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Capitalism! Where everyone wins, except you.
—Tibbles to Eda, "Hooty's Moving Hassle"

Tibblet-Tibblie Grimm Hammer III, better known as Tibbles, is a minor antagonistic character in The Owl House. He is a scam artist who ran the Mud & Sundry stand in the Night Market, which Eda and King would visit in hopes of obtaining elixir, before it was destroyed by Luz, Willow, and Gus, causing him to swear vengeance on them, along with Eda and King. Prior to this, he would sell edited copies of the Good Witch Azura books; however, this scam was unsuccessful, with only one buyer.



Tibbles is a piglike biped demon[1] with yellowish-beige skin. He has large, pointed, outward-facing ears with large lobes, a small pink snout, thin black eyebrows, and a pointed mouth with two small tusks. He has small, pupilless blue eyes with white sclerae. His cheeks and chin are large and pudgy, obscuring his neck. He has a small patch of dark hair on the very back of his head, extending from his scalp down to the middle back, which is entirely invisible from the front. He has small hands with two pointed fingers and thumbs, along with unguligrade legs and feet, the bottoms of which are slightly darkened. He has a long, curly tail with a triangular barb at the tip, which appears redder closer to the end in a gradient.


Tibbles usually wears large round glasses with no arms and thick black rims. In "Hooty's Moving Hassle", "Any Sport in a Storm" and "Watching and Dreaming", he wears an orchid vest with two pockets on either side and a single gold button on the front (as well as two on the back), over a white dress shirt with small gold cufflinks on the top hems of either sleeve. On the shirt, he wears a small blue bow, although it is partially obscured by his chin. His hair is tied back with a small blue ribbon.

As a ringmaster in "Really Small Problems", Tibbles wears a buttonless red suit with black trim, coattails, and gold epaulets, over a gold button-up dress shirt, as well as an additional white shirt underneath the two. He wears a large red bowtie, a tall black top hat, and has a red ribbon tying his hair back.


Although he initially puts on a passive, tolerant facade toward his customers, in reality, Tibbles is an opportunistic con artist who jacks up prices and rigs games in order to increase his wealth. He also shows wicked delight in bossing King around by dressing him in baby clothes, as well as turning over Eda to the Emperor's Coven in order to claim the bounty on her head. He is not very forgiving and doesn't accept defeat, as he vowed to take revenge on Eda for destroying his stand.


S01E06 Hooty's Moving Hassle (313)

Tibbles's stand, Mud & Sundry.

Tibbles, occasionally known by his family name Grimm Hammer, is the merchant of "Mud & Sundry" and an opportunistic scammer of the night market who sells various goods like Hinterland weaponry, Winterland curses, and a "lethally delicious" assortment of jelly beans. He is one of the few vendors of Eda's elixirs. However, when Eda comes to purchase the elixir from him, Tibbles charges a whopping one thousand snails for a single bottle.

S01E06 Hooty's Moving Hassle (417)

Tibbles with "Little Bone Boy" and holding Eda's wanted poster.

With no way to buy the elixir, Eda opts to strike a deal with the opportunistic merchant; if she wins a game of Hexes Hold'em, she gets the elixir for free, but if he wins, he's allowed to take something of hers. Tibbles proves to be skilled at Hexes Hold'em and takes King as his reward, claiming that "little bone boy's" small size would be perfect to model his line of baby clothes. Tibbles also takes advantage of Eda's cursed, weakened state by restraining her in hopes of taking her to the Emperor's Coven to claim the reward on her. However, his plans are foiled when the Owl House itself steps on his stand, allowing Eda and King to escape and leaving Tibbles to swear vengeance right before the stand collapses on top of him.[2]

Really Small Problems - 115

Tibbles claiming to forgive Eda for destroying his stand.

Tibbles eventually manages to find a new job as ringmaster of Tibbles's Tent of Tiny Terrors, and sends carnival invites to the inhabitants of the Owl House, along with Willow and Gus. Though he claims to have reevaluated his life after the stand incident, and offers Eda a supposedly innocuous bottle of water, she does not trust him and throws it into the distance. In actuality, however, his Tent of Tiny Terrors turns out to be another scam, created in hopes of exacting his revenge against Eda, King, and the children who crushed his stand. Under the guise of the psychic "Obvious-O," Tibbles takes advantage of a saddened King and offers to help him make his problems "disappear" with a magical spray bottle. He assures King that, by tapping his cheeks, the potion's effects can be reversed with no harm whatsoever.

Really Small Problems - 530

Tibbles enacting revenge on King, and by extension Luz, Gus, and Willow.

However, Tibbles is revealed to have lied to King, and when he finds King, Luz, Willow, and Gus shrunken, he enacts his revenge by plopping the group into a glass tank as food for the shrunken animals in his tent. Tibbles takes advantage of the feeding time by turning it into a public spectacle, where the audience has to pay a nonrefundable fee. He manages to accumulate a large pile of snails thanks to his no-refund policy, but when King throws a locket that hits Tibbles's cheek, he taps it assuming the sensation to be caused by a fly, before realizing what he did. His tiny terrors, King, and his friends revert back to their normal size. After the animals chase the audience away, he attempts to shrink Luz and her friends again; but Eda takes the spray bottle with the shrink potion away and dumps her stock of caramel crab apples on him, attracting the attention of the once tiny animals, who then chase the scamming ringmaster out of the carnival.[3]

Any Sport in a Storm - 1415

Tibbles furious over his failure to sell human books.

It is revealed that Tibbles was responsible for distributing The Good Witch Azura in the Boiling Isles for the past year as part of another scam. He found the books washed up on shore one day and decided to sell them, having Matt Tholomule edit the author pictures so it would seem like a witch wrote them, and Tinella Nosa pose as her in case she needed to make a public appearance. However, when Luz and Amity discover his scam, he reveals the owner of the Book Nook told him only one purchase was ever made, making it a very unprofitable scam. After he taunts Luz's ideas about the author, he is punched into the roof by Amity using Abomination goo in response.[4]

Tibbles is among those turned into puppets by the Collector after the Collector stopped the Draining Spell, but is later turned back. After Belos is finally destroyed, Tibbles is seen surveying the damage to a nearby stand. In the epilogue, Tibbles attends Luz's belated quinceañera, watching as the Collector puts on a light show.


Eda, King, Luz, Willow, and Gus[]

Tibbles has an antagonistic relationship that initially began with Eda and King and later included Luz, Willow, and Gus.

He bartered with Eda for her elixir, but wanted only to turn her in to the Emperor's Coven for a reward. However, after Luz, Willow, and Gus accidentally destroyed his stand, he grows a personal resentment toward them.

Mattholomule, and Tinella Nosa[]

Tibbles runs a scam with Mattholomule and Tinella Nosa, reselling edited The Good Witch Azura books for profit. Their scam is uncovered by Luz and Amity in "Any Sport in a Storm". Not much else is known about his relationship with them besides this.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Business knowledge: Tibbles is shown to have a successful stand where he sells goods and potions. After it was destroyed within a short period of time, he was able to gather resources for another one at the carnival.
  • Magic: Tibbles displays magical abilities of his own which, as is the case for all biped demons, stem from a sac of magic bile attached to his heart. He is able to create a shrinking potion that would only wear off if he patted his cheeks, as well as use a spell circles to summon magic chains to restrain Eda.
  • Trickery: Tibbles is shown to trick his customers into doing things for him, an example of this is in "Hooty's Moving Hassle, when Eda barters with Tibbles with a game of Hexes Hold'em, and barters something of her possession if she loses.

Behind the scenes[]

Early development[]

At one point in the show's development, Tibbles was the principal of Hexside instead of Principal Bump.[5]


Tibbles is voiced by Parvesh Cheena.


Tibbles debuted in "Hooty's Moving Hassle".


Foreign voice actors[]

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Pablo Gandolfo(1st voice)
Nicolás Ginesin (2nd voice)
Gandolfo dubbed him only in "Hooty's Moving Hassle", Ginesin dubbed him other appearance in Season 1 and all Season 2.
Czech Republic Czech Pavel Tesař
Germany German Jakob Ridl
Indonesia Indonesian Azhary Kulon
Japan Japanese Daichi Hayashi (林 大地)
Malaysia Malay Shazali Shamsuddin
Poland Polish Sebastian Perdek (Season 1)
Marcin Mroziński (Season 2)
Portugal Portuguese Pedro Cardoso


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  • Tibbles's design and overall demeanor is likely meant to allude to the expression "capitalist pig;" a derogatory term typically applied to wealthy business owners.
  • Hooty is implied to possibly be a fan of Tibbles's, as he somehow has a photo of him signed "For my #1 fan" for his board of biped demons.[1]
  • Interestingly, Tibbles attends Luz's quinceañera, which could imply he either redeemed himself or at the very least forgave Luz for destroying his stand.


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