nose of SpongeBob SquarePants character Mermaid Man.
  • Faust: The character of Principal Faust is named after the German legendary character of the same name, who sold his soul to the devil in exchange for untold treasures and knowledge.
  • Kool-Aid: Ghoul Aid is a parody of this popular American fruit drink.


  • During the intelligence competition, Eda's frame is absent until the camera shifts to her.
  • Right before Terra Snapdragon creates the labyrinth, Eda and Raine's badges are incorrectly colored yellow and red, respectively, before being given their roles in the game.
  • When Terra Snapdragon introduces the game Covens vs Wilds, Raine's badge is missing.
  • Cissy Jones is credited as voicing Lilith, despite Lilith only being present as her teen self voiced by Abigail Zoe Lewis.



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