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This article is about the species. For the titan that makes up the Boiling Isles, see The Titan.

Titans are a near-extinct colossal species hailing from the ancient past of the Demon Realm. In present times, King is the last living titan.

Titans are incredibly powerful creatures with near-omnipotent magic, and are widely considered among the most powerful beings in the Demon Realm. Their mere blood is powerful enough to pierce through realms, their roar capable of shattering objects and rupturing eardrums, and their magic manifesting in the form of glyphs. A certain deceased Titan's magic was so potent that it allowed for all witches and demons to evolve biology allowing them to use magic too.

Although a powerful race, the titans endured a mass extermination by the collectors, who gradually wiped out the species due to their ability to cancel out collectors' magic, and thus potentially interfere with their plans.[1] Eventually, only two titans remained, these two being the Titan and his unborn son, King. In trying to protect his son, the Titan hid his son on an island and imprisoned the youngest collector in the In Between Realm, falsely assuming this collector would bring his son harm as their siblings did.

In modern day, a number of the remains of larger titan specimens make up landmasses and other notable geographic sites, which include the Boiling Isles, made up of the gargantuan remains of the Titan, and the Titan Trapper Island, which is made up of the large hand of a similarly sized titan and surrounded by the piled skeletal remains of countless others.


From the few examples and depictions that survive, it seems that titans can vary in size and appearance, but most examples show that titans are anthropomorphic bipeds. They are furred and often canine-like in appearance and have bushy vulpine tails. They have two to five bony claws as fingers (the number may depend on age, as King initially had only two and a non-clawed thumb throughout the main series but has developed a claw thumb as of the epilogue of "Watching and Dreaming"), and two to five thick claws on their pawed feet as toes (four on the front and one on the back), again depending on their age.

The most prominent and recognizable feature of a titan is their horned, animalistic skull embedded upon their upper head, over their eyes (and black eyelids) and lower jaw. Many titans, including King, are shown featuring skulls with a canine-like shape to them. However, one of the titan corpses that comprises Titan Trapper Island appears with a flatter, more crocodile-like skull. Titans' horns can vary widely in position and appearance, ranging from straight and upward pointing to curled to bent and angular. They can also vary in number, with most titans having two, but the Titan having four, two atop his head and two emerging from his mandible. The teeth of their skull, which consist of two canine teeth and a couple to a few molars, the latter of which infant Titans seemingly lack, can also vary in length, number and sharpness. King's non-canine teeth, of which he has four, started out flat, but have grown pointed as of "Watching and Dreaming".

Some titans, such as the Titan of the Boiling Isles, are shown to possess bat-like wings on their back or arms. Despite his father possessing them, King does not have wings, implying that either only some titans have them, or that they are developed at a later age.

Mature titans can become as large as entire islands. Juvenile titans start at a very small size, initially akin to that of a small dog, but slowly grow larger and larger until they reach their massive size. The blood of a titan is cerulean blue in color.


Echoes of the Past - Baby King 6

A Titan egg.

Very little information has been revealed about the titans, as their existence is all but lost to the Demon Realm. What is known is that titan magic is incredibly potent, and the effects of their magic influenced all life that inhabit the Demon Realm; natural magic that originated from titans can be commanded via glyph magic and their blood is a highly potent power source for all sorts of magical devices.[2][3] Titans reproduce through eggs, which are extremely minuscule compared to a fully grown adult. Back when King was an egg, he once heard the roar of his father, the long dead Boiling Isles titan, suggesting that it took centuries, or perhaps even millennia for him to hatch. Hatchling titans start off as no bigger than a small dog.[4] Presumably, their massive size only comes after many years of age and maturation.

While not much is clear of their culture, murals from King's island and the Archive House reveal an early titan society existing at some point.[4][1] Bill claims to have seen a titan before the entire species supposedly went extinct. According to him, titans are always hungry, make a "weh" sound, and even their young act like monarchs. It is unclear how much of Bill's claims, if any of it, is true, given that Bill apparently lied to his people about the nature of titans to fulfill his part of a deal with the Collector. Though, "weh" is a sound that King often utters, and he does act like a monarch.

In the distant past, cosmic beings called the collectors discovered the Demon Realm. To further study the new world, a group of collectors known as the Archivists sent one of their younger members to it to play, and the Titans warmly accepted him and allowed him to play with their children. However, once the Archivists learned titan magic was capable of cancelling out their own magic, the collectors sought to eradicate the titans.[5] However, the titans took opposition to the extraterrestrial race, and the two races became locked in war.[1] Sometime around this period, the Titan Trappers, a group of witches who worship the young Collector,[6] and possibly the Archivists as well,[1] donned the skulls of fallen Titans, and they aided the collectors' war against the titans.[4][1][5]

Despite their resistance, the collectors ultimately wiped out titans. However, a single surviving titan and his unhatched son, King, remained. At some point in time, they would encounter the Collector, who wished to play with King as he had with other baby titans, of which there were none left.[7] However, the Titan assumed he had malicious intent like the Archivists did, causing him to hide his son away on an uncharted island and drag the Collector down into the In Between Realm, trapping himself there in the process.[5] Meanwhile, his son's egg was left hidden for thousands of years on the island, finally hatching roughly eight years before the present.[4] After the fall of the titan race, their skeletal remains formed into landmasses across the Demon Realm, such as the Boiling Isles that arose from King's father and the Titan Trapper Island. According to The Unauthorized Boiling Isles History, the Boiling Isles' Titan supposedly remains the only known complete skeleton among the remains of other titans.

Supposedly, the muck of a decomposing titan gave rise to the demons that inhabit the Demon Realm.[8]

Powers and abilities[]

  • Magic: Titans possess immense magical power. The Titan, whose corpse makes up the Boiling Isles, had magic that the inhabitants adapted to, resulting in they themselves being able to generate their own magic and utilize it. The Titan's very blood was capable of opening a portal between worlds. Whether titans are actually capable of utilizing this power themselves is unknown. King proved himself unable to use magic with no glyphs, but he is still only a child. Titan magic is also able to cancel out the collectors'. The magic of titans is implied to come from their hearts in some capacity, though apparently not from a bile sac like that of witches or biped demons. The Titan was able to transfer his magic to Luz Noceda in "Watching and Dreaming". It is unknown if this is a trait naturally possessed by titans as a species.
    • Nigh-omnipotence: Similarly to collectors, titans possess immense magical power.
      • Glyph Magic: Titans are able to generate their own unique magic in the form of glyphs. Each individual titan's set of glyphs are unique, with King having a distinct set of glyphs from his fathers', but their glyphs always seem to manifest as that of four main glyphs.
        • Light Glyph: Titans are able to produce unique light glyphs, which represent light and are capable of creating magic related to it, such as producing floating orbs of light. Luz notes that its magic may also encompass other light-related concepts, such as reflection, color, or power, which seem to be particularly relevant in their usage in glyph combination.[4]
        • Plant Glyph: Titans' plant glyphs are capable of producing plants and other vegetation of various sizes and varieties.
        • Fire Glyph: Titans' fire glyphs are capable of producing fire and high temperature in various forms, ranging from simple flames to fire blasts to fireballs, as well as acting as a source of heat capable of melting objects.[9]
        • Ice Glyph: Titans' ice glyphs are capable of producing ice and low temperature in various forms, such as creating intricate ice constructs or freezing objects in blocks of ice. It is also capable of producing water under certain circumstances, particularly when used in conjunction with the fire glyph.
        • Glyph Combinations: Through the combination of the four main glyphs, ranging from simply and by means of few Glyphs to exceedingly intricately and using many, titans are able to produce a near finite amount of other spells, ranging from hovering objects, making oneself invisible, summoning monstrous appendages and even teleportation.
          • Shield Creation: Through the use of glyphs, Titans are capable of generating a spherical golden shield around their bodies, as shown by Luz in her hybrid form and King in his enraged form.
          • Strength enhancement: Through the use of their glyph magic, titans are capable of enhancing their own raw strength as shown by Luz's hybrid form when pulling Belos' body out of the Titan's heart using several glyphs to enhance her strength.
Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door - 274

King lets out a sonic shout.

    • Sonic shout: Titans possess a powerful roar that produces an expanding, glowing ring of powerful magic capable of breaking the sound barrier and destroying or damaging whatever it comes in contact with. It is shown to be immensely powerful under the right circumstances, such as when King uses it to destroy the entire Titan finger teleporter to the Titan Trapper Island in "Edge of the World", as well as use it to counteract Belos's titan-enhanced magic in "Watching and Dreaming". When the Titan used his sonic shout, the sound was loud enough to permanantly rupture Bill's eardrums. In addition, In "Eclipse Lake", King attempts to use his sonic shout as a method of echolocation, though it is unknown if this truly works, as King was still figuring out the ability at the time.
    • Sealing ability: As seen with the Titan, titans are powerful enough to drag and trap creatures into other dimensions through unknown means, possibly involving some kind of spell.
    • Fire breath: Emperor Belos, after partially possessing the Titan's corpse via its heart, gained the ability to blast large blue flames from his mouth that spread his corruption through the Boiling Isles. Additionally, in one of the Collector's portraits, a titan is depicted breathing large orange flames out of its mouth in a similar manner.
  • Flight: As some titans possess wings, it is presumed they are capable of flight.


King with no skull

King without his skull by Dana Terrace

  • The skull on a titan's head is attached to their body and is not detachable.[4] According to Dana Terrace, if King's skull were removed, only his eyes and tongue would be exposed.[10][11]
    • Titan skulls are used as headgear by Titan Trappers in order to disguise themselves during hunting.
  • The name "titan" originates from the pantheon of massive deities that preceded the Olympian gods in Greco-Roman mythology. Unlike the Olympian gods, who acted as overseers for the various parts of the physical world, the Titans embodied those various aspects of the world: one Titan being the ocean, one embodied the sky, another the earth, and so on. The name itself has come to refer to beings of great size and power.
    • The concept of a landmass being formed from the carcass of an ancient being is a recurring story element found in several real-world mythologies, such as Mesopotamian, Chinese, Norse, and Hindu, to name a few.
      • In the episode "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door", Hooty explains that demons had spawned from the Titan's carcass, an explanation which draws parallels with Norse and Taoist Chinese mythologies. The Norse Dwarfs were spawned from the bone marrow of the world giant Ymir. In Taoist cosmology, the various animals of the world were born from Pangu's fleas.
    • The titans' current states as landmasses are ironic, given the Titans of Greek mythology were the offspring of the Earth itself.
  • Prior to "Watching and Dreaming", the Titan that makes up the Boiling Isles being King's father was first revealed by Bosook "Bo" Coburn in a livestream.[12][13]
    • Since the Titan lived thousands of years ago, this would mean that it could have taken centuries or even millennia for King to hatch from his egg, suggesting that titans have an exceptionally long life cycle, though this has not been explicitly stated in the series.
  • Titans, at least young ones like King, appear to be vulnerable to the boiling rain of the Isles. However, in her hybrid form, Luz was immune to the effects of the rain as the raindrops evaporated upon contact with her body, which may suggest they can protect themselves with magic.



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